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Super Mario World: Vanilla Secret 1 (Secret Exit)

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Reach the Secret Exit, you must reach a Warp Pipe that's left to the top hole guarded by Red Paratroopas. Getting to it unlocks the 2nd Star World entrance.
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Text Comments (7)
Lee Manes (3 months ago)
Vanilla serect 1
Димас25 (4 months ago)
*let's search a secret exit in a secret level*
Gabrielle Daniel (9 months ago)
Thank you, the last time I played this was in the 90's and I forgot where everything is.
Lucas Games (11 months ago)
Thank You! Carls497
Calm The Fuck Down (2 years ago)
Thanks mate I didn't remeber the secret. I search after it like a crazy person m
Arturo Mena (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Juan Diego Ortiz Zora (2 years ago)
good job

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