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How To Travel Around London and Buy an Oyster Card - Important Tips!

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Here are some very important tips on how to travel around London and buy an oyster card. Especially if it is your first time visiting London, if you aren't careful you can end up paying a lot more for your travel so it's important you pay the right fare. You can use your oyster card or contactless payment card for lots of different types of transport on London TFL services. This includes buses, trains, tubes, Thames Clipper boats, trams and even the Emirates Airline cable cars. My favourite thing to do is to travel on the old Number 15 routemaster buses. A real icon of London. I'll show you all the tips and tricks on how to behave like a true Londoner and not to be barged out of the way by the locals when travelling on transport in London. There are other ways to pay for London Transport including Apple Pay on your iphone or with a contactless credit or debit card. But I think it's easiest to get an oyster card when you first arrive. Try to avoid buying paper tickets because they cost more!! And the buses don't accept money so you must have an oyster or credit card or apple pay. Subscribe on Youtube ➜ https://www.youtube.com/joolzguides SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ON PATREON ➜ https://www.patreon.com/joolzguides CONTACT ME FOR A PRIVATE GUIDED WALK ➜ http://joolzguides.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Tower of London to Wapping - London's Best Riverside Walk" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZs1kkqWwU8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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USMAN SALEEM (28 days ago)
+ahmed yusuf where are you from
ahmed yusuf (28 days ago)
Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films
USMAN SALEEM (1 month ago)
+jon callum i can understand. British have different accent's but i needed a friend to talk in English. I don't focus on accent's i just wanna clear that. Can i speak clearly or not someone understand me or no and can i understand English people or not what they says. That's why i ask to you. If u have time at weekend then u can talk to me not daily u can talk to me just one day in week plz plz plz 🌷🌷😊
jon callum (1 month ago)
+USMAN SALEEM what can I say?, I liked the video in general and if you were closer ,in the UK for instance I'd help you out with no problem, it must be difficult not having a full understanding of the English language ,unfortunately I just don't have the time to help you out, but I do wish you all the best, just a tip I'll leave you with it's usually an accent that makes it difficult for a native speaker of English like me to understand someone like yourself, change your accent ,your English dident seem too bad, that's what your real problem is, there are people in England who can't understand people in Scotland or Wales or NORTHERN Ireland and that's the uk,this is an accent problem sort out your accent and you'll do fine.
USMAN SALEEM (1 month ago)
+jon callum Are you native English speaker would you help me in learning English on Skype with conversations i need partners to learn English..so would you help me
4u별님 (1 day ago)
면세점 사업에 뛰어들었다 김포에 출마한 후보들이
4u별님 (1 day ago)
면세점 사업에 뛰어들었다 김포에 출마한 후보들이
monkeh88 Retro Dream (11 days ago)
<3 london
Moff's Autos (11 days ago)
Really well put together video.
kenlau135 (12 days ago)
Why named after Octopus Card used in Hong Kong. London is such a copycat
romance234 (12 days ago)
1 min 47 legendary moment. I am ur fan forever mate!
Mac McCann (15 days ago)
윤이나 (19 days ago)
Oh...it is so good tip.
Markus Tv (20 days ago)
So i can drive as long as on my card is no more money left?
Cris Yorke (22 days ago)
My undergrad university was Goldsmith in London. Ah, the times
Christian Oshiro (24 days ago)
Who else thinks he's slightly insane
My mum, to name but one.
Sunil Chauhan (28 days ago)
I feel happy to be your subscriber
And I'm happy you subscribed!
anthonytx42 (28 days ago)
This is great information--thank you! I'm headed to London for the first time next week and will be checking out your other guides as well.
great! thanks!
Jed Kendray (28 days ago)
Top video. 👍👍
王曌 (29 days ago)
whose edition of the song in the end of this video plz~ thank you :)
It's Tom Carradine's Cockney Sing along! I have a video about him too! He's in a lot of my films.
Cindy Lim (1 month ago)
Hi, how are you? Can you please make some guides for London Gatwick, Crawley?
Cindy Lim (21 days ago)
Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films Hi Julian, Thank you for your message. I was looking for some guidances since I’m new to Crawley. And yes London Gatwick have become more and more popular as alternative airport to Heathrow
Hi Cindy, are you from Crawley? I have never been there but I wanted to go there to sell my kites last Christmas. I know one of the street pedlars there. I think a film about Gatwick Airport could be a good idea! t's just tricky filming in airports. they always stop me!!
Ravi Shaikh (1 month ago)
WONDERFUL keep continue. Thank you very much
dhaff (1 month ago)
ElFlechero (1 month ago)
"Weirdos and pervs sit here.... I rather like it!"
Yes...I sit there too!
Wedge Antilles (1 month ago)
How do I check the amount on my card, if I don't remember how many times used it?
Hamid Abedi (1 month ago)
can I buy one Card and use for two Person?
No, i don't think so
Travel Teez (1 month ago)
Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )
Michael Walton (1 month ago)
ow about how to travel round London and not get stabbed by some inbread
So expensive. In San Francisco its $5 for the all day pass for trains, buses and trollies or $75 for the monthly pass
It is certainly a bit pricey.
Hillary Trump (1 month ago)
The TfL website is useful (Transport for London). You have to register a contactless bank card before you can use it to pay - or at least you did, worth checking. You can also get Oyster cards through the post and top them up. Newsagents and other shops sell 'em too.
jon callum (1 month ago)
So you're telling me that the oyster card is capped at £7, so where's the point in putting £15 on it?, when I can get around for less?
Um.....no, sorry if I wan't clear. What I meant was, if you put £15 on the card you will have that credit on there to use. If, in one day, you use the card 10 times it will not deduct more than about £7 from the card. So you can continue using it without paying more. Then, the next day you will have the remainder on your card (around £8 in this case) and again you could continue using it all day. However, if you only make one journey, it will only deduct the price of one journey. It won't deduct £7 (or whatever the capping limit is). It just means there is a maximum that it can deduct.
Omar Eldamsheety (1 month ago)
Erika Soberon (1 month ago)
How do you return the card
Erika Soberon (1 month ago)
Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films thank you is my first time in there
I think you just do it at the machine. When I made the film they still had ticket offices but no more!
Jo Lisa Dukarić (1 month ago)
London, my favourite city! Better than New York.
I prefer or streets being all over the place to those straight grids I must say.
S Hussein (1 month ago)
That country is a non-entity. Anyone who walked down a road there and seen chavs with skidmarks in their 'umbro' sweatpants, dirty overflowing bins, boarded up shops, no manufacturing to speak off, casino banking. Put a fork in it it's done.
Extremerecluse Fallows (1 month ago)
I like the fact that there are caps. 6 pounds I think.
Extremerecluse Fallows (1 month ago)
Knowing how to use the underground is critical. Getting around quickly by foot is impossible
Extremerecluse Fallows (1 month ago)
One of the subway personnel would not do her job. She would not remove a swipe we made because our train was out of service.
Extremerecluse Fallows (1 month ago)
They should have an unlimited Oyster Card like Paris does
Extremerecluse Fallows (1 month ago)
+Pinay Pinay Ako Although the London oyster card has a daily cap Of 6.5 pounds. If you are a hard core attractions seeker and speed is your goal just use the underground if you are ok with spending 6.5 pounds per day
Extremerecluse Fallows (1 month ago)
+Pinay Pinay Ako London only has pay as you go. Paris metro pass allows unlimited train and bus based on number of days.
Sophie Poyser (1 month ago)
Woah I didnt know you could use your oyster on the boats. Definitely going to try that out
USMAN SALEEM (1 month ago)
+Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films Hy your accent accent is beautiful. Would you help me in learning English with conversations plzzzzzzzz
Yes, although it's a bit more expensive than the trains!
Nedim Mehmedovic (1 month ago)
Why would you upload this type of video now when UK wants to ban foreigners thanks to Brexit?????
naser manoo (1 month ago)
What a lovely beautiful city i love it definitely
naser manoo (1 month ago)
Guy your transport system is so good and magnificent
Lee 303 (1 month ago)
Oyster is a con, contactless calculates your days travel without penalising you ON THE DAY. Use contactless it charges you the day after. RIP Oyster.
Michael D (1 month ago)
Michael D (1 month ago)
Why don’t you get all the facts before you make the vid ???
Maximilian Biaggio (1 month ago)
Not showing hot to return the card and get your deposit back
Blackboard (1 month ago)
Big hugs 😍 for this video.
G24 (1 month ago)
1.50 was kinda rude tbh, apart from that good video.
HimKioo (1 month ago)
"you'll get your money back as long as it's under 10 pounds"... H'MMMMM, i heard that, im not dumb. i dont like that. when i want my money, i want my money! :E :C
HimKioo (1 month ago)
+Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films Oh no :( why did you reply to my dumb comment or even see it. I heard it here 1:23 I'm kind of anti oyster, no matter how good the video was, I'd be a bad comment. Reason for previous bad comment: I'm worried about people outside UK, they will be slapped by this random thing they will have to learn and understand or else they'll be stuck, because i would be. The more difficulties gov puts, the less people will enjoy the stay in UK. And second, I'm not happy about some magical card swallowing my money without even being able to get it back. That's a lot of money it's asking me to trust it with. Money = My wellbeing. I think I like my wellbeing. What if my card will display an error... of course I can get a new one and get my money transferred but that's more time wasting. There is always a catch and that's why I'm so anti. Can it just be a flawless execution... *deep sigh*. I know why gov made the oysters, to make the walking flow move consistently on busy places as London. But i feel like there could be a better solution than another broken, half-assed system that will never be changed or cared about. If the opposite side doesn't care then people won't care. What about making people have "wireless. BANK cards", so people can pay on the go with their cards... this is a much better solution 😤 Overall, i throughly enjoy the video; it was very good. In fact, it was so good, i almost subscribed by watching this one video of yours, but I need to be exposed to your videos more often to subscribe. Dispite oyster, i really enjoyed the video!!!
Did I say that? I will have to check up on that. If that is the case then that's not good! I must check.
californialinchen (1 month ago)
when you get off the bus, will you have to scan the card as well?
USMAN SALEEM (1 month ago)
+californialinchen hi ARE you native English speaker .....if you are native English speaker would you help me in learning English on Skype..gmail..whatsapp 👋👋
californialinchen (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your quick response! Love your videos, man!
no. Only when you get on the bus.
Barbe Taylor (1 month ago)
How much is 1 touching? If u put 15£ on it.
Actually, if you use it all day every day that would probably last 3 days. London is damned expensive. But longer if you only make one or two trips a day
Merna Razooki (1 month ago)
Can you get an Oyster Card on every station?
Yes, pretty much every station..
Sahil Panse (1 month ago)
Have always wanted to visit London. Especially during next years cricket WC. Great video though. From India...
Ahmed Jamal (2 months ago)
Thank you so much... It's really an useful video . 🌷
Ahmed Jamal (1 month ago)
+Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films Thank you sir. 🎩
Cheers! You're welcome!
Nicolas B (2 months ago)
I live in High Wycombe and commute to London most days, I have a weekly paper travel card so feel fortunate that I don’t have to do this Oyster card business but I’m sure one day I will need to and this video has been very informative. Thank you
Cheers. They can be handy for sure
Andy Way (2 months ago)
really informative! shooting this video in the underground really helps to visualize it rather than just talking about it like the other videos on u tube
Ninetta Bagarella (2 months ago)
Is this card i could use for train ?
Ninetta Bagarella (2 months ago)
+Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films thank you so much. I will be in London nwxt month.
You can use it for overground and underground trains within the London area.
andtsech (2 months ago)
Nice to see you are holding an umbrella😁
Bayu Santberth (2 months ago)
youre so funny, love your video
alex Marshall (2 months ago)
can you buy an oyster at Heathrow...? TfL are not adverse to skimming tourists...I live in Waterloo [in a council flat]so it's a bit like living in a theme park[except micky mouse gets paid]..Borough market is a real tourist trap and no local can afford to shop there..loads of our museums are free..pie and mash[and green liquor] is THE traditional fare..Manzes ..tower bridge rd...hope you enjoy your visit..we Londoners really enjoy your company and take it REALLY personal that anyone sees you as cash cows
Yes, you can get an oyster anywhere with a tube station. I do find Borough market a bit pricey but I still like to buy the odd burger or doughnut there. Couldn't do my weekly shopping there though.
naser alkaabi (2 months ago)
Thank you alots for the lovely details to help in using the oyster card.
You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it.
Sunny Bee (2 months ago)
1:43 he cracked me up. He couldn’t be more accurate lmfaooooooo 🤣😂😅🤪😜😝
Thanks. Yes, I could probably have said a lot more but didn't want to scare people off!
Jindujun (2 months ago)
Going to London next weekend, we are staying at a hotel in Ealing. Is there anything worth seeing or shall we travel straight towards central London?
Hillary Trump (1 month ago)
Kew gardens? Ealing studios?
Jindujun (2 months ago)
Thanks mate!
I don't know Ealing very well. There will certainly be things there and I should cover it in my videos but I couldn't say right now. There is a lot more in the centre of course. Have a look at my other videos or my map on my website. I'm sure Ealing is cool but I'm yet to investigate properly. https://joolzguides.com/map/
matthew grant (2 months ago)
If u use ur contactless debit card, you'll be over charged, don't do it
matthew grant (2 months ago)
I knew someone who used to work in public transport, so be vigilant with ur debit card
Is that so? I actually heard that it's even slightly cheaper to use that but I prefer the oyster to avoid mistakes.
KevinPDX1 (2 months ago)
What do you do if you tap in with your Oyster card but don't have enough money on your card to tap out?
Well, remember you don't have to tap out on buses. Only trains. If there isn't enough it will always let you out and you will go into negative balance. This means you won't be able to use it again until you top up the balance again, but it always let's you out if it has let you in.
icdgyixify (2 months ago)
You forgot to add that we allow people to get off the tube before we get on. Even northerners get that.
No one ever lets me off the tube before they all barge on. It's maddening. Maybe I'll make another one about that!
Thilina Senevirathna (2 months ago)
Love this video! Was laughing my ass out. Best video of Oyster card in Youtube!
Thank you. Glad it made you laugh!
Vorn Field (2 months ago)
I never bother with those sightseeing scams. Just get a bus map and navigate your way around for a fraction of the price. Besides, it`s always Johnny Foreigner or pikeys that operates these scams.
Vorn Field (1 month ago)
That is what I meant yes. Cheaper and more fun I think.
Which scams? You mean the sightseeing tour buses? I must say I prefer just to go on the normal public bus myself too.
crazy Surya (2 months ago)
How much will cost for total journey in London
I'm not sure what you mean? Depends how many trips and where you go.
Mauro Donno (2 months ago)
To travel around London is very simple: Pray to don't have crazy people around you in the bus or pray to don't have robbers around you in the bus and tube. All the rest are just zombie workers , brainless tourists and a lot of rubbish everywhere. Oh yes, just one last advice: all the transports are ridiculously expensive to fuck you in the best way possible. Enjoy London!
It certainly is overpriced. I suppose they have been renovating it for about 50 years and never stop because it was designed to carry a quarter of the number of passengers!
Love your vlogs thanks so much for posting ... love yet another Northerner lol (well born Midlander lol)
Thank Rae. I once met someone called Rae Mi Do (Korean).... Which is nice because it made her name Do Re Mi like the song.
waniey nur (2 months ago)
i just want to ask.. if u stay for 1 week.. how much should i reload the oyster card???
waniey nur (2 months ago)
Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films u mean £35 for can cover for all zone? or it just for zone 1 till 3?
Well, initially just stick £20 on it. You can always add more. Or even put £35 on and you can get a refund at the end if you don't use it all.
Leonard Gendelberg (2 months ago)
Joolz, do you offer private tours? How do we schedule? Thank you.
You can contact me on my website Joolzguides.com and we can see what we can do!
Libiro Lo Spirito (2 months ago)
The video is great and really explains a lot for me but How can I recharge my card again ?
Ha ha...well I dont want to go through it again but you just go back to the machine and place your card on the reader and hit Top Up.
william brumley (2 months ago)
If I am going to be staying for a week should I get the 7 day pass
It depends how much you intend to travel...Probably not worth it. I would just stick to the pay as you go top up credit!
laela agus (2 months ago)
Sylar (2 months ago)
I moved from Sussex to London in April. Was like visiting Mars I had no idea what was going on... This video helped
Thanks! I'm glad!
Agustina Azukaeme (2 months ago)
Wish am they
ManLikeAliyPlays (2 months ago)
Thanks for this. I am a big fan of the London Underground as a Londoner myself and only 13 years old 👍🎉
Oh, great to hear. Glad you enjoyed it.
Just Mea (2 months ago)
ty, very useful vid
WASH POPPIN (3 months ago)
Oh so when you tap in the barriers and tap out it then takes your money afterwards after seeing how far you have travelled?
Yeah...except on buses. You only have to tap in once on buses.
Kenny Grenier (3 months ago)
this was awesome thank you!
You're welcome.
Georgina ! (3 months ago)
Quesion: Is the oster card just in london or can you use it in wales and scotland?
Georgina ! (2 months ago)
Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films Thanks for the reply!
Only London.
Manohar .Fedele (3 months ago)
Getting a reimbursement when you leave England is so complicated and bureaucratic that I had to give up. I felt cheated...
Manohar .Fedele (2 months ago)
To start with, at Stanstead airport we (a couple) were given Oyster card for tourists, which I discovered you cannot get a reimbursement immediately when you leave the country, from the same airport, but only from your home , through your bank, But the procedure is so complicated, not user-friendly, rather a sort of a loop where you always get back to the starting point, that finally I decided to give up. And I am not a network illiterate, as I work as a webmaster... I have good reasons to suspect that, from starting (different Oyster card given) to end (unfriendly -to say the least- bureaucratic procedure), the only word I find is "cheating", or maybe "fraud"... Sorry...!
You must have been doing something wrong. It can be done at the machine quite easily. That said, you might have had particular circumstances.
Fred Bates (3 months ago)
It's safe to say you would get a smack in the mouth if you ever spoke to me like that there's no need to be rude you could have asked him politely to get out of the way
Thanks Fred. Don't worry, he was my friend helping me to make a film, which wouldn't have been as amusing if I had just said excuse me (which I usually do). That said, most Londoners don't, which is the point I was making. I'm glad that it looked realistic though. Personally i wouldn't smack anyone in the mouth but each to his own I guess.
Downergirl0001 Black (3 months ago)
nearly Every rating on the oyster app said it was terrible.
Iris Gibson (3 months ago)
This is great 😂, very informative as well. Thanks
You're welcome Iris.
asif ali (3 months ago)
your film is nice and helpful. Best regards.
Thank you
albert odillon (3 months ago)
I have noticed that London buses don't accept anymore money when you get on the bus so you must have an Oystercard or a credit card
Yes, it's to save time. Otherwise the bus never moves as new people keep getting on fumbling for their change.......
ntchat Lovpk (3 months ago)
Elle disait (3 months ago)
Mark Bulla (3 months ago)
Well made video! It takes away my concerns about traveling via the Tube in London - thanks. Well, I'm still a bit concerned about traveling on the Tube with luggage, but one thing at a time... One comment - standing on the right is the same on the Washington DC Metro. You can always tell the tourists by where they're standing!
It can be tricky with luggage in the rush hour. You just have to battle!
AlexLordAlcyone (3 months ago)
Thanks for making learning fun :)
Nazia Wahid (3 months ago)
i wish one day i will come in london
Nazia Wahid (3 months ago)
+Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films but how it is posible
you will!
jcsufi (3 months ago)
awesome see you soon Joolz
Cheers. Are you visiting?
Nicole Eivissa (3 months ago)
THANK YOU TONS!!! Very helpful, short video, I enjoyed that, next time in London I'll surely get my Oyster card too!! :)
You're welcome. I have many others too! Have a look!
Sophia Dubai (3 months ago)
I am from Victoria sw1 and if you want to discover central London, easy by foot and no money waste on public transport.
R. E. Bruce Martin (3 months ago)
DFrom Canada: I'cve never been in any part of eurpo[pe. I live in the Greater Montreal area where we use an older system called Opus. Being a transit enthusiast (at age 73 I no longer drive), I foresee that in likely the next 5 years the RMT (Quebec gocernment agency that manages transit in 3 areas of quebec) they will simply and circumstantially be forced to get rid of the opus. This is because they will need something comparable to the Oyster Oro the Presto in Ontario) to handle the needs sensibly. Who knows what they will call it, but as for London, If I had just got off the plane the firast thing I owuld want is an Oyser card. This seems such basic common sense, even from Canada! I wonder if an Oyster card could also be used on Network Rail? (Mind you I would expect you'd need to laod it with a lot more than 15 GBP to do that!
It works on the railways as long as they are still within the London area but not if you go further out.
MattTheGamerHongKong (3 months ago)
Been a Hongkonger, used the Octopus, can say it's much more convenient than the Oyster
MattTheGamerHongKong (3 months ago)
I mean, that's still better than nothing, right? I once forgot to bring my Octopus to the MTR and, well, spent like 2 mins trying to fiddle with the ticket machine. All while seeing my friends just walk in (dammit that was so embarrassing)
MattTheGamerHongKong (3 months ago)
+Fun London Guides - Julian McDonnell Films I can imagine having to carry coins for small payments. That would be painful!
No, it's only for travel. I wish it was like HK.
MattTheGamerHongKong (3 months ago)
BTW, can you use the Oyster Card in McDonalds, KFC and other shops like in Hong Kong?
Yes! I agree! I don't know why we don't have them!
Andrea Pinto (3 months ago)
Hi, I live in new zealand and I am going to London with my clever 14 years old daughter next year any suggestions? I am 51
Well, I have over 100 videos with many suggestions! I rather liked the postal museum.
WingedBull1 (3 months ago)
I love Molesters Seat...............
WingedBull1 (3 months ago)
Who care's what They Say about Us, I Still I love Molesters Seat...........
I always sit there too! I wonder what it says about us!?
Jim Vanderhoof (3 months ago)
When do you swipe out, only on the boat ride or do you have to swipe out of bus rides as well?
On buses you only need to swipe in! Not out. On the Tube and boat you must swipe in AND out.
Matúš Straka (4 months ago)
4:56 where is it?
That is the top of Primrose Hill

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