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Trying on 3 MONCLER ZIN JACKETS | Full Review

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Just sold a green Moncler Zin so wanted to show you the jacket, plus 3 others in the same style. I prefer the Moncler Zin to the Moncler Maya personally and since I had the jackets in I thought I might as well do a quick review of them.Enjoy
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Text Comments (73)
BattlingPhoenix (1 year ago)
How do I contact you so I can purchase a red zin (if available)
How To Tutorials (2 years ago)
Hello I love these puffer coats they look so warm and cozy what is your eBay I need a puffer coat
Clara (2 years ago)
its jetsetjones
wag1 (2 years ago)
what was the stoney jacket in the intro mate?
xViiBeZz-ixJLD (2 years ago)
where can i get my hands on 1 of these in navy or black
Dax Romero (3 years ago)
http://m.ebay.com/itm/MONCLER-KARAK-Black-shiny-nylon-padded-jacket-with-Certilogo-Sz-4-XL-/301821491986?nav=SEARCH PLEASE HELP ME.... I CANT TELL IF THIS JACKET IS A FAKE 😕
Z Holland (3 years ago)
how did you become a representative ?? im looking to get into the same scene as im heavily into fashion as such and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? love the video and keep up the good work bro.
Anønymøus Víds (3 years ago)
Like your Canada goose hat what's it called
bajan shooter (3 years ago)
I'm feeling all of these jackets man they look ill. That Canada goose looks sick too.
Neil Taylor (3 years ago)
Thinking of a Moncler athenes jacket, what's your opinion??
Junaid Khan (3 years ago)
You sell stuff bro ?
Topper Harley (3 years ago)
You're going to Hamburg this week ? New Stone Island store has just been opened there ;)
TheDankyDinosaur (3 years ago)
what instrumental is this?????? at like 5 minutes
Can some tell me how much the brown one probably cost🤔
PSGamerz (3 years ago)
Love the moncler Zin's, mad ones !!
Mohammed Ghulam (3 years ago)
really nice jackets ur ballin on the moncler jackets
Burness Orr (3 years ago)
Yo bro that Zin jacket is wicked i need you to source me one in a size 7 bro
manny sher (3 years ago)
yes bro smashed it again loving the yellow zin! you cant beat the comfort of the zin smashes the maya all day!
Dalton Lamari (2 years ago)
+manny sher does it feel too puffy?
tomahawk (3 years ago)
great vid
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+tomahawk Thanks bro,
Robbie Ostle (3 years ago)
Sick review
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Robbie Ostle Nice one bro, got tons coming mate, stay tuned
Ya Boy Jordan (3 years ago)
Soooo fucking happy. Won an eBay auction for a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts. Paid £320 and could sell for about £500 if I wanted to :)
X F (3 years ago)
Love how they did the inner ski vest
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Serhat G It class really adds character
Lucas L (3 years ago)
Does anyone know how tall he is?
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Lucas L I think he's around 6ft mate,
Callum Fitzsimmons (3 years ago)
If your looking for a good jacket try and have a look Pyrenex jacket very good
Callum Fitzsimmons (2 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend there so warm and good quality
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Callum Fitzsimmons Yeh seen a few people rocking em no, looks so nice
Nice jackets mate really like the green one also nice goose hat
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+MrEleven1181 - PC Gaming In 1080p Thanks man, that goose hat is soooo warm, silly cheese tho
Ricky Gill (3 years ago)
That yellow zin is on a another level, let me know if you ever get hold of them in size 3 please. Hitching for another Moncler jacket from you, keep me posted
Ricky Gill (2 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend thanks bro, anything pops my msg me
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Ricky Gill Defo, bro, still looking for an edward for ya.
Jake SP (3 years ago)
Like you I think the zin is better than the Maya! Another good vid!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+University Jake Defo, peeps just like the maya cos of drake vid I reckon.
TRIPLEESS MASON (3 years ago)
Finally a new upload 😂 been waiting for time
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+C Jesus HAH< nice g, didn't keep you to long I hope
Billy (3 years ago)
amazing review as usual👕👊
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Billy Watkinson Thank you bro.
Anon (3 years ago)
Been missing your videos, thanks for making them.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+DubplateMelter Thanks mate, needed a few days break, ws putting mad content out at one point,
мαя¢υs (3 years ago)
btw the videos still doing them weird glitches and freezes 6:40
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+мαя¢υs I know man, was really doing my nut that man.
Pablo Saiz (3 years ago)
Great vid man look forward to Hamburg vid
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+leeds utd cauals Thanks bro, glad you liked the vid man
мαя¢υs (3 years ago)
looking clean with that stony jacket and canada goose hat mate. good video one of the nicest moncler jackets 👍👍👍
Sam (3 years ago)
nice vid g whats your snapchat?
мαя¢υs (3 years ago)
Hi 123 (3 years ago)
Love the jacket, hoxton is that the canada goose you told me about
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Bossman Meric Yes mate, love the CG
Gurk Lohia (3 years ago)
Could u get in a himalaya in red size 3-4 I've been trying to find one but I got no luck and wicked video man
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Gurk Lohia Never seen red, just got one in yellow and black, review this week
Bubba Balk (3 years ago)
Can you legit check vintage or pre 2000 Moncler?
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Bubba Balk No unfortunately, no authentication system was used back then.
Mr. GG (3 years ago)
Are gonna do a giveaway anytime soon?
Seth Van Der Molen (3 years ago)
Yessss a video
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Seth Van Der Molen Yess a watcher!!!! Nice g!
Steven T (3 years ago)
Great video again man, all them jackets are sick was able to spot a few fakes when I was at school because of all your videos man
Steven T (3 years ago)
+Perfectionist I must of seen at least 2 fake monclers and a couple of fake stone island 😂
Ya Boy Jordan (3 years ago)
Same bro, would be surprised how many people at my school wear fakes
Lewis Beckett-Smith (3 years ago)
Loving the trainers on snap chat mate
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Lewis Beckett-Smith Thanks bro, stay tuned tons coming mate
Hari Dray (3 years ago)
Another sick video man! Loved all the jackets
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Hari Dray Thanks bro.
Predrag Ristic (3 years ago)
Love the vid and jackets bro! Yellow one looks perfect!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Predrag Ristic Wish they had my size tho, yeh jacket was ill for sure
lukadabuca (3 years ago)
Yes bro!!! Loving what you do. Keep up the good work! Luke.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+lukadabuca Thanks bro, support appreciated man
Sadie Zimmer (3 years ago)
Selfriges have the air max 1 camo ultra moire size 10 pls get them in
AceNoob (3 years ago)
I think he got them already

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