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Today I am going to share a NEW affordable food haul! I went to Trader Joes where I found organic clean and healthy groceries along with some other goodies - and stay on budget! I am currently vegetarian, pescatarian on my weakest days, and vegan on my best! Im working on it! I also allow my son to pick foods he enjoys while I continue to encourage him to make healthy choices! If I missed anything, or you have a suggestion or request - share now in the comments below! ♡FOLLOW ME Instagram: http://bit.ly/IGSccastaneda Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetSonia Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBSonia Snapchat: sccastaneda FTC: NON Sponsored!
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Jennifer Harris (7 days ago)
I was literally eating those olives while watching this haul! I have the same stomach issues when I eat anything spicy...makes me so sad! TFS!
Susan Anderson (9 days ago)
Can you share your nail polish brand and color?
FrugalMommaNTheWoods (11 days ago)
I love those little sweet bell peppers I buy a bag at least twice a month
FrugalMommaNTheWoods (11 days ago)
Yummy, I love vegies, hope your having a great week, I love broccoli and Brussels sprouts, all yummy stuff butter lettuce is good,
tg12331 (11 days ago)
What kind of wax do those cotton food wraps use? I’ve been trying to find ones that don’t use beeswax
Amy Bartlett (12 days ago)
Would love to see a video on how you make your tuna sandwiches. Sounds amazing!
Jassyjay (13 days ago)
I’m obsessed with grocery hauls! Please keep them coming thank you for the tip on the cilantro!
Petra Bisson (15 days ago)
If you eat fish and seafood, you’re not a vegetarian but a pescatarian. 😊
Lovely Angela (16 days ago)
Your voice sounds like Desi Perkins
mary taite (16 days ago)
You can also chop your cilantro out it in an ice cube tray and freeze it.
mary taite (16 days ago)
I don't understand. What is that other boy eat petite fillet? This is school lunch. Tell his mom to control the mini monster.
Hailey Miller (17 days ago)
Those are the beat chips! I have those on stock
Martha Duff (18 days ago)
I loved hearing the dogs ,they were so cute.that was the best part of the haul.
Liz Rivas (19 days ago)
Omg I love your look😍 so fall! Btw I loveeeee those sweet peppers i stuff them with some cheese and grill them or wrap them in aluminum foil and stick them in the oven sooooo good for snacking😋
ahdia olomi (19 days ago)
I actually chop my cilantro up and wash them than ziplock them and freeze them.
ahdia olomi (19 days ago)
Shes diabetic?
enneirda07 (19 days ago)
The regular everyday grocery store sells produce with out plastic...
S*A*E*I AGUILAR (19 days ago)
You should lay off on all that processed food, full of conservatives, its healthier to make evrything from scratch with fresh ingredients.
S*A*E*I AGUILAR (13 days ago)
Lol, preservatives! I mixed in my spanish there.
SuperHellokitty1973 (13 days ago)
S*A*E*I AGUILAR processed foods are full of Republicans, who knew🤩
Gladys Alejandrez (19 days ago)
Story time on how you and Jude handle bullies!!!
ivi122 (19 days ago)
You don’t have to be vegan. You can eat healthy and in moderation. I just honestly don’t understand why people deprive themselves of things they like. For example, I love ice cream but I’m trying to lose weight and get healthier so I’m just eating it in moderation about once or twice a month. It’s not worth depriving yourself bec we only live once... if you want a piece of cake or cheese then go for it in moderation of course
ivi122 (19 days ago)
What happened to you vlogs? I love them
A C (20 days ago)
I do the same thing with my cilantro. I wonder if it's a Mexican thing! My suegra does it too
Emma Holmgren (20 days ago)
I love your grocery hauls, I find them very entertaining! Guess i'm just really nosy as well lol
Mommieonamission (21 days ago)
Can you talk about that bomb tuna sandwich?? 👀 lol
Brianna Magana (21 days ago)
aw those tuna sandwiches sound good though! 🎒👦🏻 the kids at my daughters school made fun of her batman thermos cus its ‘only for boys’ i tell her they’re just jealous lol Great Haul 👍😄
Iris Lopez (21 days ago)
Wow I didn’t realize intermittent fasting and keto diet helped if diabetic. It’s so hard to go many hours without eating ! 😞 hope you can maybe do a video on the topic the Latino community and other communities need the awareness and education.
raecat90 (21 days ago)
I would love to see a video about Jude's lunches. Sorry that boy is bullying him
Michelle Rittmeyer (21 days ago)
Google the cowboy caviar recipe omgggg so good.it’s baked and would pair perfect with those chips
Michelle Rittmeyer (21 days ago)
Are you type 1 or 2 diabetic
ivi122 (19 days ago)
Michelle Rittmeyer I’m sure she’s type 2 since she’s overweight
Jasmine Leonardi (21 days ago)
Amazon has some great useable wraps and reusable zipper snack, sandwich and quart sizes for packing Jude’s lunch.
Adaywithjay (22 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 OMG i love penny and beastooo!
Sandra Servin (22 days ago)
Sonia i love ur videos u r doing great keep it up i totally love when u add what Chris eats helps me to get ideas for my hubby's lunch hope yall r doing great
Carol Montoya (22 days ago)
Those veggie flaxseed chips are good. I make like a ceviche tuna and eat it with them chips and it’s delicious.
Priscilla M. (22 days ago)
That's a nice idea how you put your cilantro in the glass jar like that I always throw mines in the drawer and a few days later it's wilted and soggy.
SandraB (22 days ago)
Always enjoy your food hauls
Crissa Ohashi (22 days ago)
Tell me why, when your dogs were barking I thought it was my dogs and almost jumped out of my bed to tell them to be quiet. 😂😂😂
E G. (22 days ago)
Im the same way with dairy. After I had my first kid my stomache was not having it. I still eat it but yea.
Bre Alexandria (22 days ago)
Loved the haul!! I wanna go to Trader Joe’s right now! Lol
Hope Love (22 days ago)
Girl that tuna sandwich is Gourmet! My kids get mayo&tuna on bread 😅
Angie (22 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with you mamma. Did you know that humans are the only species to consume milk after infancy? Your body is just reacting the way it should, because it doesn’t need it/want it. Definitely heading to Trader Joe’s for some goodies!! Love your food hauls ❤️
Karla L (22 days ago)
Love your food haul videos!!!
Charger Mommy (22 days ago)
I absolutely just love your grocery hauls, I wish you did more💕 but thank you for sharing 👍
Christal Williams (22 days ago)
New subbie!! Love your channel. I didn't see the link to the playlist 🙁 but I know where to go. Lol. Definitely do a video on that tuna sandwich recipe (sounds so good) and how are you liking keto? Think I'll go binge watch your hauls now. 😄
lizza more (22 days ago)
Im never going back to trader joes i had their mac and cheese and omg i got so sick like immediately 2 hrs later their stuff always has recalls because of listeria and salmonella im done with them ill stick to sprouts
Shaunnice Cage (13 days ago)
lizza more the bread is always a day or two about to expire 🤦‍♀️
baby blue (22 days ago)
What happened to ur channel?? Like u had like 35000 vievs now u cant get 2000?? I love u and it makes me so sad
Laura Juarez (23 days ago)
Love your food hauls miss your recipes that tuna sounds bomb I need that recipe... been very curious to try Keto myself
Martha H (23 days ago)
Sonia! Where is all the fun stuff!😆 great video!😉 love your trader Joe's hauls.
Kristine Almario (23 days ago)
I honestly don't understand why you don't have at least 1mil subs. I've watched you since the beginning and have always enjoyed your content.
Karen Villanueva (23 days ago)
Obsessed with Trader Joes! Tomorrow morning going to get most of the items from your haul! GURL
Nancy Barrientos (23 days ago)
Can you make videos of what Jude has for lunch at school?
Krystal C (23 days ago)
I think those mangos do have added sugar. They have the other ones that have no added ingredients 👍🏻 I love your nails!!
Joanna Dodd (20 days ago)
Yep, the ones she bought are the ones with sugar.
Mariana Hyatt (23 days ago)
Love your food hauls!
Gee Gar (23 days ago)
yes! please add story time on a vlog or something :)
Kara Denise (23 days ago)
Aww the baby watermelon💖
wondernessful (23 days ago)
They don’t always have them, but I have purchased cotton candy grapes at Ralph’s and target and Costco. Sam’s Club also has them and sprouts
Morena Haze (23 days ago)
Love your food hauls! And the packaging sounds are so satisfying lol 💕
Shaybay R (23 days ago)
I wants and I needs everything in this grocery haul. I'm so encouraged by your weight loss and will power I am doing my best to eat better! Thank you for a Friday post!! 💚💚💚
louisvigirl3 (23 days ago)
Oh and I forgot can u do more Aldi hauls I have not gone to the chino hills one, and lol on the cart quarter thing did u get your quarter back after you left your cart?
Ivette Torres (23 days ago)
yes, you get your quarter back!
louisvigirl3 (23 days ago)
I've been wanting to try keto but I dnt know how to is there any way you can do a starter Keto diet video. Maybe like some of the meals you make. I really love your videos on how you make and prep your food, and also can we see how your diet has been going and do you recommend doing the Keto diet. I'm a busy mom of 2 and a college student so diets aren't easy for me. please anything would help out. Your also not alone as I've gotten older I've had dairy food squirts lmao I've gone to 1% milk from the whole I use to drink, but I love cheese so much😭😭. By the way my sis showed me your Insta story responding to my msg she's like Your famous now, hahahahahaha she's hilarious. Also I love all of your food hauls dnt ever stop doing them.
Yvonne M (23 days ago)
Love your food hauls can u do cook with me videos....😊
Dee Luther (23 days ago)
Love ThiS VideO As AlwayS THAT THUMBNAIL THO Your Beautiful SelF Makeup Stay On Point Hope you Have a Spectacular weekend as Well
Yasmin Garcia (23 days ago)
You’re so beautiful Sonia ❤️

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