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HELLO EVERYONE ♡ THIS WEEK I VLOGGED MY OUTFIT EVERYDAY FOR SCHOOL TO SHOW YOU GUYS HOW I REALLY DRESS FOR COLLEGE AND WINTER!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! CLICK LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! CLICK HERE FOR A SURPRISE VIDEO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AChLBHKYdvE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ♡ FIND ME: BUSINESS: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: @mariabethany https://goo.gl/bGXGLL @mariaandeli https://goo.gl/qazjDp TWITTER: @mariabethany_ https://goo.gl/mxmA6T VLOG CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/xFpmQF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTFIT 1 JACKET: @mymum_madeit https://goo.gl/z9RXg1 (similar) PANTS: boohoo https://goo.gl/gQoyzg SHOES: adidas ultra boosts in white https://goo.gl/JeCNmQ OUTFIT 2 TOP: champion https://goo.gl/25NF5E COAT: meshki https://goo.gl/aYrdXS JEANS: boohoo https://goo.gl/3Y1yjV SHOES: vans https://goo.gl/gnyHhm OUTFIT 3 HOODIE: TNA https://goo.gl/a143jt (similar) SWEATS: shop akira https://goo.gl/H6VhAL (similar) JACKET: lulu's (out of stock) SHOES: balenciaga triple s OUTFIT 4 TURTLENECK: mom's closet lol SHIRT: Urban Outfitters https://goo.gl/NiFbnT (similar) COAT: dollskill https://goo.gl/Axw2Z5 SHOES: vans https://goo.gl/gnyHhm HAT: lack of colors https://goo.gl/UG4Wjj OUTFIT 5: TOP: champion https://goo.gl/25NF5E TURTLENECK: im sorry!! can't remember where its from... https://goo.gl/EriWsp (similar) JEANS: tommy hilfiger thrifted SHOES: @mymum_madeit https://goo.gl/1DUmNh
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Text Comments (119)
Anna Schneider (6 days ago)
canyou make a whats in mybag vid
Victorianblackrose (14 days ago)
Your natural hair 👌🏼😍
Joanna Kaz (18 days ago)
ahhhhhh! just watched two of your videos and im already obsessed with you !! <3
America Frisby (1 month ago)
Could you make a hairstyle video on making that bun
Vanessa Maerere (1 month ago)
I looove these type of videos cause I'm trying to change up my style and this gave me so much inspo! 💓
cecilia assuming (1 month ago)
Loved these outfits!! Hope you do more videos like these❤❤
Havilla Ribeiro (1 month ago)
makes me so happy to see a brazilian youtuber!! i absolutely love your videos and am in love with your whole vibe, te amooo 😚
nikolina 4 (1 month ago)
Song at the beginning??
Simran Chhetri (1 month ago)
“I have like 5 assignments which is kinda cute” what
Simran Chhetri (1 month ago)
What camera do you use?
Ariel (1 month ago)
What’s your major if you don’t mind me asking lol
StarBaby910 (1 month ago)
how do you manage to look comfy and cute at the same time?!
Lexi P. (1 month ago)
U cutee
sdooot x (1 month ago)
these next 2 weeks are crucial 😂😂
Kate Francis (1 month ago)
I have soooo much respect for YouTubers who still go to college and get their education💕 much love❤️
Tonejhel Johnson (1 month ago)
what’s your major?
Itss Maryy (1 month ago)
Yaaassss my girl out here getting that education still ❤️💁🏽‍♀️🔥
MaybeItsNimra (1 month ago)
i love how you filmed this , keeping it authentic af
Hope Kessler (1 month ago)
Loved this video! I love love your style! Please do more like it!
nikki nik (1 month ago)
Where is your friend David originally from?
Najah Leyba (1 month ago)
U so pretty!!!
Stephannie Ankrah (1 month ago)
this man said kooomberrryyaaaahh 😭😭😭😭
Geraldine Castillo (1 month ago)
What are you studying?
Geraldine Castillo (1 month ago)
You got this, girl! Good luck in this journey, I'm so happy that you can study and be on YouTube at the same time. Kisses from Venezuela❤
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Geraldine Castillo business marketing b!!
Shannon Garland (1 month ago)
The few years after college are the most awkward and confusing lol. I graduated two years ago so Im in it now. I just don't know wtf im doing or where im going, its like Lala land for a few years 😂
Sonia Tumkur (1 month ago)
such a genius idea!!! love this video!!
M A P (1 month ago)
Where do you go to school? Xxx
Viridiana K (1 month ago)
I really like the way you are editing, some, idk..."Breaking bad" vibes :/ LOVEEE IT
Karolina Marat (1 month ago)
i don't see a point in going to school in uncomfortable clothes so i really love this video!! ps. i'm a small youtuber♥️
DBZ DURKS (1 month ago)
Claire Blogger (1 month ago)
Dope vibes ❤️
Marissa Vasquez (1 month ago)
Do a what’s in my car video! Love youuu 💘
Wendy Diaz (1 month ago)
Does Maria and Koleen go to the same school?
Brenda Ketchum (1 month ago)
you are my favorite youtuber of all timeeee !!! Your so underrated 😭❤️
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Brenda V. 😭😭😭
Nadira Omar (1 month ago)
the intro😭🤣
Ayleen Lara (1 month ago)
absolutely love your style!! all I throw on for college is a hoodie & jeans and I’m ready to go 😂
Dulce Enereida (1 month ago)
I loved the video and your outfits!!!
Mari Teresa Villa (1 month ago)
we need another hair tutorial
piinkishwishing (1 month ago)
Erza Kllokoqi (1 month ago)
The intro im dead HAHAHAHHAHA why do i love u so muchhhh i cant😭❤️
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Erza Kllokoqi 😂😂❤️ ily erza!!
Yulianne Mejia (1 month ago)
I want your closet😍
Karyna Naho (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this! I loved the outfits and appreciate how realistic they are. Also love the editing as always! Would deffo love to see more videos like this!!
Karyna Naho (1 month ago)
Maria Bethany I actually think they’re the perfect balance between stylish and comfy!
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Karyna Naho i honestly thought about putting more thought into my outfits and making them more stylish but i actually wear this out to school... my school style is just whatever is comfy
munoz.10 (1 month ago)
Finally realist outfits that people actually where to school !!! ..... She one of my favorite YouTubers . Much love to her
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
munoz.10 thank you my angel!!!
StephsContent (1 month ago)
Only 2 seconds in and I’m already laughing 😂💜
Diana Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Princess. Gern (1 month ago)
Can you do a hair Tutorial on the first hair look
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Princess. Gern yes!! for sure got a new hairstyle video on the works!!
Anzra (1 month ago)
Babe is this a shade to your bestfriend Koleen ? lmao I stan you
infinityxna (1 month ago)
+Amna Abbas wdym aren't appropriate for school....they go to college not highschool....you wear whatever you want in college or university
Amna Abbas (1 month ago)
honey thats the idea the title gave off. Its a perception. not expecting any drama. chill
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Amna Abbas you really think i would make a whole ass video just to spite someone...my best friend? you think we’re 12? nah dude no one is entertaining drama like this over here go look somewhere else.
Amna Abbas (1 month ago)
She does slay everything, but her outfits aren't appropriate for school. I also thought this was shade specially since you uploaded you school outfits right after hers.
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Anzra hahaha not at allll she slays everything she wears!!!
Kara Denise (1 month ago)
Love your outfits 🖤
iyana campbell (1 month ago)
What school do you go to? And what are you studying?
Gisselle Garth (1 month ago)
That intro had me dead and I wasnt even 20 seconds in the video yet😂😂
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Gisselle Garth 😂😂😂
Kelly Gomes (1 month ago)
I love it. Do more videos like this, please
Natalie Alex (1 month ago)
was is that very first song in the intro clip??
Natalie Alex (1 month ago)
thank youuuu+Maria Bethany
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Natalie Alex oui-dyalla i believe xx
Abygail Mayy (1 month ago)
You should do more videos like this, I'm looking forward to seeing your summer vids...
Lex G (1 month ago)
What kind of backpack does she have for school? I really like it 🤩
gina pastor (1 month ago)
Lex G she said it’s a Hershel bag
Jade McAllister (1 month ago)
Yes we want more style / lookbook type videos 😍 obsessed with your style xoxo
kadinemelissaxo (1 month ago)
omg the beginning has me crying 😂
Altina Brown (1 month ago)
Is that Koleen's boyfriend? Dixon ? P.S. Love you ! xx
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Altina Brown no hahah that’s my friend david
Anzra (1 month ago)
Love your style
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Tami Juanise (1 month ago)
Do you and koleen go to the same school. And by the way I loved all your oufits. You are so beautiful and cool. 😊
Kristie De la Cruz (1 month ago)
I loveeeeed all your outfits!! 😍😍 Please do more series like this bc it helps me with outfit inspo! 🤗🔥 also, just a suggestion if you could link all your pieces worn in the video that are ‘linkable’, that would be super helpful. ✨✨
Kristie De la Cruz (1 month ago)
+Maria Bethany yay!!! 🎉🙌🏼 thankyouuuuu💕
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Kristie De la Cruz thank you babe!! i just updated the description with all of the items i wore!!
ANGEL NKANSAH (1 month ago)
Wish I had all these outfits 😩😍
Jasmine Diaz (1 month ago)
Love your videos 💖💖
Meli P (1 month ago)
Love this!! Can you do a “what I carry around in my car” video??
BAPESTA (11 days ago)
Meli P probably an engine
daniela (1 month ago)
yas girl love it!
مع روان/m3 rawan (1 month ago)
I love u
daniela ramos (1 month ago)
Omggggg Lovvveeee your fashion videos there my favorite 😍😍😍💘 there all so different and unique ✨
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
daniela ramos thank you my love xx
Chelsea Acevedo (1 month ago)
I think I’m one of the few people who appreciates YouTubers who still go to school! I don’t see too many but I think it’s just so great when people put themselves out there to get a degree! 🙌🏽💓
Chelsea Acevedo (1 month ago)
Maria Bethany I always think about starting a Channel but I’m just like when am I suppose to edit when I have two papers to write and an exam?? I give you major props girl! I see you 💓
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Chelsea Acevedo i actually appreciate this because it’s SO HARD to juggle both things so THANK U
Mimi 109 (1 month ago)
Notifications squad where you at??
Love (1 month ago)
where is that white jacket from the first clip from???
Annie Nguyen (1 month ago)
Check her description
Stephaaaniee B (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHA SHE was In the men’s bathroom
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Steph B im so stupid 🤦🏽‍♀️
gisellpiz (1 month ago)
This is reality!
Jeanmarie Perez (1 month ago)
this is hilarious I love this 😂💖
Aprile Chitiyo (1 month ago)
Notification squaddddd 💕💗💘💖 loved the video!!
Jenavee Johnson (1 month ago)
Let’s all grow and support each other!! ✨✨
Isla Hale (1 month ago)
yea mariaaa your videos are so dope ily!❤
Nora Brenda Vlogs (1 month ago)
preparing for college life next year, definitely know my outfits rn 😂😂❤️
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Nora Brenda Vlogs haha tbh even these outfits are too much i see my friends and everyone just wear their pjs SO you’ll be ok girl hahah
melissa (1 month ago)
i should be studying, but whatever, this is more important
melissa (1 month ago)
+Maria Bethany ily more ur amazing
Maria Bethany (1 month ago)
Melissa Olivia omg ily
Jenavee Johnson (1 month ago)
36 seconds in! ✨☺️
nyy amour (1 month ago)
any small channels wanna support each other
Jenavee Johnson (1 month ago)
Timberly Fisher thanks girl appreciate you! #122 ☺️✨
Timberly Fisher (1 month ago)
Jenavee Johnson I subbed
Timberly Fisher (1 month ago)
nyy amour I subbed
Jenavee Johnson (1 month ago)
nyy amour lets all grow and support each other! ✨☺️
S D (1 month ago)
First ❤️💗

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