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Pilotseye.tv - Lufthansa Airbus A380 - Departure from San Francisco [English Subtitles]

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The crew pushback, taxi and take off from San Francisco enroute to Frankfurt. Captain Juergen Raps retirement flight. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Pilotseye.tv. Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit www.pilotseye.tv to purchase full video. Thank you.
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Text Comments (2061)
alan davis cooper (12 hours ago)
Molto bene jajajja
John Andrews (12 hours ago)
Taxi out formalities perfectly fine for take off to San Francisco !
Kerbal Space Past Times (12 hours ago)
What version of FSX is this?
Joshua Young (1 day ago)
ajmccg (1 day ago)
The 380 is such a beautiful beast. Wonderful work of engineering. Congratulations to Capt. Raps on his retirement and amazing career.
Retarded Noob (1 day ago)
cleared to call for clearence
emachines987 (1 day ago)
Whenever I can avoid flying TG, I do. Too scary.
Bambang Hariadi (1 day ago)
What an eyegasm to me...thanks for the video. Verry cool Captain and Flight Officer. You make my day!!!
fearview (2 days ago)
Congratulation Capt. for your retirement. This is a wonderful tribute video. i kinda moving away almost in tears. goodluck for life ahead
antonio perea (2 days ago)
Impresionante. Que maravilla!!!
Saymum Khan (2 days ago)
Congratulations Captain
Adithi S (2 days ago)
What a badass pilot! Riding a Harley through the airport tarmac, I genuinely believe pilots are so fucking cool. Also Congratulation to the captain!
Traveling Tal (2 days ago)
"Bravo Zulu" Captain Raps Fairwinds and Following Seas.......
Carlos Zarate (3 days ago)
You made me teary
Wayne John Hinrichsen (3 days ago)
BJ CH (4 days ago)
Very nice. Enjoy watching it a log! Thanks for sharing.
Clayspo (5 days ago)
Can you make a video about air India
FatherElectric (5 days ago)
Usman Asif (5 days ago)
I have flown on A380 from Dubai to JFK. It has the smoothest, most stable flight of all. This was a great video by the way.
Jim Miller (5 days ago)
Lufthansa used to be a first class airline, now they treat the passengers like crap and the handicap like a second class sardine, my last flight to Moscow from Seattle took " 3 DAYS " and I was treated like Hitler mistreating the Jews, Lufthansa you SUCK BIG TIME.
Silverwing Spotter (5 days ago)
Very cool vid!
Cam Scott (6 days ago)
Just so cool - was ground staff at BNE, contributed my little bit to help these guys do their jobs - still brings a tear to my eyes :)
ชอบ LH เป็นอีกหนึ่งสายการบินที่อยากทำงานด้วย และชอบวีดีโอนี้มากๆเพราะพวกคุณทำงานกันเป็นทีมมากๆ ชอบๆ😁
nathan12291 (6 days ago)
Does it really matter if there were talking in English or German or what ever . Why cares Shut up and enjoy the video. If you don't like that there talk in German. Do this Turn the sound OFF Is that to hard to do . Sorry to the Captain with all the fools congrats to the Captain on his retirement!
brightbyte (6 days ago)
Tönnskens?! Hach :)
James Carroll (6 days ago)
Gut gemacht, Captain Raps. Genießen Sie Ihren wohlverdienten Ruhestand.
abhinav jadhav (6 days ago)
Robert McKay (6 days ago)
who sings the song open your eyes lyrics near the end
JR (6 days ago)
Remarkable attention to details, very common in German pilots and Engineering. What a pleasant flight!!
vince harris (6 days ago)
"Stress is only known by inefficient people what a thing to say you useless german scumer
Neil Naidu (7 days ago)
0011clem raptor (7 days ago)
on the way to germany with another 526 immigrants .
micckae (7 days ago)
On his retirement day he made a big mistake. Flight security 101, never eat the same thing than the copilot. Copilot should not have taken that "bite" in the end. Lame
Cal Ven (7 days ago)
The average cumulus cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds, (500 tons), about the same size as this A380. I I guess if a heavy cloud can float, so can a huge airplane. We all don't realize how heavy air is. I, like most people, always wonder how those steel tubes with wing fly too. Remarkable.
TheBabaroga43 (7 days ago)
Germans at they best...love those ppl
holymolie (8 days ago)
Wonderful, just wonderful. I have never flown in an A380, but did fly from Vancouver to Frankfurt in a Lufthansa 747. It is so impressive that an aircraft that large, full of people, luggage, fuel, food and drink, so effortlessly lifts off the ground, while pinning you back in your seat under takeoff. Simply thrilling. : )
BROTHER'S 20 (8 days ago)
Enjoy your retirement !
Larry Granstaff (8 days ago)
Most excellent!
Super video. Amazing. Good job!
jane oughton (9 days ago)
i have traveled the world and yet i always wonder how these big babies can take off ?
Cal Ven (7 days ago)
The average cumulus cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds, (500 tons), about the same size as this A380. I I guess if a heavy cloud can float, so can a huge airplane. We all don't realize how heavy air is. But, not to worry: I always wonder how those steel tubes with wing fly too. Remarkable.
RedJoker (9 days ago)
Can they adjust the thrust of each engine independently? @8:15 As I kid I always loved and still love airports and planes. I actually thought about applying at the Lufthansa but since the majority of the flight is done by the autopilot and flying is like driving hours on a straight highway, I didn't even try it in the end ;)
Marijan B (9 days ago)
Great montage! A380 is unbelievably qiuet!
good job
Dre Parker (9 days ago)
Excellent video. I love this kind of the video. So clear 💖
Klaus Vokiee (10 days ago)
Because I was Born in Germany and living in Australia for a long time , I decided that 56 Years later I wanted to fly with Lufthansa , Economy Class , return flight from Sydney to Frankfurt in December 2010 on my own but was on a Singapore A-380 Air Bus from Sydney to Changi because Lufthansa do Not fly to Australia anymore and then on a Lufhansa flight from Changi to Frankfurt ! What a disappointment when I boarded the Lufthansa Airplane in Changi after the A-380 Air Bus ! The Lufthansa Airplane was so cramped and I vowed Never to fly Lufthansa again but only with Singapore Airlines ! Flew twice more with Singapore Airlines , this time with my Wifey and enjoyed each flight imensely ! Every time there was ALWAYS plenty of Leg room in the Singapore Airlines Aircraft , in Economy Class , being mostly a A-380 Air Bus ! Not sure if Lufthansa had A-380 Airbus Aircraft at that time in 2010-2011 but no way will I ever fly with Lufthansa again !
Diego Garcia (10 days ago)
looks like a scrubbed mission
ClayZ (10 days ago)
This video and the previous one with the arrival at SFO are movie quality. Usually you get a really cool vid that is ‘merely’ a superb pilots view of someplace. Here it really was a production with cameras inside, outside in many locations. Very well done.
Colleen Loyd (10 days ago)
Super, enjoyed very much along with family.
Kokoa Liburudenda (10 days ago)
This is beautiful.
Jeferson Santos (11 days ago)
Amazing vídeo.
Marie Jakowski (12 days ago)
What is the difference between an airbus and an airplane?
Kenneth Huang (12 days ago)
Thank you so much for posting this lovely video! Utmost respect to the pilot of the plane! Watching this video has triggered my wanderlust to travel abroad again !
Steve S (12 days ago)
That is one seriously ugly airplane
GT interactive (12 days ago)
definitely Lufthansa has a very distinctive way of working in the cockpit. Professional 2 planes cut together Johannesburg and Wien here
AionicMusic (12 days ago)
imagine someone from the control tower saying heil hitler when they take off
Losangeles Harvey (12 days ago)
excellent video-one very small quibble: would have been nice to see the actual moments of lift off from the cockpit perspective
plica06 (13 days ago)
This ended abruptly.
J024 (13 days ago)
And now, the A380 is on the verge of going out of production.
Audit Recon (13 days ago)
What are the waypoints for that flight route? Beautiful pic of SF. Happy retirement.
keri caye (13 days ago)
see that ground control girl....I would give (if I had it) a million bucks to have her youth, beauty and INTELLIGENCE.........LUCKY LADY WELL DONE
Wichai Phutyaem (13 days ago)
Congratulations for your retirement, captain. You are great!
Nemo Ulisse (13 days ago)
in questo video ho visto una cosa incredibile: un aereo jet privato con max 20 persone a bordo passare all'incrocio in volo alla massima accelerazione e altri di linea davanti all' airbus con 500 persone a bordo. ma la sicurezza non è lla prima prerogativa del volo civile ? si utilizzano gli aeroporti come un ponte di una portaerei... incredibile !!!!!
ausfuhrpramienjagar (14 days ago)
Great video, they flew right over my house after departing SFO to the NE. Enjoy your retirement Capt. Raps! The controllers voices were all familiar as I listen to Flight Radar and SFO all the time. ;-)
Truett Neathery (14 days ago)
These departing SFO flights go right over my location on their ways to Frankfurt, London, Istanbul, Iceland !! Usually mid-afternoon - I have followed them on FlightAware - my location is KAUN.
Vengai Mafirakurewa (14 days ago)
Great video, feels like am in the plane. Happy retirement Captain Juergen Raps.
ossilong (14 days ago)
The "Wiedersehen" from the tower was the best part.
Tokio Hotelfan (15 days ago)
fliegen mag ich auch sehr
Jack Green (15 days ago)
Wow the tower babe!! Clear to take off... yarp!
Newbroken (12 days ago)
Thank you very much! Only 2 seconds show her...
Jack Green (12 days ago)
+Newbroken 13:49
Newbroken (13 days ago)
Where? I cant find it
Bennet Pfüller (15 days ago)
what does rollin rollin loadin loadin clearin clearin mean?
MrCengocelik (16 days ago)
From beginning to the end of this short perfect filmed video, I thank you.. I enjoyed very much as being a retired Air Force Colonel.
jaimejaime (16 days ago)
OMG control tower gal. <3
jorge castellanos (16 days ago)
Halikul yakin (16 days ago)
GBU capt. I miss your
MrAMYJACK (17 days ago)
I really enjoyed this, thanks.
Newell Harry (17 days ago)
The A380 is a thing of beauty!
Marianna Veneri (17 days ago)
JR you are the best, thank you for all your videos, and you wish you many great years on your retirement.
Sartnir Hellas (17 days ago)
Sartnir Hellas (13 days ago)
Newbroken (13 days ago)
The earth is not flat. If you go to the shore and watch the ocean you can see that! Simple, but explains everything!
shantanu upadhyay (17 days ago)
which song was played during last mins of the video... it was awesome too as video
Haval Jamal (17 days ago)
When its Made in German .. it mean close your eyes and go ahead
Ivor Tomana (18 days ago)
Beautiful !
Newbroken (13 days ago)
Shannon M (18 days ago)
Nazi technology, professionalism and execution at its best! Heil!
WIR überwinden (18 days ago)
Whites are genius and beautiful
"""""i??????????"""" (18 days ago)
Music is cancer
tahoecoyote (18 days ago)
I flew that route hundreds of times and never tire of the view.
80s Guy (18 days ago)
I love it!
Kevin Sta Ana (18 days ago)
For some reasons this made me emotional.
Don Bryant (18 days ago)
it looks like a bee hive with very very big bees
Nasir Shah (18 days ago)
Nice video
Marcos Guglielmi (18 days ago)
Is the a380 partly controlled by voice? Or is it operated by manual control?
ricardopr54 (18 days ago)
Congratulations in your retirement captain! GOD bless all pilots in the world!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🇵🇷
D'ali C. Zargham (19 days ago)
love lufthansa brach mich immer in den 80iziGern als student immer wieder nach sf;) immer!!!1 lufthansa, what else. LUFT_? not only thats but never EVER not without hansa::) S. urs. ali zarghami from the good OL' vienna or jcpoa vienna:))))) ach die deitschen, like it von monaco franze
Nicholas Vonetreb (19 days ago)
In 1995 I flew Lufthansa from Dusseldorf to New York's JFK while immigrating from Russia. I was 17 and naive but the most impressive thing I can remember is the SUPER nice crew. Captain Juergen might of even been the pilot on my flight. Enjoy your retirement Captain!
Tante Lilis (19 days ago)
Exciting to watching this video
PUBG Lokal (20 days ago)
WOW...nice sir
mtrujillo1973 (20 days ago)
Congratulations on your retirement Captain Raps
Dave Whelan (20 days ago)
The ATC is easy on the eyes.
TallDark Handsome (20 days ago)
15:13 cute
Roland allan (20 days ago)
What a beautyful plane
ericynot (20 days ago)
One of the best videos on YouTube.

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