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Imaginaerum (2012) full movie - Drama, Fantasy, Musical

8180 ratings | 2061499 views
A coma sends an old man into his childhood's sinister fantasy world, where he must fight dementia and gain back his memories before it's too late.
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Text Comments (417)
sachin Kalsh (1 day ago)
pls full moves hinde me
Tim Turner (1 day ago)
Venom (2018) ➨ http://gametricks.online/yt?4ra4r sa Language : All Languages | English | Spanish | Switzerland | German Pays: UK | France Quality : 1080P, 720P All Languages | English | Spanish | Franch | German Genres: Action | Sci-Fi Quando Eddie Brock acquisisce i poteri di un simbionte, dovrà liberare il suo alter-ego "Venom" per salvargli la vita. Regista: Ruben Fleischer Scrittori: Jeff Pinkner (sceneggiatura di), Scott Rosenberg (sceneggiatura di) | Altri 5 crediti » Stelle: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed
kamiSama LoveMie (3 days ago)
Reading comments while watching😊😊😊 I think it's a wonderful story...
Manoj kumar Yadav (3 days ago)
nice muvie
sumrsolo (7 days ago)
*Spoiler Alert* I don't understand why so many people are just focusing on the dementia part of it. It's not even the main part of the movie. I thought the main point of this man's story stems from his childhood because that is our family of origins. This is what shapes us in our most tender developmental stages of our brains which is our childhood. This man's story is about a childhood trauma, falling into a darkness of his pain, a Father/Daughter strained dynamic, regret, fighting the loss of his mind, facing his fears, and finally working through his trauma. He couldn't share the trauma with his daughter or his feelings about her and her Mother to her directly so he wrote it all down because he knew he was losing himself. When he lost his wife/her Mom he wasn't himself and he pushed away his daughter at the time. His trauma, being triggered by his wife dying, and wanting to protect his daughter from his darkness that developed from all his pain in his life, caused him to push his daughter away when she was a child. He felt breaking her most precious item that was magic in her mind given to her by him was causing a childhood trauma for her like when he witnessed his Father kill himself. He saw himself only as poison for her because he was full of such rage and sadness. He wanted her to know that he loved her, that he was sorry, that it wasn't her fault, that if he could change it all he would have been there for her, and that he was simply hurting from the guilt.
Moddy M (8 days ago)
I love it .👍👍👍
Chuck Taylor (11 days ago)
Powerful message. Opened my eyes wider. So much love, heartache, desire, and disappointments. All the emotions, and raw truth..love it.
Neitik Verma (11 days ago)
Very nice movie
wong jowoo (14 days ago)
sub indonesia
FAIZAN ASRHF (14 days ago)
Rafeek Behaer (15 days ago)
रफीक बिहारी
Gobindo Mal (16 days ago)
Sax movie
Piotr Bog (17 days ago)
This music is for demonic humans, no thanks. Piotr Bog
WARPHEAD (3 days ago)
Damned incessant tuneless piano key banging. The more they try to seem edgy the more they sound just like everyone else.
Hella D.Altar (17 days ago)
i always cry when i watch it
Azam Khan (14 days ago)
et irodlhLsorp ep6
Parameswaey Eswary (18 days ago)
Awesome! I love it! Imaginarium was the best album from Nightwish!!! A gift for us!!!
ujang gondrong (19 days ago)
Hiden Locares (23 days ago)
Sometimes love express its own....... We just need deep understanding for knowing it....
christine gehlert (23 days ago)
No English captions
Sam Burton (25 days ago)
That what you mf have is movie. Most 1% outlaw bikers. Is game lot bikrs say they rid because ferdem just show biker are.1 % are derm. Most say ferdem are nothing. But fastest fack fiction 1 % birke there . the
Bunnybutt118 (25 days ago)
Yeah I love the Music I've had the CD since Nightwish came out with it. Now the movie!!!!!!!
Nadine Porras (25 days ago)
This is my bad habit to read the comment first before watching..😂😂😂
Wawa Apit (26 days ago)
Bronwyn Mulqueen (26 days ago)
Loved the movie but to me could have gone but longer for a musical though
Sharjeel Lucifer (26 days ago)
Who's reading comments first.. Lmao
MABUHAY TAGUM (26 days ago)
MABUHAY TAGUM (26 days ago)
ce ce (27 days ago)
Prum Ceadara (28 days ago)
Sima Soren (28 days ago)
Hi chandan
Aletse Lalalupsi (29 days ago)
No tengo claro el significado de la película
girish sahu (29 days ago)
great movie thanks for uploading that movie. marvellous movie.
Red Planet (29 days ago)
I love it. Wonderful!
Nice muvj
Shannon Edwards (1 month ago)
this movie sucked ass
SAISTA QURESHI (1 month ago)
Hindi me bheje
jmtv1963 (1 month ago)
OMG! my heart completely broke when his letters floated away while he was still writing. Alzheimer's as a visual, this was a powerful story. Thank you for the upload.
Rakibul hasan Rony (1 month ago)
Nice video🎥🎥
Sultan ali Khan (1 month ago)
Nice movie
kureem (1 month ago)
That change from G to Em is indeed universally beautiful in anyways you put or play it. Please like if you agree with me
Dutchess 420 (1 month ago)
So long and drawn out can’t watch don’t have the patience
Asmaa Guiri (1 month ago)
العرب حياكم'😂
Hk Vicky (1 month ago)
Boring movie,eeemm
Tetei Colney (1 month ago)
I was crying but i don't really know why.. i love this movie if it can i'm gonna download and watch with all of my friends and cousins
Vale Veggie (1 month ago)
I really LOVE this movie!!! :')
NeutronStar JulyGirl (1 month ago)
23:20 where can i download this song. I totally loved it!
margareth bagile (1 month ago)
leave it to nightwish to make me cry at two in the morning. lord that was the best film i have seen all year
AKR TECHNICAL DOST (1 month ago)
Download link free 👉https://youtu.be/-vf1y05xn1s https://youtu.be/-vf1y05xn1s👈
Kathleen Witham (1 month ago)
I want to will the way for him
Franco Jesús (1 month ago)
The Boy, Is he of 'the Strain series'?
Khairani Zahbanisyak (1 month ago)
nice stting .. i like this movie
lord raghuvansi (1 month ago)
Aww i got teary 😭
lord raghuvansi (1 month ago)
That's literally the tinyest brain I have ever seen... Second to mine that is 🤯
Excelente gracias por subir bella película
Metal_Music_Lover (1 month ago)
Amazing movie!!! Anette was really gorgeous here!!!
Thomas Wiman (1 month ago)
Very sad
Laerte Camilo (1 month ago)
The morbid resemblance between Marianne Farley (grown Gem) and Tarja Turunen is not a coincidence. I don't what was the intention behind it, but it has one.
Dave Benson (1 month ago)
To many commercials..booo.!!!!!
rutipatrizia patrizia (1 month ago)
Sad and real, this is the best way to explain when oneself is closer to die and go over our notes before that moment! Good thing I had the time to watch it to the end, I am open minded after all
Jonny Vanegas (1 month ago)
One of the most beautifull movies I have ever seen I do not know how to describe it it's a work of art.
Mohad. Mubarak (1 month ago)
Hindi mai
Jeremiah Scott (1 month ago)
Yes let’s go for a ride in my ice cream truck
Jeremiah Scott (1 month ago)
That’s a dope ass snowman
reshama ravkuda (1 month ago)
Nice movis
RKimmy Mk (1 month ago)
Wow, what an amazing movie
El Escorpión Negro (1 month ago)
That snow man look very creepy😵😵☝but very friendly body😯😁
Steven Forest (1 month ago)
Death is not the best time for atonement. This movie has such a powerful message about relationships.
Zico De Don Don (1 month ago)
This is the most stupid ever. Don't bother watching it. It's for children
Angel Qbana (1 month ago)
What a beautiful dark story that turned in to something amazing great download
Google This (1 month ago)
Dark and beautifully made. Just like the making of memories and the loss of them. It doesn’t just happen to the elderly. Memories can and are lost by all...for various reasons throughout ones life. Some by choice, some not. In the end it’s traumatic for everyone involved. I love you. Even if I may not have the best memory anymore. Always know I love you. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙎🏽‍♂️🙎🏽‍♂️👩‍👦‍👦♥️✨🗝
Shiva Shankar (1 month ago)
AE movie Hindi ne Diya Karo
dalceir caetano (1 month ago)
I no speak inglish i'm from Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Haydee Avila (1 month ago)
Somos dos!!!
Yesenia Leal (1 month ago)
Pos no le entendí mucho que digamos.. Pero la música es genial!!!!😎😎
Eliana Taliercio (1 month ago)
No entiendo nada los comentarios😭😭😭😭
اكو عرب بطيارة😂😂😂😂
Beyond the Inferno (1 month ago)
Wow, this is an amazing movie!
Radartista65 (1 month ago)
De hecho, mi página de Facebook para hacer conocer a la banda en español es Nightwish - From G to Em. Noticias, fotos, videos y los temas traducidos al español, tratando de respetar en lo más posible el sentido y la poesía del original.
Radartista65 (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing! I´m a big fan of Nightwish, I love the movie, the album is one of my favorites. Having lived at a distance practically the day to day of all that project (album and film) is something that I am so grateful. It all started with the idea of making the videos for the songs of Imaginaerum, the album, but the concept was so broad that in the end they decided to embark on the wonderful adventure of making this film, dark, deep, magical ... From G to E minor. Thanks Nightwish!!
Jonatan Coronel (1 month ago)
Un asco
mitch w (1 month ago)
It touches into the unknown the exposure and concept idea is way better than the visual effect itself
Amatsu Mikaboshi (2 months ago)
This movie and shutter island are in my top 10 movies
joey bagnato (2 months ago)
i own this movie and it should have been in theaters in the usa
Mmbazir data jer download ape bnda x tau
Ricardo Galindo (2 months ago)
What a masterpiece.
wasima swaleha (2 months ago)
russell5078084 (2 months ago)
Nightwish has made some incredible albums.
Melvin Bennett (2 months ago)
Who's drugged induced, or kaballistic ritual driven spittel was this ?
Elder PlayGames (2 months ago)
Honestly, how can anyone say that this was a good movie is beyond me. It stunk...
jimmy martinez (2 months ago)
Muy buena la programación dé películas los felicitó sigan adelanté
Ram Kumar (2 months ago)
2010and hoowood movi full atasam
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (2 months ago)
Oh and Thank you for this wonderful movie experience.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (2 months ago)
What a compelling format - creepy and bizarre, visually enchanting and a sonic escapade, a touch of Tim Burton with the macabre snowmen and the sinister clowns.
RLka Roblox (2 months ago)
*Plays I Want My Tears Back* Anne: "There thats better" relatable
RLka Roblox (2 months ago)
oh my bad! sorry
Tuosan (2 months ago)
That was I want my tears back tho
Flying Squirrel (2 months ago)
Alan Wake!
Richard Dominguez (2 months ago)
omg, what a wonderful, wonderful story, so sad and yet so loving, two lives ripped apart and yet inseparable, we may not cherish it and we may even take it for granted, we may get caught up in our own miseries and fear it, but when it is pure, when it is honest, love is unconquerable ... thank you for this wonderful upload "BD"
russell5078084 (2 months ago)
We are not promised tomorrow. Every sunrise is a blessing and every day a gift.
Jacob Walker (2 months ago)
1:08:30 omfg that hurts. "I have to let you go.."
T (2 months ago)
Jesus, that was... bad.
Juan Rosario (2 months ago)
Are you scared,how can you be scared of it if you never seen it huh huh...love this movie
Asdimetriu Suhtruy (2 months ago)
cleanderson Santos (2 months ago)
melhor que o filme of fifty cent o tal covil de ladrões esse é bem melhor 👏👍❤

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