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Dymyn Francis (8 days ago)
Not even naked
I’m lesbian... It says girls only so I can watch loop hole
Estefan Baker (22 days ago)
Me too I'm a boy ~__~
Alex David (24 days ago)
I'm a boy muhahaha
Honey no You got more dislikes than likes
Micheal Aranki 23 (1 month ago)
Im a boy lol
KREOSI HM (1 month ago)
She is not even naked XD
Wow didn't even work
Lavonda Goodman (2 months ago)
Bitch your not even naked
brí lps productions (2 months ago)
Oh hunny dats click bait go back to school :) 🖕🖕🖕
Xzyllx Studios (2 months ago)
I wanted to see NAKED XD
alex and bella yeet (2 months ago)
Yah worst vid ever un sub
Sweet Sketches (2 months ago)
This is so bad
What game?
lolybomb Lopez (3 months ago)
Sunita Singh (3 months ago)
Deborah Olaniyi (3 months ago)
Not naked r
huskydogthebest (3 months ago)
Dry but but but I am boy
Joris Cat (3 months ago)
*facepalm* where do i start.... we see A WATERMARK of the REC app U lag Da sound :C Pls upgrade everything before u go furter on u account Pls
Superstar Bonnie (4 months ago)
Is it in roblox
Dess Jada (4 months ago)
Of course boys are going to watch this XD when something says boys don't watch this they obviously do lol
Sexy Boy (4 months ago)
I'm a boy i watched
Avakin Panda0919 (4 months ago)
You can see your underwear still lmao waste of 2:54
Talyns Nation (5 months ago)
Its not naked and i know how to do dat
I watched it lol
Fernanda Dawson (5 months ago)
Your phone slow asf it bothers me.
VALERIE NKENGASU (5 months ago)
umm wrong
î řîđe pāňđàš (5 months ago)
I still watched .-.
Bryson p (5 months ago)
I'm a boy and I watched lol 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Didnt even get close to naked
I have avakin life so this is god for me and plus as a girl
ALEX_ SKULL (6 months ago)
Bruh 😒😒.....
Wolfy•Chan (6 months ago)
How did avakin life get so cruel xD
Elliot Anims's (6 months ago)
I'm a boy LOLOL
Mala Rani (6 months ago)
in mobile or computer
Mala Rani (6 months ago)
in which you play avakin life
George Eacker (6 months ago)
of course boys will watch
Gameing with Porkchop (6 months ago)
I also use mobzin screen recorder
Fruitboi Peach-Peach (8 months ago)
Is it just me or do the boobs look bigger than they should
funny comedy_shay (8 months ago)
Its not naked
Claudia Hall (9 months ago)
Dude, seriously!? Your joking, right?! Cause, thats not naked thats a bra, and its obvious because of your tatoo's. Besides, what are you trying to be, a porn star?
JESSI PLAY! Name (9 months ago)
0:00 what is the Musik?
Xxx2uxxX Anna (10 months ago)
That now even naked
breaker gaming (10 months ago)
galexy chance (10 months ago)
Me to
Surfs OMG
Jeff mandy Goforth (11 months ago)
That's not neked
Kody McLean (1 year ago)
Show everyone your real boobs
Precious Jones (1 year ago)
That was a bra blending in with our skin lol
Precious Jones (1 year ago)
That wasn't even naked
Bella_Playz (1 year ago)
Pineapple Squad (1 year ago)
WTF you ain't got naked girls you did it wrong
TRUE BEAUTY (1 year ago)
This is not nudr
adrI (1 year ago)
Catalina Sard (1 year ago)
Respect her
メRazorBladeメ (1 year ago)
damn whatever It gave me a boner
AlanTheGamer Mella (1 year ago)
and that girl she's my girlfriend so don't talk to her like that were going on a date today
AlanTheGamer Mella (1 year ago)
danm I'm watching this I'm like 17 years old and I can watch this I go to high school and I'm cool check out my vids
Sumaiya Kabir (1 year ago)
it does naked u fool us
Pikapikacruz (1 year ago)
put the real stuff without any clothing
Isabela Pinheiro (1 year ago)
BOYS don't see this
clash Royale gamer (1 month ago)
You bitch I'm 14 the game is for 13 so I can watch you fucking ass
Tiesha Bynum (3 months ago)
Jub Jub omg she was joking you idiotic terd
Jub Jub (8 months ago)
Guys can watch to. Wtf are you two year old the game is 13 and there is pervs on it its like a dating website dumbass
Lamar Campbell (1 year ago)
so sexy im a boy
Diego DLVGGamer (1 year ago)
Esther Moreno (1 year ago)
Diego DLVGGamer lol
Diego DLVGGamer (1 year ago)
Girls Rule (1 year ago)
ya cant even aford a swim suit
Girls Rule (1 year ago)
mobizen is dead
Girls Rule (1 year ago)
Pxrn&pøpi HH (1 year ago)
This is fucking stupid
Harmony Stone (1 year ago)
Am gonna send you a friend's request. XD
lashana carter (1 year ago)
she's not naked I can still see her underwear
kai (1 year ago)
i like it boy dont wacht
Jeremiah Shepherd (1 year ago)
dom bitch
I owned all the clothes on avakin, and also have a lots of friends. I add them but mostly they add me
Girl i love avakin and roblox. Best games ever
Kawaii Irish (1 year ago)
bitch ur back again and it's not a Naked and its obvious that's ur wearing a pantie and bra
Zay Smith (1 year ago)
she not naked
Dead Note (1 year ago)
I am boy
wahlen chan (1 year ago)
how is her boobs big XD
Della Bigham (1 year ago)
What outfit are you wearing
Jai_yt (1 year ago)
im a boy
Kyle Gamer (1 year ago)
im a boy and i whached lol XD
Lydie Nyemba (11 days ago)
+mutinta kawayo 😑😂
Lydie Nyemba (11 days ago)
Ok... ?
mutinta kawayo (14 days ago)
Hot you!
TianoT Windvogel (1 month ago)
Me too xD
Xzyllx Studios (2 months ago)
Thats whats up
Miss FresherDanU_101 (2 years ago)
Not trynna be rude but everyone knew this already
Bri YT (2 months ago)
Not me, You shoulda said the majority of people know this. 👌
Samantha Velez (11 months ago)
Miss FresherDanU_101 yeah
Mikela Iverson (2 years ago)
This is all I can say#####################
CLOROX BLEACH (2 years ago)
didnt even get naked df
Autumn Paquette (5 months ago)
exotic butters (2 years ago)
its not naked lol
Detario Hunter (2 years ago)
lol anyone can add me I'm MrShame|xPk|
Future Zenrix (2 years ago)
Sara KimLovesPugs (2 years ago)
This is so obvious anyway, this is useless making this vid.
Jadeyn Scheible :3 (2 years ago)
U weren't even naked u can't fool us like dat do u think we're stupid -.-
Girls Rule (1 year ago)
FluffyUnicornRaspy 1 init
Mr Krewl (2 years ago)
jamir Booker (2 years ago)
she dis not even get naked
Oh Boi (2 years ago)
can you friend me on avakin I am MadisonAndrews
Oh Boi (2 years ago)
why are avakin boobs so BIG????? ??
Marites Mirabete (1 year ago)
Annie Roberts i dont know really big boob
noa sakara (2 years ago)
pretty much avakins porm
Keon Hensley (2 years ago)
bull shit
Nightcore Shelter (2 years ago)
i really love avakin
arianaly martinez (2 years ago)
nolier villanueva (2 years ago)
U can delete its sign to dont watch lol lollol gil
nolier villanueva (2 years ago)
What waht dont watch this lol
girlgirl 200614 (2 years ago)
How did u get to record your thing when playing I can't do it
Hannah Jasri (2 years ago)
it's an app called mobizen
Diamond Gaming! (2 years ago)
not how you do it

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