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Vote One Brandon Style

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Brandon's campaign video for 2013 Lyneham High School Captain. Lyrics: Oppan Brandon style Brandon style (Brandon) I walk in the park and see some drop their shnity. Starving kids in Africa could eat that chicken shnitty. (Michael) Hey you're real responsible, are you some sort of Captain? (Brandon) I'm the next Lyneham school captain. I'm the shnit and I got those good looks just like singer Justin Bieber. And I'll run the school as good as Barack Obama. I am chilled and cool just like the Dalai Lama, yeah the Dalai Lama. If I'm your captain, make me your captain, I'll fix the school, hey! I'll fix the school, hey! There's too much litter! Let's stop forever! It makes me sad, Hey! Please make me glad, Hey! Put a one in the box next to Brandon Berg!!!!!! Vote one Brandon style!
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vivie ward (2 years ago)
your mean .brandon styles is awesome I am never subscribing
Aaron Hock (4 years ago)
i imagine these kids get tossed around a lot
Cassie Berg (4 years ago)
that's one way to embarrass your sister. :$
mantha muir (6 years ago)
he didn't even get vice. . .
alex boby (6 years ago)
I love moist bread it makes my penis tingle
robotfungus (6 years ago)
WARNING! watching this video more than 3 times consecutively can result in vomiting and death.
Claudia Sykes (6 years ago)
You have to make a whole video...seriously :P

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