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Never Date A Single Mother

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The last time I'll do a vertical aspect ratio video. I thought it would be cool, but it's a pointless limitation that doesn't produce interesting results. My videos come out noon EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The other days, I post on the Coach & Benway podcast, which you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/user-559972705 Follow me on Twitter, where you can find announcements of all my content: https://twitter.com/CRPhimself Support me on Patreon—thank you: https://www.patreon.com/CoachRedPill I love comments on each video, and I try to answer any question posed there as earnestly as I can. #SingleMoms #Dating #LifeLessons #CRP #CoachRedPill
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Yelena Pzychalska (3 months ago)
There is so much hard core truth in this video, I don't even know where to begin. A woman stupid enough to have a baby with a jerk is an iceberg looking for the next Titanic. I see stupid women all the time involve a man in their life when they are trying to raise a child with another man. Absolute idiots. I know a guy thinking about trying to date a single mother and I am making him watch this since he won't listen to me.
lightninlad (7 hours ago)
Sharon M. The reason why women get more blame then men is because sex is easier to get for women then it is for men. Men have to approach, face rejection, spend money, etc. A woman by contrast does not have to do anything. All she has to do is choose wisely. Guess what? Most women don’t. So now we have an epidemic of single mothers. Woman deserve more blame then men because woman have ALL the power. Trust me, there was a time when it was the opposite. Men used to have all the power. That time is gone. Well, at least in this country.
Gordon G (6 days ago)
Cameron Mac ...true..these thots drop their panties in a second for Chadrone Thundercock but make Mr Nice Guy wait forever to dip his talkywacker in her used worn out slot-c ... Only solution is for all men to treat them like sheeet...pump n’ dump, Bust N’ move !!...never ever get married to these bitches of today !!
Cameron Mac (7 days ago)
+Sharon M. women fuck ass holes because they dont find nice guys attractive. Then you fuck nice guys when you need the financial support later in life. So the bad boy looses his kids and the good boy pays for them. Meanwhile the women sits on her fat spreading ass just having it made in the shade.
Cameron Mac (7 days ago)
Wow this comment really triggered some femanists. Well done sir
Mari Ndaria (12 days ago)
Taulant Bytyqi. And who are the men that sleep with her, innocent? You remind me of those that brought the woman to be stoned for adultery. Throw the 1st stone you who is sinless.
dappa311 (24 minutes ago)
Another man's kid can't carry on your legacy. Most single mothers look for men to use financially, period.! Don't get caught up with them. you will live to regret it. This man speaks facts! What can a woman with one kid or 3 do for you besides sex? You can't start a family with her , she already has that. You would just be burdening yourself unnecessarily. Think of the cost of raising your own kid much more raising some other man's plus yours. Very bad move. Single mothers are easy prey for a reason. Don't be the simp to come and save them, they don't wanna be saved. There more trouble than they are worth, trust and believe that. Fellas If your father aint teach you the ways of the world yet, listen to this guy! His wisdom will save you grief and regret.
Yellow Synth (1 hour ago)
Only did it because she had a fat ass but that shit ain’t worth it
wz warden (3 hours ago)
there's something wrong with this video,,i think his bitter about single mom
Fix Family Law (4 hours ago)
Johnathan Commodore (6 hours ago)
One thing you never mention say the single mother is financially stable.Many men will eat all the shit even real shit some financially stable single mother would through at them and in return be just like the messed up single moms just to enjoy that money.That happens and some of those lucky fucked up greedy men will be mad at the child or children feeling like the child is in their way of enjoying the money happiness of the mom.But still in most cases your video is spot on.
Big Smile (9 hours ago)
I've just got out a Single mum (one child) relationship of 7 months. Believe me, it's not worth it. I only did it because I thought, like some, that they are exceptions. Nevertheless fellas, do not do it to yourself. They have too much mental issues. Which remains unresolved due to a lack of self accountability. BEWARE GUYS. From my own experience don't do it. Too much at stake! I got no hate for her. She was simply too irresponsible.
Arden Vangellis (11 hours ago)
90% women are disasters
E Martin (12 hours ago)
You are 900% correct had it happen to me.
joan hernandez ciriza (15 hours ago)
great fucking video. Advice taken
Abby Trapp (16 hours ago)
I work with this girl, younger than me (she hasn’t hit her 20’s yet) who is a single mother. She made a status on Facebook about how sad it is that no one is ready or man enough for a relationship with her because of her kid. Girl, I wouldn’t want to date a guy with a kid either! I’m not trying to play mama until they’re mine🤦🏻‍♀️
Royal Abstraction (8 hours ago)
Abby Trapp yeah, hell... At my age, all that's out there would be single mothers, broken women, crazy, etc...
Abby Trapp (8 hours ago)
Royal Abstraction someone mentioned it before me. I do believe though if you’re having a kid that young and confused on why people don’t want to date you in that age pool, then you just don’t get it.
Royal Abstraction (15 hours ago)
Abby Trapp thank you Abby. Have you told her that?
William Cherubin (18 hours ago)
so true I was in a long distance relationship with a single mather u know the rest I fuck up 3 years take care off her come to found out she was fucking around
Jered Waterberg (1 day ago)
Thats why Most of deze types of women turn into lesbians
Lando Calrissian (1 day ago)
This is a Great Video, I love it.
Loui whelan (1 day ago)
Need advise red pill_ I am currently 19 and a 29 year old single mother with a kid just is have new her years and get on with her really good. Buy only ad one date with her and she wants another Please give me some advice Mr PLEASE
Coach Red Pill (17 hours ago)
You're 19 and she's a 29 year old single mother? “Catch and release” is what I say—enjoy the time with her, but know that you want nothing permanent with such a woman.
Ice Cold (1 day ago)
Single mothers are now watching these videos and coming up with a new game plan to lock down a good man. The plan is to convince the good men that they are the exception to the rule.That they are part of the select few who know how to create healthy balance between their men and their children. All single mothers will now claim this, but to the men - out of the millions of single mothers out here who are now claiming to be an amazing and rare unicorn, how many of them actually are? What are the chances that you'll be the guy who finds her?
Royal Abstraction (22 hours ago)
Ice Cold. 0000000293%...(personally speaking)
Charles Acree Jr (1 day ago)
Especially when her kids father used to live in the house and still pop up talking about I come to see my child and the kid not home and his coming to the house with out you knowing now she starts playing mind games on your ass crazy
vivek (1 day ago)
This video is suicidal for single mothers
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
vivek good
pri vacy (1 day ago)
You must be rejected a lot
Royal Abstraction (22 hours ago)
pri vacy he might have been. I don't know. But much of what he described here is dead on.
Gerry Vandepol (1 day ago)
5 primary reasons for woman to hook a guy...1 to get away from parents and the pile of shit that goes with that 2 to get a roof over her head.3 to feel whole..4 because they are lonely..5 because one of you is in love ,whatever that means at the time....throw in the single mom nonsense and then it gets worse ,multiply by a factor of 10
Orange Man Bad (1 day ago)
The problem with this video is it implies women can function without a mans guidance. A single mother that has not been shown proper guidance can be forgiven for past mistakes. And under proper guidance from a man of God she can find peace and tranquility. This video basically says any women with no father who is tricked by a manipulative male and left is now cursed and should be exiled by society. Many women wish their initial man had just been better to her. And if you are what she needed than you will win her heart. Idk man I get what this guy is saying but it’s so reductive and radical by nature.
newkid (1 day ago)
Someome give this guy a beer 🍺 best advice a father can give his son
TheCrazyOnes (1 day ago)
I have to comment because I know it’s some guys out here questioning what he’s saying.... So I watched this video, & disregarded everything that he said. I’m 26 so I’m just thinking not all single mothers are bad, so I went against what he said in this video. I started dealing with a single mother after watching this video and it was the worst decision i ever made in my life. She lied about everything. She used to still deal with her baby daddy, she could never seem to let him go, tell half truths, she used to live with him and her mother was in on it, I was so stupid for believing all the lies she told. She was afraid of him, blocked me when she got around him it was a complete nightmare. This was after I developed feelings for the child and her. I luckily wasn’t with her for long but she wanted to settle down and get married to me while doing this behind my back. They will lie straight to your face. DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE DATE A SINGLE MOTHER, HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH. If you do it after reading this you are stupid and desperate. There is a woman out there who is single, beautiful with no kids who you can start your own family with. Never finish another mans saved game. Trust me fellas I just learned the hard way. Save yourself a heartbreak and get your own family. Let her be miserable alone and live your best life. Enjoy being single and traveling, in other countries you can meet plenty of hot women who will sleep with you. I have never wrote a comment in my life. Fellas please don’t do it!!!!!! I was only with her for a few months imagine if I had kept going all my dreams and goals would’ve been thrown out the window trying to please her. Let her go fellas!!!! Do it for your happiness, your mental stability and give all that energy to your own family one day! Chances are you’ll be much more happier. Goodluck with that too because the women in this generation are damaged af!
Royal Abstraction (3 hours ago)
Fix Family Law single mothers are not for me. That's all I can say
Fix Family Law (4 hours ago)
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
TheCrazyOnes i sure wish i would have heard this kind of stuff years ago... I would not have ever even looked at these women.
Dr Sandeep Parwaga (1 day ago)
TheCrazyOnes This made me laugh so hard. You were the guy who still got involved with a single mother after he said you would be stupid dealing with one after watching this video. Oh well, at least you know for yourself now. Be happy you saw through her lies and bullshit before she completely wrecked your life.
TheCrazyOnes (1 day ago)
Abstract MGTOW Idiot ..... It sucks very bad and it hurt but I’m much more happier I got out of that situation before it got worse. I’m so happy I stumbled across this video. Even tho I didn’t take the advice the 1st time
Allen Mackley (2 days ago)
I can attest to the truth of this.
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Allen Mackley so can I
A Mianaby (2 days ago)
You are right but also true that you are the poster child for arrogant asshole. Old, will get older and will die. Next. But true single parents are pain in the rear.
Mike 1 (2 days ago)
yyxy wise man (2 days ago)
Fun u harp on and on.Man,move on.So some married lady hurt you Come on man,grow the fun up.50yts and u sound like ur 19.I bet u lived with ur mother til u were 30.in fact, u live with her now don't ya pal.
yyxy wise man (2 days ago)
Mate,get ya self some self esteam.If you have your brain in order a chick that is a mother is not a problem. It can be a positive. This boy sounds like he doesn't trust his own judgement. Insecure I think you call it.Scared of commitment with one lady.You're just lose any credibility pal.You're a boy.Mate that's cool but u shouldn't be advising men.
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
yyxy wise man i will say that his delivery is a little excessive but nonetheless, he's so correct. Also, scared of commitment?? That insult (if that is what it is supposed to be) is so old now. Who would be dumb and desperate enough to commit to a single mother? She likely won't do the same for you! Single mothers are for pump and dump only, if that.
Phillip John Ryan (2 days ago)
Once again you say, maybe the father is an asshole, maybe the father is a narcissist who once the child arrives the mother prioritizes her attention towards the child, the narcissist / sociopath can't deal with the shift in the mother's priorities ie it's no longer about him. If he leaves as a result the mother is better off , she is left with one child which is way better than dealing with a child and a narcissist.
Maria F (2 days ago)
Oh and I’ve been a single mother to one child (I’m divorced) but to be honest she’s grown now so I’m no longer the single mother , but I don’t recall being as desperate as your describing lol
Maria F (2 days ago)
You need to do a video on dating seperated men with young children 😃 that is equal drama This doesn’t just apply to single mothers , married people split up and lots of them in USA and often they each have children and get together then what?!
Maria F (2 days ago)
Aren’t u eliminating a lot of women ? 😃 mind u I got to be honest I’m not keen on dating men with young children and there’s lots of those out there too , as to much drama so it works both ways 👌
PianoMan 2018 (2 days ago)
I wouldn’t date a girl under 40. Couldn’t handle their taste in music. They put on Miley Cyrus and I say bye bye baby bye bye.
NihilTimendumEst (2 days ago)
Real talk. The real truth.
c Bell (2 days ago)
LOL. Wait so men are the only ones with careers? I make plenty money and support my child just fine. I make close to 6 figures.
Negan (23 hours ago)
c Bell good for you whore. Keep making that money and looking after your bastard kid. Don’t lump him on some poor bets guy. You made poor choices that led you to being single mother trash, now deal with the consequences. On your own
Wow... I have never listened to anybody more close minded and bitter then this guys. I feel really sorry for you. What ever happend to you, I hope you find your love, cause that's really all you want and reason why you're babbling on about this. Try sharing the love instead of wrecking it before it ever happens. You'll feel better in life.
De Scott (2 days ago)
Conor (2 days ago)
You’re an expert on this but film a vlog vertically? K
Rio (2 days ago)
There are those one of a kind single mother, and there are exceptions and that's were you're wrong. I do like your content though.
cante davis (2 days ago)
Lol this is the #1 most ignorant shit I've ever heard. Things are not that black and white.
Negan (17 hours ago)
cante davis to be honest the women that are with men that treat them like shit deserve it for picking a piece of shit guy. Women choose assholes and are surprised when they treat them badly or they choose players and are surprised when they cheat on them. And to be honest I couldn’t care less if lumped all men into one category. Why do women get so offended when you generalize them. We have to generalize to get an accurate picture of things. My sister has tried to use the exact same tactic against when I told her my opinion on women and why I want nothing to do with them. She said not all women are like that, how would you feel if I said all men are rapists. I told her that I didn’t care because I know I’m not one and that’s all that matters. The not all women are like that argument is every woman’s go to whenever someone mentions their fucked up nature. Ok by that logic, not all sharks attack humans, in fact most sharks don’t attack humans, so why don’t you go swim in skate infested waters. After all not all sharks are like that
cante davis (17 hours ago)
+Negan Women are people dude. More often then not I see men treat women like we dont mean shit for as long as I've been alive yet I dont lump all men into one category assuming they are all perves and assholes. They are some good ones out there. To assume you are a piece of shit and your just gunna cheat or want to cheat because your a guy would be ignorant and wrong of me. Just as it would be wrong for me to assume that if you were a single father that you are garbage and dont deserve love. Pure ignorance. Almost every time a guy does something shit or degrading you here "He's just bein a guy". Point is Most people are shit ,men AND women. It's up to us as individuals to find ones we can relate and connect with and aren't going totally fuck you. Which WILL be hard since most people are rude inconsiderate assholes both men and women alike. Also name 1 person you know that isnt damaged in one way or another. Think for yourself. Dont be sheep.
Negan (22 hours ago)
cante davis no one hurt me. I don’t have to have been hurt to see women for what they really are
Royal Abstraction (22 hours ago)
cante davis yeah. I mean, I'm almost 40 so I can likelymanage this kinda thing now better than when I was just a sitting duck dumbass
cante davis (22 hours ago)
+Royal Abstraction Not every situation would turn out this way. You have to weed out the bad from the good just like everyone else. Even he said he is sure good ones are out there. It's just seriously not this black and white. This is all off of maybes and maybe nots.
Bobby Reilly (2 days ago)
know where you’re coming from. 😂🤣
Chris Dol (2 days ago)
Shit!. . . I'm dating three of 'em!!!
Chris Dol (1 day ago)
Erm. . . No. . . Sorry, hope I didn't spoil your wank. X
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Chris Dol cool... Do you phuck them in the ass
Aimee Masala (2 days ago)
You are a repugnant, vile excuse for a "man". Go back to your mothers basement
Negan (23 hours ago)
Aww the single mother piece of trash’s fee fees were hurt. And surprise surprise, you use the basement insult. You whores really need to think of new insults
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Aimee Masala why? What did he do
that one kid (2 days ago)
Scared to get married. It now feels like a trap. Now a days.
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
that one kid it is. You better believe that it is
Poetboxer (2 days ago)
Why? So you can make sad ass YouTube videos about women. *looks at the single mother next to him* *ah jeez* *um* *
lightninlad (2 days ago)
How dare you post this disgusting video! ..... Lol, nah. Jk. Loved this video!!! Hahahah. ; )
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
lightninlad to be honest, it does have a sorta disgusting feel to it...however, it is so so true
sana. amanee (3 days ago)
I am a single mother of 4 children You sir sound like a absolute moron!!! You are generalizing and, putting all single mothers in one category. I lost my husband to cancer, I was married 19 years!!! I am a strong woman I have 4 beautiful children I am mum and, dad. I don't rely on a man to look after me or my kids I work full time I am smart pay my own Bill's and look after my business. You sound pathetic you are one stupid man I can't believe the shit that comes out of your mouth. Like wow!!!!!!
Night Rider (3 days ago)
*I have literally seen EVERY SINGLE thing he said with my own eyes.*
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Night Rider i have as well. I want nothing to do with hoes like that
John Ta (3 days ago)
this is true, but I think the dynamic changes if you are a single father and you come together like the brady bunch.
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
John Ta that can work
Misha Doll (3 days ago)
The point you are making is completely valid, i wont date a man with children either, and i always advice women against it, however the examples you are giving are not always the case. Anyhow i applaud you for educating men on alot of truth.
Fast Internet (3 days ago)
What if shes your sons mom?
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Fast Internet fuck the shit out of her i guess
Titi Nguyen (3 days ago)
My single mother ex-girl friend just moved out a week ago and i am watching this clip. Man he is do right in all aspects. Wasted my last 7 years of my life
ntnrocket1 (3 days ago)
Especially if she is under 25 like he's saying. That speaks VOLUMES about the trouble she's been through.
King 3000 (3 days ago)
Look sir i see u are fucking 50 years old 🤣but now i am in love with women who have a kid of 2 yrs and the father is keep going his life in another country i am in a situation who needs a help but she got better economy than me and she needs me to be her husband even she is 6 years older than me so ur advise is necesary to me seriously am waiting u👍👍
Golden Eagle (3 days ago)
JK Rowling was a single mother when she met her current husband. She's happily married with two more children. It CAN be done.
C17H25N FTW (3 days ago)
This 100% true. One thing he fails to mention is that if the woman has multiple kids your problems will multiply by that factor. I was once in a relationship with a woman who had 5 kids hence 5 times the amount of problems. The worst mistake I've ever made in my life.
Danny Kaned (3 days ago)
I understand and agree with some of what you are saying, it’s commonsense but I do not understand the reason for the hand gun on the table!
OneNine Productions (3 days ago)
J Spiddimz (3 days ago)
Looks like he’s got that loaded strap sittin right there on the table ready to protect himself from a single mother.
Africanknight88 (3 days ago)
He said “it wasn’t the Holy Ghost that made it happen” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Philip McCarthy (3 days ago)
There are also cases when divorced step fathers can be forced to pay child support. Read this online answer: Stepparents can’t brush-off financial responsibilities when children would suffer financially. This happens basically under 3 conditions and these are: The stepparent plays the role of a parent and takes care of the child’s financial needs. The stepparent looks after the financial needs of the child. Stepparent hampers the bond between the biological parent and the child. Plus, he/she curtails child’s ability to get financial help from that parent. So if you are "too good" a person you are penalized should you divorce the mother of another man's children and you could wind up paying child support. In Massachusetts, child support can go on till the youngest "kid" is 23 years old.
C17H25N FTW (3 days ago)
Wow, thanks for the "heads up".
Philip McCarthy (3 days ago)
Coach: I think there is truth to what you are saying ; however, I divorced my first wife because she would NOT let me discipline our children even though I WAS the father because she is NUTS (at least I think she is). I dated a single mother whose kid was a juvenile delinquent and welcomed any help I could give in disciplining, although I couldn't get anywhere. I never married the single mother. But, I do agree, even if you are welcomed to speak to, be an authority, etc, even if the mother welcomes that, the kid may not, thereby making it impossible.
Walter Wanami (3 days ago)
From experience, he is telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but!!!
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Walter Wanami agreed.
Ashton Sr (3 days ago)
... But the best Sex though
WasLostButNowAmFound (3 days ago)
no. 3 the childs father is dead.
Daniel Callins (3 days ago)
I will say you can't lump all women into this category. I would say you can lump 90% of women into this category, but not all.
Daniel Callins (3 days ago)
I started to rail on this guy but he spoke a lot of truth.
Mary Jose (3 days ago)
What is the difference between leave you woman with your kid and leave from a marriage? The emotional and financial will be the same . You are negative and no lady’s should turn and look at you.you must stop put labels on people bacause as you do this you are putting label on your self. You are discusting . Everyone is definitely so put your label of hate on your mother sisters wive and daughter on your forehead so you can live alone in ignorance.
Mad Pitbull (3 days ago)
This video and “damaged women” video is spot on. I know because for 7 years I lived that truthful hell. Completely disrespected and used for my money. I was naive and thought that things will work out, that I can fix what is broken or I can be the righteous person to help her. Nope. Nah ah. If the woman is “F”’d up. No man is fixing her. This one I was with had daddy issues (openly admitted) and was raped by her ex who she had a kid by but decided to marry the scum bag anyway for the kids sake. Yea, my life has been hell for 7 years bcuz of that mistake of trying to be “the nice guy”. Turns out I’m the naive fool. Don’t be like me. Listen to this video and keep your wits about u. If women are that messed up. Then they need help long before ever pulling someone else in. And for women that disagree with this video. Truth hurts !!! But its still truth. You can’t change it. I know bcuz I have witnessed and been subjected to these situations he talks about in this video, and I learned the hard way. Truth hurts And I got hurt because I did not think of myself in this situation. I can tell lots of true and horrible situations that I was subjected to in our relationship that made me feel disrespected, abused (yup guys feel that way and are treated that way to ladies were human also), used and like I was just a check writer for her mistakes in the past and present and future. Example; It’s pretty dam eye opening and a kick in the nuts to help pay for her custody case so she can keep custody of her child from her scum bag Ex and the judge looks at you in the court room and says his opinion doesn’t belong here and ask the attorney I hired, for me to step out side. In regards to the child. I didn’t matter !! It’s not my place nor my business. Just imagine how that can make u feel. I can go on..... I have many more situations in just 7 years I can go into. What he’s saying in this video is the sad reality. It doesn’t make it right. But it is the way our reality is. It is what it is as they say. I was debt free and stress free before this relationship. Now I have a lot of both. I even was hospitalized for irregular heart beat due to stress at work ..... and coming home to stress with this person. Doctors had to stop my heart for 6 seconds in order for it to calm down. If I wasn’t in a good fitness that I am. I may not have survived. There’s your 2nd eye opener. The stress u deal with internally will build until it manifests outwardly. So all that disrespect and keeping that under wraps. Could have an almost killed me. That’s how bad I was hurting on the inside because of this crap. Any guy reading this, listen to this video. Don’t do hook ups don’t date don’t do booty calls don’t marry don’t even stick around for 1 second after u learn she has a child. It will only add more trouble for you and for her if you don’t cut it off right then and there. She has her problems she needs to work out. It’s not yours to fix and you CANNOT fix her or her problems. That’s the cold hard truthful reality. Take it from the idiot who tried it. Me! And for women reading this. I have a ton of respect and admiration for women. I do. But one thing I’ve learned. Women are human to. Meaning they are capable of doing and inflicting damage to opposite sex just as much as men. I’m the “nice guy” the one that finishes last as they say. Why? Because I care. But that has also been my Achilles heal and got me into situations like this. Women reading this if you don’t like what he’s saying in the video and u don’t like what I’m saying. Then learn to fix you! Learn not to get involved with scum bag men and then get pregnant by them. Quit using your emotions to find a partner and start using your head. That’s step one. Step two... respect your partner and always be your best for him as he should always be his best for you! Self examine constantly. If one person quits being their best it tips the scales in a bad direction. Balance is what u want. In all things Physically, financially and emotionally. If he isn’t giving that in return the balance is shifted or thrown off therefore u shouldn’t have a kid by him and u need to move on. He should always put you first and you should always respect him for that. Relationships are hard even more so today with all the immoralities in the world. Keep your wits about u. And don’t damage yourself by mistakes in men or immoral acts. If Women are a treasure for any man to acquire. Then What treasure is left worth having of that has been shared to everyone else already. Instead of treasure it is poison.
Fix Family Law (4 hours ago)
Dr Sandeep Parwaga (1 day ago)
Mad Pitbull Everything you said is fact. Guys just listen. Ignore all the single mothers, damaged goods, and simps making excuses.
Ignas Vesoir (3 days ago)
truly admirable things you said my good man. And of course sorry to hear that you learnt it the extremely hard way. We should spread the words to men, especially the young ones, of experiences from men who have been there and done that, so they can get a glimpse of possible things that they'll never imagine and never see coming if they are still in denial. But in my personal opinion don't hook up or even do booty calls even with childless women. Women, as the gatekeeper of sex and relationship should stop those degeneracy by letting various men to do it with them. And capable men should also resist even if given the chance. "If women are a treasure for any man to acquire, then what treasure is left worth having if that has been shared to everyone else already". May I quote that, and perhaps some parts of your comment? And what do you say when stupid people say "but women are humans, not treasures. Stop objectifying them. They can choose what they like and do what they want to do. Stop being an entitled nice guy, you fake nice guy!"? I'd like to know your words
Mary Jones (3 days ago)
I’m a single mother and I live in a housing development with other single mothers and it’s hard to even make conversation with these women...everyone is so reserved and no one trust anyone.... Being a single mother is rough .....I agree with this video
bullls eye (3 days ago)
This is the same story as usual of the roller coaster ride, but with kids involved. Many ahead of you, and many behind you, just remember she is not yours, but just your turn. There is a reason why virgin women were highly prized in ancient cultures, female virgins are more likely to bond to a greater degree than a woman who has had many partners.
bullls eye (3 days ago)
Coach Red Pill... you are giving away all their secrets... they will not like this.. no wonder it has got so many dislikes, must of hit a nerve. This is the big secret they do not want us to know. Funny thing is although they dislike this, they would not want their own sons to settle down with single mothers either, they are not stupid !!!
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
bullls eye yeah, some "secret", as if this shit with these bastard baby makers is not blatantly obvious
Bulat Yunusov (3 days ago)
Thank you so much coach. After watching this video I realized that you pretty much saved my life. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏
Indie Fury (4 days ago)
Shit that’s the only women left in my age group. Good advice but what about pump and dump. Coach
Royal Abstraction (1 day ago)
Indie Fury i agree. I just leave these creatures alone... AVOID BASTARD BABY MAKERS
Indie Fury (3 days ago)
+Ignas Vesoir ok no pump and dump.
Ignas Vesoir (3 days ago)
Don't do it. Don't validate them by doing so and boost their ego
nosayy (4 days ago)
This theory is both illogical and irrational that single parents are characteristically flawed. Were these individuals flawed all along before having kid, or marriage or parenthood made them flawed? Under this argument which you are making then you should never date ANYONE because either they are already characteristically flawed or they will become flawed later. Illogical theory. And even if this was logical, we should not follow it because where will that leave society to? Extinction? Illogical and irrational!
dogboy (4 days ago)
Dude, I really don't think you're in a position to be too picky re: single mothers or not. Like come on, have you looked in a mirror lately? You remind me of caveman Sam from Trailer Park Boys. And where the fuck do you live that single mothers can't take care of themselves and their kid financially? Again... trailer park maybe? I know plenty of successful single mothers... they're nurses, lawyers, office managers etc. You're a fucking idiot and I suspect the only "men" who would listen to your drivel are other trailer park residents....
Pricanitalia Dynasty (4 days ago)
After my experience I don’t want to date another woman with kids I’m serious . Not sure if culture has something to do with it.. but the women I have dated that had children have been Mexican and I’m done never again. You end up paying for what that guy did to her it’s a damn shame Sad how these women with children want to say all men are bad but fail to admit and take responsibility for there bad choice . So all men are bad cause of it
dappa311 (46 minutes ago)
Oh yeah , that all single mothers, you will pay for everything you just don't know it at the beginning. Trust me. Going through it.
John Scofield (4 days ago)
You are so Right.
Mark O'Shea (4 days ago)
truth. destroyed my life for over 12 years and we were not even together more than two years.. this shit hit the nail on the head. my ex's family was connected with the FBI and government. my life was ruined and i now live in another country because of it. cost me my daughter, any relationship with my step kid. my immediate family wrote me off with all the trouble and both businesses gone. one was a 7 figure construction business. it has taken me years to try to mentally recover and i hold a black belt and brown in jiujitsu not exactly a mental invalid am i.
Lestat Angel (4 days ago)
CARL OWENS (4 days ago)
He is telling the truth. My ex left me. And now she is divorced again with the guy she cheated on me with. Proof is in the pudding. Its obvious a her problem.
RaiNS kftk (4 days ago)
listen to this guy you fools!
Exceed One (4 days ago)
Why does he keep looking at his gun?
Daniel Gyllenbreider (4 days ago)
Epic trolling video.
Dominic Merlo (4 days ago)
This guy never get's laid and has little experience with women. That's so easy to ascertain. Why would anyone listen to this shill? He's right on this subject but don't think it comes from experience.
dcosb09 (4 days ago)
says the guy dating a single mom...lol
Go-go Akins (4 days ago)
So true! 👍😎
gendalfff (1 day ago)
The father might've been too young or she had never even told him about the kid or she sperm-jacked him without his consent to have kids with her, etc.. but these are just more options neither of which are in favor of being with a single mother.
My Dickens Cidar (4 days ago)
What about if the father died or was incarcerated?
nuclearthreat545 (4 days ago)
USA is full of single moms I have no idea what's going on, a disaster for the youth of each generation.
Mr.Mcfife (5 days ago)
Got it. So I have to date married mothers.
2ReAL0317 (4 days ago)
Being a single parent doesn’t mean you’re disgusting or a bad person. You just can’t expect a good man who is responsible, good looking, and doesn’t have baggage to take you seriously. So I say that to tell you single parents to be cautious about being used for sex
2ReAL0317 (5 days ago)
I was raised by a single mom and I’m thankful for all of the sacrifices she made to raise me, but by having unprotected sex with a bum, she ruined her life and brought me into a chaotic situation. I tried to do the step dad thing and I hated it. It’s difficult to watch someone you love be a mom to her ex’s(someone she had sex with) kids. If you don’t have kids, don’t date a single mom. No one dreams of being step parent, so don’t settle.
Do not date single moms...but fuck them instead
dcosb09 (3 days ago)
you got to be super careful though cause single moms are looking to trap you
Terry Hudson (5 days ago)
Good playbook coach.
Luann Combs (5 days ago)
At 47, I married a man with two grown children. Still drama! I have no children of my own.
Paul skirton (5 days ago)
I married a single mum. The father was right out of the picture so not an issue. However the relationship has been strained to say the least. The mother wouldn't let me discipline the kids and constantly undermined me. She coddled the kids. Now of course the spoilt kids give her shit all the time and now she wants me to step in. Not happening. She made her bed now she can lie in it.
Mindless Fools (1 day ago)
Paul skirton that’s the biggest issue I think out of dating a single mom. Can’t live my life with kids that first isn’t mine or I can’t even discipline or have a say so with
Luann Combs (5 days ago)
Never shoplift the poody!
NANGSTAGRAM TV (5 days ago)
Never date a tennis player, because to them, love means nothing 😅
phantastik7 (5 days ago)
I wish I saw this video 15 years ago
Dale Kuschovsky (5 days ago)
What a load of shit! Laughable it really is. Clearly this is your personal experience and so you preach it like its a fact for everyone, your a joke mate. Your gonna die a very lonely and bitter old man...hopefully painfully :-D
Dale Kuschovsky (3 days ago)
Ok fair enough I'll give my opinion on this. How can anyone agree that every single mother without exception is basically a vampire trying to drain every man shes trying to "land"? I know there are woman out there who are like that but not everyone is. He gives only two options about why shes a single mother either shes a bad judge of character when she got with him and hes an asshole so you should stay clear of someone who's a bad judge of character or her true colours came out and he walked away. But what if lets say she was happily married and it later came out her husband was living a lie and came out as gay? You could say she has poor judgment but maybe he was really good at hiding that and maybe even denying it to himself? He makes the assumption that a single mother can't support herself and her child without trapping a man and while that's probably more true than not it doesn't mean that all of them can't. I just find it hard to believe that all single mothers have this agenda to find a man to solely support them financially and there child. Could they just simply be looking for love or a soulmate? Every decent parent will know that there child/children come first, single or not that's a given. This guy goes on to say basically that being a stepdad doesn't mean shit, well legally of course not but I know a lot of decent men who have step children and they treat them like their own, in some cases when the relationship has ended the children (now grown adults) still have a close relationship to them and they respect each other. Everyones made mistakes, been naive or acted compulsively at some point in our lives, doesn't mean we are all stupid evil people just as long as you learn from those experiences. This isn't me trying to give some peace love and harmony message but when you enter a relationship theirs a chance it could go wrong but if don't give it a chance you limit yourself and end up like this guy. To me this guy is talking purely about his own bitter experiences and his opinions are fact....it's not.
Royal Abstraction (4 days ago)
Dale Kuschovsky clearly this dude is right a great majority of the time. Look how many commenters here agree. And since you disagree with what he says, perhaps you would like to give your rebuttal?
BayArea Playa (5 days ago)
dcosb09 lmao 🤣
dcosb09 (5 days ago)
you dating a single mom brah ?

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