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Jet Li VS Wu Shu Master

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Click here the Last Fight Scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T_UL6GlsnE Over the next few days, word of Chen's victory against Akutagawa spreads and Chen becomes a local celebrity in Shanghai. Jingwu's students begin to look up to Chen as their new instructor and that incurs the jealousy of Huo Ting'en. Ting'en and the senior Jingwu members demand that Chen either leaves Mitsuko or the school, and Huo uses the opportunity to settle his personal vendetta against Chen, by challenging Chen to a fight. Chen defeats Huo eventually, with much reluctance and leaves with Mitsuko. Huo Ting'en is humiliated by his defeat and gives up his position as master of Jingwu before leaving to join his prostitute lover. Jingwu's members eventually discover Huo Ting'en's relationship with the prostitute and reprimand him. Huo learns his lesson and returns to Jingwu.
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Text Comments (12765)
Vasanth Kumar (9 hours ago)
I am challenge in everybody in martial arts my place is ponnamaravathy
Dirty Harry (20 hours ago)
China is a dusty place...
Michael Game king (1 day ago)
Jet Le the best man
Holly Tom (1 day ago)
Shoooot, I can do all that!
Green Sayad (2 days ago)
سلام تل بلا هم مالي على شاروخان
Flipping Kid (4 days ago)
Jet li is the man, what makes this fight so funny is all the dust from them when they fight
aswin s.u (6 days ago)
1:47 remembering Bruce Lee😍
Bruno D.P (6 days ago)
What's the deal with the dust floating every time they throw a kick 😆
Kreshnik Smalaj (6 days ago)
0:52 Shu master use speedhack XD
Shuhao Zhou hao (7 days ago)
Who is the master?
GG movie (9 days ago)
BigErn_Mccraken (10 days ago)
What did they walk around ancient china with powder in all day?
Dylan Lee (11 days ago)
wu loashi
Brothers computer (12 days ago)
Lindon Dumais (16 days ago)
1:58 Jet Li just said fuck it I’ll just box the shit out of you 😂
c k (20 days ago)
0:30 just the tip.
dont tess (21 days ago)
Jet Li the best
고제욱 (22 days ago)
이연걸 멋짐^^
Lucas Gómez (23 days ago)
Como pelea asi
Mahmoud Benkalef (25 days ago)
Karan Singh (26 days ago)
Wow 1:31 which kick was that ..
Matthias Yakobo (26 days ago)
jet li
Donald Whitlock (29 days ago)
God this is such a good damn movie.
Gamer WVB (29 days ago)
1:48 Bruce lee❤😴😴👏👊
jino gio (30 days ago)
HDT 2 (1 month ago)
you the best
Paulo Dybala (1 month ago)
Quem é br da like é só para não me sentir sozinho cara
yongjun yang (1 month ago)
在完美的电影 都会有人看不惯 哈哈哈哈 。
Pinoy Channel (1 month ago)
Maayo pako ana
Vincent Mayer (1 month ago)
que buena calidad de imagen donde consigo la movie completa con la misma nitidez? 150119
Darwin García López (1 month ago)
Puras mamadas
불꽃 (1 month ago)
연걸이 형님 최고^^♡^^
Gostava muito de ver estes filmes no passado. As coisas mudam e temos q acompanhar a evolução!
Eastern Entertainment (1 month ago)
Jet Li like a Jet Plane .
Welfrido Jr Lorona (1 month ago)
Jet li with muhammad ali moves
Edrean Balonga (1 month ago)
Why some people dislikes this video?
ネロ帝 (1 month ago)
kun fu < boxing
babai ray (1 month ago)
whem png less than 5
J shravan Reddy (1 month ago)
Al Sam (1 month ago)
That L Kick tho
Segundo Ruiz (1 month ago)
Jet li
Tuka Lima (1 month ago)
Quem tá vendo em 2018 quem prefere o Goku
Yapool's Dimension (1 month ago)
_Faster than a jet_
Chill Bill (1 month ago)
I thought Jet Li was a Wu Shu master...?
Siarhei Khvedantsevich (1 month ago)
Блевота галимая))
Jotaro Kujo (1 month ago)
Yare yare daze...
Хасар Гоби (1 month ago)
Туфта все это одинешенек лишь наш Куат Хамитов вырубит этих 2-ух обезьян за 10 сек!
nicki adams (1 month ago)
that was really cool!
mucha ficcion
prem g (1 month ago)
Movie....first of legend
Artur Karpinski (1 month ago)
Jet Li vs Hua fist method.
Benjamin Peterson (1 month ago)
Oh did I see Jet li doing some boxing?!😁
Samuel Barnes (1 month ago)
Love the use of JKD ... in this fight !!!
hawrify (1 month ago)
that wushu guy's stance is beautiful, perfectly grounded
Hou7226 (1 month ago)
People be like But jet li ran like a bitch.. Lol
Petr123 paco (1 month ago)
These guys are real dirty in China. At least they get the dust knocked off of them while sparing.
Ham AlA (1 month ago)
All what people missing is a culture of Admitting A Loss. Lots of movies are needed to help it.
Cetiaman Hulu (1 month ago)
Lmayan mantap
Didik Hendra (2 months ago)
Ronnel Bautista (2 months ago)
Ah yes, this brings me back to my Junior High days.
Giyanto Sugi (2 months ago)
tonton setiap saat
inder inder (2 months ago)
Mantap..balik oce
Jliams Vamwex (2 months ago)
oscar lopez (2 months ago)
SHABANI MKELEWI (2 months ago)
Doreen Phalanges (2 months ago)
So is it too late to marry Jet Li?
Mr gamer Smith (2 months ago)
Scarface Killah (2 months ago)
Jet Li vs Donnie Yen
T-series niyasodakkal (2 months ago)
mohammadhadi mahsomi (2 months ago)
Anggitajr2606 Jr2606 (2 months ago)
Moen D43 (2 months ago)
how are you
one Zoe (2 months ago)
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Vicky Dubey (2 months ago)
You are amazing
BECKS (2 months ago)
Captain Youth (2 months ago)
Download this movie here -- https://evtorrentz.evtottav.com/
ala ala madre
Bgelzz ajah (2 months ago)
Jgn lupa subscribe kembali' ya
Alphonce Obara (2 months ago)
Jetli is excellent # From Kenya#254.
Paolo Ciarpaglini (2 months ago)
The worst face of the martial arts movies.
shaheedi Ali (2 months ago)
Good fight
Counter Kidnapping (2 months ago)
The so called wushu nor kungfu are bullshit. Come try and have a taste of mu boxing and bjj
consciousnick - (3 months ago)
Crafty Chinese I just noticed that after the first time he decides to hurt him, it cuts to a shot of jet li standing under the sign then ting standing in front of the entrance
ŚTÆN (3 months ago)
1:47 he began Boxing
the b r m zidane (3 months ago)
Jet lee the best
David Yuen (3 months ago)
my dad said kung fu is stronger than k1 and ufc/mma!!!!!! I agree with my dad!!!!!!
Andre Riefert (3 months ago)
Will Gisby (3 months ago)
The unique thing about Jet Li fighting is that he fights with honor
khoirul kevin (3 months ago)
film paling seru. tapi kok skrang jarang bngat film sperti ini di tayangkan di t.v
Aphantom47 (3 months ago)
One of the best movies ever
BD parkour (3 months ago)
Kevin Yezek (3 months ago)
What's the name of this movie?
Bijay Kumar (3 months ago)
Movie name please
This is my favorite fight scene
Lucas Ferreira (4 months ago)
Essas lutas chinesas e só propaganda enganosa ninguém da conta de lutar assim...
kakashi hatake (4 months ago)
Lucas Ferreira não me diga
ALL ABOUT (4 months ago)
Super action

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