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Sugar: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Sugar. It's in everything! Is it good for us? Well, the sugar industry thinks so. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (7177)
Grey Myers (2 hours ago)
Why does sexy John Oliver look like Rachel Maddow hahaha
chris stath (11 hours ago)
wanna know what the most destructive force in the universe is ? = Sugar.
"More than we need". We don't need sugar.
Jillian Smith (3 days ago)
#SHOWUSYOURPEANUTS!     Didn't see that coming.  LOL!
Jillian Smith (3 days ago)
"...tumbleweed made of merkins…" A merkin is female pubic hair...or a little wig for a woman with no pubic hair.  Seriously.
Jillian Smith (3 days ago)
22 teaspoons of sugar a day is three times "what we need?"  There is no scientific evidence that any human "needs" to eat sugar at all.  It's only a reason for living, not the means to do so.  Our bodies turn everything we eat into glucose, our fuel, so we don't have to eat any kind of sugar, at all, ever.  We just ache to do so.  At worst, a diabetic with too much insulin in them may need some fruit juice or a glass of milk...normally, we don't "NEED" to eat sugar.   Now let me get back to eating that sugar.  11 teaspoons to go yet today.  Nom nom nom.
shaggy at 5% power (4 days ago)
John I want u to show me your peanuts
Peter Parker (4 days ago)
Hey i like Necco waifers.
BloodyRain2k (4 days ago)
Until I've seen the hashtag, I was wondering: why not simply sugarcubes you silly f... oh, I see what you did there.
Farhan Zia (5 days ago)
Is it just me who doesn’t find this guy funny whatsoever?
Sarah A (5 days ago)
3:30 - Um...that is clearly (pun intended) *not* water.
Yorghos Voutos (5 days ago)
Imagine watching this video while eating no added sugar cranberries
silverwoodchuck47 (5 days ago)
Circus peanuts are not the most disgusting of all the candies. Candy corn is.
Bornwise Mashavhela (6 days ago)
Show us your peanuts hahahahaha
Regulation Headgear (7 days ago)
That second rat is the perfect visual metaphor for the average American.
TWSTF 8 (7 days ago)
You don't use a spoon to freebase Heroin lol you use a spoon to prepare Heroin for intravenous Injection, by adding water and heating it up to dissolute. "Freebase," means; "To free the active ingredient from it's originating base." Like; Cocaine is freed from it's base, salt-like granulated crystal form by heating and inhalation of the fumes. Freebase heroin is vapourised and the resulting fumes inhaled. This is normally done using a glass pipe, however it can also be smoked off foil, which is heated by a flame whilst the fumes are inhaled through a tube.
Brenyatta (7 days ago)
Sexy John Oliver? So, you’re saying he’s not sexy, already? That’s harsh, Playboy.
Chick Sage (8 days ago)
Wow, that metric system joke seems to have bothered some non-Americans. fyi Most Americans are familiar with and use the metric system.
Michael Grey (8 days ago)
Sexy Louis CK. That aged well.
SUP BRO (9 days ago)
I’d hate to know how much sugar i use. Coffee,candy and sweet bread
Jacob Black (11 days ago)
Cron surp vs real suger I pick the suger ever time!
Jacob Black (11 days ago)
TRUMP 2020!
Jacob Black (11 days ago)
That Jobs.
campbellscollision (11 days ago)
Bread is far worse than sugar. Test show that chocolate lovers are usually thin and people that prefer Meals like Bread, potatoes are obese. But drinks contain Corn Syrup, which is way worse than sugar.
Aso Aso (10 days ago)
Seriously, we're so unhealthy we can't even have sugar in our sodas, but corn syrup.
Vincent Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Sugar should have a daily value% on every single label
Deron Bayer (11 days ago)
would that it was sugar that we eat. high fructose corn syrup is even sweeter than sugar and it is more toxic. all of the health problems that we have in this country come from hfc; obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimers all began to spike when they began using HFC in the 1980s. I can't prove it, but i can pray that someone will someday
Thalia DaCosta (10 days ago)
Terminator is proving to be more prophetic with each passing year. We are all doomed. If I had to choose between going back to real sugar or doing away with smart phones I would pick SUGAR:)
Gaussamer (11 days ago)
I love how one joke about the metric system makes everyone who isn't American lose their minds.
Joker (10 days ago)
What is this "POUNDS" you speak off. Why are there usa's measurement scales so far behind the rest of the planet? Pounds, inches, feet, miles, MM/DD/YY, etc.... The rest of the world's recognised the befits of the metric system long ago. And it is already used by professionals in the usa. Why does the average American hold on to an inferior system that everyone else had thrown in the trash.
Thalia DaCosta (10 days ago)
Perhaps ppl my age are just pissed that they claimed we were switching to metric system when I was in elementary school - it didnt happen. We learned it then all the adults were too dumb or lazy. Lucky for me I am at the age where I forget how to spell four letter words so I basically can forget a many varied thing!
Holeshot Hunter (12 days ago)
How can a 'peanut shaped object' that weighs less than 5 grams each contain 5 grams of sugar each?
I definately responded to sugar like cocaine. I'd binge on 3-5 cans of frosting a night. Then I'd go run it off the next day. my dirt secret. Now I am keto and darn I try to be sugar free and even the sausage I bought today had sugar in it. True..just 1 gram but still there.
Jodi Compton (14 days ago)
U.S. food labeling has been in metric for decades. I think a lot of people have a fundamental understanding of what a gram is. 28 g = 1 oz, basically.
Emmery Chrisco (14 days ago)
Drinking a off-brand Mt. Dew while watching this. Cheers
trmptr1 (15 days ago)
The sexy John Oliver costume model looked like John Oliver and Austin Power’s lovechild in a suit.
Dylan Noah (16 days ago)
“Sugar activates the brain like cocaine” Cue me looking down at my Cold Stone
ell.is.ellis (16 days ago)
Y'all wilding, cranberry juice is delicious... Even without the sugar, mmm GODDAMN
Trine Agerskov (16 days ago)
The Danish word for diabetes literally translates to "sugar illness"
PhilJr (17 days ago)
If you’re struggling with weight and can’t kick the sugar? Doesn’t that scare you? It’s like being out of control. Sounds a bit like addiction. Hmm
PhilJr (17 days ago)
Once you purge the sugar it’s easy. It just takes will power. Try replacing all your sugar with honey and slowly then lowering honey intake until its at a healthy level. Problem solved.
GnL 7 (17 days ago)
I worked in a health food store for a few years and rarely encountered people who understood or even bothered to read nutritional information.
Dee HS (17 days ago)
Who the fuck doesn't understand the metric system?
Andrew Hart (18 days ago)
Toasty Toast (18 days ago)
Beena Plumber (20 days ago)
I love John Oliver, but nearly everything in this video is wrong! I was an obesity researcher and a neuroscientist, and I have a PhD in nutrition. I have carefully studied in my lab a lot of what is presented here, and a lot of it is dead wrong. If something makes sense, that doesn't make it true, John, like the role of sugar in causing obesity or diabetes for two. Sugar is sugar. Before I worked at the VA lab in Minneapolis, one of my colleagues, Penny Gannon, director of her own lab right next to mine, demonstrated clearly that sugar in fruits do the same thing in the body as sugar from candy bars. Sugar is sugar, whether it is naturally occurring or added. I'm concerned that consumers will get tied up with the less meaningful figure of added sugar and ignore the more important figure of total sugars. Some natural sugars can be far nastier than refined sucrose. The sugar in pears, and there is a lot of it, is 3/4 fructose. Sugar intake that is not balanced approximately evenly with glucose and fructose, if the fructose is higher, can cause heart problems and other conditions. (Sucrose is an even 1:1 ratio, and that's also what high-fructose corn syrup is - a nice 50/50 balance. Studies done about 15 years ago directly compared the two in humans, and unequivocally, there was no difference in health effects between sucrose & high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The bad press for HFCS started with a single paper that misinterpreted data from another paper, and the authors of both papers were giving talks to researchers for a long time to clarify the mistake, but the media never picked up on that. It is only called high-fructose because it has more fructose than regular corn syrup.) That test with the rats is called the Morris water maze (MWM), and 1) they're doing it completely wrong, and 2) all rats act like the one that had sugar when you put them in the MWM until they learn there is an escape platform. They swim along the walls, looking for an escape. They do the same thing when they get loose in a room. They probe around the walls, looking for an escape. They have poor vision, and they can't focus beyond a meter. The rats shown are Long Evans rats, which is the strain I usually used in my studies, and they have better vision than most outbred strains, but it's still poor. I know how they act in the MWM. It is completely obvious to me, given the work I've done, that they cherry-picked the 2 rats that clearly showed the most dramatic differences. In any study, you will also find rats that act the opposite way. The MWM test is meant to glean information about widely variable actions of the animals in each group. The variability in each group makes MWM data difficult to analyze, and it serves as little more than pilot data, or data used as part of a much larger study. It is a test of spatial memory, and the escape platform is supposed to be hidden, so they wiped out the purpose of the test by making it a visual test, unrelated to spatial memory. Comparisons between time to reach the platform (and many other variables) can be made using a visible platform (like in the video), but that's mostly used to verify that the animal can perform the task at all. Some can't. It can also be used, with less validation, for studies to determine things like attention, motivation, and visual processing. The effect shown in the video might be real, but the video was clearly made for shock value only. Computer analysis of the swim paths is needed, not just images of a rat struggling around the walls, looking for an exit. The neuroscientist who said sugar is like cocaine was taken WAY out of context. A grad student (doctoral candidate) in my lab at the VA in Minneapolis first discovered.that effect and published it in the late 90's. All this guy did was verify that effect on fMRI and in humans, while my colleague used c-fos staining in rats. The protocol was to add sucrose to their water (10% solution, about like Kool Aid) for a few weeks, then abruptly take it away. Their food was normal rat chow pellets from Teklad which I believe has a small amount of sugar. Their brains then lit up in patterns consistent with drug withdrawal when they were given pain water instead of the sugared water. He observed the same effect with sugar substitutes. It's sweetness, not sugar, that causes that effect. My colleague likened it to opioid withdrawal, but the pattern for cocaine withdrawal is fairly similar on brain imaging. Sugar is correlated to obesity, but it has never been shown to be causal, and removal of sugar from the diet is risky, because that makes the diet less satisfying, and the person might be likely to eat more food overall, thereby promoting obesity. (I have not seen this studied, so treat that as a hypothesis that needs testing. We know that reducing dietary sugar does not affect obesity.) But in science there is an axiom: Correlation is not causation. Look at the lifestyle of people who consume high amounts of sugar. That is correlated with sedentary lifestyle, greater fat intake, less likelihood of regular meals, less likelihood of family meals at the table, many things that are suspected of causing obesity. You can't say any of these causes obesity because the evidence is lacking or overwhelmingly against. Sugar intake before disease onset might be correlated with type-2 diabetes, but last time I looked it wasn't. (Admittedly that was at least a decade ago.) But it has never been shown to cause it. Again, correlation is not causation. A third factor might be causing both. Consider the parenting styles of the last few decades. Both parents work, and meals often have to be express, meaning a LOT of fast food, or the kids might be on their own. Often parents cannot be home enough to effectively police screen time and activity. Sadly, sometimes parents can't be bothered. Poverty and low education of parents are highly correlated with obesity, and poverty alone causes a lot of these effects. Obesity IS a mystery still. Physicians give stock advice for diet and exercise, but that rarely leads to lasting changes. Nowadays they are less likely to give any advice at all because for the typical obese person, they know nothing really helps besides baryatric surgery. (I have MANY issues with that highly profitable industry, but now's not the time.) Cardiovascular fitness will erase nearly all of the diseases and signs that are related to obesity except diabetes. There is an obesity researcher named Steve Blair who is a competitive triathlete, and he is very obese. His risk of cancers, cardiovascular problems, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and everything else related to obesity are equal to those of normally healthy lean people with similar cardiovascular fitness. Wide studies have been done concerning this effect, and it's real. Health should be everyone's goal, not thinness. If you have type 2 diabetes, your glucometer and medication requirements should be your measure of success, not your bathroom scale. I retired from research in 2008, but this is the stuff I studied throughout my research career.
donald taylor (20 days ago)
Nothing at the gas station has added sugars on it....
donald taylor (20 days ago)
Only whole foods for me.
Trevor Taylor (21 days ago)
I'm a 41 year old man... A few years ago I quit smoking, but I started eating tons of sweets, jelly beans/babies, fruit gums, starburst, chews, etc.. I also started putting 4 spoons of sugar in my coffee instead of 1.. I probably knocked back about 2 or 3 liters of fizzy pop a day... I would also put about 5 or 6 tablespoons of sugar on my cereal. I was easily spending 30 or 40+ pounds a week on sweeties.! I noticed my weight was going up pretty drastically... I went from about 15/16 stone, to over 21 stone.!! I'm 6 ft 2in, so I could somewhat "wear" it... But I really noticed how much extra effort everything took... I'd be puffing, panting & sweating like a paedophile in a primary school just walking upstairs.! But not being able to see my toes, never mind my willy was the final straw.! So I simply stopped eating & drinking sugary things... Within a year, I've gone back down to 15 & a half stone... I've not really exercised either... But I'm sure it's all just a coincidence.! Sugar probably had nothing to do with it.!!
Dee Cohen (24 days ago)
Cranberries taste like cherries that hate you
Kathyn Biddle-Dutton (24 days ago)
👏👏👏👏👏 show us your peanuts 🥜
andyollolloll (24 days ago)
What about that cheaper artificial sweeteners being forced into our diets as well?
Behzad Bundeali (25 days ago)
I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at 34. I started the Keto Diet 1 year ago and lost 35 pounds and lowered my A1C from 7.2 (2000 mg of Metformin) to 5.4. Today I take very little medication (500 mg as needed). By just cutting out sugar from my diet. The fact that Sugar CEO says Sugar does not cause Diabetes or Obesity I say BS.
Jon P. (25 days ago)
Fun fact: a sugar cube is 4 grams of sugar. Drinking a 12 oz Coke is the same as almost 10 sugar cubes
Maxx Kroes (26 days ago)
The most amazing thing about the Imperial system is that it is defined in metric :D
Thrifty Girl Treasures (27 days ago)
Aurtisan Miner (28 days ago)
Speaking of tea spoonsI just remembered that I have Gelato in my freezer. See that? Positive connotations from a tea spoon!
Simply Random Art (1 month ago)
3:30 we literally watched this in my life science class in 7th grade omg!!!
nagual chicoine (1 month ago)
Binge watching John Oliver, I realised that I like a lot of foods he hates (cranberries, Clamato juice, pumpkin pie...not mixed!).So, John, hit me up if somebody gives you a pie you don't like!
Dr. Blowtorch (1 month ago)
Sexy John Oliver= sin
dorothy scheines (1 month ago)
Louis ck costumer did not age well probably should come w a bottle of lotion
Nedie Brozovich (1 month ago)
John Oliver's Show is Educational. Love it !
Binge-Watching on a Saturday in 2019. "Added Sugar" DID become a thing. Those lobbyists lie: i quit drinking Pepsi & lost 60lbs. (Life is boring & dull now, so John's translation of the rat saying: "FUCK THAT ISLAND! *I NEED SUGAR!!"* killed me! 😆😂😂😂😂)✌💗
aoeu256 (1 month ago)
Google glass / holo lens can supplemental nutrition information hmm...
Amberlance (1 month ago)
Keto diet is proof there is a connection between sugar and weight gain - not a good diet for everyone, but a month of limiting my carbs (to 20g daily) helps me out after every holiday season
Taylor Craig Newbold (1 month ago)
Sugar is poison. Fucks up your gut biome, your insulin levels, your brain.
royczak (1 month ago)
Sugar is the new tobacco.
Ulli Burwood (1 month ago)
brilliant as always
Lineworks (1 month ago)
Anyone here from hasan minhaj's show? 😂✋
JamesCPotter13 (1 month ago)
And Circus Peanuts are...BANANA FLAVORED
Brandy Nissley (1 month ago)
There was a video that said when a pregnant woman consumes something sugary, the fetus will start swallowing a lot more amniotic fluid than when mother consumes less sugar. The addiction starts in the womb.
Davin Deptuck (1 month ago)
6:10 You mean half of $100,000 a year? That's a big difference
CloudsGirl7 (1 month ago)
Corporate money *doesn't* distort science any more than it distorts Earth's orbit. It distorts the people claiming to be scientists.
WhiteWolf75 (1 month ago)
No one understands the metric system??? WTF??! The whole world understands the it!! Damn, even American drugdealers switched to the metric system, because they understood it was much more accurate..! There are only 3 country's left in the world that DON'T use it: Birma (a small country in Asia), Liberia (a very small coutry in Africa) and ....... North-America!! They tried to implement it in America as well, but they were too stupid to understand it... 😂😂😂
Alpin Art (1 month ago)
and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE north of you (except Canada when baking) knows what a teaspoon is. also, what are circus peanuts?
Ruben Defour (1 month ago)
I feel like I shouldn't get hungry watching this episode but I do
SlackHax (1 month ago)
noone understand the metric system? You mean the system that matches the numbers we use? You mean the system with one unit for any distance? Not thou, inches, feet, yards, furlongs and miles, but meter? You mean the system with one unit for weight? Not pound, ounces or stones, but kilos. Well of course, measuring things in fractions, and where 1 ounce of ice is the same as 0,997 ounces of water is the best way to confuse everyone...
Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud (1 month ago)
No wonder why Americans are stupid
Lupe Castillo (1 month ago)
What's a faget always a faget come see me b****
joeprunz (1 month ago)
I never comment on YouTube, but what the hell? The news clip he played claimed we "NEED" at least 7.5 teaspoons of SUGAR a day? I don't think they understand the difference between sugar and carbohydrates
Jason Leo (1 month ago)
Want to get real confused she also does a Sexy George RR Martin
john fitzsimmons (1 month ago)
"Say Hello to my Little Debbie" LOL
Surtu (1 month ago)
Cranberrys taste like cherries who hate you XD XD XD They're like prunes, good for you, but not tasty XD
Andrew Smith (1 month ago)
Hey now! I happen to like NECCO wafers!
Dee Cohen (24 days ago)
Andrew Smith same. But inly the chocolate ones
doug keyes (1 month ago)
Drug dealers understand grams lol
doug keyes (1 month ago)
Honeycombs mascot is a honeybadger
Eileene Clark (1 month ago)
5/27/19.....The SEXY JOHN OLIVER costume makes you look like a Harry Potter character!
45shfifty (1 month ago)
I dropped 10 lbs in the last month by cutting (added)sugar from my diet.
Elizabeth Comes (1 month ago)
Honestly, part of the reason sugar is so addictive is that our bodies do need SOME. Not nearly as much as we tend to consume, but some. It's also something we've instinctively identified as not poisonous, so of course that translates to "safe to eat". I'm personally trying to cut out added sugars, at least on a regular basis. The occasional treat won't hurt, but if I need a sweet fix I'm going to go for whole fruits first. If I'm not hungry enough for the fruits, then I'm not hungry enough for my favourite chocolates either!
Big Electron (1 month ago)
5 years old and still relevant.
18skunk18 (1 month ago)
sugar causes cancers!!!
pregnant women that dont eat right cores obesity Hitler diverted all the food from a place and scientist found this evidence
molly cruz (1 month ago)
Sugar is cheaper and available when nutritious food is not. Children who gravitate toward sugar have protein deficient diets. If you consume a high protein breakfast shake and a multi vitamin you will not be tempted to have a candy bar, a shallow quick fix for starvation. If you skip lunch except for hydrating with water or whatever, and eat what you want for dinner, you will lose a pound a day until you reach your advised weight. Keep it up, you'll be slim forever.
Thomas Stuart (1 month ago)
is that Bendystick Cucumberpatch??
sunfeatherX3 (1 month ago)
I actually want the added sugar quantity in grams because that's the one I understand due to sugars already being displayed in grams
John Moldoch (1 month ago)
That Sexy John Oliver costume made me realize just how hot I find Rachel Maddow to be
V 4our (1 month ago)
"A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" has a whole different meaning now 🙃
Caleana Ackernethay (2 months ago)
Wagner Gauer (2 months ago)
What happened?
iDroid (2 months ago)
The only sensible person in the entire US, that too brom the UK.
Alexandra Gehly (2 months ago)
eating M&Ms as I'm watching this
schattentaenzerin (2 months ago)
Alexandra Gehly So was I, but the look of the circus peanuts made me go get an apple.
ZuRriX (2 months ago)
ZuRriX (2 months ago)
The hamster killing joke is fucking incredible.

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