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Steve Harvey - Online Dating with the help of Zoosk

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Steve meets singles who've never tried internet dating! See what happens when they try it for the first time using Zoosk.com! Steve shares his three rules for a successful first date and gets expert advice for finding love in cyberspace!
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Text Comments (33)
rmchevelle (2 years ago)
While I agree with some of the comments about these dating sites being scams I do know of more than one couple who met on an online dating site. In fact, one of the couples met on Zoosk and is now happily married! Just be smart and be cautious!
claritycentral (3 years ago)
This is what keeps the relationship going. Some see a beautiful guy, sleep with him then expect a second date. He knows all he needs to know and it is not in your favour. Steve is right....keep him interested and hold yourself like a lady. There is a reason he has not found someone just like that. He is looking for a diamond, not costume jewellery.
hubbi hayi (3 years ago)
He is so handsome damn.
MsSaunders7 (3 years ago)
She should have prayed first and dropped this online dating...... "But if u really want to be foolish..... At least run a "BACKGROUND CHECK" !!!!!!! first" !!!!!
Yoshua D'Hebrew (3 years ago)
Who would deny her?
Laquila M (3 years ago)
hahaha I love this "Keep him thirsty like water."
Shabana Ramzan (3 years ago)
I think its only me but did he really meet her online or did steve find the guy himself?? to quick and to perfect. Confused, anyone??? :))
Mark Goforth (3 years ago)
Zoosk is full of fake profiles. And even after you sign up you're still not a full a member until you buy more coins. Still have more luck with POF
stlouis oxy (2 years ago)
+Shabana Ramzan ton ton Nisha
Ivan Diablo (3 years ago)
+Mark Goforth all those dating sites want u to spend money !
Greg C (3 years ago)
pof sucks i had one reply in one month
Shabana Ramzan (3 years ago)
+Mark Goforth Totally agree pof is good
Charles Gordon (3 years ago)
steve please help me save my merriage
Godschild_Channy (3 years ago)
she learns fast
hyacinthdibley (3 years ago)
I hate that all her pictures were professionally done...and she should look a little darker in them. Just saying.
Dee Dee (2 years ago)
+hyacinthdibley professional/model pictures = big negative. Men want to see YOU how you are in day to day life not when you are dressed to impress in the perfect lighting.
hyacinthdibley (3 years ago)
+boyz2man No i haven't heard of it. I will look it up. Thanks.
Shabana Ramzan (3 years ago)
+hyacinthdibley your right about that:)
hyacinthdibley (3 years ago)
AWW. She is so adorable.
Fher 23 (3 years ago)
oh my, this girl looks so vulnerable and that guy knows exactly what he is doing and what she wants to hear lol
Jeremy (3 years ago)
pictures look too professional = FAKEEEEE
Honest Lee (3 years ago)
Zoosk, really? the statistics show that 80% in divorced people point out that Zoosk ruined their marriage. Zoosk sponsored the show, making an advert, right? Zoosk NEVER check it clients background for safety.
DBG (3 years ago)
zoosk, really? lol. One of the worst sites to use for online dating.
Melsy Gray (3 years ago)
Oh my god, she's so cute! I die whenever she puffs up her cheeks. <3
stefanie mortelmans (4 years ago)
The guy keeps licking his lips.... that means something :p
Indigo Indigo Bae (5 years ago)
But stay away from Zoosk! Nothing but poor reviews from women users!
Indigo Indigo Bae (5 years ago)
Ha! I copied her profile too! It was a bit generic so i added my personal spice but overall, I really enjoyed this clip!
DJ Fahim (5 years ago)
i m using zoosk but not losing hope , and need help but i would like every one to use it i love it ,
Dynonta' Robinson (5 years ago)
just to let everyone know that Donta is my cousin
M00 (5 years ago)
hunter collins (5 years ago)
I think I've seen him on another dating show or reality show
Tasha Hammond (5 years ago)
Werk it Chundria!
experience (5 years ago)
damnnn she is sexyyyyyyyyy.. steve hook me up...

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