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How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands + All Contact Info

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If you want to get sponsored Rob Level has your back! All the information you need to get sponsored by clothing brands is in this video. Here is the article I wrote to get sponsored which also includes the to do list: https://www.SmartRapper.com/how-to-get-sponsored-by-clothing-brands/ All of the clothing brand contact information to get sponsored is inside of the Smart Rapper Community in the 'Music Industry Contacts' Tab: https://www.Community.SmartRapper.com/Join For all of you Smart Rappers I actually wanted to start reaching out to some of the big clothing brands and get them to start giving me clothes to give away to you guys in return for me just shouting them out on Smart Rapper since we are getting so HUGE. This would be FREE clothes and a lot of value for all of you. I was thinking maybe I would do a weekly give away that could be cool for the community. Let me know what you think about that below in a comment! Any way, when I had that idea in mind, I collected a list of all of the big urban clothing brands contact information so I could contact them. Then I thought hey... why not just give you guys the list so you SERIOUS Smart Rappers have the ability to reach out to all of these clothing brands to get yourself sponsored! So I'm going to give you that entire list I collected 100% Free. So you watch this you can take this how to get sponsored information from this video and contact all of the clothing companies to get sponsored! Never say I didn't do anything for you! By the way that list is going to be 100% Free inside the Smart Rapper Community. It'll be in the same section that the Free record label A and R contacts are and the music industry contracts and ALL the other stuff is in. The Reasons I Am Making This Get Sponsored Video There are 2 reasons I am making this video, first, is to help YOU smart rappers get sponsored and save money on having to buy clothes and 2... I truly believe this will help clothing lines BIG and small grow by having the next generation of amazing artists like YOU wear their clothes. If you have a urban clothing brand or have friends with a urban clothing brand that has a cool look and you think would want to be on the Smart Rapper Clothing Brand Contact List, E-mail that information to me, I'll contact them and possibly add them to the contact list. I'll put my info below for that! Let's get into it! First I wanna talk about the benefits to YOU if YOU get sponsored by a clothing brand. 1) You get to start telling people you are sponsored by a clothing brand... That alone proves someone believed in you as an artist and gives other people a reason to say "Really? Damn he might be pretty good" 2) You get FREE clothes and since you will probably only accept a sponsorship from a clothing company you like... you'll be wearing clothes you would wear anyways but they will constantly be NEW and best of all... FREE 3) At a certain point clothing brands who want to sponsor you will PAY YOU to wear their clothes. 4) In your come up as a music artist you need all the money you can get and clothing can really get expensive. Having a clothing company sponsor you can save you thousands of dollars... a couple thousand dollars is a really great home studio set up! Now we are going to talk about how the sponsorship process works and then after that I am going to explain what you can do in order to get sponsored by a clothing brand. 1) You gotta understand it's business if you want to get sponsored Clothing companies won't just sponsor ANYONE.... but they love to sponsor talent that they feel like will make it to the top. Because if they start putting YOU in their clothes and you blow up... you now make their clothing look more relevant and cool, right? And it's easy for them... IF they sponsor you early and give you like $500 in free clothing, you are going to respect that clothing company for seeing your musical talent and believing in you from the beginning. Here's the thing, a clothing company doesn't want to be aligned with you unless they see it as a smart business decision. *** Your To Do List To Get Sponsored By A Clothing Brand *** 1) Sign up to any level of the Smart Rapper Community and get your hands on the Urban Clothing Companies Contact List You can do that by going here https://www.Community.SmartRapper.com/Join 2) Make an EPK By Watching This Video What Is An EPK? 10 Things You Need In Your EPK To Get Sponsored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EAw5iqA1kQ 3 Places To Get An EPK Made For FREE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dwVfqkcO4o 3) Write up your custom e-mail for each brand you want to get sponsored by 4) Manually E-mail your favorite brands your EPK AND your custom made script to get sponsored by a clothing brand. Now you Know How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands
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Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
I SWEAR... if you EVER say I didn't do anything for you lol after you watch this video go grab those contacts for FREE in the community by going here: https://www.Community.SmartRapper.com/Join They can be accessed from ANY LEVEL of the community, even the mixtape level. I love ya'll! I got your back Smart Rapper Gang!
God Body (1 month ago)
Smart Rapper I work with major and minor artist like Casanova and lil durk and lil boosie and various other artist. Send me some info brother
Sami Loul (4 months ago)
it's shame
boyd William (4 months ago)
https://www.reverbnation.com/optiongetmoneyakareddollaz Any Artist Worldwide Wanting to Collab Dm
boyd William (4 months ago)
THEREALOPTIONGETMONEY I follow You Big homie I appreciate every Tutorial You have released and You Should have a Class at A College teaching on another level with your Mindstate we should link up.
Joba Alberto Werner (2 days ago)
i have local clothing brand in Namibia, and my biggest challenges is finance to do my marketing. my name is Alberto Werner. [email protected]
King Sneaks (6 days ago)
Nike is my favorite I've been repping Nike since day one I also Resell shoes and I clean sneakers, I'm out here trying to have a little business on the side this video has helped me a lot and make me more comfortable into trying new things so I thank you for that. thank for helping ut the viewer cus this world we live in today its bad enough
Dlo Stackz (8 days ago)
You’re really helping me bro I appreciate you💯
So... I went through the gateway funnel to access the contact list as offered... only to reach a 404 error page. I'd add the URL where the error occurs but don't want to spoil your funnel.
Jahir Lozano (11 days ago)
Fir3St0rmm AgarioHUB (17 days ago)
Hi Guys Im Doing A AJ 1 x OW Giveaway To enter read the rules on https://web.facebook.com/HypeIncorporate-1087772371388543/
Leon Pedrote (19 days ago)
Gucci Balenciaga Louie vitton
JJ Boss gaming (22 days ago)
Tommy hilfiger, gant or adidas
Josue Medina (1 month ago)
Nike , adidas , guess
Ethan Throop (1 month ago)
I'd say, 'Adidas,' 'Champion', 'Bape', 'Nike', 'Vans', 'Primitive', 'HUF', and '40s & Shorties.' Those are the brands I'd wanna be sponsored by.
Iqbal Mandi (1 month ago)
Puma , Adidas, Guess, Colors of Benetton
Mona Love (1 month ago)
Great video. I love👉 'fashion nova curve', always wanted to do something like this. But I dont have the followers I need...dont. know where to start
Jimmy Yitty (1 month ago)
paul jhon soni (1 month ago)
jordan , nike, adidas
It’s Chelly (1 month ago)
Nike , forever 21, champion
Yo Chrung (2 months ago)
Bro, these lines are getting hard to write I'm starting to feel the pinch Every line needs to be out of sight? Ok, no problem I'm a professional So that'll be a cinch
Brock Williams (2 months ago)
My favorite clothing brand is Calvin Klein Ck1
AIDAN .editz (2 months ago)
Luke Lucas (2 months ago)
would you just get in to already...
davonne favors (2 months ago)
Urban Native Era or Arrow Valley Apparel
itz p9lms (2 months ago)
Can you help me reach to get a sponsorship my goal for 2019 if you need to find a way to contact you can reach me on Instagram 1take.angel
Farri (2 months ago)
Can you do a video on a 5k Home studio
Farri (2 months ago)
Bape is fly Af IMO
Sista Tang (3 months ago)
I love Nike and Adidas and plus I can give Nike a great name again.
gamio 123102920 (3 months ago)
Polo Ralph
gamio 123102920 (3 months ago)
league of Gamers (3 months ago)
get me some nike clothes and you're gonna make me the happiest guy ever
NegroNXIV (3 months ago)
Nike, adidas, vans ,
TaterTott Music (3 months ago)
Ever since I was little it's been mostly Reebok for me. The shirts were usually kinda plain with just whatever design the company put on them and the shoes were normally mid-top basketball. After I started rapping I also had a couple of pairs of Timberland boots, one wheat one brown. My Mom even got me a whole Timberland outfit one time 😁 But it was still mostly Reebok that I wore.
Drippy CASH (3 months ago)
Big RESS (3 months ago)
I feel like you should reach out to “The Hundreds” “Neff” and “Diamond Supply Co.”
Eli Sprawls (3 months ago)
Good Zillakami shout 💪🏼
Asaiya Music (3 months ago)
Hey man, i had a shot in the Dark. I know i have small following, but it is starting to grow a lot quicker thanks to you. and i believe my followers are solid so far. i was wondering if you could check out my account just to see what you think about it as far as looking amateur or professional
Asaiya Music (3 months ago)
Anthony Thurman (3 months ago)
Wassup Rob, I would rock their clothes. But I've been watching the videos and learning alot from your videos and also got my team on them.. My rap name is AT be on the lookout my brotha. Sorry I don't have a photo yet coming soon
YPH Lud Phluid (3 months ago)
been grinding for 15yrs finally breakin through thanks to u!!! thanks for the list hope u see this and get time to check out the page
Jack WD (3 months ago)
My favorite brands are Converse, Rude, Asics and Hollister
Ad Arsh (3 months ago)
Saint Laurent, Palm ANgels. Also Rob I did ping you on the gram but you did not respond. I need some help regarding starting a Career in Rap, how do i Get in touch with you?
Joonyer The Sekkint (3 months ago)
808 Industries (3 months ago)
Man can you update your website to work better on mobile. Hella dope content though. Mad respect!!!
Oakland Mind (3 months ago)
We need that
Xatulian (3 months ago)
killstar and restyle. they r alternative clothing brands
BTG Hitz (3 months ago)
Buckle Clothing Store Grace in LA Rock Revivals
Dope Chic (3 months ago)
I got sponsored by TRVSN from Paris... The owner saw me after a show i did at Le Resevoir and offered to do a shoot with me and gave me some clothes... Some real fresh shit!!! Matter of fact my favorite blk hoodie i wear everyday its so comfy. And it does feel good to get sponsored and I used the pics from the shoot in my EPK!! ☝️💥👆🤑🤑🤑
Indie games bro (3 months ago)
DiggyT (4 months ago)
How can i get in contact with you bro
DiggyT (4 months ago)
Been fuckin witchu since day 1 bro, you coo asf frfr
Block Party (4 months ago)
Chloe Willett-Griswold (4 months ago)
Calvin Klein For Realsies
Pay Forte (4 months ago)
God Bless you brother
Auz Miller (4 months ago)
Runitup 2gee (4 months ago)
dope lets do it i love supreme
Erick Enciso (4 months ago)
Aswome vid man🔥👌👌
Loyal_Fan Fan (4 months ago)
Any small rappers wanna collab?
Micah Godfrey Music (4 months ago)
Bro you know about zillakami hell yeah let's goooooo homie
Harmony Munt (4 months ago)
You are smart, I really want that gucci bag behind you, omg!
play soccer (4 months ago)
Made Sacred (4 months ago)
You should have a Smart Rapper Video Contest and the winner with the freshest, most dopest video wins a 1 Full Year Platinum Scholarship to Smart Rapper!!!!???
Aamin Gill (4 months ago)
rob 😊 dude thnx bro for helping us bro ....damn if u beleive in are shit i know it 'll blow !
Aamin Gill (4 months ago)
awesome ....i do need awesome clothes for my music vidios and 😍😍damn cool stuff my favourate brands are . 1.addidas 2.nike 3.anything that looks freakin awesome
TrapKidd (4 months ago)
Eat shit
iAmJayHonest (4 months ago)
Hey smart rapper I’m sponsored by Rocket , Six Sound Apparel and I’m in the middle of working a sponsorship deal with Fido I’m trying to get in contact with you can u please dm me or email me [email protected] Thank u :)
Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
My email is in this video bro!
iAmJayHonest (4 months ago)
Hey id love to reach out to fila, champion, or a sport related shoe company or clothing company I have 2 kids and am a full time artist :)
Lazarus Maisa (4 months ago)
Vans nd Adidas
blits fever (4 months ago)
Xeonicle _ (4 months ago)
this is gonna be tough considering i live in malaysia
Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
I have a bunch of dope clothes from Malaysian clothing brands!
Snapme Kiing74 (4 months ago)
ROB!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE WORD OF THE DAY HOMIE? its been a while since ive had time to sit down and watch a few videos.
Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
Im sorry haha! I'll bring it back I sweaR!
James R Cole (4 months ago)
Cuz you be I point thanks for the vision
osas Obaseki (4 months ago)
Nike and addidas and jordans
ADDSN's Aesthetic (4 months ago)
Looney Waves (4 months ago)
What if you have your own clothing line can you spsonser it for me ?
Humphrey Mduduzi (4 months ago)
lil tampons (4 months ago)
Adidas nikes and some xxxtentacion clothes hopefully
Theet Head (4 months ago)
Young Smx (4 months ago)
Active !!
Thirty 40 (4 months ago)
NeWArrA Official (4 months ago)
I love stuff that is a little special
FVnerd (4 months ago)
FVnerd (4 months ago)
FVnerd (4 months ago)
pmpmember (4 months ago)
Hey rob, in which of your videos do you say how to claim your stage name? Im confused about trademarking and things
Collin Mc (4 months ago)
G59 product and ftp
NSG C-Note864 (4 months ago)
8732    supreme    Nike    levi's
LEON 68 (4 months ago)
Addidas, Puma, Nike My IG: leon68._
Yvng Jayce Grxms (4 months ago)
I've been wondering about this for months, get outta my head fam 😂
Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
Yeezy Theslump (4 months ago)
Yo rob if i wanna know more about HipHop culture where do I go? To know more of the HipHop Culture???
Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
Learn about the culture by studying what's happening. Watch complex, rap radar etc.
Chill Skate (4 months ago)
Hey Rob been watching your videos for about 7 months and dropped my first song 6 months ago, thanks to you I have over 210k streams on SoundCloud 3,000 monthly listeners on spotify and more I still use the Samson co1u that you recommended to use I’m only 15 and without you I wouldn’t be where I’m at today- thank you
Smart Rapper (4 months ago)
Damn good job man!!!!!!
Mina Krystina (4 months ago)
Thank You.
el novato con talento (4 months ago)
Hello!!! Tendras la acapella De eminem 8 mile road??? 🙂👍 por favor 🙏👋👊
RoNNie Joe (4 months ago)
LOOK AT ME!!! https://youtu.be/x4JYvP4-VTc
Nigel T (4 months ago)
Sketchy Tank & Obey
Original Records LLC (4 months ago)
Bruh🤔 u a genius💯(TY)
Joey Akrouche (4 months ago)
Nike.. Levi's.. Hanes.. (white t or black t) Carhartt..
Rarity (4 months ago)
Make a tips for young musicians
sheldon A Clarke (4 months ago)
mr goldman. ,i love gucci
Logan2600 (4 months ago)
Thank you For this Message bro fr Gucci Versace adidas pac sun
JUSTIN JAMES (4 months ago)
how do you stay on beat when you rap
Collin Mc (4 months ago)

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