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THIS is How A Girl Wants You to TEXT HER | How to Flirt with A Girl Over Text

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Get the FACETIME HACK: https://basedzeus.clickfunnels.com/optinc77o97g1 Yup, as requested, I'm back at it again teaching you how to text a girl you like, what to text a girl, how to text a girl, and even teaching you a few things to text a girl. SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/29xqSWN Join the BasedLympian Army: Twitter: https://twitter.com/iambasedzeus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iambasedzeus/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iambasedzeus Background Music by: Superstaar Beats & PatternBased Business Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (8928)
Based Zeus (6 months ago)
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Oswaldo Ceballos JR. (3 days ago)
I never fuck up that text on girl
edguidepdf (4 days ago)
Mack Top (18 days ago)
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Ronald Indermuehle (1 month ago)
Based Zeus first of all i love your vids and they have been very helpful? I have a girlfriend and it’s going great thanks to you but when I’m worried about is that it feels like it’s not getting any better from here like we’re not getting closer more emotionally attached to each other our sex lives isn’t getting better do you have a video or any tips or could you make a video tell me how to help make my relationship better?
Anonymos Anonymos (24 seconds ago)
what did the librarian say to that guy Read more
duell collins (12 hours ago)
Just tell her the truth and what kind of woman you are looking for if she says you are not her type or only thinks of you as only a friend then she's not the one simple as that plus do not let her come back afterwards cause it makes you look weak yeah listen to this guy if you want to constantly wear a mask everyday but remember you can't hide the true you forever it will bleed through one day and she will either leave you or the excessive nagging will start if you are an honorable respectable real man you will be yourself but if you are a little immature boy in the body of a grown man then you can listen to him
Nikola Slavov (21 hours ago)
I'm lil nerdy, that 3:52 made me laugh so hard.
RealTripz Ehhh (1 day ago)
Just make her jealous by talking about another girl jk XD
T sed (1 day ago)
I stopped texting after finishing good conversation for some days. Result no text for 2 weeks 🤣 i gtta text her first again
NELLA PROGRAMS (1 day ago)
Fuck off
Koko Mizo (2 days ago)
Don't text girls noob...call her
Slash slayer (2 days ago)
Y dafuq is this so hard
Aqua Lynx (3 days ago)
Im a loser I i needed this video
Andrea Monroe (4 days ago)
Jadden (4 days ago)
I got called weird and pushing my luck but I’ll try this on another girl :)
jazz dinleyen adam (4 days ago)
Lan ben bizim sınıftan birine yazsam babası öldürmeye gelir
T 21199 (4 days ago)
Women should be born with a fucking manual. This is harder than Calculus....
Who's the girl in the thumbnail
Tucker Bainbridge (5 days ago)
Ok if a girl is texting you back and is still interested which she will always be if she likes you it’s okay to text all day
Sean Johnson (5 days ago)
Is this what our society has turned into? Texting advise? Really
Derrick Johnson (5 days ago)
This dud is funny
Its every time that the guy has to come up with a subject and if he doesnt the chat ends up dead
Jiska Hachmer (5 days ago)
no no no, sorry...
Zahr Musa (6 days ago)
This YouTuber is making millions for tricking you. Don’t believe this guy just be a fucking man and Text a girl
Amv Evolution (7 days ago)
Yeah she blocked me😅
I just be myself and she cant get enough of me. Its not trying hard to woo a Ramdom girl. Its about being comfortable with the right girl.
DJ Clawz (7 days ago)
9 million singles boys and I thought i am the only fuked up🤣
Jonathan Judd (8 days ago)
This guy is hilarious!
Chocolate 10101 (9 days ago)
The girl I like used to talk to me but now she hangs out and talks to my mate instead of me and I don’t know what I did wrong have any tips?
Brandon Ohrberg (9 days ago)
Shit, I already screwed up.
Josh Mcdean (9 days ago)
Please don’t trust these videos i have wasted my time and money on these, getting a girl to like you is pretty easy! however, if you want to make it happen within 2 weeks , you can contact EMAIL-:([email protected] com). You'll have her almost stalking you within the first week. It worked for me & i hope this helps someone too
ryan stout (9 days ago)
Yes I am from Tennessee
Mo Fo Got trolled (9 days ago)
What if im a boring guy? What do i say? Help a brotha out
Will Of D. (9 days ago)
Instructions were unclear i got my dick caught in my phones charger port! Dislike 👎🏾
Vineeth Vishesh (10 days ago)
I text my girlfriend "good morning beautiful" in the morning, so that she is happy with the first text she gets in the morning, is that clingy?
WR3CKAG3 2K18 (10 days ago)
Damn just realized I've done it all wrong!!!
Everything To Patatoes (10 days ago)
Cipriano Sánchez (10 days ago)
Fucking hate the the usage of the word "Momentum" these days
Mr_ OGGI (10 days ago)
I dont why im watching this just got a free premium pornhub account
noob gamer (11 days ago)
8.9 million single boys saw thiz video lol
Masood Ansari (11 days ago)
Its hard for me.....she blocked me then!
ImKrx (11 days ago)
I watched this way too late fml
Alexis Hultfred (11 days ago)
This one girl was flirting with me for 1.5 years now.. and a few days ago i got to know she Thinks my best friend is pretty/handsome.. ive been very nice to girls since i went to kindergarten.. but i get shit back...
banksy motages (12 days ago)
I told a girl I liked her............ I got friend zoned Fuck
Skjoldborg (12 days ago)
Slow down retard. Tone down the "bro-speech".
ExeKuTioN Cro (12 days ago)
Those fuxking women are the reason birth rates are at an all time low in the western countires while they are sky high in the rest of the world. They make us do ridicilous shit m, they make us doing a fuxking exam do go out on a date its like test after test while in asia for example you just meet right after and probaly will get laid in 2nd date.
Solar FlareHD (12 days ago)
The girl i message doesnt like the convo first
NiTRo_ Zues (13 days ago)
Just buy her some adidas and you can skip straight to banging.
Dao_Ming Zuh (13 days ago)
This advice is only when you want to play games this days with women and you don’t want to go further.. 1.Be yourself..2. Don’t use too much emoji 3.Don’t flood her phone with messages 4.Ask her out 5.Be funny 6.Be thoughtful 7.Buy her flowers
Heber Do (13 days ago)
K, and how can I get her number?
Slader Slader (13 days ago)
Bro the way he cursed🤣🤣🤣
A sin (13 days ago)
instructions unclear, she called the cops
Hesam Shirin Sokhan (13 days ago)
Pffff guys must put too much effort into relationship, just get MGTOW and improve your own life
devkam13 (13 days ago)
Do not follow these bs rules...how to be a douche bag 101...my girl loves and even expects her good morning text...it makes her smile...you want to make them smile...to know you're thinking of them...even when you're not around...definitely use emojis...they love these things...we don't...but they're female and they're going to do it...remember...she is your queen...treat her as such and she will treat you like a king...
Lil Rocky (13 days ago)
U don’t know shit hey people this the rule of life if u like someone it’s ok to try but be ur self n if she doesn’t like u move on .
Dennis XXL (14 days ago)
so if we don't follow all his tips and tricks with women we are going to be single forever and always? also we will be considered stupid and worthless? I was sticking to his channel and his tips for so long. I wanted to see if that would work. But all what I got were rejections. He is trying to tell us if you want to have a girlfriend or a wife you need to go to the streets public and talk to a girl. LOOOOL WTF u being serious? So thats how it works just pick any random girl you like in public where you know nothing about her? Is that how other taken guys did that? I am out of words I can't believe that those channels spread the false message and false instructions guys you will look like the weirdest guy ever and you might be suspicious for the cops. You bother their personal space and rights with that. Man listen up you don't need to dress in business suit and type "based zeus how to get a girlfriend" then hit the streets talk to random girls. Just to understand that a girlfriend is not an object you buy from a market. LMFAOO FML 😂🤣 (this is what he is trying to tell). In my life so far I never ever freaking needed tips and tricks on youtube I built myself up and up and it worked so well. Being happy as ever no matter what. My cousin is 20 years old and had sex 14 times so far (with different girls). I asked him if he needed tips from someone like "based Zeus" youtube for that and he said: "are you out of your mind? that must be someone crazy for views and subs. I hit the pub and the bar and there you go. Surely I get rejections but thats what I am not trying. Just wanna have my good time and talk with people" What also Struck me right away was that he had like millions of videos about girls. "How to talk to a girl (tips)."and each of the tutorials have multiple same Videos but with different tips and tricks. Now his subs are confused as fk which tips and tricks to apply as there are so many of the same ones. I mean a human isn't capable off learning a million tips and tricks. I double dare you to live your life and change what you can and accept what not. Love yourself let life unfold at your own pace no need to rush. stop comparing for heavens sake you can never come far by changing your personality to get a girlfriend. Believe me you will be lost. Also you will develop depression by keep thinking why you don't have a girlfriend and rushing for it. Now ask me why I am here and watching. I actually clicked on the video paused it instantly, scrolled down and commented right now. I don't even know what kind of tips and tricks he is telling as I am not interested lmao.
Yaro (13 days ago)
Dennis XXL This is what I’ve been thinking for a long time about this channel, thank you for writing this!
that protagonist (14 days ago)
Holy fuck some one strangle thst son of a bitch 😂😂😂 funny as shit im subscribing
Reptile Team (14 days ago)
One girl saw me on Instagram and she was like very interested on me
Zach Chauvin (15 days ago)
Would being married have anything to do with?
Doggo Dudette (15 days ago)
1:30 my boyfriend does that aha but I think it’s cute. It shows he really cares about me
Prometheus (16 days ago)
Do you speak deadpool language? Lol
Odd_ YT (16 days ago)
I did this and a my girl friend broke up with me and for me suspended
KONG HALVARD (16 days ago)
Just folow the thumbnail guys, you’ll be fine
CHACE (18 days ago)
Lmao I love how it’s the voice of a robot but clearly the words of some cocky white kid. That type that grew up scrawny or fat af and is addicted to the gym now.
Tangy Citrus (18 days ago)
Frick I needed this video long ago...
Bill Hicks (18 days ago)
I got blocked by a snap chat girl bc I sent a picture with my hand on my penis. She literally had her fingers in her vagina previously,, where did I go wrong?
Bill Hicks (18 days ago)
You have to be attractive in order to be direct
Anonymous 78 (18 days ago)
make a video how to dont get girls number i got too much.
bônn gamer (18 days ago)
Best advice So guys “remember ur not looking for some text buddy, ur actually finding some chicks to fuck with” :))))
Prince Wakanda (19 days ago)
3:55 I literally fell laughing..holy fuck someone strangle Zeus 😂😂
Travis JOHNSON (19 days ago)
I am sorry for you if you text a girl I want sex she’s going to think you’re a creep
Barrier Breaker (19 days ago)
this video is sad
٠ KING KONG (19 days ago)
just be DOMINANT
Christopher Arias (20 days ago)
Well, I’m dying single
Kahseem Watkins (20 days ago)
My crush is .y gf and im watching this........ I just wanna be funny
terence denolang (20 days ago)
Fuck that bitch 😂 to
aliza lightninray* (21 days ago)
Who's Virgin If u need luv shut the fuck up your best friend is your hand and make a group of single sexy people girls and boys included and hangout together and the one who has relationship will get..........YOUKNOW
QS Satan (21 days ago)
I missed school and was texting a girl, legit spammed her phone and she never answered. Why didn’t she answer. Comment.
Ali K. (21 days ago)
well shiiiiiit I've done most of the don't on this bitch already. time to look for a new homegirl
Jaleel (22 days ago)
Hahahaha just go MGTOW
dian3160 dian3160 (22 days ago)
Are you kidding me “don’t text good morning”?! I’m a girl and i bet any girl would tell you that that’s freaking cute
GamingWithNova (22 days ago)
I'm never gonna use these, but these are entertaining
Codered Gaming (23 days ago)
I was on messanger texting a girl and put a basketball for a game so i won with 19 points she had 6points and i was like not fair so i said again and she had 20 tips let her the good advantages to make her happy
Homeboy_Brando (23 days ago)
3:48 I’ma text some girl that just to see what kind of response I get😂😂
Blxtz_Drago (24 days ago)
To be honest, don't follow these steps. You must first understand the desired girl that you want to be with. Also, DO NOT TEASE HER... This will definitely ruin your relationship. Start discussing things with her. If she's someone from online, discuss certain things that she's interested in. You can start conversations with her by opening a conversation. Do not do anything sceptical. This will ruin your relationship! Make her feel comfortable. This will make you feel comfortable and her too! Trust me, I am your guy when it comes to girls. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Nayan Bhudia (24 days ago)
The homework tips is bloody amazing
Vhaen (24 days ago)
instructions unclear, dick stuck in toaster
Willubhave One (24 days ago)
Wow, I guess girls nowadays are so fragile, and emotional they hate and block any guy for a small mistake...it's like diffusing a bomb...Kaboom! No wonder why most are becoming Lesbians...
Venom (24 days ago)
Instruction went wrong got my dick stuck in a blender
Pancake Lizard (25 days ago)
Fuck this shit.......just go out.
Bzip (25 days ago)
Ya I fucked up she blocked me but we still talk to each other constantly personally one day ima say so I’ll text ya her reply hell nah
moises brea (25 days ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about how do i flirt in texts try Vaxicorn Text Mastery Guide ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.
hemanth sunny (26 days ago)
I have followed 101 rules for successfully texting a girl . Never got a reply
Bashi Blob (26 days ago)
Michael Martinez (26 days ago)
So basically don't text her at all.
cfjlkfsjf (26 days ago)
How To Make Things Complicated 101.
Jordan Vance-Ivey (26 days ago)
Question so if I waited 2 days after already not get a message back is it to early for me to reply again and if not should immediately start trying to move twords dating (gradually of course ) or no
Idun Morken (26 days ago)
A lot of these points was wrong:/ at least for me
Justin D. (18 days ago)
Idun Morken ok
FleXxii (26 days ago)
If the girl is in my university class: Should I go to a date very fast after getting the number or should i wait a week or two?
Mark Zingerburger (26 days ago)
Plot twist: the narrator himself is a virgin.
Fouiny Lantigua (27 days ago)
I’ve had a girl that a girl that I used to talk text her almost everyday, but when I talk to her I speak as a friend and I didn’t even take these things serious, I just wanted to b friend with her , I didn’t want to screw up everything and suddenly I ended up fucking that girl almost every night smh it seems like when I ain’t take nun serious lol that’s when that shit happens
TatorTot 823 (27 days ago)
Legit thought you where grade a under a
Respect u got game

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