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The Royal Mint Shop!

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A look around the gift shop at The Royal Mint Experience! Be sure to subscribe for more content (^_^)
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Paranoid Philosopher (3 months ago)
Excellent shop indeed.. Might go to the royal mint itself for 30th birthday.. 😃 Amazing footage as always, mate.👍
Blossom (8 months ago)
Oh u have this shop in london pls can u tell me where it'll save me on travelling too far.. will appreciate it ☺☺☺☺
Стас ! (1 year ago)
Tell me where he is
Richard UK (1 year ago)
I am not a coin collector but there is so much in that shop that I would like, the presentation cases and cards really appeal to me, I really like the look of the Britannia and Royal coins
umew (1 year ago)
Did you get anything?
Vermilion Studios (1 year ago)
Yep, i got the mug with 'royal mint experience' on it, along with a guidebook, fridge magnet, and a couple of coin presentation packs, the latter i have made videos of and will try and get those uploaded in the next couple of days :).
umew (1 year ago)
Still processing for an hour mate
umew (1 year ago)
Vermilion Studios thanks
Vermilion Studios (1 year ago)
Nah, not processing, just uploading, when i start an upload i get all the info and thumbnails sorted and click publish straight away, then i'm able to just leave it running (i've had videos doing that for several hours before, it's just you're the first to notice lol) until the video is ready, should be fine now :)

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