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The moment boys are asked to hit a girl

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A video recording boys' reaction when asked to hit a girl has been filmed by Counties Manukau Police in their ongoing campaign against family violence. The clip, which features seven boys aged 8 to 12, has taken a cue from "Slap Her", an Italian clip that gained world-wide attention earlier this year. It begins with an interviewer asking the boys their names, ages, and what they want to be. They are introduced to a girl called Chloe, asked to make her laugh, and give her a hug. Asked why they like her, one responds, "there's just something nice about Chloe". The boys are then asked to slap her. "I'm not slapping a girl!" the first boy says. The others, looking a mix of perplexed and horrified, also refuse. "That's the wrong thing to do!" "She's a girl." "You can't just go around hitting people," they say. The video ends with the words: "If kids know it's wrong you should too." Counties Manukau district prevention officer Senior Constable Gary Boles said they had used the Italian video as inspiration. "It was our first instinct, to see our boys would react. He said the students are from Bucklands Beach Primary school, and although parents were shown the Italian clip, the Kiwi boys weren't prepped, other than being asked to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. "Everyone was under strict instructions. We wanted the raw feeling and emotion to come out. The result you see is the result we wanted," Mr Boles said. Chloe was the daughter of a local police officer, he said, and was "perfect" for the role. The video was shot over two weeks, and released today to remind people of the "It's not OK" message in time for Christmas. "For us it's a high family violence time of the year. We want to tell everyone, if you're getting heated up, just take five, walk away, get a breath of fresh air," Mr Boles said. "It's a time for having fun and not for violence." The video had a reach of 20,000 in its first two hours. -NZH
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Text Comments (7079)
Crazy Gaming Demon (3 days ago)
Omg this should be the thumbnail (1:51)
Mia Wilkins (3 days ago)
My mom should watch this and not SLAP me ever again :(
i_luv_being_ weird (10 days ago)
My brother hits me alot for no reason. Yet my parents don't give a fuck. Once my brother PURPOSELY tried drowning me into a swimming pool. But again my parents didn't care. But if I do bad things to Jim my parents scold me. They have a favourite child which is my brother.
Greeny Froggy (10 days ago)
aww so sweet
Cosplay Nightmare (14 days ago)
"is there something nice about her?" Boy: " no, not really" Damn he brutal
USADA (18 days ago)
ellery escue (24 days ago)
Legand says they started with 100 boys but these were the only ones that didn’t slap her...
Esketittt666 Bigg (25 days ago)
One the kids looks like Fat nick 😂😂
Chimmy ChimK (1 month ago)
Is this in Newzealand or America?
seanlfc fan (1 month ago)
2:09-2:29 cringe.
seanlfc fan (1 month ago)
Pretty, nice hair, not really, um shes really Tall
seanlfc fan (1 month ago)
1:12 lol.
seanlfc fan (1 month ago)
This is chloe... "all go red" ummm hi...
M.R Penguin YT (1 month ago)
Gender equality? Why are you afraid of hitting a girl?
ZoiePlaysRoblox (1 month ago)
I ship Her and that guy with the hat.
Rushda Khan (1 month ago)
Why my brother don't consider me a girl.. Heheh
Ahmed Hawlery (2 months ago)
Ahmed Hawlery (2 months ago)
I love her I want to kiss her mouth
JustBeth Videos (2 months ago)
You shouldn’t hit anyone! Telling people not to hit girls is practically saying that girls are weak.
Harry Styles (2 months ago)
hugs her 2 seconds later girl: wtf is that a boner ??
Koro Dredre (2 months ago)
Bro do it in a festival or middle of the Auckland tour
nat cirignano (2 months ago)
the music is making me mad
Big chinned Brat (2 months ago)
2:39 that face
Big chinned Brat (2 months ago)
And I bet theres that one kid who slapped the shit out of her that they had to cut out
Elijah Jean-Jacques (3 months ago)
Hello hello me
Be My Trophy (3 months ago)
If they asked girls to kick a guy in the balls as hard as they could, they would have all done it and laughed at him when he's rolling on the floor in agony. 40% of domestic violence is committed by women. More than half of all child abuse is committed by women. Teach women not to be violent.
Aim_For_ The_Head (24 days ago)
And they still say stuffs like"men have easier"
Despacito 2 (3 months ago)
2:48. He slapped somebody the other day. For sure
"is there something you really like about Chloe?" "not really." IM DEAD💀
potato master 123 (3 months ago)
PP UP!!!!!
Mary (4 months ago)
If we are equal why dont boys slap us girls across the face. I will slap back. So it is fine! Phffffff...
Kayla and Nasia (4 months ago)
“ no not really “ 💀
I.s be (4 months ago)
proves out of ten guys none are woman abuses. If that was 100 guys you may have one do it. Now if that where women you would have shit loads up for it and i bet they would laugh too.
Continuum Films (4 months ago)
If a woman can hit a man, why can’t a man hit a woman? Equality for you.
Sayeed Bari (5 months ago)
how old was Chloe
Xeon (5 months ago)
1:22 *when the anxiety and stress gets to you*
Anwesh Kumar (5 months ago)
If girls were given this opportunity they would surely slap the guy
ebic gamer (5 months ago)
What the fuck is this hug make her laugh FUCKING BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA HER PUSSIES
C_Holding 85 (5 months ago)
I was expecting an RKO outta nowhere
Jacob Clever (5 months ago)
Stuff like don't hit a girl is a horrible message it only supports sexism you should never hit anyone not just girls specifically I'm a guy clearly and I will gladly hit a girl if she hits me they wanted equal rights I'll show them what the other side of that means if they give me a reason to
ThatOneDumb Gamer (5 months ago)
If you hit females you dissolve to rot in hell
Deg Deggyton (5 months ago)
What if one of them just slapped tf out of her.
Total opposites Elle (5 months ago)
If I was in place of Chloe they would probably be like ok u ugly, slap 😂😂😂
Don (5 months ago)
If its a black girl shiiii you own gon ask me twice
Onlyone Trash (5 months ago)
Ok “it’s not nice to hit girls” is kinda weird shouldn’t it be “it’s not nice to hit people”? Why girls in general?
ROOBLLOXER (5 months ago)
I only hit a girl if she’s annoying me
Spectral Robot (5 months ago)
they should do the same thing but opposite and see what happens
YandereNeko 134 (5 months ago)
If I was one of the boys or a boy and someone asks me to slap the girl I'd probably respond with "Slap her in the cheek with my Lips?" XD
Shelly (5 months ago)
Ethan is my fav, such an adorable soul in that little boy I just want to hug him. And Fin (sp), omg, he's going to be one of the most handsome, for sure.
79lb (5 months ago)
Lmao bruh. If my parents were there and I hugged her they would be laughing their asses off
Oh no... I thought this said "the moment boys are to hit _on_ a girl."
RyRy Ry (5 months ago)
I would have socked all of them
dustin (5 months ago)
If a woman is threatening your safety, hit her. That goes for anyone.
Ansel Nil (5 months ago)
If a girl hits a defenseless boy. Nvm...Im not going there.
volceno 321 (5 months ago)
I saw that video they did the girls slap a boy and couple of them did slap.
TheCringe Club (5 months ago)
This so cute :), I'm showing to my classmates that actually slap people, awe at 2:37 it just made me cry
netanel ben shitrit (5 months ago)
if a girl hits me i hit her back no doubts its called eauqle gender
Nirvana (5 months ago)
i'd have slapped her and then blame the dude for telling me to do it.
Jose Reyna (5 months ago)
The chubby kid with the green polo shirt asked if anything interest him about her, " Nah! Not really! "lol. He's the bad boy.
2:18 "can you make her laugh" Turns into satan
Puppy power Pup for ever (6 months ago)
There so cute😄😄😄😄
The Savage Trio (6 months ago)
filmers: why wont u slap her Me : because shes peng and i want her number also me : Dont wear arsenal
Adam Udulutch (6 months ago)
if the bitch hits me first then i don't care if she has a vagina or not she wanted to be a man so ill treat her like one
World Record Group (6 months ago)
2:23 wow I’m Asian I’m gonna get triggered 🤬😡
Revenge (6 months ago)
If I were the girl, and the boys were my friends. They would definitely hit me.
KNIGHTSQUADRON (6 months ago)
2:36 do it come to the dark side anakin.
Twoswordsdrizzt (4 months ago)
KNIGHTSQUADRON Thought he'd do it, but instead he blew it. Screw it. Now the video sucks and I can't get through it. Maybe they'll redo it.
Dustin Poier (6 months ago)
Man I need a hug
ColdLemonK (6 months ago)
2:30 The Face XD
Slim Tony (6 months ago)
Oh wow, those kids have some interesting ambitions. Normally, the things you hear from 12 year olds are "Youtuber,Firefighter,Teacher"
Ecks Gaming Benchmark (6 months ago)
But what if the girl likes being slapped what do you do then...
A_Melanie_Martine_Fan (6 months ago)
There all like aw hell naw
Daddy Feli (6 months ago)
I would pimp slap that Biatch camera or not especially if money is involved
Jessica Abernathy (6 months ago)
One time i was walking down the hall at school from the bathroom and so i eat a lot of potao chips and he would call me lays girl witch is quite rude so i was walking back and he pulled my hair he is so dang lucky the teacher did not see and i bet he had like um strands of hair in his hand and that was the funny part🤯🤯
babyd love (6 months ago)
1:56 their matching!
ArtificialFeelings (6 months ago)
santiago bedoya (6 months ago)
NinjaFriss (6 months ago)
I would slap the shit out of her, you dont have to ask me twice.
SkPlays (6 months ago)
If it was a guy they will not hug him.
Miro Anbarchian (6 months ago)
What’s this girls number or instagram?
Chin Yagi (6 months ago)
I was expecting real kids that would hit someone..
Wadda juse (6 months ago)
3:38 no u
Ephraim Raphael (6 months ago)
*prepares for potential bitchy feminist*
Joshua Hooper (6 months ago)
Spherical Cheese (6 months ago)
Tf is with this terrible ass quality
joseph morris (6 months ago)
Lmao i would have made it seem as if i was about to slap the living shit out of her and stop right before hitting her to see their reaction
Oli170 (6 months ago)
lol if id go all the way to the end like them id just be like LOL OKAY YEET
최하니 (6 months ago)
Its better if all people think as kids, kids may be immature but they know its not right....in the kids world girls get respected and violence is beneath them
Cameron Luckett (6 months ago)
I almost died of cringe pls send help
Immmortal (6 months ago)
It’s not because she’s a girl it’s because she’s a person and it’s being recorded
Michael Wolfe (6 months ago)
“NOW I WANT YOU TO SLAP HER.” ....dude...what?
No name (6 months ago)
There that one kid who beat the shit out of her 😂😂
MusicalAddict (6 months ago)
Honestly, the whole boys can’t hit girls thing is bullshit. No one should be hurting each other, GOD DAMNIT JUST DON’T PUNCH ANYONE.
I would hit her ass but well everyone is being good so *slap I got the ass
Hermediclock (6 months ago)
These kids have the most punchable faces
Tom Giants fan (6 months ago)
If anyone said because shes a girl are wrong it's because one of 4 reasons 1 They don't want to 2 that's what their taught 3 they like her 4 they secretly have a boner and they like her
bad assbiitch (6 months ago)
Oh my god, my heart is on the floor in a little puddle. Its nice to know that there are still some good people in this world
arison love (6 months ago)
Awww they are so cute❤️❤️
Waste Of Oxygen (6 months ago)
Should’ve because equality am I right?
michałe krynicki (6 months ago)
knock the bich out boi
RobloxMaster24 (6 months ago)
We'll if she hits you, you hit her back
People are Idiots (6 months ago)
Why do I low key feel like he gets a kink off of this

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