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We Swapped Curly Hair Routines... (ft. Jewejewebee)

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Jewellianna's Video: https://goo.gl/Y9AHFU My friend Jewellianna and I decided to do the Curly Hair Routine Swap Challenge! We have very different curly hair, so I was excited to see how this turned out! Do you think this is going to turn out good or bad? 🤔 -------------------------------------------------------- P R O D U C T S U S E D: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo Aussie Moist Conditioner ORS Olive Oil for Naturals Butter Creme Styling Smoothie Eco Styler Gel Krystal -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- LA Age- 21 -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Luhhsetty (5 months ago)
OBVIOUSLY our hair + routines are different, that's why we use different amounts and different products! It's all just an experience and was for fun! Make sure to check out Jewellianna's video on her channel 😊
Alicia Williams (3 days ago)
Luhhsetty hey
betty shepherd (4 days ago)
Just a tip Shannon just the scalp and condition the ends. If you shampoo the ends it dries the hair up from it natural oils and conditioner puts good oils in the hair.
Kelsie Gwandi (22 days ago)
Luhhsetty y’all guys are so cute and sweet and funny and soooooo nice
Brittany Davalos (25 days ago)
I think it's gonna work By the way can you pin this comment Please.
Alanna Zaragoza (25 days ago)
What is the song at 1:58?
Tiana Conrad (14 hours ago)
It will turn out good
Marissa Jones (1 day ago)
I think it will turn out bad
Alicia Hall (3 days ago)
Good x
Hannah Pretorius (3 days ago)
She is soooo pretty!!!😍💁🏽‍♀️
Lesley Reyes (3 days ago)
Check me out!!!! I will post curly hair tutorial soon
Alicia Williams (3 days ago)
Alicia Williams (3 days ago)
Camryn Seabrook (3 days ago)
Girl your hair is on fleek
Zemarriona Smith (3 days ago)
Princess Baaby (3 days ago)
She’s black so ofc it’s different for both of them it’s different hair types and textire
Veronika 1 (4 days ago)
Your hair is so freaking pretty
Tamia Golden (4 days ago)
Saray Hernandez (4 days ago)
I think good idk 🤔 ly btw 💜
Kalani Spurlock (5 days ago)
My hair is/has pretty much the same shape as yours, as I got older the curls started to lengthen. They are more wavy than curly like they used to be. I was wondering if you have any suggestions or knowledge of product that can rejuvenate or bring my curls back. I miss them🙁😕
Lila Swaro (5 days ago)
I think it will turn out good
Cathryn Riley (5 days ago)
Adria Ingram (6 days ago)
Carlos Reyes (6 days ago)
As a person who has curly hair I definitely understand what the struggle of using to much stuff into my head but it turned out great and I use all of the same stuff . I know about the grease
Chrishtx (6 days ago)
Prudence Martinez (6 days ago)
Omg you hit 1 mil
Samiha Begum (7 days ago)
What app do you use to make the intro? ❤️💖
RISHA QUEENN Martha (7 days ago)
That sampoo im use is soo good im my hair
Kelis Mosley (7 days ago)
Caroline Forest (7 days ago)
I LOVE curly hair, I think its SO pretty!!!!!! but it looks like SO MUCH WORK! then here I am with my boring ass, straight, naturally nordic quality hair. not even 'white people hair' its nordic, meaning you can do nthing to it, if I curl it, it will last like max an hour before its flat again, no matter how much product or what product I use.
Sxpreme Kutunya (7 days ago)
Shahida Begum (8 days ago)
How do they keep there hair untangled while doing a shower even if u brush ur hair before the shower.
Amber Steward (8 days ago)
I think its gonna be good
Jasmine Rojas (8 days ago)
good ??
ItsKiraKk (8 days ago)
It's going to turn out great!😇
2Sue 4You (8 days ago)
It’s gonna turn out eh
GianaMR21plays (9 days ago)
I think it’s an turn out good
Ariyonna Jackson (9 days ago)
Keziah Speed (9 days ago)
What are you a mix of you are so pretty
Sunflower Hippie (10 days ago)
Your Hair Is A Little Thinner Then Hers But Good Job 👏🏼
Zari B. (10 days ago)
Jewelianas hair has a thicker curl pattern and just thicker hair in general thats why it didn’t work the same .
Jonnell Walker (10 days ago)
It looks good
Julier Reis (10 days ago)
Bad, you don't have all JeweJewe density 🤣
Yoonmin Jenlisa (10 days ago)
Good <3
Jenali Arzuaga (10 days ago)
Tip don’t scrub conditioner into your scalp because it makes your scalp oily. Take some, put it in your hair and what ever is left on your hands (which should be a little bit) you can put it on top just don’t scrub it on your scalp. I started doing this and now my scalp doesn’t get oily.
DarlingNikki2 (7 days ago)
Exactly. Conditioner is for the bulk of your hair, not your scalp. I never put conditioner directly on my scalp, but I do make sure to get the perimeter hair, being careful to only use a little bit.
Jenali Arzuaga (10 days ago)
Also this is just my opinion. This what I like to do. I don’t have curly hair but it should work on any. But again this is my way that I like to do conditioner. Also your hair will get oily if you don’t take a shower or wash your hair for a little bit. But also it might depends on your type of hair
Genny Vlogs (11 days ago)
Faith Aliese (11 days ago)
on vouge logan uploaded a video on her curly hair I think you should try her routine too!!
Family Tab (12 days ago)
My sister my sister said that you have a weird name but obviously she's jealous
Gail Hyrka (12 days ago)
i think you should have used the right conditioner lol
Skylialockett (12 days ago)
Isabella Shywee (12 days ago)
Hazel Mendoza (12 days ago)
it will be good
Evelyn Gadson (13 days ago)
I have to say your hair looks a lil more dry then hers tho... it’s still beautiful but it could use a lil more products to look a lil more moist. Love your videos
Kamsberly Borgella (13 days ago)
MaKayla Eggleston (13 days ago)
maili negretti (13 days ago)
good boo
Sarina LeMoine (13 days ago)
I bet it'll look pretty good
Sumiya Carter (13 days ago)
Can you please tell me what you do to put up your hair at night?
Alaysia Beaty (13 days ago)
You murdered them edges boo 💞💗!
Asmaa Khalid (15 days ago)
Ofc it’s gonna turn out good 😻😻😻
xXautumnxspace Xx (15 days ago)
GIRL I LOVEEE UR HAIR! I want that hair!
Juliana Angus (15 days ago)
My name is juliana
Slaying Momo (15 days ago)
well duh i think it’s going to look great 👍🏼
Silvia Dominguezbodie (15 days ago)
Defenition tho 100% i think if she mixed her routine with jewjew bee her hair would be bomb❤😘
Angela Davis (15 days ago)
Girl just saying the actual curls are cute but the gap at the top of your hair looks crazy. Why is it so flat? Even in the beginning of the video before you tried the other girls routine....you should fix that makes it look like a bad wig.
Brittaney LaNegra (16 days ago)
Gel and then heat... sounds like it's going to be crunchy.
Amore Moore (16 days ago)
The first girl was complaining so much 🙊😭
Denki Kaminari (14 days ago)
Amore Moore u mean luhsetty
Annette Henderson (17 days ago)
Your hair is not as thick as hers. You dont need that much product.
Angel Moore (17 days ago)
its gon turn out great
Zarina Kosseh (17 days ago)
It's gonna look lovely on your hair
اريام احمد. (17 days ago)
Jarisa Morales (18 days ago)
Girl I love the result 😻😻 it turned out nice on you!
TionnaaLovee (19 days ago)
Kelly Walker (19 days ago)
Star ks (20 days ago)
Christa Boysie (20 days ago)
JJ Squad (20 days ago)
yall has different hair textures but to ne it looks the same💞
noel moore (20 days ago)
i love y our visdo zion nichols
Dari SaysWhatSheThink (20 days ago)
Kalika Sinha (20 days ago)
Her hair is thicker that's y she uses that much product. .u should have used less amount if it..so simple. .less products.. more natural ..
Jessica Lily (21 days ago)
Ugly Bratz (21 days ago)
she looks similar to liza koshy
lozzy PoP (22 days ago)
I have what you call easy curly hair. I can wash it loads and its OK. I don't need much shampoo or conditioner. I just have to be careful what I use. I only have to use 1 styling product and 1 oil and I don't use much of it. I also can blow dry my hair from wet. I feel very fortunate lol. Lots of curly girls have to have a huge routine.
Random Diamondz TV (22 days ago)
This is gonna turn great
EmmiElevated - (22 days ago)
She came off a bit of a sour puss in this video, the faces she was making wasn't necessarily "funny" she looked more annoyed. & low key that was coming off rude, like no duh it was gonna be different y'all have different hair but it seem like she was coming at jewjew's routine. & in my opinion plus many others I think luh needa start doing this more because this is like damn near the best her curls looked.
Vondre Smith (22 days ago)
demincia parker (22 days ago)
Ur hair is go come out right
Sarah Love (23 days ago)
Rose R (24 days ago)
Both of you ladies have beautiful hair. I wish I had curly hair.
charlie mcandrew (24 days ago)
At 2:04 you looked like Lisa koshey
[404] [ERRØR] (12 days ago)
charlie mcandrew Liza Koshy*
Mia Winterburn (25 days ago)
You look so cute 😍
Leanna Gludd (25 days ago)
Aaliyah Ebanks (25 days ago)
Sarah (25 days ago)
Izzy ¿thepankid¿ (25 days ago)
Song at 1:58?
P. H (25 days ago)
Question: Do full black people have Afro-type hair and mixed people have the curly hair or does it just depend? X
Realene McFarlane (18 days ago)
+fia videos but u still don't have to be mixed. I'm not mixed but people think I am BC of my hair
fia videos (18 days ago)
Yeah. I’m mixed and i have very loose 2c-3a-3b hair and my brother has 3c-4a-4b hair
Realene McFarlane (19 days ago)
It depends on genetics doesn't matter whether ur mixed or nah
Denise Zaragoza (25 days ago)
Sean Woods (26 days ago)
Jayla Keith (26 days ago)
herhair is sooooo pretty im jelous
Perla Alvarado (26 days ago)
I swear everyone has these James Charles intros not hating on her by the way
Ajah Harston (26 days ago)
Its going to look so bomb
Josue Garcia (26 days ago)
It be gucci
Alanna Zaragoza (26 days ago)
Alanna Zaragoza (26 days ago)
Song at 1:58?

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