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Runes of magic 55 Mage gameplay HD

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This video was recorded with fraps on my new computer. I currently dont have a good weapon and no good stats at all. But i decided to make a video anyway. Enjoy, comment ads subscribe pls!
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Ayyub azid (5 years ago)
Do you hit 17 to 22 k on same level and elites? I hit about 7 to 11k or so but on nooby mobs I can hit well over 20k
Stephen Cook (6 years ago)
im a new player and i have a lvl 11 human knight. I too used to be a wow player but my acc got hacked and i did not want to pay so much money all the time so I quit wow and started to play runes of magic. I still play wow casually but on my friend liams account
Sören Schmidt (6 years ago)
big tits :-) :-) :-) :-)
petrisor tundra (6 years ago)
thi game it's coll im palyng :D im download now :D:D:D
Fabricio Ferreira (6 years ago)
does this game got AOE skills?
Go Easy xD (6 years ago)
lol i was hitting 20k+ with backstab alone at 55
Ching Pow Wing Wow (6 years ago)
@jungskater1 I'm Scout. But I hit 60 000 not 20 000.
Magnus Paulsen (6 years ago)
Same as onlinekiller99 but i started for 4 days ago : DD
Daniel (6 years ago)
no deeps
Desi gn (6 years ago)
i`m Mage too. But i hit 20 000 not 3000
Mainmai (6 years ago)
@MagicalAlpaca yees, its worth
Steelroo (7 years ago)
should i download this?
AteYourBaby13 (7 years ago)
@shadowchild13B @AteYourBaby13 thats.. because.. its... a different game? i said equivalent... not exact. i found those classes to be similar in the way its played.
AteYourBaby13 (7 years ago)
he is lvl 55?! lol, u can see he is only lvl 53. but my mage/druid at lvl 52 atm hits 3x harder then this. is he wearing whites? lol he does however have more buffs then me... lol. but i'd rather hit harder then have a buff or two. not to mention i 2 can heal myself
AteYourBaby13 (7 years ago)
@bluesnake202 mage/druid so much more fun. hehe. u can also heal, but u get spells later on for mage (elite skills) that are obnoxiously awesome!
AteYourBaby13 (7 years ago)
@shadowchild13B lol. knight/mage - warrior/rogue - both equivalent to the DK in many ways.
AteYourBaby13 (7 years ago)
@fireshshadow92 until u realize to actually be the best, with the best gear u need to buy dia's from the item shop. so u can clean stat ur gear and 'plus' ur armor and equipment. no game is truely truely free. i play this game. you wont have to buy dia's until lvl 55 honestly tho, but it takes 2 days to become lvl 55 lol. did for me anyways.
JayD3ify (7 years ago)
this game looks pretty freakin sweet, thanks for postin this vid, i may download it :D
Vollybear (7 years ago)
to all new players: DON'T even try to play this game!!!!!!!!!! trust me I've tried and got to lvl 54 mage/priest it was about two months of playing then i realized that you actually can't play and i say CAN'T play this game after this lvl because u need to buy diamonds for real cash if u want to play to lvl cap of 67. and mind u that game crashes all the time has millions of bug and hackers..... my point is don't start this game if u don't want to get disappointed!!!
al3jand2o (7 years ago)
very good
Yang Xiao Long (7 years ago)
@ibotah not at all, you just need motivation and dedication, the hard part is getting really good gear
Daniel Schnare (7 years ago)
why the hell do people fight over what games better who the hell cares ive played wow for 5 years im pretty bored of the game im downloading this game as i type this honestly it might not be as good as wow but its a new game for me so i can tell ill have more fun being a noob at this game for a month or two then sit in wow on my lvl 85 doing shit all becuase ive done it all
Aida Bektic (7 years ago)
wow,s beter
Adam Willis (7 years ago)
@MrDeamos or for people who realize there are some aspects of RoM that are better than WoW, such as the dual classing system...
Tom Alb. (7 years ago)
@ibotah no its not hard its easy!
Deadcore143 (7 years ago)
Is their P2P on runes of magic???
Maestro1984 (7 years ago)
I'm level 99 magic
Vít Skala (7 years ago)
@xionzHD thanks
Vít Skala (7 years ago)
I felt in love :P AWESOMEEEEEEE :* whats max lvl in RoM?
Sam Muff (7 years ago)
Lol the interface looks exactly like WoW's -_-
Lord (7 years ago)
u arent good, u know that?i have a lvl 46mage/46priest and i kill 8x lvl 49 at onece with mage and priest. and i got 5k life
JulesThomall (7 years ago)
you aren't good. you've got not enough damage and LP
Finance Self Education (7 years ago)
I'm on lvl56 and doing 20k flame to them.
sirnoly (7 years ago)
lvl 55 and 3k with flame lol im lvl 34 and i do 2.5k with flame
MrVaan97 (7 years ago)
loveee thisss gameeeeeeeeeeeee
GermanPlayerHD (7 years ago)
@ibotah oohh yess it is!
Iamtrasi (7 years ago)
I like the fact that I decide how much or how little I spend if I spend anything at all. Im level 55 with nice stated gear. I have bought it all with in game gold and only money I have spent is for "other" goodies.... I have played WoW and like RoM much better.
strgtscntst1 (7 years ago)
@gsoccerstar he's saying that in order to be any good at the game you need to spend money regularly to get items and stuff. It's pay-to-win, not pay-to-play. This is one reason i actually play WoW instead of stuff like this normally. only reason i'm looking at it is 'cause my brothers don't want to pay for their games. The best games DO come with a price tag, guys.
Aurelius27x (7 years ago)
How gimped would you be in this game if you bought zero things from the item shop is what I'm wondering. Can you still enjoy the PvE at least well enough without them?
Johan Bergström (7 years ago)
Wannabe WoW? no im just kidding i hate wow... mkay
Takumi Fujiwara (7 years ago)
I poland
Takumi Fujiwara (7 years ago)
Plietsch3 (7 years ago)
@Zeerius7 There are a bunch of bots and goldsellers. -.-
Donilito (7 years ago)
First impressions: -Copied WoW
ullerman002 (7 years ago)
hey everybody im looking for an RoM acc with a high lvl..... i will give u an steam acc with left 4 dead 2 on it pm me for more info;D
gastongurka (7 years ago)
@Zeerius7 so if you don't have the money to play with all your geeky freinds play this but yea i have the money to play wow
Abysmal Lord (7 years ago)
@MoonMage7 Dude, with those specs, you should be playing Rift when it comes out in march.
Simba (7 years ago)
@SuperREEKi doesnt work, mages can throw spells to keep you at a distance, then kill you.
Ritsjuhhh (8 years ago)
@ibotah no
ibotah (8 years ago)
Is it hard to get to level 55??
KohryuTheRaptor666 (8 years ago)
just around 2k matk on lv 55.... wtf ?
GreenSmog17 (8 years ago)
this looks great, and no monthly fees is definately a great reason to get this free game!
Ryan Thomas (8 years ago)
i just downloaded this game and installed it so add me im lvl 1 lol my in game name is Blackoutx
thecsslife (8 years ago)
Im watching this video at now level 60 cap
olfan92 (8 years ago)
@scorpiongold the human females cast spells the same as in wow ;)
olfan92 (8 years ago)
@MoonMage7 with 4 gb ram you can play it more than perfectly lol its a f2p..
Daniel Stanford (8 years ago)
@Olodius 10x better than wow and you are only lvl 10, eh? youre a moron. and no, i dont play wow or rom
Stavaana (8 years ago)
this game has long download but iits worth it in the end!!! XD
Teddy Gilbert (8 years ago)
never will be as good as WoW
Rowenor (8 years ago)
what is the best class combination ?
Neurion (8 years ago)
@nielsfrombelgium go to the haven of departure thing or something like that ;)
Hati Chaudhry (8 years ago)
Allods sucks ass.... IMO. ^.^
Oscar Bengtson (8 years ago)
Nice video spelar också rom! vad andvänder du för rec program till dina filmer???? jag andvänder fraps men det laggar när man spelar in :S
SuperiorBeen (8 years ago)
@SoulMasterGC This game too! :)
Jinx TheLooseCannon (8 years ago)
MrPichi01 (8 years ago)
whats ur funserver?
InspieringEpicVideos (8 years ago)
Great game, but slow EXP rate, in my opinion.
JTLin (8 years ago)
my knight deals more dmg XD at 53 too lol
terminator318 (8 years ago)
lol lvl cap is raised t 58
天龍1606 (8 years ago)
Its an impressive attempt at making a Wow - FFXI Hybrid.
DCAMM720 (8 years ago)
@raphael498 allods is probably the best free mmorpg other than RoM. It's fairly well balanced better than most mmo's.
cpillarie (8 years ago)
its not a WoW copy, its a game on its own. it may have similareties, but all games do, WoW isnt the first MMO, stop acting as if it is.
Den Den Mushi (8 years ago)
ALLODS IS CRAP it just looks good i removed it from pc after hour of playing it
ebin ebun (8 years ago)
One of the best WoW copy is Allods. Watch some videos of it. It has really good graphics and you can be like Alliance or Horde. And you have many race choices and class choices.
Electropretzel (8 years ago)
well I have something to say about this vide: crap :) seriously...WTF?
Shy852 (8 years ago)
@tyranix123 stfu about wow wow is gay
Lorenzo (8 years ago)
I just started this game and what was that stunning move you used?
Scorpixi (8 years ago)
How did you made that there isn't only the percent of live shown, but the lifepoints and the percent of live? for example 13000/20350 ( 52% )
Razo (8 years ago)
you are 53 not 55 xD
Valestrom (8 years ago)
I dont like allods lol, downloaded it in first closed beta i dont really like the non auto attack thing
Baron Basti (8 years ago)
@tubewatcher93 priest ;
tubewatcher93 (8 years ago)
what ur secondary class?
JTLin (8 years ago)
You need to tier up your weapon or get a better gear and stats cuz my friend at 50 could double hit kill the nagas at naga outpost.
scorpiongold (8 years ago)
TSS. thanks alot then ;D
Fazef (8 years ago)
now u got a comment ;)

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