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Text Comments (114)
Real Trini (1 month ago)
Love your video. Fakes are so fake! 😆
T Nailz (3 months ago)
Peado coat
sneaker kid (5 months ago)
tell by the cartoon fakes are brand new looking genuine are sort of faded
sneaker kid (2 months ago)
i got my top off ebay hardly worn genuine (with lampo zips) for £140 what a steal !
Emilio jankov (8 months ago)
where do you buy the fake jacket/brands?
William Heap (5 months ago)
William Heap (5 months ago)
Johnoè (9 months ago)
The fakes logo and cartoon look better
SmokeyGlitcher (10 months ago)
i need help can someone tell me if this is fake or not
Syphh (10 months ago)
Honestly, I'm not a "newbie" however I was sure the olive coloured one was counterfeit.
tania wimes (11 months ago)
Ok so I just bought a jacket and idk if it’s real or not can you help me figure it out
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (11 months ago)
holly holly (1 year ago)
https://twitter.com/423605a/status/943911762566500352 Guys is this real or fake
William Heap (5 months ago)
kool ace (1 year ago)
Damn I thought this was Lennox lewis lol
Bartu Tunc (1 year ago)
1:34 g relax its a coat
refused (1 year ago)
shut up man ur not my friend BLUKUUUUUUUU
David J. Bliss (1 year ago)
Anyone have any experience with Zapclothing.com?
Kaijo rec (1 year ago)
PSTRIPPLEE (1 year ago)
Fake or real imhappy
OrfeitheGreat (1 year ago)
LMAO , thanks thou been super educational
JCOOK VLOGS (1 year ago)
Wear is the fake from?
MICHAELE EIJM (1 year ago)
Carl Kane (1 year ago)
Interesting analysis you've done here. However, only through experience and long-term brand loyalty can one develop a sense for which jackets are genuine and which are not. You stated the wash tags were stitched to the outside -- rather than being housed inside the pocket -- is a sure sign of forgery. Not true. Jackets by Moncler did stitch their wash tags outside the pickets, but this was prior to 2006. Through the stitch work can one really tell them apart; in my opinion.
Lars Olofsson (1 year ago)
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Moncler-Jacket-/132072425025?nma=true&si=FQGLSyfNhtYtSCFBzP1f8GRxfVs%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Is this one real or fake, a Maya?
R33C3 (1 year ago)
Send that Fake my way
LineagE (2 years ago)
http://www.monclervipbe.com/women-moncler-down-jackets-armoise-black-p-7.html fake or realy please!!!!!
SeauxLeaux (2 years ago)
Before I even look at the comments below... The gold one is the real one... The cartoon has a faded look to it whereas the fake uses very clear colours has not cartilage 12 digit code and is probably made from a material other than polyamide
AIM3N (2 years ago)
if you guys buying a fake moclare its same prise you getting scam buy a orignal one its same prise
bloodceremony (1 year ago)
AIM3N yeah...we know
Shirley T (2 years ago)
http://www.outletmoncler.shop/women-moncler-down-jackets-armoise-black-p-7.html Is this fake?! please let me know asap
Shyni Koodathinal (1 year ago)
Shirley Tang that is 100%real it is from the proper store
Jovan Jovanovic (2 years ago)
Shirley Tang it s real
yungshabaz (2 years ago)
Hey wanted to know if this is real? it looks real but It could just be a real good fake http://www.ebay.com/itm/222329444858?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&autorefresh=true
addadadad (2 years ago)
dfinale101 yes it is real.
Maor S. (2 years ago)
can I send you an email to [email protected] or another one and you can tell me if the one I bought is real or fake. please it's a present to my girlfriend and now I suspect it's fake :'(
James Locascio (2 years ago)
Is this one realy or fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/192020417126?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1561.l2648
Marilyn Leiberman (2 years ago)
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
That one was real, but very old model!
Pek NY (2 years ago)
I think you missed the leather cover for the zipper on the inside pocket
jeybe (2 years ago)
Parajumper Kodiak men real vs fake :=)?
Cess Buller (2 years ago)
Do you know if there any Moncler Matthew fakes going around I bought 1 I would like you to verify it for me [email protected]
TechTutorials EL (2 years ago)
Could you compare a real moncler polo vs fake moncler polo ?
Steven Parle (2 years ago)
Selling a moncler urville perfect condition size 4 if anyone's interested
Sarah Windsor (2 years ago)
I got a cream tib body vest warmer I just noticed a little black mark how would you clean it thanks
Jake SP (2 years ago)
Hoxton, great video! what do you think about the summer 'longue saison' collection. recently got a MIR lightweight puffer for the summer very expensive for such a light weight jacket. what are your thoughts
Sarah Windsor (2 years ago)
Does zip come as vision ykk
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Stephen Banks the older mayas come with lampo, the newer mayas come with ykk vislon, the fake in this vid came with ykk vislon
Sivanujan Sivanathan (2 years ago)
Hoxton trend I've talked to u before just need ur help quick Mate can u authenticate my moncler jacket?
Tyrone King (2 years ago)
Sivanujan Sivanathan lol
ItsRauben (2 years ago)
Jesus thats a good fake these are trying out here hoxton!
M333RAN A (2 years ago)
looking to buy a Maya Moncler Mate, my sizing around medium/Large uk, Looking for the light blue and Red, Cant seem to get them anywhere, if you can get hold of them let me know pal, willing to pay good money thankyou.. my twitter m333ran_786 Pal
Nay Bandz (2 years ago)
Yes I spotted the fake... too bad I'm too broke to buy one currently 😭😭
Nay Bandz yesterday i buy too (((( very baddd, how can i return??
Brodie Wotherspoon (2 years ago)
Keep up the great work👍🏻
Nick FC (2 years ago)
All these fakes on internet are getting out of hand man... Do you throw the fakes away?
Jude Marriott (2 years ago)
Man you could even tell from just the sound of the zips!
GamingWithJad (2 years ago)
damn hoxton, back at it again with the fake vs real
caketaker14 (2 years ago)
Thought the fake looked better at first hahahaha. There must be so many fakes of them going about as very one seems to be wearing them now....
Liam Loughton (2 years ago)
That was hilarious when you started smashing the fake with the baseball bat😂
Daffy Dude (2 years ago)
Yo dude, I watch your videos because they are enjoyable and not just for the clothing. Anyway have you ever used yoox.com/UK/ ? There's a ton of stuff there and its based in Italy. Anyway I ordered a blauer jacket this morning and it its being shipped from Italy and has already landed in the uk. Should be here by 12 tomorrow! There's loads of real designer brands and the website is really good for searching. Loads of stuff is discounted. Anyway when the package arrives I'll give you an update on how good they are. This one was reduced fro £230 to £130.
Daffy Dude (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Dodds update: the jacket arrived in a box in perfect condition. They included a pre paid return sticker for the box if you don't like it or it doesn't fit (ups is the courier). That will get the package back free of charge. I went for the fast delivery option £20 and it took 30hours from order to delivery but there are far cheaper postage options. Its amazing to think the jacket went from italy to Germany and then to my house in Lincoln UK in that short space of time. I paid with PayPal. The Blauer jacket is really nice too.
PSGamerz (2 years ago)
Ahah top vid, knew the blue one was a fake 😂👌👌
Mohammed Ghulam (2 years ago)
nice vid, spotted that fake
killamist666 (2 years ago)
Its crazy how the monduck cartoon always tends to fray & unstitch, every down jacket I’ve owned has done the same, like Moncler have gone out of they’re way to make them look old & used, yet that always seems to be the thing that the fakes can’t duplicate.
spavin79 (2 years ago)
It doesn't come away as much if you ignore the washing instructions and just dry clean it. If you put your jacket in the wash or don't use specialist dry cleaner then the temperature during washing makes the badge come away from the jacket.
Hazzo (2 years ago)
Can you make a video about the Moncler Giraudy jacket? Thanks! :)
spavin79 (2 years ago)
Cartoon and badge are as good a fake as I've seen. On the comparison I'd even say the real one was the brighter/faker cartoon. Maybe it's just the light.
KNGSTV (2 years ago)
Yo hoxton good vid man can u do a vid on luxury shoes like balebciaga or Valentino thx
JOƎY (2 years ago)
good vid man! good to see you grinding hard.
ronny (2 years ago)
Love all this content you're putting out bro
Fashion with Flavour (2 years ago)
yes bro👌
t sp (2 years ago)
could you please do a comprison with parjumper ugo ?
Alphaman (2 years ago)
+tom spierts !!!
TheBloker9 (2 years ago)
Hoxton is on fire keep it up
Charlie Crow (2 years ago)
Can you do more of those £300 wardrobe things online like on websites like flannels and tessuti or others.(I'm not saying buy everything just show us what you have spotted) we really enjoy them.
Daffy Dude (2 years ago)
+Charlie Crow hi the jacket arrived in a box in perfect condition. They included a pre paid return sticker for the box if you don't like it or it doesn't fit (ups is the courier). That will get the package back free of charge. I went for the fast delivery option £20 and it took 30hours from order to delivery but there are far cheaper postage options. Its amazing to think the jacket went from italy to Germany and then to my house in Lincoln UK in that short space of time. I paid with PayPal. The Blauer jacket is really nice too.
Daffy Dude (2 years ago)
+Charlie Crow yeah will update you. I am really hopefull that this is a good place to buy stuff. There's just so much there, like from £10 to £5,000. I just searched for mens coats and jackets from £10 to £150 looking at the cheapest first. The longer a garment stays in the warehouse or if there's just one left, the more the discount. Sometimes an item gets reduced from £250 to £50. So many different labels too and also really unusual stuff you'll never find in the UK. But I can only give it the thumbs up if the item arrives undamaged, is the correct size and looks like the pictures. Its the variety of styles on there.
Charlie Crow (2 years ago)
Let me know tomorrow bud what you ordered and if it's any good
Daffy Dude (2 years ago)
+Charlie Crow I'm trying yoox.com/UK/ (based in Italy), some big discounts there. Anyway first package from them arrives tomorrow so then I can rate them or not. I'll let you know.
spavin79 (2 years ago)
+AceNoob Tessuti is dear as fuck. Selfridges is worse though.
fruitycolax (2 years ago)
I thought that blue one was legit! How much that go for id buy it off my student loan lol
spavin79 (2 years ago)
+fruitycolax http://www.menlook.com/uk/down-jackets/matte-royal-blue-spoutnic-nylon-removable-hood-down-jacket-pyrenex-258577.html?gclid=CPqBz9jSxcsCFbMK0wodEhUDIw&ef_id=VuBy-AAAAbMkLXFt%3A20160316164014%3As&ectrans=1 Pyrenex Spoutnic, nice Jacket. 90% down, Polyamide outer, same construction as Moncler but £400 cheaper. Real nice jacket this one, comes in some nice colours. If that's still out of range they do one called an Aspe which comes in at about £170.
fruitycolax (2 years ago)
+spavin79 alright thanks 
spavin79 (2 years ago)
+fruitycolax or go second hand from ebay. Some really nice genuine Moncler if you know what you're looking for.
spavin79 (2 years ago)
+fruitycolax Sure.Pyrenex, lovely jackets and around half the price of Moncler. Like I say, if you can't afford a Moncler then that's fine but don't say you wear fakes cos of the finish. You basically just want that badge on your arm and are prepared to wear a fake to get it. Let's face it, the "finish" of a fake is gonna be shit. I can't believe you're putting up such an argument for wearing fakes if I'm honest.
fruitycolax (2 years ago)
+joethehammer coyi thing is tho I've heard some of these fakes come off the exact same production line than the real ones. The factories keep the machines going and create replicas with all the legit materials left over but obviously cut corners. That's better than some clapped tesco jacket lol
Abz (2 years ago)
You need to install a fireplace to get rid of all of the fakes looool
ABU 98 (2 years ago)
a haha that jacket got a proper beating that fake was pretty decent just from a quick look over the main give away was the inner lining
owais chaudhry (2 years ago)
TheHoxtonTrend Bro There is a Page on Instagram @Fresh_Garmz is He Legit?
Pav Clothing reviews (2 years ago)
No it's fake if you see on the stones hats and other clothing stoney hats are fake
owais chaudhry (2 years ago)
+Squidward Tortellini My Mate Brought From Him Before and He Said His Garmz Are Bang On even Comes With Price Tags and YKK Zips
Squidward Tortellini (2 years ago)
yeah I noticed him too
Danny Pointon (2 years ago)
Good video

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