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When Cousins Marry (Family Documentary) - Real Stories

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This powerful documentary reveals the tragic health problems suffered by children born within first cousin marriages and explores the controversy surrounding this cultural phenomenon. A disproportionate number of rare recessive genetic disorders occur amongst those of South Asian and especially Pakistani descent and the programme investigates the science, political and social consequences of marrying your first cousin. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Espresso Media. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Chameleon Television
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Willa Dover (3 hours ago)
First of all, where is the billions of dollars for medical care expenses coming from to treat all these children for their entire lives? Do the parents pay? Who could afford to pay 1/4 million $ per child, per year? That's astronomical! Second of all, why do the immigrants leave their homelands if they want to bring all these ancient customs with them which in effect, destroyed their homelands to begin with and caused them to flee for a better life in the UK? They are now in essence destroying the country they have immigrated/fled to. Thirdly, they are interbreeding themselves into extinction! The children with disabilities can't have children! If they are as proud of their culture/national identity as they say they are, why would they want their culture to die out from interbreeding? At this rate, in 50-100 years there will be hardly any of them left! Doesn't that make them sad? They are making themselves extinct but say they are too proud of their culture and traditions to stop interbreeding. That doesn't make sense. If you are proud of your culture you would want it to grow, not shrink and die out. This was a very bizarre documentary for me to watch. I feel so sorry for the young ones suffering agonising pain and horrible lives for the sins of their parents. It couldn't be more cruel. Who would intentionally bring a child into the world to suffer like that? It's not holy, in fact this has nothing to do with God at all, this is humans being completely evil and causing harm intentionally!
Akash Guha Thakurata (4 hours ago)
We must take in some good things from other religions to make it even better, I would advice Muslims to keep a record of family members and their genealogy like the Gotra system in Sanatana Dharma. It really helps in preventing these incidents.
Honest Indian (4 hours ago)
Hope all pakistanis marry deir first cousins
OmegaMan (5 hours ago)
Let’s keep having kids....
101 Life (12 hours ago)
mamba ma (13 hours ago)
stupid people 😡
Jennifer Marie (13 hours ago)
I once had a crush on my cousin. He was cute as can be.
Cat C (15 hours ago)
Those stupid ppl are just wasting medical resources. Let them all die 🤷🏻‍♀️
Random Stranger (16 hours ago)
Blessings of Allah... Or I say blessings of Mulla's😂😂
Riceahh (20 hours ago)
Dude i get that you like your cousin and everything, but dont have children geez
Matilda Maher (20 hours ago)
It’s sin,, sorry no offence but the truth.
bhaiyya ho jaat hain Saiyya...tauba kya jahiliyat hai
Suzanne Mohammed (21 hours ago)
In so many ways this is wrong, the older generation and adults r not educated enough to know the dangers of this sick practice, please provide education on this matter for the younger and up coming generations.
Pam Brown (1 day ago)
Well why do they let them to keep having children?
Jim Halpert (1 day ago)
The people who are suffering aren't willing to change themselves and you expect a Maulana to change his opinions. I gotte give it to you west, YOU TRY. 😂
Jim Halpert (1 day ago)
"It is scientifically wrong." Pakistanis: "You're an Islamophobe."
loren lili (1 day ago)
Incestuous relationships ewwwwww my Male cousins and I always argues,I can never ever be intimate with them that's not in my being
Sapphire Xo (1 day ago)
In India I’m pretty sure they have a system in place where you cannot marry in your bloodline otherwise it’s illegal and I think in Hinduism it’s restricted anyway. Why don’t more Asian countries use their brains and be more like India where they care about their future generations by banning cousin marriages!
Sapphire Xo (1 day ago)
Honestly I think it’s disgusting that they are doing this, my cousins are literally like my brothers and sisters and I don’t understand how someone can look at their relatives in that way. Although they say “it’s a tradition”, I still think it is ridiculous and when you can clearly see that the only reason why ur child’s life has been dramatically changed and they are limited to doing things that a normal child would be able to do and they still continue this! Why? Why would someone continue this when they know it’s harming their kids. But they don’t want to admit that this tradition is wrong and shouldn’t be happening! Selfish people!
Patricia Kirk (1 day ago)
What complete ignorance. I think they knew the consequences and continued to inbreed.These people have delibratly ruined the lives of others cousing life long misery and disabilities.
Brenda Rayburn (1 day ago)
Why do they keep in having children when this happens. If you have two with a genetic disorder why do you continue having children. This is sick.
Anna Rivera (1 day ago)
It’s very concerning that English bring in people who are still living in dark ages ...and are not willing to assimilate in any way .
divya singh (1 day ago)
I feel like crying seeing the plight of that guy :(
M Muneer (1 day ago)
Here is something to consider. Adam and Eve had two children. One was killed. So two men, one woman. Should I continue?
Mahtab Faiz (1 day ago)
This scientific miracle has been given by the so called scientific religion.
Peter Downey (1 day ago)
Not sure how you're supposed to drive a car if you're blind...
Noordeen Alibhoy (1 day ago)
It’s a sin to know and on purpose marry first cousins
What a terrible thing to do! I hope the U.K. outlaws marriage between cousins A.S.A.P.
Tk Kelly (1 day ago)
They Retarded N Got Retarded Kids
Tara tara (2 days ago)
So u keep having disable kids oh wait I guess the government befits are good this is disgusting
BAD BITCH (2 days ago)
Thanks fr the information
chic (2 days ago)
There's so many people in the world to fall in love with!
Halaldiva (2 days ago)
so many fishes in the sea and they married their cousins?? 🤦🏽‍♀️ . poor kids . It’s hard to watch the teenage boy Crying and stuff .
Turquoise E (2 days ago)
As a Catholic Christian I cannot, cannot even fathom desiring a cousin. Noooo. It's a sin, it's wrong. Please find Jesus.
Barbara Brooks (2 days ago)
Make 1st cousin marriage illegal!
Laha S (2 days ago)
Inbreeding for more than 4 generations is not even recommended for CATTLE. I’m shook. Like yo how can you do this. It’s like weird and stupid and unbelievable on so many levels.
Janice Dafoe (2 days ago)
We wonder why certain ethnic groups are so violent?
Elsa Jupiter (2 days ago)
oooh 😥
Catherine Hengen (2 days ago)
16:22 very stupid answer from that man. Althoug his children now look healthy at a young ago, it isn sure that cousin marriage disn t let any impact. Kidney problema in adulthood, Infertility etc... arent visible in the beginning. My husband is pakistani, born put of a cousin marriage. Has fertility struggle, and we wave to undergo ICSI, I also had twice a miscarriage. So instead of marying between cousins, they should think about the following generation, and tje pain it can cause
Swati Singh (2 days ago)
These people live in the age of stone age , increasing the population where ever they go . Their sick mentality will never change . If there is no control on population very soon they will be all over everywhere .Like really 5 children , 6 children how do they manage the expenses ? Actually some places in UK are unliveable because of communities like this its dirty , filthy , crime rate is high .The rate at which muslims are having kids in UK they will definitely out beat christians .Haven't seen many christians family having 5, 6 , 7 kids
Tiny Gamer (2 days ago)
So if they know about the issues it causes why are they still doing it?!
Waleed bukhari (2 days ago)
Idk y they still marry cousins...they are simply uneducated...I mean,being in the bed with cousins ..aggghhhh....can't even think of that...before marriage they call each other brother and sister..and then they marry and etc etcc...Hopefully this would be stopped
Bex Tinline (2 days ago)
Vomit!!! Why are these people so uneducated. Don't follow culture. Wtf would you wanna marry ur cousin. Gross. The parents fault those poor children
Pram Katwal (2 days ago)
Hindu can't marry there same cast what ever they live. Most Nepal people r follow the rules of Hindu.
Pram Katwal (2 days ago)
Enough is enough Islam.
saif Malik (3 days ago)
I think such parents need steralising.
wiki_VIKRANT (3 days ago)
Carry on guys..keep following 7th century practices..good for you.. No one to blame for their fate but themselves..if they are living in 21st century and do these stupid things...
Darnell Dubose (3 days ago)
🤔 Sooo their family reunions are 100% FAMILY reunions 😆 🗣I'll tell my uncle on you hoe!
Love Choti Chot (3 days ago)
the parents of my ex married his sister to her 1st degree cousin because they wanted to keep her in the "family". they didnt want her to move out of their home . sick
Myass Izitchy (3 days ago)
DURKA DURKA cousin open cloth, show bobs and vagene. Lick foot and eyebOll. Jihad in their Bhole
eNdLeS (3 days ago)
well my cousins are so fuckin ugly that i can't even look at them LOL
Comp Wiz2007 (3 days ago)
The cultures in which it is still accepted (marrying first cousins) and practiced have the overwhelmingly majority of genetic defects due to inbreeding. The west does NOT have this issue and learned long ago that the practice produces undesirable effects on future generations. This is FACT.. People with heavy Ashkenazi Jew genetics also suffer high incidents of genetic disorders to this very day. The Arab world is full of the same issues and highlights reasons for Terrorism and Flawed thought processes as anger issues and mental instability are heavily researched and documented results of inbreeding.
Theona's Touch (3 days ago)
This is wrong
daniya daniya (3 days ago)
sisters children are more prone to get abnormalities I think
daniya daniya (3 days ago)
I know a family where in one brother married to first cousin n othere one married got married to girl not related at all but still both of them got one one abnormal child..
KimchiTacosxx (3 days ago)
This makes me so mad at the parents and sad for the children.
Iz Arger (4 days ago)
Why are they allowed to claim on the NHS all of this treatment when they’ve brought it on themselves??
Levi Ackerman (3 days ago)
Iz Arger agreed but their kids are the real victims
A. M. (4 days ago)
In Pakistan you can find all kind of disorders, shitshow, filth but still Allah loves these dickheads...preposterous!
Mark W (4 days ago)
They will breed themselves to death and India will take over.
Jim Halpert (1 day ago)
Don't you know, they have n U c L e A r w E a P o N s?
Turquoise E (2 days ago)
I'm Mexican, but go India 😂🤣
Jo-ann Ward (4 days ago)
And us British tax payers are paying their benefits grrr
Sheh Xbdjrj (1 day ago)
Jo-ann Ward stfu
Chante White (4 days ago)
This is 🥜 the males are sick marrying your own cousin.. ew
Nitesh Awasthi (5 days ago)
It's the problem in Islam
Sakshi Sharma (5 days ago)
In hindu religion we have gotra system and you can't marry in same gotra. Gotra helps us in identifying our relatives.
Lola Star (13 hours ago)
Idk what gotra is but my bf's mum (who is hindu) said her husband is her mums cousins, not sure if it's first cousins or more distant but that's still family.
Pranav Vasisht (18 hours ago)
+Ajay S A yes mostly south.
Ajay S A (18 hours ago)
+Pranav Vasisht not only on TN and AP...in Kerala also ....
Ajay S A (18 hours ago)
+Elizabeth chwakanoski yep. And those stupid politicians use it for getting vote
Ajay S A (18 hours ago)
+Robert Downey Jr bro why are you thinking about converting to another religion I myself am a hindu... unlike other religion it is not organised by any church...or there is no custom as church meetings on Sunday....and if you think that Hindus do yoga and are really spiritual kind of stuff....lol it's just a misconception....my suggestion is that just see the goodness in every religion and consider everyone as children of God... It does not matter what religion one practice ...so be cool...and about your question well there is no body which keeps names of everyone who practice Hinduism...and after you convert nothing will change.....so be cool...
Sakshi Sharma (5 days ago)
That's the pakistan and religion of peace for you my friend
ednan9 (2 days ago)
Sakshi Sharma not everyone marries their cousin in Pakistan silly
Army Alpaca (6 days ago)
I fell like you could marry 9th cousins or above
hem hem (6 days ago)
You’d think after two kids they’d stop.....
Karen Donald (7 days ago)
Sorry the benefits? Must have missed that bit!
puremind (2 days ago)
No dear ..but risk will bring disasters
D. Davis (7 days ago)
Stop committing incest!
Anar Kapacee (7 days ago)
Genetic matching needs be mandatory for First cousin marriages ; This is one thing that would help the couples foresee their compatibility or otherwise.
Anar Kapacee (7 days ago)
There needs to be a study into why first cousin marriages are preferred in this community ? what is driving this preference and to what end ?
Kelly Edey (8 days ago)
Can they not ban cousins marrying.
Fern L (8 days ago)
It’s illegal to marry first cousins in my country......I thought it was a universal law everywhere before I watch this clip
Energia M (8 days ago)
Keep Ideology away from biology
Muhammad Waleed (8 days ago)
My parents were first cousins I have three siblings and By the gracre of God all are perfectly fine Not that i support it
Rabia Ali (9 days ago)
I was married to my first cousin. My son was born with congetial diaphragm tic hernia.
Nazia Ahmed (8 days ago)
@Rabia I am so sorry to hear that. My family are coercing me to marry my cousin. I am really scared, can you please advise me?
Wesley Peters (9 days ago)
The way these people think is nuts. Animals have more brains.
Leia Jiang (9 days ago)
15:53 did u say asian?
Nish (9 days ago)
They continued with 5 kids because of that disability benefit
katiePetsy (9 days ago)
Tomas Kristensen (10 days ago)
Sick!!! Why do it when you can decide not to? Weird and sick!!
Leia Jiang (10 days ago)
It is like the american south all over again
catherine valli (10 days ago)
And WHY does the UK allow these people in? I used to travel to the UK annually - over a dozen trips, but no more.
catherine valli (10 days ago)
Islam is cancer and MUST be irradiated.
Changer101 (10 days ago)
Full house vibes anyone?
Kim Bardgett (10 days ago)
The UK needs to tell them if you are married to your cousin and the children are born with problems then no treatment on NHS you brought on yourself .Also make it illegal and deportation for whole family ,see how that goes down soon would stop this 7th century practice.the imams need to be educated a to tell them in mosques not to do it .
Antoinette Parry (8 days ago)
If this isn't stopped the next generation is going to be bloody murder.
Antoinette Parry (10 days ago)
The damage done to children by cousin marriages is nothing to do with the marriag is the face the mother was pulling at the time of birth and maybe there was a western wind as well. Perhaps mum farted when baby popped out too.
Moti Angel (11 days ago)
Taylor Jay (11 days ago)
May God bless the innocent children for the parents mistakes 🙏🏽
Angela Hutchinson (11 days ago)
Thank goodness it's illegal in most states in US.
Rajesh Radadia (12 days ago)
we Hindu cant mary with the Girl with last name of our self , with the last name of our mother(before marriage) or Grand Mother (before marriage) .
Bob Mac (12 days ago)
when you marry cousins , you crate enemies within the families. this is why Muslims are full of Problems. wake up Muslims , Islam is a BAD news.
Rumaysa Ahsan (12 days ago)
Ya'll it ain't cultural... trust me it's just a choice
aaron k (13 days ago)
Once again religion and culture failing people. You refuse to learn new things and this is what you get, as parents you are 100% responsible....LEARN HOW SEXUAL REPRODUCTION WORKS
Kerry Carroll (13 days ago)
Why is this legal and why do they keep going it ffs
Sumit Arora (13 days ago)
Hinduism is best and established this in ancient times only....Everything is based on science...People will say cow urine etc...People in rural India does that and slowly its been available in stores,filtered and well packaged by patanjali and its nothing to be ashamed of...It can cure lot of disease,many foreigners come to India because Indian medical system is very effective and drink cow urine....search about that on web..... Caste system is abolished in India and if someone is following,its a crime....We are Hindus and we are proud of our way of religion....we think everything logically and can question why,not like blindly follow something and follow incest like Islam....Thank god I'm a hindu.....Lot of people embracing Hindusim around the world is because of its logical ways and people live freely...Now don't come up with ancient practices in Hinduism and those all are gone long time back and we live peacefully,,even with muslim population..Muslims in India has to abide the law first and than religion..That's because we are more than 80% of Hindus making the rules and taking India developed and advanced day by day...Muslims should stop follow their religion blindly and start thinking logically and in science or else cry and make their life a shithole...
A G (13 days ago)
So they keep coming to the country because they know they can get free healthcare while still practicing their traditions....which is basically torturing their kids by intermarrying knowing the consequences. This is sick.
m5rule (14 days ago)
So cheap!! Welcome!!
yojo619 (14 days ago)
George Brown (14 days ago)
Muslims marry first cousins -its like incest - on the other hand inbreeding, most common are rare recessive genetic disorders occur amongst especially muslim Pakistani descent and other muslims who practice first or second cousins. In areas of England where Pakistani descent people live, NHS is overwhelmed with rare recessive genetic disorders cases and is costing NHS from 30-75,000 pounds per youngest. Now its at a stage resources are being diverted from seniors to those suffering first cousin marriages output recessive genetic disorders. Every thing Islamic, First cousin marriages , Sharia or Halal animal slaughter practices are have a ill effect in the UK.

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