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How To Get 'GLASS SKIN' In 2 Weeks - Korean Beauty Secret REVEALED!

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The internet has recently become obsessed with "glass skin" — the Korean type of dewy looking skin which looks gleaming and porcelain-like. Glass skin actually means clear, shiny and poreless looking skin. Lets watch this video and learn how to get glass skin like those beautiful korean woman naturally! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/eBW5tz Music used: You're free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Last Kiss Goodnight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100611 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Please subscribe my channel: https://goo.gl/1ROjWP Please click the bell button to get notified about my videos. I promise to give useful tips to enhance your beauty and health. Notice: I have no intention of tort; If there is any doubts of tort, please leave me a message and I will remove the video immediately. Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Remedies channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (269)
Gothic Punk Bae (9 hours ago)
Is eating honeycomb bad?
Lv Gayk (19 hours ago)
Kimchiiiiiiii so yummy 😋
Kusum Ramdas (1 day ago)
Thank u so much!
army_ otaku (1 day ago)
Blessing Owusu (3 days ago)
I already have a " glass skin" lol
Wolf Wolf (4 days ago)
"We all idolize the flawless, radiant skin Korean women possess"...that's just not true. You look like dead pale corpses. Nobody but Koreans think of Koreans when it comes to beautiful skin. The one BIGGEST beauty factor of skin and long term skincare is "Melanin" ppl. Stop lying to yourselves and promoting hack products.....
Maria Ceraceanu (5 days ago)
What in the entry hell...
Reincarnation (5 days ago)
at the end of the video she mentions must use a toner...which toner does she use...?
Talk to Me in Tagalog (5 days ago)
Denise Nova (5 days ago)
1. This is a fad. 2. Cow's milk isn't healthy. 3. This glass skin isn't "pretty". 4. They look lighter than they actually are. I am German. Most of us are naturally light. Koreans are usually darker. This doesn't look "natural".
hey ana (7 days ago)
Their secret is they often visit their doctors and tons of beauty products
A Mc Crea (7 days ago)
egg whites
kimchicole (7 days ago)
Dang i eat rice like every other day! I never even thought of saving the water as toner lol. Im running out of toner anyway so i will use it tonight!
Shamira Shammy (7 days ago)
Looking pretty or young is nice. But no matter what you do, all of us will still grow old and die. Everything is superficial nowadays
Nishu Khan (7 days ago)
These advices are very helpfull ..thank u😙😙
Eilzabeth Miller (8 days ago)
People ice is not healthy to consume further more to put the on ur skin at night
Kate Lee (8 days ago)
I believed in kimchi, saw lot of Korean women ‘s skin radiant.
Karen Neary (8 days ago)
and dont forget they are all young! not surprising their face is smooth and wrinkle free
Patience Pecoraro LE (8 days ago)
As an esthetician I love k beauty skin trends. Including glass skin. This is a great video with amazing advice!
feroniasoleil (10 days ago)
There are some people in my life I would like to help achieve flawless skin by slapping them.
Mackie Daren (10 days ago)
I'm not a korean but my grand-mom wash her face with organic rice water. Holy sh**, her skin is so bright and clear! She said poor girls in this generation, the rice is full of bad chemical nowaday! 😥
EXO L -1484 (10 days ago)
How many times should we slap our face? PlZ someone reply me. 😅
Salma Saeed (12 days ago)
Korean has natural flawless skin......i live in korean, the skin of there babies....is as beautiful as cream...
t k (13 days ago)
Sunmi slaps her face too after putting cream
Sanyukta Ghosh (13 days ago)
And drink water 👅
Earth Angel (14 days ago)
Looking for someone to slap my face before bed.. Anyone interested? 🤔
Pied Piper (12 days ago)
Earth Angel as long as you slap me as well.
Valerie Jarrette Bass (14 days ago)
Great natural remedies
MakeMoneyHobby.com (14 days ago)
Heena Dabhi (14 days ago)
oopsss.... what is ginseng???
Joshua Miller (15 days ago)
I think eating Anti-aging foods that overcome the aging, fruits and practice regular exercise. Some amazing anti-aging tips that can help to make you ageless. 1. Anti-aging foods 2. Proper sleep 3. Drinking plenty of water 4. No alcohol 5. No smoking 6. Avoid stress 7. Be happy.
lilgurzzle 19 (15 days ago)
Slap your skin not literally slapping ur face, like duh guys! Come on ur senses people! Anyways, these tips are good.👍
lilgurzzle 19 (12 days ago)
Jungwon Ko AHAHAHAHAHA just don't mind other people who hasn't have a common sense😁 it's really true about gentle slap, bcoz it's also same as massaging ur face .🤗
Jungwon Ko (13 days ago)
lilgurzzle 19 At last someone said it, Thank you. Slapping is a bit misleading information but hard to translate from Korean to English. It is Gentle slapping which has been handed down years and years from my granmas generation so I would say its in our gene maybe😁
Reese Lucas (15 days ago)
Reese Lucas (15 days ago)
this is cery helpful because im forming a kpop group and i need clear skin
Sunmi And Eunjung (15 days ago)
How do I make kimchi???!!!!
subliminal goals (16 days ago)
Now I realise my mum was just tryna give me that glass skin all this while by slapping me! Ty ma😂😂😂
mashhadi Begum (17 days ago)
where can we possibly find tht ginseng tea except in china?
TAEHYUNG'S Bae (19 days ago)
Just slap your face with a hammer andddd alll done lmao
R.R Construction (21 days ago)
1:37 IU😁💟
Mina Dia (21 days ago)
*starts slapping the shit outta my face*
Heena Dabhi (21 days ago)
how to make ginger tea??????
akasha1779 (15 days ago)
Heena Dabhi ginseng, not ginger
IlReale Universo (22 days ago)
what a such no sense! Asiatic women do not have a special skin they have only a different bones face. The Caucasian women also in their twenty have a splendid skin. I do not see the difference and the old Asiatic women are ungly like all ethic group
gericlarke (22 days ago)
Love the music, 👀but slapping you're face? Won't that encourage broken veins?
Jungwon Ko (13 days ago)
lol its more like between slapping and stroking your face. just gentle slapping if that make sense. I cant find a right word for translation from Korean to English
Ursula. M (23 days ago)
The milk and honey do wonders for me but I learned from my Brazilian grandmother 40 years ago and nothing to do with Koreans.
Bhakti Gurung (23 days ago)
I'M from Nepal amd Im not lying, people here have great skin, olive fair skin with less pore and still looks very charmingly beautiful even without a make-up
Mel Mel (24 days ago)
Thank's for sharing..much appreciated GOD BLESS❤
Ana Mira (25 days ago)
Ana Mira (1 day ago)
Why don't you think so? LOL I do this every day, 5 step routine. They clearly have make up on.
Butler Sebastian (2 days ago)
Did you even pay attention to any of what was in the video? Have you tried any of the remedies listed? I didn't think so.
Dancing Candle (26 days ago)
Want nice skin...don t age.
Arlene Blancia (26 days ago)
Oh so it really is slap your face. Thought that was a prank,well I already did that to myself.
Vin (27 days ago)
How about genetics? These fake routines will never make a non-Korean get a Korean skin. It's in their genes so stop fooling!!
lol lol (10 days ago)
Elizabeth Spencer oh right, I'm broke af so o couldn't buy all the products do I only use lotion, toner and foam cleanser
Elizabeth Spencer (10 days ago)
Vin I’m not Korean, but I follow a 12 step Korean routine and after six months my face looks amazing. Now people never believe how old I am. At a minimum they say I look 10years younger than I am. Believe me the Korean skincare routine works.
akasha1779 (15 days ago)
lol lol Agree hun, I agree.
lol lol (15 days ago)
akasha1779 too bad, if we are lazy for taking care of our skin, its our own fault, but koreans care alot about their skin thats why they have good skin yet outsiders judge them "its their genes!'' "its platic surgery!" no bitch no
akasha1779 (15 days ago)
lol lol it makes sense that he's a plastic surgeon... If this works, he loses money...
taerin qb (28 days ago)
tips 2 is "slap" your face. V bts did it while he was putting face cream on his faceu 💁
Kayla Hanna (4 days ago)
mashhadi Begum everyone knows that. Duh.
taerin qb (15 days ago)
Soniya Gurung yeah. Im too exited
taerin qb (15 days ago)
mashhadi Begum owh okay2...i just telling out. 😃
Soniya Gurung (15 days ago)
I was also thinking the same😂😂 Every koreans applies creams like that
Thai Prince Nichkhun (16 days ago)
yeah he did and that's why he looks amazing!
Myrapatz Gesmundo (28 days ago)
Korean have beautiful skin because of genetics and climate in Korea.
lol lol (27 days ago)
Myrapatz Gesmundo yEA rIGHt, what genetics? What climate?
Arabelle Nayl's (28 days ago)
I live by Rice water only, the result are real!
Arabelle Nayl's (10 days ago)
Ileanna Venly Besina Either rice water or u can cook it(until the water become thicker, not runny) let it cool, wear as mask after dried up it will become flaky. Rinse with water)
Ileanna Venly Besina (10 days ago)
How do you apply it? Thanks 😊
akasha1779 (14 days ago)
Arabelle Nayl's thank you!
Arabelle Nayl's (14 days ago)
akasha1779 Any rice, you can use organic as well too 😌
akasha1779 (15 days ago)
Arabelle Nayl's any rice or just organic?
Bhavana raj bhuvi (29 days ago)
Really I love Koreans skin
I slap my face then i get oil woa.
Lily Bug (30 days ago)
Instead of "slapping", you can take Niacin for a wonderful full-body flush. Rice water is good for natural skin bleaching and brightening. And milk is a great exfoliator.
Cuenco Juvy (30 days ago)
HOAX a big hoax waste of time
Chimmy Follows (24 days ago)
Cuenco Juvy try. Use it. See the result then come to a judgement ok.
EllOhhVeeE33 (30 days ago)
Yeap :)))
Fara Kasimovo (30 days ago)
I don't think these advice are fake! Most of them will definitely work provided you stay from eating garbage food, sun bathing that makes you look like a clown, and finally drink less soda and bear, more fruit smoothies and water! Of course exercising is a must!
Marion Williams (15 days ago)
Fara Kasimovo ,
gLimmer rue (19 days ago)
having "glass skin" in a tropical country will make you look like you're OILY!
Chrono Shindou (1 day ago)
gLimmer rue I recommend do the routine in an cold room and wait for it to be absorbed to get better results
urooj ahmad (1 month ago)
The warm water and honey comes from old ages. Our beloved Holy Prophet SAW taught us to take it after waking up. ❤
Ruth Griffiths (3 days ago)
urooj ahmad A very dignified response.
Ruth Griffiths (3 days ago)
RedloonPaki Thank you, I didn't know that; hopefully I can find this in the UK, best wishes x
urooj ahmad (6 days ago)
My dear lady crea we are not fighting here sweety. We live our prophet SAW and we just shared our knowledge here . My dear lady our prophet SAW taught is brotherhood and humanity. We all love you for sake of Allah but if you can't love us back then at least respect the other humans with different faith. #peace
taerin qb (6 days ago)
A Mc Crea sorry to say. But i think your comment is very sensitive when you touched about religion. Btw We are not getting any fight. 😊
taerin qb (6 days ago)
A Mc Crea do you see we look like want to fight?
Sofia Georgia Delmindo (1 month ago)
It is hard to buy concentrated honey hahaha coz most of the honey products here in manila contains sugarrrr sadddd
Cherry Berry (1 month ago)
Ice cube wash my daily routine. You can make different ice cubes milk, lemon,camomile, plain water etc. Absolutely brilliant.
Carolyn Hamilton (9 days ago)
Cherry Berry Do you brew a pot of Chamomile tea, then pour it in ice cube trays? & the lemon, straight juice or water infused? Pure fat milk or 1/2 & 1/2 work as well ?
Aminah Missy (1 month ago)
Slapping my face is gonna become red😉😂oops
Espy Ro (5 days ago)
Yeah, if you beat the crap out of your face that is. When they say slap, they mean patting your face instead of rubbing it
lop jop (28 days ago)
Aminah Missy u should slap gently its one of the best massage
Tessa Mae (1 month ago)
RedloonPaki (10 days ago)
Tessa Mae kimchi really is probiotic, and science had proved that probiotics are GRAT for you. Educate yourself instead of sneering
lop jop (28 days ago)
Tessa Mae .....are u dumb?
Dora Tiscareno (1 month ago)
rupulstilskin (11 days ago)
Some people prefer uglier looking skin but that's their choice.
Moz R (14 days ago)
Then why did you click on the video? ... some ppl
Yasmin Lopez (28 days ago)
Dora Tiscareno haha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Quenitara George (1 month ago)
Does this work on all skin colors?
Nora Phillip (1 month ago)
Oh forgot to mention, why this people choosing young girls for there advertising there beautys.. of course there skin looks good... Why can't they show us there pics before and after...
Nora Phillip (1 month ago)
Another technic for facial.. lol, to all viewers don't see do. I experience my self when I saw different kind of product I try on my face. And then I mess my face severe bad.. I mean I respect you people it's not bad to try.. but jus becareful and take good care of your skin.. if u messed up your face it's to late... God bless to all viewers...
Asha Jyothi (1 month ago)
is dis really fake
Chimmy Follows (24 days ago)
Asha Jyothi no its not fake. All real
Moon Light (1 month ago)
Never use ice cubes on skin never ever, I m cosmetologists u should never do this
Ruth Griffiths (3 days ago)
Moon Light I do agree with this. As a teenager (forty years ago!) I had a friend who splashed her face with hot then cold water every day. It did help to close her pores but she ended up with many broken veins (capillaries) on her cheeks and around her nose. I do like the tips, just no frozen milk or lemon juice, cool should be fine.
Carline CJL (23 days ago)
Whyyyyyyyyy. OMG WHY?
Oreo O (1 month ago)
Moon Light really? But why??
I WINWIN TY TRACK (1 month ago)
1:46 yep ik now why big Marvel's skin is amazing
subodh sanwal (1 month ago)
Kim Jennie lol😂
Yela btsV (1 month ago)
To all who says k-pop band skins are ALL plastic/or they do plastic surgeries and bleaching and also they are UGLY,all i can say is EDI WOW,if you have nothing to say but bad and judgement, better shut the f*** up!?😠😤😕dont make it ALL okay?a few will do.And so what, if they do plastic surgery?INGGIT KA?GAYA KA!ARRASO!?🙄😬
Artsha V Labadan (1 month ago)
I try the milk ice cube and slapping my face if it works Thanks
Mina Dia (21 days ago)
Lmao "slapping my face" 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Aisha T (27 days ago)
Hahahahaha so funny
Artsha V Labadan (1 month ago)
Joy Prathinthong that's an harassment hahahaha BTW THANKS
Joy Prathinthong (1 month ago)
Artsha V Labadan, slap ur face harder n u will get the best😉😉👍
Julie Mah (1 month ago)
That always looks more greasy than glassy to me!
Jaque Marro (1 month ago)
Slapping skin? 😂🤣😂. Just start juicing and you’ll see the difference. You need a clean diet to see the changes on your face.
veggiefruity (1 day ago)
well but there are some nutrients that actually hold into fiber so when you juice you lose them, thats why smoothie is better..
Tweedle Dum (1 day ago)
+veggiefruity I don't think she meant juicing exclusively, of course, just meant add juicing to your daily diet. It's easier to hit your daily micronutrient intake that way.
Tweedle Dum (1 day ago)
She doesn't meaning juicing exclusively of course just meant add juicing to your daily diet. It's easier to hit you daily micronutrient intake that way.
Ace Kim (6 days ago)
It works all koreans always do that after cleansing their faces or after wearing make ups
veggiefruity (7 days ago)
Slapping skin (tap with more pressure actually) is really good because the shock to the skin produces collagen to our skin.. It's not stupid or weird.. I've been doing face massage (lymph Drainage combine with slap techniques) and it's been giving me very good skin.. But yeah clean diet give tons of benefit to it (and maybe because I eat clean for years too that's why it affects my skin), focus on vegetables, fruits, and some nuts and seeds for healthy fats.. As for juicing, while it's good for you, sometimes it's not for everyone because you need to juicing a lot to fulfill your calorie needs (well some people are too poor to buy tons of veggies and fruit for juicing) and actually fruit juices can cause skin problems for some people because the high sugar (well some people experience as detox process but some people never get it away so they stop fruit juicing and their skin free to better) so if you wanna juice, focus more on vegetable juice..
desiree alejandro (1 month ago)
Should you wash the rice first and discard the first water before soaking it?
desiree alejandro (30 days ago)
thankyou. :))
Marg Lam (1 month ago)
desiree alejandro yes, rinse the rice so it's clean, then proceed with the rest of the instructions. It does work for me. Made improvement.
Aya Katsura (1 month ago)
desiree alejandro Sure, always rinse the rice first before soaking
Anjali Jain (1 month ago)
Farnella Husseini (1 month ago)
To everyone saying that the advices in this video are fake and that Korean beauty depends on genetics - please stop. These advices are absolutely fantastic and real. Yes people, they work. I know from my own experience, I practice a few of these advices myself and guess what, I'm not Korean! You just have to be meticulous with your routine, work out and eat healthy. Consistency is key.
Susie James (21 hours ago)
Farnella Husseini Since how long did you notice that your face is improving while following on this video's advice?
Dibright (6 days ago)
Farnella, you are absolutely correct. I've been doing the skin care for about 2 years and everyone has noticed how healthy my skin is. I'm 57 and as white as you can be. You do have to stick with it, you can't do it once in a while Andy expect it to work. I Love how it has improved my skin.
Alimoding Malimgas (7 days ago)
Yes 100% agree with you Korean beauty was on inborn that’s why their beauty is good..!
Andrea Puri (16 days ago)
Farnella Husseini -It’s amazing that they’re showing teenage girls instead of mature women on these videos . Eat healthy meals, stay away from alcohol and drugs, stay away from the sun, walk at a fast pace for about 40 minutes a day and get 8 hours of sleep every night ; all these steps will help in revitalizing your body, mind and skin that we’re so obsessed about. I personally find all these videos misleading.
Fuck You (19 days ago)
bs about genetics. sometimes you can overcome about genetics. life is fair
Van essa (1 month ago)
Daniel Milea (1 month ago)
Are you Korean?
thelma boodoo (1 month ago)
That's not true! There obsessed plastic surgery and bleaching theirs skin. They same with k- pop (females/males)band there's ugly there faces are faked.
lol lol (8 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma you're the one who is against korean, I'm just stating the facts
Sheetal Sharma (8 days ago)
lol lol wow are we fighting here!!!
lol lol (8 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma no body said they're fake anyways-
Sheetal Sharma (8 days ago)
lol lol well I don't think I'm actually wrong here, they do show partiality in terms of beauty, also, the documentaries are real!!!
lol lol (8 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma look, I don't know what the hell documentaries show but I didn't say you are wrong.
anne adams (1 month ago)
What is the name of the music or sound tract. Loved it as well as the content of your video
Zubaidha Hussain (1 month ago)
Second step 😂😂I'll leave it to my mom. .she will take care 😆
Beverly Ford (1 month ago)
Cybor Angel (1 month ago)
I'm sorry to burst any bubble but is only genetics!!!!!!!!!
lol lol (7 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma wdym by weird side of kpop
Sheetal Sharma (7 days ago)
lol lol well sure I'm against them, because I know many weird things about Koreans, even kpop has a strange other side, but in the end, doesn't means that anyone is wrong hahaha! There r all kinds of people in the end, many good and many bad! Let's just look at the bright side! 😀😀😀😀😀 ( Still no belive in these beauty tips ) lol
lol lol (8 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma They're not forced, they're taught from young age, and it eventually becomes their daily routine
Sheetal Sharma (9 days ago)
They take care of skin all the time because of the Korean beauty standard of "Respecting only Beautiful people" and shit! Mostly, they r forced to do so!
lol lol (27 days ago)
bitch, just cause your skin is ugly dosen't mean that everyone's skin is ugly. You think 100% korean ppl have good skin? obviously they take care of it very well that's why they have nice skin and would not be crawling into these types of videos like you
lisa myhre (1 month ago)
Don't work
오 해 영haeyoung (1 month ago)
Promoting the brand of korea???what the fuck!
Dannie Debe (1 month ago)
Do u have a video for dark circles?
Elizabeth Letsoso (1 month ago)
Dannie Debe you're welcome dear good luck
Dannie Debe (1 month ago)
Elizabeth Letsoso thx!!! I'll try this
Elizabeth Letsoso (1 month ago)
Dannie Debe A past of Turmeric and Plain yoghurt helps me on my dack circle
Palak Aggarwal (1 month ago)
hey I have a greater messaster muscles due to clenching my teeth during my childhood due to depression now also it has become a habit and my face looks likes a complete square ones but as a Indian and from a middle class family botox injections are far away from my reach so can u have any home remedies to shrink messaster muscles without botox doses pleaseeeeew
nicole chua (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips :)
Duaa Wani (1 month ago)
But dermatologists do not recommend to use lemon on skin cox of its acidic content
veggiefruity (7 days ago)
Mostly it's because people aren't aware that if you wanna use lemon juice, you only need a little drops of it like 4 little drops for one usage.. I see many people use like half teaspoon or more.. so of course it's bad for skin
Chicken Momos (15 days ago)
Random Chick 😊
Random Chick (16 days ago)
Chicken Momos I had a maternal WITCH aunt ...for a second I thought we were related 😂
Chicken Momos (29 days ago)
Duaa Wani My maternal aunt looked like more darker than a charcoal but after 4 years of her consistent application of lemon on skin you might wonder she has a skin more brighter and healthier than mine!! About 4 years ago I thought why is so obsessed with lemons, as she daily approximately 7 times applied rather rubbed lemon on her body. Trust me now after 4 years her skin is really fair. Whose once was a charcoal. Ignore me for calling her a charcoal but she is a WITCH, the most horrible person I met on earth. The answer to you is yes THERESULTS ARE SLOW BUT ARE WORTH YOUR EFFORT
Rest In Pieces (1 month ago)
Directly, no. I once did it in my pre-teens on my acne mixed with baking soda, it burned the acne and now I have a permanent scar there
This video is very gooood and informative !!! I loved watching it ! This is so amazaing :) thanks for the video ❤️❤️❤️ 고맙습니당
Natural Remedies (1 month ago)
you are welcome. thanks for watching. please share it to your friends 😘
Susana Isaias (1 month ago)
Cacas de patos q entran de la calle y defecan alrededor de picinas q se bañan humanos es malo para la salud
anne adams (1 month ago)
What is name of music? I love it
Silvana Barba (1 month ago)
Can you store the rice water or do you do it daily
sara brown (1 month ago)
I buy rice flour at the grocery store and use it for everything from toner to masks and scrubs. love it.
Silvana Barba (1 month ago)
Marg Lam thank you. Do you leave it overnight?
Silvana Barba (1 month ago)
Ruth Pereira thank you
Ruth Pereira (1 month ago)
Silvana Barba z
Gloria Ford (1 month ago)
A H fp
Barkha Goel (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing.From where we can get jojuba tea and zinseng tree.l am from India.
RedloonPaki (10 days ago)
Anasuya Mukhopadhyay ginseng is NOT ginger, although it is from the same family
RedloonPaki (10 days ago)
Preeti Das jujubes are BEIR not Dates, Khajoor.
Socorro Hall ares (29 days ago)
Its like turmeric
Sue Ballantine (1 month ago)
Barkha Goel o,👯👬👯💛💍👛💟🖕
Preeti Das (1 month ago)
Anasuya Mukhopadhyay no problem dear :)
Donna Pilant (1 month ago)
I'm not sure that the warm water and honey came from there. My grandmother thought us to always mix warm water with a typo on of honey and drink it every morning she said she was tough this by her grandmother. She was Cherokee Indian and had never been out of the USA
Sheetal Sharma (2 days ago)
Ruth Griffiths so......
Ruth Griffiths (3 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma My mother made a drink of cider vinegar, manuka honey and warm water. She drank this every morning for over seventy years. She died last year aged eighty six. She had a beautiful complexion and no sign of arthritis. Strange as it sounds, I gave capsules made with the same ingredients to my dog as the medication for arthritis can cause kidney problems. Our vet was astounded when, after three months, the arthritic symptoms were very much reduced. My best wishes to you x
Sheetal Sharma (7 days ago)
Carolyn Hamilton ohh hope u take care, didn't knew that! And no worries I don't hate anyone who talks to me hahahaha!!!☺☺☺
Carolyn Hamilton (8 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma Now I feel like I went a bit overboard. Sorry. I have Lyme disease and it makes me forget easily and go on and on ... You are kind.
Carolyn Hamilton (8 days ago)
Sheetal Sharma Thank you! All in good fun ! 💗
A H (1 month ago)
Wonderful tips! Thank you.
yam bahadur thapa (1 month ago)
A H hi did you tried this if you have tried than can you please tell me does it works or not
A H (1 month ago)
Sure 👌
Natural Remedies (1 month ago)
you are welcome. please help to share it to your friend. thanks 😃
Mario Escarcha (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing...definitely try this tips :)
Lucy Goodrow (25 days ago)
Mario Escarcha nb
Natural Remedies (1 month ago)
you are welcome. thanks for watching 😁
Thanks for sharing some I know and some our new can’t wait to try☮️❤️🍀🦋🦄
Natural Remedies (1 month ago)
thanks for watching. good luck!😁

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