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Battle For Black Sea: 'Confrontation with Russia has terrible costs for Turkey'

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Russia's annexation and militarisation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula represents a serious threat to security in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean regions. Chief among the countries affected is Turkey. Ties between Ankara and Moscow were once cordial but soured dramatically after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border in November 2015. Tensions have been further inflamed by Russia's military intervention in Syria. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
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Don Sonny (2 years ago)
Turkey a democratic regime ? Its not compatible with Russian regime ? Bwuahahahaha . Turkey jailing people for insulting the sultan Erdogan and locking up journalists for reporting facts so jea they are not comparable because Russia seems like the cradle of civilization when placed next to Extremist islamic Turkey . The great democrat Erdogan commanding isis makes Turkey a very tolerant and democratic country for sure
vinm300 (2 years ago)
Of course he can't criticise Turkey because any criticism of Edrogan could land him in jail. It is now illegal to criticise the Turkish President.
Don Sonny (2 years ago)
And there are plenty of journalists in Turkish jails for far less . I think one simply hinted at Turkey warm relations with Syrian terror groups and he is looking at life
David Stanic (2 years ago)
America said to Turkey, shot one of Russia's planes down to show them that we are pissed off to scare Russia to back out of Syria. Didn't work, Russia countered and now has retreated because it is ready for all out conflict. It's like it's egging on Turkey to invade Syria. Nukes will be dropped without a doubt if Russian forces are surrounded. Ankara and Istanbul would be wiped out completely and Turkey as a nation probably wouldn't exist anymore.

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