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Women’s March Leader is “Most SENSITIVE Guest EVER!” 😭

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Jesse Watters interviews a women’s march leader, and mild hilarity ensues. 🐺 Support the Hound (thank you!) PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/thelibertyhound Bitcoin - 1KRQYwr78BmR2qgENhGwjqyMu3FaDxcQjq Merch - https://teespring.com/stores/thelibertyhound 🐺 Follow the Hound: Twitter - https://twitter.com/hound_liberty Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thelibertyhound/ This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. Furthermore, this video is protected speech as outlined in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
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Text Comments (4592)
TP 4UrbHol (11 minutes ago)
This woman is in serious denial. Let the Left eat itself.
rachel shumpert (18 minutes ago)
Can I ask someone what word they are beeping out?
Michael c (43 minutes ago)
I hope white woman realize how stupid this stuff is. Its a woman's march. That's all women not everyone but white women. I hope they start to see this crap for what it is and quit siding with these crazies. These groups are picking on all white people. These groups used white woman to attack white men and now they're turning it on women. They're using you and then kicking you to the curb
NewZ EndZ (47 minutes ago)
Most women I know want nothing to do with their dumb march. ‘Strong women don’t need march’ Straight from the mouth of a white woman. White women are strong so I guess they want a weak non white women march. That’s not a “women” march. They are losing the wind from their sails anyway. Oh well, back to what matters
Watters just short of asking, "Explain this to me like I'm a four year old."
Sergio Halaby (54 minutes ago)
She doesn't have the mental capacity to understand trolling
ccrs776 (56 minutes ago)
Guess what, with that rhetoric you are not representing all women. You are not representing Christian and conservative women.
nodaklojack (1 hour ago)
What if a white woman identifies as a minority race? What if a woman identifies as a man? Can she still march? I'm a female now but identify as a black senior citizen male heir of Warren Buffet with secret ESP powers.
Wayne P (1 hour ago)
Crazy liberal cat ladies at it again...FFS
sleepytickle (2 hours ago)
Do you NEED further proof of mental illness? This is what happens when women do not get PENIS on a regular basis. Like it or not, Freud was right. Colonialism?? Really? She is clearly chemically imbalanced.
Alex M (2 hours ago)
The left gone full retard. Loosing a few more elections will teach them.
Rouge Diablo (2 hours ago)
These people are genuinely mentally ill..I’m not even trolling!
RJ (2 hours ago)
So when do we start to punish the sons & daughters of criminals of today? Such as OJ Simpsons kids, I mean, after all, we are trying to punish the white race of today for what their Great- Great Grandfathers may or may not have done some 200+ years ago, So in doing this can someone please tell me where exactly do we draw the line. It is clear to me groups like these women here are organized with one agenda in mind & that is to divide, divide, divide, the people. As the elite the few at the top fear the hive mind. Wakey Wakey Folks
CLARK ORTIZ (2 hours ago)
Excuse yourself whiteygirl. #MAGA
James Cullen (2 hours ago)
I have been told that men r know raping pussy hats , 👹
Martin Solomon (3 hours ago)
Colonialism has nothing to do with patriarchy. The largest colonialist power and strongest colonial army before the twentieth century was Great Britain and at both times of their greatest expansion women were in charge Elizabeth the first and queen Victoria... they were women ..they were white women so....’overwhelmed’ with their whiteness maybe an issue for white virtue lacking self loathing people...but they were not patriarchs....due to their gender although obviously gender is a construct, but the fact is they identified as women....ergo not patriarchy. Matriarchy.
Seahawks Tom tom (3 hours ago)
Why not cancel it all together. It’s not that Important. This bimbo proves that stupidity is alive and well.
Real Life (3 hours ago)
Please, SOMEONE shoot me. This bitch is so stupid my balls hurt. #stupidpeople #stayinthekitchen #nowonderyoursingle #yournotsmartyourdumb #elizabethwarrencangiveyouherpocahontisstatus🥴
ThePROPERTIES03 (3 hours ago)
She should run the freak show march. Should have no trouble getting all democrats in the march
liuton2005 (3 hours ago)
These people have serious mental retardation. Something's profoundly wrong with their brain. There have been scientific studies and it seems that one thing that can precisely hint to the world that you are libtard is that these people have no disgust. Search it up on google! Really interesting!
ThePROPERTIES03 (4 hours ago)
So assiciniting
Dr Sanguine Sunrise (4 hours ago)
Women's march cancelled because in a white Christian country, there was a fear there'd be...too many white women! Fucking idiot.
paul smith (4 hours ago)
Did she say “horrifyingness”? LOL!
Tom Yazel (5 hours ago)
not sure she knows what colonialism actually is... we don't conquer and take land anymore...EVER.  she's a riot.  a dolt but a riot.
Eli M (6 hours ago)
Oh The Horrifyingness!
TouchTooMuch (6 hours ago)
Whoa whoa whoa hold up there buckaroo Does she have even know what she is saying
Rinoa Menna (8 hours ago)
what a delusional woman.... does she not realize how hypocritical she sounds & how racist she sounds when she speaks about white neighborhoods as if they are bad lol
Moni Jordan Switzer (8 hours ago)
Enjoyed…spot on
The Old Bag O.G. (9 hours ago)
damn, what retards
Hooptie Hamburger (9 hours ago)
Should Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March have been cancelled for not being racially diverse?
disgustedvet (10 hours ago)
Maybe women of color have better things to do than march around aimlessly screaming at the Sky.
anvil hammer forged (12 hours ago)
Maybe she should have pulled that tampon before it molded and toxicley shocked her brain.
Janice Smith (12 hours ago)
Yeah, I think the law should make the NBA and the NFL be diverse, in a way that reflects our diverse nation. 13% of the American population is black, so 13% of their teams may be Black. Then fill the rest of the spots with the proper percentages of Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Hebrews. Oh yeah, and they have to be 50% female. It may not be as professional as it is now, but it will be fair and no one’s feelings will be hurt. And that’s all that matters, right?
John Forrest (12 hours ago)
THIS ! is where Jodi Arenas grew up with constant murders of men, (as normal), just saying...they want to stay in Afghanistan & Syria forever. Pro-war feminists control the 'womans' movement.
Peter Jackson (13 hours ago)
Not every area had aboriginals originally.
Burnin Embers Official (13 hours ago)
White supremacy? Where do these people come up with this shit.
Burnin Embers Official (13 hours ago)
All women? How about Arab women? Hypocrites
Paul Bialozor (14 hours ago)
Everyone knows that what EVER is said before the BUT is all BS... This is too funny.... Perhaps if ALL WOMEN were interested in your shit march more of Color would have RSVP... Oh wait, you forgot to PAY THEM TO SHOW UP that's why only White Women RSVP... LOL... This is just too comical...
jerusalem785 (14 hours ago)
Alicia Webster (14 hours ago)
I lived in Humboldt County for over 14 years, and my guess is that the real reason that they cancelled was because they knew that no one would show. Yes, Arcata (approx 15,000), a small college town, skews far-left, but is a constant embarrassment to the locals who live there and whose families were raised on the fruits of the logging industry. Over one-third of the town's population is comprised of HSU students and their ridiculous rantings are treated as comic relief in a town that remains in a foggy haze of seasonal affective disorder for months on end. Eureka, on the other hand, is a small "city" (approx 43,000) and skews far-right. The vast majority of its residents love to cackle with mirth as the tree-hugger du jour is pepper-sprayed in the eyes for refusing to leave someone's private property as politely requested. Whoever thought it might be a good idea to hold a leftist march of any kind in Eureka was surely smoking the weed that grows so abundantly there.
Ryan Lamp (14 hours ago)
I've noticed, the people who most often accuse others of being racists, like the liberal progressives consistently do, are the same people who never seem to have a single conversation without bring up skin color. Go figure.
Sue W (15 hours ago)
So ridiculous! I imagine this is what they're teaching in college is these days. We need to stop this indigenous people crap. The original people that came to the Americas came over the Bering Strait. People didn't spring up out of nowhere, except for whoever God put here in the first place. So, exactly what century does she want to put us back in to make reparation for all this? The first men (for you liberal brainwashed people, that means humankind) came from Africa. Should we all move there? And, me and my friends are not represented by any of these groups. I scream racism!
Lady Jenny (15 hours ago)
First lie... The woman's march is for ALL women. These women wouldn't support me. I'm a Trump voter, I was born white (not my fault) I'm a wife. I'm a mother. I'm pro life. So, no... it's not for all women, just some women. I'm at the point where I want to hyjack the so called all inclusive woman's march for those of us who are not only rejected and shamed for our goals. Are there any women who identify with me? I feel like the forgotten REAL WOMAN!!!
Duane Dougherty (16 hours ago)
Wow, Saul Alinsky reincarnated as a young woman. I would have thought his next life would have been lived as a rabid weasel. Who knew?
Marie Hay (16 hours ago)
she's mad
Martin Michaels (16 hours ago)
Sacramento Kings - 15 players - 12 of whom are Black, with 3 whites (ALL of whom are FOREIGN)!
Martin Michaels (16 hours ago)
What a dumb Twit!
Martin Michaels (16 hours ago)
Sorry, I misspelled it...
Ezekiel Jarek (16 hours ago)
Helllooo!!!! YOU ARE WHITE!
Ezekiel Jarek (16 hours ago)
Imagine this was your wife 🤣
david ransdell (16 hours ago)
Shes even more crazy than I expected!!
JAMplusPAW (16 hours ago)
Is she a native American? If not, she should leave the US. Maybe go to Cuba or Guatamala and see why people are leaving socialist countries to come to the US.
7A (16 hours ago)
these AIRHEAD CHICKYPOOS need to smell my ass. what's that say about the tribes that aren't showing up? are you CLOWNS going to MARCH IN CADENCE????
Silver Fang (16 hours ago)
I’m starting a new feminist group we going to fight for more female Chihuahua Police dogs
sinistar426 (17 hours ago)
Does Larry Bird know Hockey exists and is actually a sport contrary to what he might believe? Who does he think is the "greatest" baseball player? Football? Such a vague statement because he is afraid to name anyone specific to back the claim of "greatest'. Just because a race makes up the majority in a sport, doesnt mean the "greatest" player is from that race. Hell, Tom Brady might be the best in Football, again "whats your definition of what QUALIFY'S as "greatest"? Last i checked, he is as white as wonder bread.
Wendy Thompson (18 hours ago)
I live on CA. We used to be in the top 5 states for the best schools when I was attending school. Now they are in the bottom 5. Education is not important here for locals. They prefer illegals and out of state students.
Terraification (18 hours ago)
Where in the hell are all these “Woman” getting their bs from. We True Woman are not oppressed, and we don’t waste our brain space on “feeling” unequal to any man. It’s quite the opposite as men these days are actually being oppressed and squashed. These Feminists are toxic not the other way around. I fear for true men these days with all these libtard social justice warrior feminists running around claiming victimhood. It’s embarrassing and scary. 🥺. Soy needs to be banned. It’s destroying people by pumping estrogen to toxic levels and creating this Soy Clan ilk of wimps!! Yuck
gary bowman (18 hours ago)
So the other "group" of women were either not interested or too DAMN lazy to get off their cellulite laden asses, she's a deluded 🐖 pig, no one forced them out or not to attend.... 👿🐷🖕🐖👎🤢☠️😱🤔💀🤕😥😕
Erik Stronghold (18 hours ago)
Sociology major that turned into a sociopath!!
Kenneth Cox (18 hours ago)
Socialists have one thing in common , ? Their all mad. Are Muslim women Invited they know all about women"s rights ? ooops
peggyevans2691 (19 hours ago)
Robert Caplinger (19 hours ago)
See how nuts the left is. The more they speak, the more idiotic they sound. So white women, don't show up. Do they think most black women, American Indian women, Hispanic women care. This group is also anti-Semitic, and recently stated such from their leadership.
Michael Eshleman (19 hours ago)
She is in denial, her mind is in denial...she doesn't know any better, let her be...peace :) heh heh heh
Robert Caplinger (19 hours ago)
Martin Luther King cringing in his grave over this woman
Michael Mann (19 hours ago)
She made my brain crap ... actual pain ...
JON DOE (19 hours ago)
Every liberal cause includes race. Or the cause is not the cause. Their individual causes must include every cause they believe in along with it. It's like with everything they protest about, they are using every weapon they have. It becomes very confusing for them, which is why they are mostly instructed not to debate anyone. That covers up the ignorance quite well. Race has always been used with everything they do. They use people of color as they see fit. They sort of own them. But for the most part, it's become about hating white people. And of course white liberals are not white. I think. They don't seem to know either. So we must conclude the answer to racism is racism. No wonder they instruct their people not to debate. Who could make any sense of this?
The host is trying not to laugh.
braapp (20 hours ago)
Humboldt aka tweaker central
Mark Silva (20 hours ago)
It's a dying breed. This is my last annoying snow flake video. Its gotten so stupid I'm done.
Ry No (20 hours ago)
It is funny to listen to white women blather on about privilege, when they are the most privileged class of people on the planet.
tc1uscg (20 hours ago)
Couldn't they just show up with blackface? Or a sign that reads I represent black, Latino or Chinese women?
These SJWs are only hurting themselves
kidyubyub (21 hours ago)
This woman is deliciously stupid. I could watch her make a fool out of herself all day. It's actually quite entertaining. Also, it's a women's march. The thing that binds them is being female. It's not a BLM march, which in it's very name is the word Black. This woman, and I would dare say many other like her, is completely moronic and the reason I hope the human race ends soon. Leave the planet to the plants and animals... at least they won't F the place up.
Cookie Dee (21 hours ago)
Love that Doxy Dowgy😘💗
Joz Jonlin (21 hours ago)
I'll tell you where there needs to be more diversity. The Chinese national table tennis team is a great example of this. We should all protest this disgusting lack of diversity.
Luckytron asmr LuckyFri (21 hours ago)
I waited for that: sjw are starting to troll themselves.
I AM (21 hours ago)
Yeah but is this woman's march also representing Caitlyn Jenner?
Chrypto (22 hours ago)
The word "represent" as she uses it has a very figurative meaning.
Jane Cartwright (22 hours ago)
The funniest thing in the world is the FACT that the liberal left can't even see their OWN hypocrisy.
Nicholas Campbell (22 hours ago)
She doesn’t follow sports? That’s pretty irresponsible for someone who aspires to be a nasty bossy disgusting little behavior police busybody.
Nicholas Campbell (22 hours ago)
I’ll be darned, if they would have done their little whiny silly march with nothing but white women, they could very likely have done the first march without some kind of awful repulsive violent behavior.
Nicholas Campbell (22 hours ago)
“Fox’ resident troll”. I love it.
Dizzy Mick (22 hours ago)
DUMBSHIT 💩💩 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
heidi rothbart (22 hours ago)
what a stupid ignorant little girl! what does she know about colonialism. What do any of these embarrassing women know about colonialism, Have they ever lived in a colony?
no name (22 hours ago)
pink hat was a message to TRANSGENDER WOMEN AKA males claiming to be female - kind of a contradiction to have a women's march while supporting male privilege and everything harmful to women. Pink hats were to tell transgender women that they are not included in a women's march since they are males
Brett Michael (22 hours ago)
Also trump has the lowest unemployment rate for women in decades.. what in the fuck is going on here.. she has an iq of 75. Can’t go full retard, but extremely close.
Mike Holmes (22 hours ago)
Meanwhile at a womens march l saw a WHITE GENOCIDE NOW sign one of the protestors was holding still think its about women yeah me neither and it was on Fox tv l have pics and just wish l could post it here for the world to see
no name (22 hours ago)
she doesn't represent WOMEN her main focus is on MALES claiming to be female which implies she supports everything she is claiming to be against.
Suzanne Mowery (23 hours ago)
stop it. Okay? 'Cause you're going right up your own asshole, and i don't feel like following!"
Kentucky Pete (23 hours ago)
She shows us the sharp difference between intelligence and education.
14598175 (23 hours ago)
ALL of these idiots put 99.9% of their efforts into trying to cover up the fact that all they really want is a cult that allows them to _literally_ worship someone with the darkest skin color.
Will Richards (23 hours ago)
These young, dumb bitches are truly retarded...spoilt, entitled brats who hate their own white people. "Horrifyingness", she even invents new words...why not, she invents everything else!
Robert Manders (23 hours ago)
On her resume she lists her compouter skills as SPSS: an IBM statisical analysis program, only available to profesionals, industury and acadmia. So she brags of knowing software her school had. MS Office: code for knows Word. Very highschool kid knows Word Web Based Research: when she lost acces to SPSS, she now relies on Google Search, or Yahoo. Social media outlets : she's on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That is really sad. And all of it created by billionare white males.
The Philosopher (23 hours ago)
is that why they call someone a dickhead or cunt face because they cut their reproductive organs out and wore the. you stupid bitch man i hate these people
arabion knights (23 hours ago)
I am a black American male. These women marches are nothing more than cheer leading. Minus the nice outfits.. But flipping all over the place is every where..
kaya (1 day ago)
Kathy Heagney (1 day ago)
The !eft devouring the left
La Barbera Tejana (1 day ago)
Those guys with the pussy hats are probably all sociopaths
As a woman of multi cultural descent, i have to say that this march absolutely does not represent my feelings about....well ...anything. I wish those who attempt to represent anything for anyone would at least manage to do so in a manner that does not make women look like emotionally unstable micro agressed candidates for xanex and midol. Stop whining put on your big girl breeches and move forward. I feel like these marches have turned into playground drama and there you are crying that noone gave you a turn on the swings.... So stupid....
Fred Rios (1 day ago)
What. Hahahahahaha. Just wow
David Briggs (1 day ago)
That lady clearly has mental issues. Seriously limited thought patterns.

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