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My Massdual results

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soo... here is the playlist with every entry: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz1ee-94vBctAI4kj-TYd7FvkIFvfhyaj congratiolations to subarts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2EYIBLh4gasKhJzStjtEg oh and also he will get a free intro... the problem is I had not enough time to put it in this video... I will upload the Intro in a few hours (I hope)
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Text Comments (21)
All were amazing
Glatis (8 months ago)
Yes Sub's has very nice shake and warpwaves
KiliLink (8 months ago)
Uiii ich bin im Thumbnail <3 xD
very sick intros ;D! Well done everybody!
OriginFX l Nik R. (8 months ago)
waren meine 3D Parts wirklich so scheiße oder warum hat bei mir nie jemand mit gemacht
bxxfdzn. (8 months ago)
alll were gooood
OrangeArts - desɨgɴs (8 months ago)
Nice c:
AZCookie (8 months ago)
Fibly (8 months ago)
Ehh i wasnt happy with the way mine turned out
Supa Dupa (8 months ago)
mass dual ist ein komischer kanalname p.s. du bist ein gottloser
Brinny (8 months ago)
They were all great <3
GLXY (8 months ago)
Bei Fillby oder so hätte ein dunkler smoke besser gepasst sonnst gute arbeit von allen :3
Snowyyy (8 months ago)
Tut mir leid
Jenneon (8 months ago)
Sorry, vergessen zu entern
mo dzn (8 months ago)
just cause and kililink
mo dzn (8 months ago)
edit they are all amazing
Cloud Designs (8 months ago)
Well done every1 <333
Blender Noob (8 months ago)
After Effects MAIN! :^)
[QUIT] ZerraqDzn (8 months ago)
[QUIT] NiceDZN - AmineFX (8 months ago)
im so sorry i was so busy
kubader (8 months ago)
All of them are so good :oo

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