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DONT FORGET TO COMMENT, RATE, SUBSCRIBE!!! XOXOXOXO For all my POF peeps out there, I present you with my own personal experiences that ive had, and my tips for all you fellow swimmers. :D
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Augford P. Doggie (5 years ago)
too funny
muskndusk (5 years ago)
Too true!
Saltator Proelia (5 years ago)
Im in love with you man. Shiit if you were here in the uk. Ill be sooooooo on you
LI JONSON (5 years ago)
Though i dont trust no one, she is gorgeous, and to top it off, reasonable and really smart.Might i add, really funny, too. I would cherish her..
YourAnjl (5 years ago)
I heard a comedian's schtick once about sending male genital pictures to women: "Guys, four out of five women do NOT want to see your dick, and the fifth one is a guy."  LOL
Jason Goldsack (5 years ago)
Awesome video..LOL
Dan G (5 years ago)
how do I find her on POF she is awesome
Kalvin Calvert (5 years ago)
That was pretty awesome, "so you're lonely as fuck!" Haha
birdiewithtwo (5 years ago)
You are very funny! And it is soooo true
Star Hopes (5 years ago)
this was funny. i dont even mind that much when they dont read my profile but at least when ya ask me for sex and i say no 3 times..um stop asking!! ive had to block bout 10 on there so far. which is low numbers for me lol. my friends tease me i got a block list a mile high lol sad but true. lots of ppl get so annoying hiding behind a pc screen. and ive had a lot of these same thoughts too haha 
Jeff Arseneault (5 years ago)
lol had to laugh about your video, i've been on POF for a long time on and off, in fact when I first joined you could only search by State or Province, and their was only 100 people in BC, Canada. (me being from BC). And I've noticed that the people aren't the same, in fact the site isn't the same as it used to be! The biggest issue is that your right, no one looks at the profile, I do, but it is hard to tell if your typing a real person or one set up by the site to attract others to the site. The one issue I do have with the site, and I don't know if you've found this out, but you have no Propinquity. Nor can any laws of attraction be used. What do you think???
William Cazares (5 years ago)
Hahahah this made my day lol
Magnus Mercury (5 years ago)
Ha!  She's dead-on with the "prefer not to say" option..  :-P
xltoday (5 years ago)
a bird in the hand is worth none in the cage
AntiJNS (5 years ago)
Sad thing is... Even though she points out the obvious (all of which are very easy for us guys to do), most guys won't take the advice anyway and they keep going with the "Sup?" approach. I guess 1 hit out of 100 shots are good odds to some guys. Gawd!
JDB-ART (5 years ago)
I hate POF. It doesn't matter what kind of messages I create. I've been on there for a few years, no luck.
Zane Charles (5 years ago)
Try meeting real people, no not in real life, who does that? XD No I mean on facebook. lol
tim robinson (5 years ago)
I would date you, you're funny! lol
TheAztr0thugga (5 years ago)
guess im part of the 1% that has good luck lol sucks to know that there are so many uninteresting people out there...
SongSwan (5 years ago)
Women's methods and standards of choosing men are no better than men's methods and standards of choosing women....men fall for what looks good and women fall for what sounds good...a woman can be made a fool of through what she hears or reads and a man can be made a fool of for what he sees.
Atoms Molecules (5 years ago)
MEN Fuck this website, get laid now. Search for the name PAUL JANKA!
90ambro,,,, who asked you for your ipinion,,,, SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS !.............. notbody gives a shit what your opinion is
90ambro (5 years ago)
5/10 and i'm being generous.
Everybodies (5 years ago)
nice video, and i fancy you miss Kate Winslet lookalike
scholaptitude (5 years ago)
Funny video, What was the reason this time?
Matty King (5 years ago)
I so do read the profiles. I can't imagine not doing that! I think it's crucial to get whatever insight you can about someone so you know with whom not to waste your time. And i agree 100% with you about the 'not specified' option. There's nothing worse than wasting your time with someone only to find out later that there is a deal-breaker they kept hidden. We guys are pretty simple really. All we want is to know where we stand, so just be upfront from the start... It's not that hard!
i would have of Inboxed you on Plenty of Fish lols... your a 10/10
Aaron Lemcke (5 years ago)
So what do wonan want? a kind hearted guy yah right quit kinding yourself You want a guy who is a 11 who does not have a job but you can change a man right ? this site is a waste of time unless You are a a10 for looks are can prove your rich which she does not read the profile to find out. men are also victim s on this site but some reason i keep login in to see if i got a message back . This site is almost like a drug you hate it but keep coming back
dhowser2008 (5 years ago)
Your funny Millie, Pof is just like every other dating site out there, even the paid ones. Yes guys look at your profile pictures first and most of the times don't read what you have written in your profile as there is a reason for that, most people male and female don't know what they are like personally but their friends and family know, so why don't aren't getting them write our profiles? :) I also see a lot of women writing about their bad experiences which is bad instead of the good things.
Whatbettywore (5 years ago)
I hate the fact people who dont read my profile
Murray the Dog (5 years ago)
maybe Women should put up pictures as well?
rob (5 years ago)
girls put up pictures of 2 friends together then men do that i hate that
rob (5 years ago)
don;t move to area where guys out number girls 4 to 1 best tip ever
Michael Baskin (5 years ago)
lollll my problem is getting girl to msg me back.
lolsillymadchristian (5 years ago)
Actually, no. It's been scientifically demonstrated that women don't respond well to a photo of a man smiling. The best way to get positive feedback is to maintain a neutral expression and look away from the camera. Another woman who doesn't know what she wants, thinking she can give advice.
mazedesk (5 years ago)
Oh and guys...smile in a photo once in a while! Most ladies wanna see your smile more than if you have a 6 pack or a spare tire :)
Chris Petitclerc (5 years ago)
Your hot and funny.
Sup Surfer (5 years ago)
You are too funny... thanks for making this video :) POF is more like Jerry Springer's version of a dating site.
April Rose (5 years ago)
Than go after girls who are in your ball park... Dont go for super models if your not one.. Look for women who have stuff in common with you.. More than one thing. Nice guys DONT finish last... Unless theyre completly stupid. Harsh but true.
Bubba Thomas (5 years ago)
What is the difference between a compound and a recurve ball? I didn't get that
crom131 (5 years ago)
Cold steel, is the look I was going for in this Profile shot, Not a frind took a pic one day when I was not feeling well. Hahhh liked the blog post laters.
william saxon (5 years ago)
Why would someone like you want one in the first place? Mystery that.
rob (5 years ago)
i agree with prefer not to say kids thing is annoying and the car ..what no option for trucks?
Darkwander (5 years ago)
WELL DONE , I joined POF thinking maybe a good way to meet someone, like you i spent alot of time making my profile and spent alot of time reading girls profiles. Hers's a common theme , 40 year old duck face (grow up) .Women that are not single looking for a ego stroke. .I agree with you about the 3 some propositions (gross) to say the least...Posting sexual pictures or sending them to a guy ,really get some respect for yourself...Anyhow gave you a thumbs up and you got a new Sub thank you ...
purpandorange (5 years ago)
lol guess it didn't go so good?
SamjrMusic (5 years ago)
luv this ....very entertaining and fun ..good luck on founding your match super girl :)
kyra everdeen (5 years ago)
i like her. she's funny ^_^
Sam Spade (5 years ago)
Number 2 - how very true.
Murphdawg1 gaming (5 years ago)
Honestly I don't blame you. As a guy I do try to read women's profiles on there. Some go into good detail while others barely have anything written.
thelife ofbrian (5 years ago)
I joined and quit after 3 days...
DANAMI (5 years ago)
Witnessing Obscura (5 years ago)
Loved the video. Thanks for the effort. You did forget to mention two things; 1) make sure the photos is recent (within the last year) and 2) POF is a shopping mall for dating where 95% of the people have unrealistic expectations.
Jason99942 (5 years ago)
This video would have gone much better if you wear a bikini. Tis the season after all.
ronnie house (5 years ago)
guys who join that site just want to get laid!!!
Brandon Marvel (5 years ago)
there are allot of girls that only put up pictures of them with there friends, and I got to pick out witch one is the constant
Shane Cronin (5 years ago)
Love the intro!!!
discountbrains (5 years ago)
I got kicked off pof in 2 wks for saying many profiles were frauds created by pof in a message to some woman.
MillieStylz (5 years ago)
I no longer have my POF account. Lol
JagdActor1 (5 years ago)
good to see that you're trying Millie, most girl on PoF get their profile then get the bombardment of creeps to which they give up outright lol
Kevin McCullough (5 years ago)
Your profile is absoutely important you never skip working on your profile. Don't be a dude and do the dude thing be a pimp and pimp your POF profile out
Chandlersmedia1 (5 years ago)
What's your POF profile name?
Codama Design (5 years ago)
I had mine open in another tab when I viewed this, embarrassing.

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