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Drawing a Wolf Head Tutorial (the easy but awesome way)

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Just a quickie that I threw together for you guys. I hope this helps! Image and video are (C) Zoe Deissler For more PLEASE visit www.lonedirewolfess.deviantart.com
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nightmare foxy (8 months ago)
With YenArt (11 months ago)
Love this!
I love it!!!!
CrimsonDawn1586 (1 year ago)
Lower speed at 0:31
Reactionz AJ (1 year ago)
loved it, so fun and easy, but you went to fast and i wasn't able to keep up with you.
darqest (1 year ago)
Whats the program?
Laureen Matthies (1 year ago)
funtime foxy (1 year ago)
is this on a computer or on a tablet
Sophia Milanez (2 years ago)
Eunice Tang (2 years ago)
he use sai paint tool
Enchanted Mars (2 years ago)
dragonknight (2 years ago)
what program do you use??? Awsome wolf
Judal Dark Magi (2 years ago)
What software do you use? please and your wolf is beautiful ! **
Ishtar sarabe (2 years ago)
Awesome wolf and awesome soundtrack
Lost Wolfy (2 years ago)
bur the wolf is amazin
Lost Wolfy (2 years ago)
uhhhh what abour a body
Misty And Patches (2 years ago)
What songs are in this video?? Sorry just curious and this wolf is amazing :D
Ashieron (2 years ago)
+Misty And Patches Voodoo vs Serano - Slide to the vibe, the first one you can hear
Rahuto (2 years ago)
how did you cut out the body (with color) at 8:12 ?
Aspen (2 years ago)
What program are you using
_I_Need_Some_Bleach_ (2 years ago)
Wow, thanks I think I'll be able do draw wolves even better now
Sonja Newton (3 years ago)
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove iiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!
Sonja Newton (3 years ago)
my name is ZOE to!!!!!!
Emily W. (3 years ago)
0:54 darn it. That already looks like a wolf. Mine looks like a blob with some lines
Samantha Burton (3 years ago)
what do u draw on?
Malia Hargrove (3 years ago)
Malia Hargrove (3 years ago)
MeanForNoReason (3 years ago)
OMG U MAKE ME JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
camila m (3 years ago)
Is he using a pad?
I think so! Pads help out so much!
Wolves (3 years ago)
What r they using
now that's what I call an awesome pawsome wolf!!!!!!!! :3
woop owo (3 years ago)
do you use a mouse? what do you use to draw?
Solange Drawing (3 years ago)
The first tutorial i saw when i started to draw on digital :') thank you for this vid!
monkeygirl057 AJ (4 years ago)
What did you use to blend the colors?
mumujk (4 years ago)
2008 xDD <3
CtRLzKittyKat (4 years ago)
Ellie Rush (4 years ago)
This was AWESOME! Using this for reference~ :33
Joanna schultz (4 years ago)
that was great, what software did you use?  i am so impressed by what you do, i want to learn how to draw
Brianna Taylor (4 years ago)
What program did you use?
Hannah Rea (3 years ago)
+Brianna Taylor Pretty sure she uses PaintTool Sai :)
andy bishop (4 years ago)
Neon Wolfie! :D
buddy12 (4 years ago)
Holy crap! That looks amazing! Put that on a t-shirt! I need to know what app, website, or instalation you did that with. Great job!
wippersnapper (3 years ago)
+buddy12 paint tool sai
Kitty Katt (4 years ago)
What program do you use?
Hannah Rea (3 years ago)
+Kitty Katt Im pretty sure she is using PaintTool Sai c:
plasmooo ! (4 years ago)
ur the only one who ACTUALLY helped me draw a wolf :)
darksidersgame (4 years ago)
OH MEH GERSH! we have same initials!!!! ^6^
Hannah Wilson (4 years ago)
this worked so so well.a little fast i do admit and a little to complex on the color, but the actual wolf itself, i think i got that n the bag!!!!!
Roxiethewolf (4 years ago)
What did she use to draw it??
Roxiethewolf (4 years ago)
crap o3o
CtRLzKittyKat (4 years ago)
she used photoshop elements! :3
jake digiugno (4 years ago)
SICK!Neon wolf FTW!
Charlotte Bennett (4 years ago)
-.- 'flesh it in' ??? Its Flesh It OUT
Charlotte Bennett (4 years ago)
Its ok, and thank you too.
Charlotte Bennett (4 years ago)
Hey, wanna' know something? You aren't the only one who has a shit life ok? Not everyone is treated well and for your information; I was raised in an abusive household. And when I was 7, I watched my dad being taken away to jail and mum to hospital. And just recently, my mother had a brain bleed. Look; I am sorry for what I have previously said to you, but I will NEVER tolerate anything thrown at me anymore and you should understand that. And dude, don't listen to other people especially those who put you down over a talent YOU have and they don't. I'm going over to your channel to check out your art OK? And just so you know, I was going through a bitchy/rough patch earlier. I am sorry. :) 
Charlotte Bennett (4 years ago)
There YOU go again. Look, just piss off ok? No one asked you to come into the argument and YOU are the one continuing it. You came here here and said don't continously argue yet youre doing it.
Charlotte Bennett (4 years ago)
Says the one who is trying to continue an argument but previously said don't continuously argue....
Hachiko Tsuki (4 years ago)
so nice Q____Q
Diana LPS (4 years ago)
Hey a year or two I watched this learned how to draw dogs :)Thank you!!! :D
Nicole Molina (4 years ago)
What the name of the first song because the second one is called wonderful human being
justin hight (4 years ago)
WTF just tried it 5 times on paper and keep f***ing it up. but then again i completely suck at drawing but still I'm watching it be done exactly how its supposed to. But seriously. Why cant i draw.
K9Guardian (4 years ago)
Lol just like me
Hayden Truelson (4 years ago)
(Sigh) I have the same problem, I try to draw something I have in my head or seen but for the life of me I cannot recreate it myself....It sucks
os.carr (4 years ago)
song name at 1:15 ?
Claw Bite (4 years ago)
Thank you so much! Helped a bunch!!
Fjord. (4 years ago)
This helped me so much! THnk yewwwwwws
GrimjawDarkman (4 years ago)
Rebecca Colavecchia (5 years ago)
What program do you use 
Ryno1542 (5 years ago)
Why is he Purple? Gay wolf :D
Damon Elmheart (5 years ago)
dude that is not easy but it is awesome
Emily Hossack (5 years ago)
Amazing sketch with some sick tunes!
Nininjanga Lioness (5 years ago)
on what program you're drawing?
The Gaming Wolf (5 years ago)
Do you use a graphics tablet or mouse
Eno TRAVmaL (5 years ago)
?????? ?????? (5 years ago)
Aw man.. this was the like first video that got me into drawing. Good times. 2008 jeeeeeze
svea kühn (5 years ago)
nice shadings o.O
Kira Aurora (5 years ago)
damn It is actually pretty nice even tho i make it with normal pencil xD
Wolflovers1234 (5 years ago)
@MidnightHowling you make layers. You draw the sketch thing, open a new layer (or a few) and flesh it and stuff :)
Neon Cat Lord (5 years ago)
that's absolutely amazing!
Luca Harper (5 years ago)
MidnightHowling (5 years ago)
How do you do that thing where you can select the drawing, then it deletes everything outside, like the excess colour...? I've always wanted to know that, but I couldn't figure out how....
Bella Gruchy (5 years ago)
Jordan A (5 years ago)
Whats the syestem you use
Deon tae (5 years ago)
awesome ;)
amanda lokka (5 years ago)
Omg Awesome!! Thank's so much, Just wut website did you draw this on?
kookiecat121 (5 years ago)
You made this drawing the day my sister was born, haha
Andreas (5 years ago)
"Haaaaveeeee youuuu ever seeen a wolf cry?" Awesome wolfy.
Isabelle Dann (5 years ago)
Omg thanks so much i needed help :P
krash (5 years ago)
After watching this a long time ago, you have inspired me. I'm looking back thinking how much I've improved.
TewatievTavi (5 years ago)
Twilightwolves13 (5 years ago)
Nice :)
Rize Game (5 years ago)
What programs did you use plus epic drawing
jay feather (5 years ago)
I LUV that wolf!!!!
Allanah thingymibob (5 years ago)
really helped me with my homework! Thanks ;)
thats so cool............... i love it great job. for anyone who wants it, the second and third song are together, its called human beings by cosmic gate, i'm not sure about the first song tho.
Zakazi z (5 years ago)
i watched this cideo a long time ago and I just watched it again because of this video it made me good at drawling wolf heads so I just need to work on the body
OSKAR GRAFFITI (5 years ago)
WolfenCaticus (5 years ago)
wow thats just idiotic
Zakazi z (5 years ago)
thx to you now im an expert at drawling wolf heads all I need to work on is the body
Kai Wolf (5 years ago)
i drew it on paper ....all i need to do is colour it btw i luv it (i swear i wont tell any 1 i drew it .. well i did but ur the proper owner xD
RubixSoul (5 years ago)
I drew it and it looks so awesome <3 seriously tho, Itll take me forever to understand the ear concept how the hell do animals (well most of em) flat out their ears but are still able to perk em up, I need to look at one *starts looking for neighbour's dog
Abby (5 years ago)
You can make it into a fox by making the snout smaller and make it have different markings
Abby (5 years ago)
It's also pink
Abby (5 years ago)
It's cartoon....
I love it I drew while watching the video step by step I don't think its horrible, but its better than i've ever gotten thank you!!
Laura Maurer (5 years ago)
very good
Iasonas Zaragas (5 years ago)
Hows the song called?
Lysie LuLu (5 years ago)
Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email my that picture it will mean slot to me, because i am an artist and i REALLY want to draw that but i don't know how on a computer, please message me on my channel and ill tell you my email. :) IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME IF YOU COULD SEND ME THIS ( I want to print it out, but dont worry, i won't tell anybody that i drew it i promise :)
Mr Colesterol (5 years ago)
which program u used to draw the wolf?
Ashen Wolf (5 years ago)
Very nice! Can u tell me how to delete all the extra paint? Keep up the good work!
Lili Dóra (5 years ago)
very well you treat your photoshop
NiMe RaiDer (6 years ago)
Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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