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Lotto Lout Riches To Rags Documentary

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Text Comments (9)
Ade Fegan (3 days ago)
I need a documentary wot makes me look good and I will pay you a miwyun quid if you make one
Bunchy Bunch (12 days ago)
Keith did a great job on this documentary.
Richard White (14 days ago)
Can't fight for shit either lol.
Richard White (14 days ago)
Fat smelly sack of overweight shite I heard even a prostitute told him to fuck off....couldnt even pay for it lol...
griffo and kez big lap (19 days ago)
wow you nailed this Documentary mate loved your voice over both sides of the story cheers griffo stillworkin Australia
He's my favorite person on Earth. I would have done it the same way he did it.
Patrick Doran (4 months ago)
Man with mental health issues wins lotto GOD help him.
where is he now??
Baz Jones (4 months ago)
Cutting my grass 😂

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