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10 Secrets Beauty Brand Kylie Cosmetics Doesn't Want You To Know

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What Kylie Cosmetics Isn't Telling You Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Kylie Jenner is constantly on social media, it seems like it’d be hard for her to keep anything a secret. But there are a few dark ones lurking behind the shining facade of her Kylie Cosmetics company. We’ll let you in on some of the issues that have plagued the Kardashian family and their various businesses. Kylie caused a ton of controversy by selling extremely pricey makeup brushes, but did they live up to the hype? We know her products are expensive, but how do they stack up against cheaper brands such as Colourpop? Recently, some employees have come forward and made some serious accusations about working in Kylie’s factory, even going as far as to compare it to working in a sweatshop! Did these facts make you think twice about shopping Kardashian for all your makeup needs? Tell us in the comment section, then click on the subscribe button for the latest videos from TheTalko. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (970)
Kristine Galant (10 hours ago)
I ordered alot of products from Kylie and was missing a chocolate kylighter. They told me to take a picture of it and send it to them. Like really? A picture of a missing product?? Needless to say i got absolutely nothing. I got it during their July 4th half off so It cost me around $11, but the point is they did absolutely nothing for me... I will never buy another product from them and I will continue to share my story as a result of their non-caring ways....i am just a number to her anyways...
Why someone should buy Kylie's makeup? She is a ... mmm.. instagrammer? Go to L'Oreal please
Van Luong (2 days ago)
651 dislikes= the 651 loyal fans
MsChelsaMarie (2 days ago)
Another dupe for Kylie’s lip kits is AOA Studio that you get on shopmissa.com for $1 each. They’re also Vegan and Cruelty-Free....and made in USA!!! Second, Kevyn Aucoin’s name is pronounced “O-Kwon” not “A-Coin”. Have some respect for one of the greatest makeup artists there ever was!
chloe cervi (2 days ago)
This is why I will never buy any of her products. If her workers are getting sick while making the products knows what's in those. I'm not saying that she lets her workers stay sick while they're working. But there's still tons of germs that still could have gone on her products. And she's obviously only in it for the money not for the actual creation and love of makeup
Danielle L (2 days ago)
Tera McNeil (2 days ago)
I have never & will never purchase a Kylie product.
Melissa Masson (2 days ago)
all you guys in the comments and thetalko are just jealous of Kylie's makeup line
Eunice Peachy (3 days ago)
F E N T Y B E A U T Y 💕
Rolando Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Don't buy this, this is not accurate and NO I am not supplying Kylie
D C2184 (3 days ago)
Why people buy her overpriced products is beyond me
jennelle moseley (3 days ago)
Fenty beauty Kylie Jenner is a FRAUD
Virgo Scorpio (3 days ago)
Damn Kylie, REALLY??? SOoooo disturbing and disappointing ...I really thought working for Kylie Cosmetics, it would be a company you could say you were proud to work at...no wonder why???💁
guiller king amodo (3 days ago)
Viewing a lot lot of annoying things about an annoying product makes me that, hey girl! Better stop this f*ckin' business of yours coz its just not nailing it. I am not that famous make up artist but based on these reviews and comments and videos, I definitely not gonna use these products dear. This is just my honest opinion and I think YOU GIRL should listen to critisms coz this will help you improve more. But I guess thats not happening.
rheanne v (3 days ago)
It just seems like you guys really don’t like Kylie and the Kardashian’s...
annetteeu (3 days ago)
Dream video for haters
Yolanda (3 days ago)
We cant buy kylies cosmetics in germany or ship to germany, because of some of the ingredients of them...
1finnigin (4 days ago)
The factories that make the makeup , those employees should recieve proper bennefits and decent pay. alot of people would love to hate the jenners/Kardasians. they just need to step up and fix the problems with their products. or people just wont buy the garbage anymore. SO far I havnt bought one product by them, and now that I know how the products are made, Im glad I havnt bought anything from them.
Annette D. (4 days ago)
I don't swatch anymore cuz they so unreliable.it will look different on your lids for example.I'm sick of people doing it in videos.especially gurus that don't do live swatches.Kylie is known for their shitty " customer service" why would u want to support them or kkw anyways? Can't stand any of the Kardashian/ Jenner clan anyways! Annoying and boring af!I wanna make myself clear I fucking hate them!
MimiChu (4 days ago)
MMmMmm paint thinner! Who wouldn't want that on their lips x"D
Georgia Mae (4 days ago)
Not to be insensitive but, its also their job to keep there work area clean...
Bianca Pleše (4 days ago)
And she just get money anyways bc we all give her attention. 😶
audrey ann (4 days ago)
I would never buy their brands anyway. They're all disgusting!
Tiana Fisk (5 days ago)
Haven’t watched it all yet, but if it’s so bad to work there... why work there ?
Ellie Shockley (5 days ago)
Gives money to charities but doesn't look after her own employees at the lab....🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
kayla Barnes (5 days ago)
Kylie OMG!!!!
Emma W Nilsson (5 days ago)
They’re talking like these conditions are rare...if you buy clothes from brands like H&M, forever 21 or Zara and so on it is exactly the same
LlamaCorn_ Slayz (5 days ago)
Kylie looks like she had a mustache in one clip of her
Clarisa Marcey (5 days ago)
they should stop make it
Sige Nalang (5 days ago)
kylie tale care of your workers you evil plastic
Marianne Pendleton (5 days ago)
American factory? No surprises there. American workers are treated like shit!
ash TV (5 days ago)
I didn't know that duped people, stealing and abuse can make us billionaire
Ebaa Al Rebh (5 days ago)
Has anyone of the Kardashians/Jenners gone to university?
Valeria Ponce (6 days ago)
Kylie and does of color same warehouse
Pooja Anand (6 days ago)
All this is so not true 😅😅
Sol Estrada (6 days ago)
sounds like she's a little too immature for all that money, i saw the video with Jeffrey Star and instead of firing him after working with him for so long, she could have taken a step back and considered that maybe her products needed work, its not hard or bad to change things if they dont work. I would prefer people dont work like its the 1800's all over again because we are 2018 and we should be past that, this just leaves me a really bad impression of her and i dont think im going to buy her makeup any time soon
alexis violet (6 days ago)
None of this is true
dawn smith (6 days ago)
Why aren’t u talking about big business that has been doing this same thing 4 over 50 years? Hating. So sad.
Amber Slime’s (6 days ago)
Kylie or Kim
siren _xo (6 days ago)
omfg. the kylie cosmetics workers need to go on strike
skoop :v (6 days ago)
this is literally every other make up company or clothing company.
Guillermo Barrios (7 days ago)
Kylie and colorpop use the same factory😒 like....
Stormie McCullough (7 days ago)
Why are you always bashing celebrites with these videos? They are trying to make a living, they already have enough hurtful opinions from other people. Of course all of this stuff happens, its LIFE. Shit happens. We know what goes on there. We know that that stuff isnt what it seems. Its natural reaction. People have things that they know dont speak to what their image is. I understand, this is your job, people love opinions. But some dont like when you just do a whole SEIRIES of one group of people. Im not saying that you guys should just stop making videos onthem, but make videos that arent as hurtful. Im not even a die-hard kardashian fan, let alone, not even interested in reality TV, and Im backing them up. If TheTalko does see this, dont think im being harsh. Im just giving you feedback on your channel and what you should do, or is that not enough?
Nathan Law (7 days ago)
TheTalko The housekeeper is still getting paid. And, how would you know that she uses the housekeeper to swatch?
Nathan Law (7 days ago)
Honestly, if the workers hate the environment, then quick the fucking job ffs.
Lily Ash (7 days ago)
Its just few examples of how kardashians scam people. Kris and dash supported for long time (until they closed their stores and turned into another bussinesses) what happens in china. And yet people are suprised that kylie turns out to be the same shit. The "quality of her products" was never there as people who bought it say. And it seems that safety or hygiene wasn't too. I can't believe people haven't woken up yet. The price is for them to show up in new car not for the quality.
xval.xa (7 days ago)
Its look the same like the lush factory and colourpop
Amber Binderup (7 days ago)
How can you be a multi millionaire and not pay your employees handsomely or at least more than minimum wage.
_mia suarez_ (8 days ago)
😕 good thing i dont buy the brand
I am Quaking (8 days ago)
7:32 they wrote 1,80 missed a 0
mz foee (8 days ago)
aria afghan (8 days ago)
how about Hudabeauty?
Kathryn Chisholm (8 days ago)
Yeah that money for they kids probably went to her
Kathryn Chisholm (8 days ago)
Seriously?!!! She should be fucking jailed. Why are these kardashian fakes getting away with this? Poor employees!!!
Aleena Ramirez (9 days ago)
Kylie kinda look like Nina Dobrev and Sophia bush like like Nina too
Fancy vlogs By Dab (9 days ago)
Do it with jeffree star cosmetics
Diana Canales (9 days ago)
So I guess they ignored the fact that orgasm isn't bad for blush but virginity is...that's stupid
Eimante Kalityte (9 days ago)
OMG!!! you are so rude i don't believer Kylie cosmetic are 3th in the world WTF in all your videos are lies and lies and lies
monique king (9 days ago)
Love lipkits and Kylie!!
monique king (9 days ago)
Basically the brand is what people like..but definently going to try colorpop...love me some lipkits!!!
monique king (9 days ago)
Why cant yall love everybody??
Family Kamdoum (9 days ago)
I bet the kardasions dispise you lol
honey.beige (9 days ago)
Seriously??? Who cares if she uses her housekeeper as a canvas for swatches.
Lindsay love (9 days ago)
omg sometimes im just like mined your fucking buisness if they want to keep it a secret let them
Erica Montron (9 days ago)
I hate you
Erica Montron (9 days ago)
Stop being rude stop going into her life you don't like people going into your life😤😤😒😒😡😡😡🤠😇✌
AngelaCam (9 days ago)
I only use Colourpop Mac and other brands.
AcaPilya Chill (9 days ago)
His jaw tho, too sharp.
IntoTheAbyss (9 days ago)
When the voiceover says 1,800 and the subtitles say 1,80
Game Fame (10 days ago)
*Many people are complaining that Kylie Cosmetics is giving out half or **-NoN-** lips stuff since I don’t do **_makeup_** idk*
Gabby Perez (10 days ago)
You are just paying the name! Colourpop all the way!
Cactus World (10 days ago)
People could buy her makeup some were else because your sapost to buy it in Kylie cosmetics
Morena G. (10 days ago)
& people go “goo goo gaaaa gaaa” over their stuff....I don’t get it.
Charlotte Darch (10 days ago)
How about doing the same for her workers
Tabi B (10 days ago)
Well if Kylie Cosmetics is made in the same place as colorpop (apparently) then surely the working conditions are the same for colorpop
Yvonne Burns (10 days ago)
I wonder if she'll have a shade range called harlot, Jezebel, or how about whore of babylon or better still Nell Gwynne🤔
Aamani Thompson (11 days ago)
You guys are soooo sensitive smh lmao
Marcella Ferraz (11 days ago)
Tbh she still is young so i'm not surprised, but if there's bugs in your package that means there's an obvious problem, but I'm still a fan of her not her company.
Yara Maaliki (11 days ago)
Why want to bring her down???
Yara Maaliki (11 days ago)
99% of information is fake
Darines Perez (11 days ago)
This is the same situation any industrial employee goes through. Not just her.
Michelle Wong (11 days ago)
kylie said that those products with “chemicaly” smells or the products that have spray paint are from fake websites that sell fake Kylie products
Yooo, I got a cleft lip and Palate. Got final surgery done last year! 😀 Almost fully healed!
ambercloey123 (12 days ago)
She's fuckin stupid
Dior diva (12 days ago)
I'd rather sit and take pics of my arm covered In lip gloss than clean that house lol
Dior diva (12 days ago)
Kylee Everitt working in that house among them must be just as poisonous 😣
Kylee Everitt (12 days ago)
Dior diva Yeah right, but Kylie knows her make-up is poisonous so she doesn't want to swatch her own skin.. 😷
Mishka ashley Dancel (12 days ago)
Mishka ashley Dancel (12 days ago)
ČłøùtĒdītš Yep (13 days ago)
You know people have been selling fake stuff on a similar website so stop saying she did it.
Elianna fucking Perez (13 days ago)
So she’s a billionaire and can’t afford to give them a good enough pay and working conditions. Or even give benefits. While she’s owned a Mansion at 17 ☹️☹️☹️😒😒😒
julia bara (13 days ago)
Really bad video. Just shady
Latoya Turner (13 days ago)
Thank god I don't wear makeup
Nisa Hasani (13 days ago)
Kevin au-coin
Tutai Jessie (13 days ago)
ahaha MUA_Ashley lips in the beginning
Almaas Jabeen (14 days ago)
I seriously dont know how her family became well known but all i want to say is *I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING OFF OF HER COS SHE MAKES HER WORKERS MAKE IT IN A DIRTY FACTORY*
Almaas Jabeen (12 days ago)
Kylee Everitt lol yh. I personally just don't like the kardashians and jenners. No offense
Kylee Everitt (12 days ago)
Almaas Jabeen It was Kim who started the ball rolling with her sex tapes, wasn't it? Ew, with that huge arse, it'd be more of a horror movie than a porno!
Talisha Nelson (14 days ago)
Love it when ya spill the tea
cassie c (14 days ago)
That’s why I’ve never bought from her lol I buy from Jeffree star. Never any issues with his makeup
Morgan Richards (14 days ago)
Don’t forget, the metal lipstick bottles are sometimes half and 1/4 full🙄🙄
Katie B (14 days ago)
6 million subs and 300k views 😬
Casey Rouse (15 days ago)
Found a fake kylie palette and the comments say I know this is fake but it is way better than the real one 😂😂 ( also with a 22pc of “ kylie” lipsticks)
Doyal Swamy (15 days ago)
Looks like some one who is jealous of her fame and name !!! Camon ... she deserves all the attention and fame coz she worked for it .. !!

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