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How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Curly Hair!

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Find out how you can get a FREE SheaMoisture shampoo here: http://www.mobisave.com/Offers/1128 -------------------------------------------------------- How can I get rid of my frizzy curly hair?! In this video, I show you my favorite way to style my hair in order to get super defined, moisturized curls with little to no frizz! -------------------------------------------------------- P R O D U C T S U S E D: -SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie: https://www.walmart.com/ip/SheaMoisture-Coconut-Hibiscus-Curl-Enhancing-Smoothie-Hair-Cream-12-oz/37211061 -SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner: http://www.target.com/p/sheamoisture-174-coconut-hibiscus-curl-shine-conditioner-10-3-oz/-/A-50368570 -SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo: http://www.target.com/p/sheamoisture-174-coconut-hibiscus-curl-shine-shampoo-10-3-oz/-/A-50402022 -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- FL, U.S Age- 20 -------------------------------------------------------- Sponsored by SheaMoisture! -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Text Comments (944)
Ava Author (2 days ago)
I seriously owe it to you girl. This worked so well for me. Thanks so much, Love Yah.
I Ben looking for YouTubers like you and there was no luck and then I found you and now I like almost all of you videos of you doing your hair
Raava (6 days ago)
Pause the video then click 5:19 then 5:54 to see the difference separating curls can do for your hair.
Elodie (7 days ago)
I have your exact kind of hair and I’ve always found the curly hair smoothie to thick. I’ll try it again with this technique and maybe it will work better
farah mezrag (10 days ago)
i have naturally straight hair , why am i watching this ? lol luv u luhssetty
Sivana Amedi (10 days ago)
A little bit Shampoo an 1L the other shampoo I am sorry for my englisch i speak german
Adalia Sahmanovic (10 days ago)
I use all those products!
Marii Cacheada (12 days ago)
Oii , sou do Brasil , como vim parar aqui ? Tb não sei kkkkk
Ariana Espinoza (13 days ago)
So pretty!!!
Victoria Barnes (14 days ago)
My hair is curly like this but i have problems with frizzyness .. Thanks for the vid .
Jemal Shirwa (15 days ago)
1 percent oh no
M Phifer (15 days ago)
Love ur nails 😍😍😍
MJJ’s P.Y.T (15 days ago)
I wish my hair was like yours. My hair is ‘naturally curly’ but it’s awful and I hate it, it is always frizzy and sometimes doesn’t even look curly, people probably think I don’t even do anything with it.
Charlene Alldredge (21 days ago)
How do you feel about the deva curl line?
la lan (24 days ago)
im 8 my hair is like urs i love ur vids u are my everyday todo list
Aubrey W. (24 days ago)
My smoothie ran out yesterday 😂
a big uwu (29 days ago)
would this work with 3a/3b hair?
Bryant Logan (30 days ago)
Man hit me up bruh
Mia Baek (1 month ago)
Angel Radek (1 month ago)
When you find out her hair was dyed
Mia Clark (1 month ago)
Your hair is so pretty! and this video was so helpful!!!
Perrionna Bell (1 month ago)
Shea moisture is the goat fr y’all, I finally tried it and YALL, curls for dayssss
Latrice Hart (1 month ago)
It comes to 3 things how you take care/maintain your hair, what products you use, and moisture.
rum tum tugger (1 month ago)
Whats the songs name
Lisset Ortega (1 month ago)
awe we have the same name 😂😭
lovely savageness (1 month ago)
Youre so bomb OMG
ninamsmith77 (1 month ago)
The reason your curl is looser and defined is because your hair has color now since it’s been processed 😌makes it easier
Dahvina Anderson (1 month ago)
I have hair like you
Dahvina Anderson (1 month ago)
Can you do my hair
kaileigh storrud (1 month ago)
Oh hun, damn. What brush is that?? 😍
Karla Rios (1 month ago)
I have the same product ( curl enhancing smoothie leave in conditioner ) as she has. It actually works really well, and it leaves my hair smooth and silk.
Tina Marie (1 month ago)
I love using my denman brush, a very good Moisturizing leave in or cream and a good hold gel to help get rid of frizz. Your curls look sooo pretty
Marissa Stone (2 months ago)
Do you put something else in your hair afterwards or is this every single thing you use on a daily because I must know how you get your hair so frizz free
Miracle Linnea Sanchez (2 months ago)
Did you let your hair air dry after?...... Or diffused?
Y J (2 months ago)
u look better without make-up
Armani Cuello (2 months ago)
"And im using a bunch because...because curls" SAAAAME SIS
Amira Sun (2 months ago)
fk sake why my hair isnt curly like this
Alazae's Beauty (2 months ago)
Love it!!! 👏👏👏💗👍
Lisa Grillo Murray (2 months ago)
I love this line....
brandi (2 months ago)
am I he only white, non mixed curly hair girl out there? it sure feels like it. it makes me really sad sometimes because I never see anyone like me with my type of hair (3b/3c/4a) and on top of that a lot of people (mostly black people) tell me to straighten my hair because my hair with my skin colour doesn't look right and it hurts me a lot so I need to know, is there anyone like me out there?
Shawty 69 (2 months ago)
Brandi hey I’m so sorry for you. Unfortunately I’m not white but I’m mixed an really lightskinned so maybe I can understand how you feel. My hair also doesn’t fit with my skin tone but with the time I learned to love my features and you should love yours too. And I can only imagine how unique and beautiful you look❤️❤️❤️
Mika Golan (2 months ago)
Alaesia Bendana (2 months ago)
Thanks for yelling me now I can have my hair out!!
SRHS HYPE SQUAD (2 months ago)
Best video ever soo. Helpfullll 😚😚😙😗😗😑😚😙😗😗😙😙😍😘😘😄😄😄😜😜😛😜😝
Ghostiesw Wulf (2 months ago)
"Welcome to my shower" Woah sorry I just met you lady
its mishfish (2 months ago)
My 4c ass could probably never 😭 your hairs gorgeous tho
Bryan Ramos (3 months ago)
What kind of brush do you use??
Don (3 months ago)
OK so how do you get the wet look all day long
Hiya, this method seems to be very tough, there is a quite simple method. Search in google as: "Blast4beauty". You can find lot of new tips to increase your beauty.
Leslie Ellis (3 months ago)
How do you get rid of a crunchy hair without scrunching
Sumayyah Ahmad (3 months ago)
Your so beautiful this video was so helpful thanks xxx.
Jujubee Tutorails (3 months ago)
Your natural skin is so beautiful and so are your curls
Emily watson (3 months ago)
I’m thinking of going all natural I have curly hair but it’s damaged from straightening it .
Leah Thomason (3 months ago)
How do you do that finger coil thing
Jeilene Senquis (3 months ago)
I love your hair so much
isabella membrere (3 months ago)
the smoothie smells disgusting
Mags C (3 months ago)
omg thanks for this! i have the same hair!
Lulia Embaye (4 months ago)
Are you able to do this if you shower in the night?
Yoyo 1908 (4 months ago)
Hey I was wondering if you know and recommend something similar because I can’t find this product in my country... This hacks are really helpfull thank you so much♥️
NightSky Lights (3 months ago)
I wish it was against the law to use the words "hack, break the internet, baby bump, we are pregnant, clap back" with severe punishment. because they're soo annoying.
Jazzy Vids009 (4 months ago)
Thanks omg I've been waiting for this for ages
Alicia Lefranc (4 months ago)
Cay La (4 months ago)
When I brush my hair it doesn’t get curly it gets puffy 😂😂 I love your hair
Kharei Muñoz (4 months ago)
The shea moisture doesn't work for me. It just isn't strong enough for my hair is there anything else ?
Hey Its Sara (4 months ago)
I love ur hairrr omg
Pro Ness (4 months ago)
Everyday 1 hour hair routine?!Im a guy! i dont have time for thiss
CeCe P. (5 months ago)
you're so incredibly beautiful with and without makeup how
Arpi (5 months ago)
Where can i get the product from? 😐
Mariam Cherif (5 months ago)
stop the video at 2:03 and u will see a snapchat filter (Luhhsetty ilvsm )
Josh (5 months ago)
So by the looks of ur thumbnail, i just have to take off my glasses and my hair wont be frizzy?
Daddy Lexi (5 months ago)
Does this work for wavy thick hair?
Echelon Kamara (5 months ago)
Here’s the thing: I have no idea how to control my hair. And i know nothing about hair so sorry if I’m speaking gibberish. I hate my hair!! My hair has been growing land it’s shoulder length right now but the edges of my hair are very short and they’re cut you can do absolutely nothing with the edges of my hair. My mom uses perm in my hair but I don’t like perm after everything I’ve learned about it. However I really like naturally curly hair like yours. My hair is naturally straight and it’s very thick. I prefer hair just like yours but I don’t know what to do! I want my edges to stop cutting and I want to stop using perm as well but most of all I really want to get curly hair I’ve wiped YouTube and instagram but it doesn’t seem like anyone has a tutorial or anything:(
ceeoreo (5 months ago)
those lashes though
Tommi S (5 months ago)
I hate the smell of the she's moisture and it doesn't work on my hair like this. I am STRUGGLING with trying to find something for my curls rn
Symmie & Chin (5 months ago)
Gorgeous curls! Love the tips you mentioned.
victoria lagua (5 months ago)
I love your hair its fab
slenderman 123 (5 months ago)
She looks gorgeous without makeup 😍
Mayra Ortegon (5 months ago)
Bruh I got frizzy curly hair and I could see some.curls but I need to brush every 10min to keep the curls
Karen Guardado (5 months ago)
What type of brush did you use and what is the price of the product you use as a leave in?
Korie Xoxox (5 months ago)
Updated curly hair routine
ononandbeyond (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I just tried this method (already had this product lying around), minus the brushing, and it gave me better curl definition than I've ever had in my life. My hair is also completely dry after like...2.5 hours, which is incredible. I used to use this product with gel and it would make my hair frizzy and sticky...turns out I don't need the gel.
Romildes Santos (6 months ago)
My curl hair is exactly this way. I loved learning, tank you for yours help. I am fromm Brazil
Paris is Music (6 months ago)
I have really long thick curly hair and the hair styles products and videos are really helping
Miles Porter (6 months ago)
I'm a guy with natural curly hair and I need help tame-ing my frizz
Diamond Davis (6 months ago)
your hair really beautiful
ann marie lakai (6 months ago)
what pisses me off when looking at no frizzy hair is they use products 247 is fucking shit go die
Truly Dazzled (6 months ago)
She kind of looks like Liza Koshy
Lily C (6 months ago)
Luhset I like the name
Janna Banana (6 months ago)
My hair is kind of like yours but super dry. If I brushed it outside the shower, it gets even more frizzy. Any advice?
chrissy B (6 months ago)
Those curls are goals!!!!!
chrissy B (6 months ago)
Luhhsetty you are beautiful especially without makeup xoxoxoxo
Adanelys Jerez (6 months ago)
Recently subscribed, love your videos!!! Got my shea products today 😊
Pitsy43 (6 months ago)
The curly smoothie leaves white stuff in my daughters hair 🙁
Lisa Lee (6 months ago)
I want your nails!!!!! And your hair 😭
xXiaoWillx [Will.L] (7 months ago)
Can a boy with curly/frizzy hair use this? I have curly/frizzy hair and I dont like the frizzy honestly. I am born with hair like that like my mom and dad but my dad's hair looks more straight when he started losing hair (before I was born ofc XD and even when I was born )
xXiaoWillx [Will.L] (7 months ago)
Nvm, it's not a intelligent question.
Mia's Films (7 months ago)
I use those exact products and we have a very similar curl type yet my curls are undefined and frizzy :(
Kia's Channel (7 months ago)
The song in the background is issues by Julia Micheals btw
Josephine Rivera (7 months ago)
what's a good hairbrush for curly hair?
Sara Akdad (7 months ago)
my lower hair lost all the curl even if the hair on top is sooo curly, any tips here on how to make it come back?
Anaelise Rodriguez (7 months ago)
wish I had your hair
Kenda Azelia (7 months ago)
You’re so beautiful and I love your videos so much! You seem like the kinda girl I’d like as a friend lol (rare)
Ariana Gomez (7 months ago)
I actually have wavy hair But this may help Because my hair is super frizzy and tick

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