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50 of the most used faces in ROMANCE SCAMS.

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50 of the most used faces in ROMANCE SCAMS. No Military person is contacting women they do not know. No Engineer/Doctor/Oil Rigger/Gold mine owner is online contacting women. STOP ACCEPTING FRIEND REQUESTS FROM THOSE YOU DO NOT KNOW. THESE PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT OF DOING ANYTHING.. RESPECT THEM, DON'T CONTACT THEM WITH MESSAGES ABOUT BEING USED.... LET'S GET THEM OFF FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM AND STOP INNOCENT PEOPLE HAVING TO BE VICTIMS AND HAVE THIS IN THEIR LIVES. ~ https://scamhatersutd.blogspot.co.uk/
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Text Comments (423)
Andrew Mocall (23 hours ago)
Every one have to be careful even now there ,use both women to scam people you just have to be careful
Aurus Merriweb (2 days ago)
Not every military guy was a fake. Of course, back in 2012 I was meeting real people. Nobody asked me for money. They were upfront about what they wanted, fwb etc. I met a dude overseas that year. He gave me the surprise visit on Christmas Eve. I about crapped my drawers wondering who the fine a$$ cowboy was, lol! It was my long distance date. It didn’t work out because he was inconsiderate after all. Truly selfish. But at least he showed his adorable face. Not these days though. Perhaps everyone online is broken or a scammer.
Aida Dor (4 days ago)
Yes the General contact the women
Scam Haters United (3 days ago)
NO ! No General contacts women.. EVER
Rebecca Kauf (4 days ago)
Back before I met and married my husband (yes a POF success) I was contacted by 2 of these. The Rooker guy (definitely not the name he used) he was indeed a scammer. I refused to send or receive any money for any of them. And the one at about 4 minutes that no one knows...lol he said his name was Michael (don't remember his last name used) I skyped with him...but then he got nasty when I wouldn't send his "son" a video game...claimed to be on a oil rig lol. Promptly blocked him! During the Skype I noticed his wedding ring too and called him out on it. Don't know of he was the same guy or not he looked very similar in our Skype chat. I later saw him on another dating site under a different name...lol tried to chat I called him out and blocked him! Dating sites can be great people but be smart about it! Plus I am a Mom of 2 Navy veterans so the whole military thing always made me laugh. I loved to get them going then blow them out of the water!!!
Czine Zeifon (6 days ago)
someone contacted me too having a name as FRANK ALEX, an engineer in profession as he claimed it. lived in London UK and divorced having 2 children. anyone here contacted by him too?
Linda Alvarez (6 days ago)
There are 6 in this clip i have seen, they send as a friend request ... do not answer them ... Scammers they are !!!
Carol Corpuz (7 days ago)
Does anyone know,frank richard? I met him online.keep sending sweet msgs..now he ask money for itunecard..we talk only with voice not videocall
anne nielsen (12 days ago)
I've been scam 3 times and now I don't trust any one on line ..do not give any one money ..don't trust them either ..
Athena Misiluki (14 days ago)
so a guy name Alex Ashton is using this pic as well... wtf is wrong with these people...
Kien Nguyen (14 days ago)
LMAO poor those generals.
Anna Amalia (14 days ago)
I would like to know how to get into your inbox to post a question. I don't want it to be read by everyone.
투브너 (15 days ago)
저런 와꾸에 넘어간다는게 더 웃기네 ㅋㅋ
Evon Weatherwax (17 days ago)
Here. We go again. Scammer. Scammer. What the hell. You. Dont have anything else. To. Talk about wow it sucks why dont you talk aboit something. Else beside. The dam scammer let karma take them
Boots Jones (21 days ago)
Only foolish could be scammed. I could smell them miles away ! They're going everywhere in social media . These men are victims .
Jetty Sooacua (22 days ago)
Is better I write in English you don't understand Nederlands I was scam for 4 weeks I sent 400euro to Italy after that I Google who is who and found that I was scam how say in English I wil in the Netherlands met vallen en opstaan word ik sterkker tank you for the information
Jetty Sooacua (23 days ago)
Ik ben ook slachtoffer van oplichter
Jetty Sooacua (22 days ago)
4 weken maar daarna geblokkeerd
Jetty Sooacua (22 days ago)
Ik wil niet als slachtoffer blijven met vallen en opstaan word ik sterkker
Scam Haters United (22 days ago)
I am sorry they found you. Never send money to anyone... ever
Gia Maria (24 days ago)
A couple guys DM'd me on Twitter recently, both using the Australian Joe Cross "Joe the Juicer" photos. One calls himself Joe @joe27572869 and the other calls himself Jones Smith McCarthy @jonessmithmcca1. They didn't ask for money, but they definitely went for the I love you on the first day, wife died and left them with kids scenario. They want to get you talking off Twitter. Block them!
Endar Suparto (24 days ago)
Be careful ladies, there is no such thing like fast-falling in love or connection from the universe which always said by the damn scammers. Those scammers always try to gain your trust and love, but they actually want your money. Always use brain although you're falling in love. Curse all those scammers!!
Endar Suparto (23 days ago)
+Scam Haters United yeah. Sure. They play our heart. We offer friendship and love, but they give lies and lies. Don't they ever love someone as a friend or soulmate? They are not human, but plastic. Plastic who want to money. Bruh, they never know than money is just nothing compared to love and mercy. Hope they get Karma. Be careful with your instagram, twitter, online chatting, or other platforms that allow these scammers do the worse things ever to someone.
Scam Haters United (23 days ago)
Real men don't contact women and fall in love !! without ever meeting you ! Never would happen. Yet online women listen to fancy words. ! Don't fall in love with a man you have never met ! Every. He will never be real !
non tutti sanno che (1 month ago)
lot problem for nothing....to never be scammend it is enought use only videocalling!!!...that all...hehehe..several several persona try to scamm me...but fast i cutted only asking frequently calling in video...on video you can study life style of person to understand...who dont agree...run away fast!!!
subashni mudaliar (1 month ago)
Sad very sad
star's soul (1 month ago)
humm   i should have seen this  before i got scammed by someone who stole steve kalfman's photos   why couldnt i think of searching for scammer's photos on utube
Scam Haters United (1 month ago)
I wish you had I hate to hear of people being scammed
Cheryl A (1 month ago)
I saw abt 6 people on there or i shoukd say scammers that sent me friend requests....hard to believe
Julio Fuentes (1 month ago)
There is one Scammer named Richard Meyer or Meyers and has a phone number with the area code of 562 and preys on Women that post on Facebook. Be prepared for names like Honey Bear, Sugar Bear and Baby, and I will Marry you, I can't believe you are so Beautiful and so on. What ever age you claim you are he will be 4-7 years younger and that Age is no problem. He will claim he is a Surgeon working with the Military in Syria. He hits his Text Message Barrage around 2-4:30 in the Morning depending on where you live. You've been warned!
Brenda Anderson (1 month ago)
And i dont reply too military men cause there scammers.
Brenda Anderson (1 month ago)
Yes i did talk too a guy a military guy he called himself perly eleniyan asking for i tunes bank accounts on line banking but i never send him nothing all this time he was fake using the picture of john burk almost fell in live with him cause he was so handsome good thing i didnt get scammed i hate scammers why they using military pictures .
Scam Haters United (1 month ago)
ANYONE that contacts you and says military are always fake... ALL of them
Sue Lewis (1 month ago)
I was scammed by a man called himself Matteo peters. Later saw many pictures using other names
lightningpath (1 month ago)
Just got one on Facebook. SGT RICHARD DAVIS. From Louisiana. Saw his pics. One in the military a selfie then one with a woman. I asked if we met.. He canceled his account.
Scam Haters United (1 month ago)
NO ONE that comes to you and says they are military is real.. ALL ARE FAKE.
Lizzy Makoena (1 month ago)
There is another scammer who stole the identity of Bruce Nik Andreas he can be found on zoosk. A very mature white man i nearly fell for him. When i asked him why we never chat over the phone he sent me his landline phone but asked me not to call so I closed the hangouts nd never turned bc.
Lizzy Makoena (1 month ago)
Tomoro is the 1st of December the scammers r upping their games so pls lets be careful. It is very unfortunate for us single ladies. U will go to zoosk or any online dating in a hope to find ur soulmate only to fall in a trap. Not all of them r crooks but be careful ladies nd gentlemen. If u fall in love with someone online ask for the person to give u a video call then u can compare his photo nd how he looks while chatting nd take it from there. Scammers r heartless nd evil.
Lizzy Makoena (1 month ago)
Thanx for this video it is an eye opening for many of us. Just this afternoon a frnd of mine came to me she was very excited nd nervous at the same time. Apparently she has been chatting to a guy whom she met on facebook 3 wks ago. Today this guy sent her a picture of a package ready to be delivered to my frnd telling her that inside the package he packed a phone, shoes nd other beautiful girly stuff nd amount of £3000 wrapped inside. My frnd she wanted me to borrow her R1000 to pay at the western union in order to receive her parcel. Luckily we have a Nigerian guy who is my tenant my frnd out of excitement she showed him the message nd he stopped her nd warned her that it was a scam. Only after the guy told her thats when we realised that since when do u pay to receive a package or money from western union???? On the package there was my frnd's adress nd her details. It looked so real. The scammers r very clever. I hope this message will help many ladies not to fall in a scammers trap.
Scam Haters United (1 month ago)
Thank you for taking the time to come and leave this message.I am glad that your friend didn't lose anything and this is a very good message. ! Thank you.
Lucy Vokes (2 months ago)
Michael Blige commander in the Marines
Maria Felix Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Aguas con aceptar a evaan robert y hamea patrick
Rick C. (2 months ago)
2:16 I can’t believe they used Grant Cardone 😂 this guys a fucking wealth guru
Fight woman (2 months ago)
I think I met 1 yesterday and he called me witout video call. I ll check your clip to see how s match he is!!!
Last name First name (2 months ago)
4:30 This scammer used this photo to send him $500.00 to ship six grand to the U.S. He will tell you his sob story and calling you honey and I love you.
Maria Elizabeth Gonzalez (2 months ago)
To my also this Mr. Germán asked me to send him for an iTunes letter but I did not send him anything and I erase
sharon Kanahele (2 months ago)
Oh how can they scam people
Judith Baker (2 months ago)
I have contact from a scammer going by Daniel Smith, works on an oil rig. Claims to be a widow, very handsome. Don't fall for it ladies!!!!
Matt Lewis (2 months ago)
Watch out for Olivia Phelps on Twitter who says she is from New York but yet she is currently in Accra, Ghana waiting on a gold inheritance from her late father. She is super friendly, very lovely I have seen her on webcam but the girl on cam does not match the girl in the photos that she sent to me. I am pretty sure she is a scammer but I have seen someone on cam and she's female for sure but I haven't sent her a penny because her lawyer has requested funds from me to release her inheritance and she wants money upfront for an airline ticket.
Scam Haters United (2 months ago)
Girls in Ghana are make scammers using stolen pictures. The lawyer story is fake. The webcam means nothing. The funds she is inheriting is a VERY popular scam. He will keep begging for money.. that is all this is. You being scammed by a man from Ghana. !!
Noseefood (2 months ago)
Red flags: 1. Only few good looking pictures of themselves 2. Anyone in military or overseas 3. Sad life story - family members died tragically 4. Professing love too soon - after few days of texting 5. Calling you sweat heart, honey, my love, etc. Also sending too many 💋😘💕💗💘 6. Skim on details or conflicting stories Any of these signs - Delete block and run!!
Anna Amalia (11 days ago)
Is this how to post a private reply. Don't understand.
delmer lantz (16 days ago)
+Anna Amalia ,j
Anna Amalia (21 days ago)
Good signs. If I hear Queen, I see red. Throw in a good old American expression, once in a while. They get really confused. Location. they get really confused. Somebody posted that he is from Las Vegas NM.
Gracie Peña (23 days ago)
Well I got none, lol but wouldn't be stupid enough to give them any information. Can they obtain anything through conversation or continuous contact? Sorry, just don't know how this works.
Noseefood (23 days ago)
+Gracie Peña your money, what else?
Linda Gomez (2 months ago)
I'd give them shit. Let them scam their mother!!
Cheyenne Racquael (2 months ago)
My scammer was from badoo.. 3rd officer working as a sailor on the mercy ship. Living in belgium but works in Italy. I fell for him but I didn't send a dime... Still hurts when I found out the truth through a video call from a Nigerian woman claiming to be his sister because her Nigerian father had marry his Belgian mom.. Funny thing is he couldn't video call me from the ship so that is why she had to. As soon as I saw her I knew it was a scam. Lol one ugly fucker she was!!!! I hung up from her and called him.. Lol then the Nigerian accent hit me.. Just a set of lazy wicked greedy waste of humans
Drica Brazil (2 months ago)
It"s very annoying that! interpenpal and brazilcupis all scammers
Scam Haters United (2 months ago)
Anywhere they can use to contact anyone is all scammers.
Enúzia Moreira (2 months ago)
O soldado Kevin John Adams se passava como Adams Blunt. E iludiu muitas mulheres
Laura Ramirez (2 months ago)
My mom had just been contacted by "aye aye" aka dr mark smith.
Scam Haters United (2 months ago)
Hope she believes you that it's a scammer !
Mia D (3 months ago)
My stepfather is love with Barbara capellan (jessy) Facebook. He doesn't get That's scammers Not only that . He verbally abused my mother 😭😭😭
highbaws (24 days ago)
lmaoo wtf
Mary English (3 months ago)
I've been watching all the scam videos looking for either of my "loves" Stephen Murphy was in 90% of the videos and then I found ONE video dedicated just to him and his many names and I do mean many.
Anna Amalia (20 days ago)
Poor guy, he has been around for so long..............The real Murphy knows about it. I always recognize him by his Jumbo ears. Now the putting a cap on him. lolz. Poor guy has more pictures out on him than Elvis. Just joking.
Scam Haters United (2 months ago)
Yes there are thousands of fakes using him and he is well documented across the internet.
Janik Bollh von horst (3 months ago)
There is a person calling themselves Dickson frere, be careful ladies he scammed a friend of mine. He’s a fraud. He sometimes goes by different names but he’s merely a Nigerian peasant
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
https://www.facebook.com/frere.dickson.5 I found this which I will get reported and removed. Thank you
Madeth Lumba (3 months ago)
Sometimes they said hed peace keeper in iraq ,syria or other country
TheLaydewlf (2 months ago)
yep. one of my sister's scammers was an elite force soldier on a secret peace keeping mission in iraq so he had to keep their phone conversations secret. i tried to reason with her that a soldier would be sent to military prison if they got caught doing something like that and they would not be risking their lives like that. she still fell for it. and keeps falling for them.
Mary English (3 months ago)
Beware [email protected] Sgt US Army deployed to Cameroon.
Mary English (3 months ago)
How can I add another face to this?
Mary English (3 months ago)
Beware [email protected] His face is in this video.
Mary English (3 months ago)
Stephan Murphy was my Peter-William
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
He has been used for years.. so please !! Know that NO one that ever says military will ever be real !
Rita Hogye (3 months ago)
I'll look at that person but I do not know to send you
Rita Hogye (3 months ago)
Is Military USA ARMY Damascus Syria
TheLaydewlf (2 months ago)
whether they are or not is irrelevant. there is no military personnel in a war zone or elsewhere stationed abroad looking for love on the internet. its a scam.
Rita Hogye (3 months ago)
Please help me with this person called ..oscarson19 Instagram ...And Hangouts John Oscar0147
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
I can't.Instagram has refused to remove anything we send to them now. We used to send lists every day and not they won't take them. They are not interested in the number of scammers they have and get off Hangouts... it's all scammers. These are the scammers main two playgrounds.
Mella Burket (3 months ago)
anyone been contacted by a guy named Anderson Bauer? on instagram..
Mella Burket (3 months ago)
yes thank you!
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
https://www.instagram.com/anderson_bauer2018/ ??? fake and will be removed.
Maria Mercado Maglalang (3 months ago)
More power thank you so much for imfornation n caring n concern brethen.God bless us all.
Maria Mercado Maglalang (3 months ago)
Thnx for imfo. I take care . May God bless them because we Pilipina are very aproachable knd n lovavable most only in an ordinary life if they used hoping nany can watch these beautiful n awareness video.
Margie Adair (3 months ago)
To all that have been scammed give it to God and speaker of it no more it's in the past have a blessed life
Lydia L Pineault (3 months ago)
You have @ 3:19 man listed as Keith C. Rooker! Um someone's wrong! If you think that's his real name then he has an incredible look alike! This is very scary territory! https://www.google.com/search?q=Jef+Welch&num=20&newwindow=1&rlz=1C1CHZL_enUS722US723&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj9yPHDxPzdAhWRHTQIHSmZAaIQ_AUIDigB&biw=1280&bih=579#imgrc=_ There also is a guy on Twitter using this picture calling himself David Nelson Newton! https://twitter.com/DavidNelsonNew1
Kathy Hodges (3 months ago)
I'm back on website that keeps us informed of SCAMMER TRASH and they are all over the world not just Nigeria They are everywhere but they can't fool me I know their tricks and sometimes they use women profiles but they ate still fake SCAMMERS I'll continue the fight against them until they exist no more
Inês Canal (3 months ago)
if they were beautiful !!!!
debbie alberts (3 months ago)
Ju Green (3 months ago)
Has anyone been contacted by a guy called Collins Dickson from Instagram??
Anne Bellette (3 months ago)
Scammers get a job and get off you big fat ass
Anne Bellette (3 months ago)
I got scammed 3 times. ..not I don't trust any one ..I don't give any one money either..they were from Africa and USA men and women
Anna Amalia (2 days ago)
. "'Tell your stories. One of them asked me, " what do you do.? " do what", for a living". " Oh, I work on dead people, or the ones about to die makes no difference to me'. he blocked me. LOL. Sometimes they have beautiful communities, with many followers. The just choose and pick who they want to go after. Sometimes, man pose as women, or the other way around. Once scammed, you on a list, and they try it over and over again. You proofed my point. Be careful.
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
Let's not make is 4 ! never trust anyone you have never met in person contacting you and being over loving.Always a scam !
Music Is A Rainbow (3 months ago)
Lately I get more friend requests from scammers than actual people I know. I've had quite a few message me on Instagram and I couldn't resist messing with them.
TheLaydewlf (2 months ago)
because once the find someone they think they can scam, they share the info with their buddies.
Ara Legaspi (3 months ago)
a man chatted me on IG using the the name joseh godwin he is using the profile of dr.fernando gomez pinto..thank scammer hater we i am guided..
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
https://www.instagram.com/josehgodwin050/ Thanks for this.. it will be reported and removed tonight.
Sandy Sessions (4 months ago)
I've been playing WWF and this dude ^^^, with same pics, claimed his name was Thomas Scott.
Scam Haters United (3 months ago)
WWF is flooded and ruined by scammers.. all want to talk to you.. love you... get money and cards from you! BLOCK IT.
Sue Thomas (4 months ago)
Christian Ciocan I am more confused than ever about, as the photographs were of him but Face book said he was Polish living in Sydney, Australian. We communicated through gmail as who ever I was chatting to said he was Italian/American and sent me 3 photographs under another name of Adams Ciocan who said he was a UN Peacekeeper and couldn't speak on the phone. If this impersonator had rang me I would have detected a Romanian or Polish accent as I speak the two languages. The photographs had his name on top, so at the allocated time of 6pm I contacted him on gmail and said 'Hi Adams or should I call you Christian' and I was blocked immediately. So the scammer I take it must be European to know this 'real' guy. What a mess and I didn't give him any money thank goodness.
Kathy Maria (1 month ago)
I am so mad that all the scammers are out there , had 4 or 5 l almost sent money on one , these scum of the earth are either from so called Nigeria or Afghanistan(fake military ) or West Africa , or other places , if you ask them to call you pn Cam phone they make an excuse or they just dont call you , l hate scammers and do me a favor , GET A REAL JOB YOU PIECES OF $HIT , YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS ON JUDGEMENT DAY ,GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU DO , GLAD I DID NOT SEND YOU ONE PENNT !!!!!!!!
Scam Haters United (4 months ago)
I don't think he is necessarily European but they do know who they are using. Christian has been used for very many years so the scammer will be aware of who he is using. Not that he will care ! He won't call because usually the accent is deep and Africa and very telling. Polish,living in Australia but a UN Peacekeeper but for which Army?? The real man lives in Romania and is happily married.. and not contacting anyone. Isn't in the Army, Syria or anything. Just another victim used by low life scum.
carlotta1144 (4 months ago)
Does anybody know how to find the person behind the foto? They should know what’s going on with their identity
Scam Haters United (4 months ago)
Every single person on this video is well aware of what is happening to them.
Marilie Bautista (4 months ago)
RAMLAN BIN SAHIRUDDI # 1(214) 6283928 his a scammer
equicar (4 months ago)
Has anybody become contacted on LinkedIn by scammer ? I was contacted fron UK..
Last name First name (2 months ago)
Scam Haters United One woman who’s from Nigeria wants me to add her as a friend.
Scam Haters United (4 months ago)
Yes.. Linkedin is badly infested with scammers and has been for some time now.
Lorraine (4 months ago)
I have been contacted by 4 scammers in the last 2 weeks, one of them is in this video General Townsend, another is DavidSommers147, another military guy JaySteve, and Charles_Titus1...charles uses the pictures of Dr.Emre Ilhan, whom I have notified of Charles activity
Linda Weaver (25 days ago)
+Scam Haters United thank you. I thought so.
Scam Haters United (25 days ago)
+Linda Weaver you can tell nothing from a number. They can be got from apps and used on cellphones.. look at Google Voice. Anyone military is fake.. and Hangouts is scammers paradise, good luck on finding a real person other than someone being scammed on there. The real man in the pictures is called Brad Robinson. An Army medic who lives with his wife and family and has to endure being used in scams. Brad contacts nobody. Never. ! You are being scammed.
Linda Weaver (25 days ago)
I have been a member of Scam Haters for a long time. This one has me puzzled.
Linda Weaver (25 days ago)
+Scam Haters United I have one contacting me on Hangouts, first Instagram. Says he is military. First in Asheville, NC then Fort Benning, Georgia. Instagram is under shalman_brooks4x. Keith Damien Robinson. But then he says his real name is Bradley Robinson. ????Gave me his phone #. Ran a background check. In comes back to a Govt # in Asheville, NC. I have no idea?
Margo Mazzeo (4 months ago)
Im do glad ur catching these guys. Already talked to 2..Dr Pinto..who is all over the internet..and Grant Carbone..talking weirdly..blocked both!
Scam Haters United (4 months ago)
They contact so many.. you probably get the rest !!
Isabel Ramos (4 months ago)
Bem-Haja, seu trabalho de prevenção, informando e prestando apoio específico contra o flagelo dos golpistas virtuais. Parabéns pelo sucesso alcançado e tudo de bom. Beijos de Portugal.
Micheline Arthebise (5 months ago)
Scam Haters United (4 months ago)
and some are just very trusting. Why do they do it?? I don't know, I never have however we can all do things we look back on and see it was the wrong decision. BUT.. some just have never heard of scammers and they trust.. you can't say bad things about people !
Rhonda McCain (5 months ago)
PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR A SCAMMER CALLING HIMSELF "FRANK RICHARDS" OR "FRANK RICHARDSON". He lists/goes under several profiles on Instagram. His real name on his uniform is "Peter Maude". Google Peter Maude Scam to see his true identity. I don't know what other aliases he is working under, but he is running Romance Scams, because he got my mom for several thousand. I hate this & I want him prosecuted for what he has done. Scam Haters United, I need you to add his photo to this video documentary.
Virginia Barnes (5 months ago)
I am unable to publish want I really want to say here. Just disgusted and pissed off.
Norman Clent Garcia (5 months ago)
That luca girati is contacting my mother and his use the name steve frank
Hoggy Looney (5 months ago)
There everywhere.. even on facebook
Anna Amalia (14 hours ago)
Saw a profile, no gender ID, Female name, the pic? could have been a women, a young male with women hair style. Turned out to be a middle aged man from Turkey. Completely unknown pic.Not traceable. One of the meanest persons I ever encountered. Be careful , people.
Andrew Mocall (23 hours ago)
You just have to be careful even now there use both women to scam people be careful
Anna Amalia (20 days ago)
Facebook and hangout, scammers haven.
DONTKNOW123DONTCARE (2 months ago)
especially on facebook
Aracelii Valles (5 months ago)
The escammers why they have pictures of this where’s taken this all pic
TheLaydewlf (2 months ago)
they steal them from instagram, facebook, snapchat, news articles, etc.
James Ivie (5 months ago)
I am looking for Marcos Henrik I thing he is being used as a scam
Scam Haters United (5 months ago)
It's impossible to know just from a name.. it is probable that Marcos Henrik will not even exist, he will be a name and a picture.
Melanie Kraft (5 months ago)
Ha ha ha I saw my scammer! Ugly dude the tried getting $3000.00 but it didn't happen.
Linda Payne (5 months ago)
Linda Weaver (22 days ago)
+Ugo Global Finance Company Ltd your a sick fuck!
highbaws (24 days ago)
+Linda Payne How much money did you give him?
Linda Payne (2 months ago)
THIS IS NOVEMBER 2018 he is finally through I am moving into a studio apartment this weekend with my best friend Jack he is my baby dog we will keep each other company and there is places for us to get out and walk the SOB GENERAL STEPHEN J TOWNSEND HAS GLOT IT MADE HE IS A CROOK AN SOB A BASTARD AND THATS ALL TRUE HE WLALSL LORN OUT OF WEDLOCK TO TWO COLLEDGE STUDENTS IN GERMAN AND THEY GAVE HIM UP FOR ADOPTION STRAIGHT FROM THE HOSPITAL HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE BECAUSE THE ARMY IS HIS WHOLE LIFE HE HAS BEENMARRIED TO IT FOR 39 years
Scam Haters United (2 months ago)
I think even by a mutual friend is a danger. So many women will accept a stranger, talk to him, be convinced the know him then on FB and IG the scammer goes through their friends and contacts them, it looks like a mutual friend. I think if you can meet them in a few days, fine.. ALL distance relationships will be fake. !! What a terrible world
A, scammer using by, name of Sir. sergeant BERK K ZAFFUTO..He chat with me everyday oh god
Jaffa Lior (5 months ago)
each country has its own UID - my Austrian Profile UID- 540000000----N A I J I R I A -----UID - 60... - 73...- 72---
Cecilia Lim (4 months ago)
Through instagram,this guy by the name Anthony Hernandez contacted n we communicate through instragram.The photo he send me is that of Grant Cardone,Author, Personality.Co incidentallty..i was puzzled that i go through the Youtube of Grant cardtq
c m (5 months ago)
There on Badoo app
sharifah mona (5 months ago)
I don't have money because the scam. So sad and my life is bad life...
Scam Haters United (5 months ago)
You know this is why it is so bad. No woman should ever have sent any money to a man she has never met. If only women would JUST SAY NO.. I am so sorry it happened.
Asa Olsen (5 months ago)
most of those guys look gay & probably are..."he doesn't contact women"..except his mother! lol!
Barbara Jeff (5 months ago)
I was talking to a James Maco. He tryed to scam me. Do anybody no him.
Barbara Jeff (5 months ago)
No I have no Facebook account for James Maco only phone number or phone.
Scam Haters United (5 months ago)
If you can give me a link to his FB or Instagram if he is on there.. you can't tell anything by name only.
Hello, how do I promote photos used in my case? I just went through it, but I did not give money; however, would you like to disclose the photos used, since the person probably does not know what is happening?
Scam Haters United (5 months ago)
come to the FB page and on to Messages.. let us see who he is there.
Jodi Martorina (6 months ago)
If anyone knows a Michael Shane or Steven c morreale or morralle it's a scam !!
Jodi Martorina (6 months ago)
Also says to get app called Kik to talk back and fourth my life was threatened multiple times by the person !!
The guy at 2:14 is known by me as Kelvin. I can see them coming from a mile away and now I just enjoy wasting their time.
Scam Haters United (6 months ago)
Kelvin is a joke African name.. Africans think it is our most popular name in our part of the world. Many of them use the name Kelvin for themselves and use it in scams....when you see it, you always know !
cynda99 (6 months ago)
I was contacted two days ago by a scammer on Twitter using the name James William. He was using the picture of Stuart James in the video above at 5:10 and within 1 hour he was calling me baby, honey, queen. Huge red flag. He said he was a doctor stationed in Afghanistan and on contract as security at the UN. His grammar and spelling were ridiculous and his comments were straight out of Hallmark cards. I told him I knew he was fake. I told him to take another picture. He said he's not allowed to post photos on the internet. I said and yet, you posted one on Twitter. He said you want another picture of me and I said yes. Write my name on a piece of paper and hold it in front of the camera. He says ok hold on. He comes back and his pc has no camera. LOL. I said yours is the only one in the universe that doesn't have one then. Then he said his father died and left him $80 million and he was going to build his own hospital with it. I said yeah right. He didn't get much more than the time of day from me but it is still depressing when someone does this to you.
Elizabeth Ryan (4 months ago)
This creepy guy has also contacted me also, he's also on a dating app called meetme
cynda99 (6 months ago)
Scam Haters United lol. You're so right.
Scam Haters United (6 months ago)
They really should start their contact with 'Once Upon a Time' !
Linda Buchanan (6 months ago)
Anyone heard of Cody Jose or Patrick Dow!!! Cody Jose a marine doctor in Syria working as a Orthopedic doctor and Patrick Dow a General from Army in Kabul Afghanistan. Not sure the real either.
Scam Haters United (6 months ago)
NO Doctor is contacting anyone from Syria and A MARINE DOCTOR...??? AND NO GENERAL IS CONTACTING YOU.. Generals are in charge, there are no dozens of them !
Deus Amor (6 months ago)
Eu, quando ouço as músicas dessas mostrgens desses Episódios malditos, é muito triste ver os militares, nao sei se são, ou nao vítimas desses negros e negras, malditos, ainda tem quem defenda Africanos, eu nunca faço isso,
Camila Beatriz Pereira (6 months ago)
Pascal Owen is escammers?
Scam Haters United (6 months ago)
https://www.facebook.com/pascal.owen.37, yes this is fake, we will get it reported and removed.
Livecam Hacks (6 months ago)
Interesting to see that how many ladies have been scammed by some random nigerian (or other) guys. I did my research mostly on adult webcam sites and found that a tons of victims on the other side too. Coming from fake webcam girls, fake tinder profiles and so on. I think that people need to be educated, and learn that what are red flags. I have collected some basic stuff here : https://livecamhacks.com/dating-and-romance-scams/ (this is an adult blog, if you don't want to see, do not click) . I think the most important to learn some easy tool to track the oblivious scammers down. Like reverse image search tools (for instance tineye.com) and basic google search methods. Sometimes it is really easy to reveals this crooks.

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