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How Long You Can Survive On Each Planet

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We know how long a human being could survive on a summer day on Mars without a spacesuit. (Answer: not long at all.) But what about the other planets in our solar system? Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks it down. Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.
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Text Comments (1438)
Michael Jordan (58 minutes ago)
I thought id never say this but...neil was wrong about venus.he's right we do share similiar gravity with venus,but minus the heat its still FAR from comfortable there.the atmospheric pressure on venus would crush you to a pulp instantly while the intense heat fries your filthy little corpse...☺
TheY2AProblem (8 days ago)
Earth: Too Long
EmilianoMax 007 (10 days ago)
Venus has about the same gravity as Earth, so you'd be very familiar walking around... *until you're vaporized in less than a second*
T J (10 days ago)
ill take my chances on venus at least i’ll enjoy a pizza before i die
SENTRY (17 days ago)
Uranus and Neptune bruh had me dying 😂😂😂😂
Planet Xeddex (17 days ago)
Wow, this earth place sounds awesome. Much better then living in other planets.
Priv Pers (17 days ago)
this guy is an idiot.
James French (19 days ago)
Imagine a planet that prolongs your life.
Dave Mcewan (20 days ago)
Why won't you debate Eric Dubay?
Marie Sophie (23 days ago)
Pluto has left the chat because h'es out of our solor system
Full ARM (26 days ago)
How long can Mr. Pearshape keep the narrative?
Claire Redfield (27 days ago)
How can a scientist who knows this stuff be an atheist?!
the unreal player (28 days ago)
I would have liked to hear about the moons too.
chilrad (1 month ago)
The Earth is actually worst of all, we're dead already, life is but an illusion projected by the other 8 planets! Sorry, 7 planets, sorry 8, sorry 7, sorry 8!! ;)
bigmower (1 month ago)
No one can travel in space or go on other planets until artificial gravity is invented.
Kenyan Bunnie (1 month ago)
And Pluto? Isnt it solid?
Reign Drops (1 month ago)
He should’ve done the dwarf planets
SuperHan (1 month ago)
On earth, you might die when you're minus 9 months old.
IN THIS DAY AND AGE (1 month ago)
there is zero way of knowing anything beyond the stars unless you are actually there most things are theories
kreuztraeger (1 month ago)
What about Pluto? Ohhhh
Zanfish (1 month ago)
He just made my day 😂 this was so funny.
Alpha uzoma (1 month ago)
Like your video but I hope you answer this question ? Can humans survive with technology if the earth gets to 600 degrees , let's say 10 percent of our population ?
Trail Blazing (1 month ago)
Grandpa lives at the moon 20 years now and he is fine!
Michal Kolář (1 month ago)
Pro tip: Space suit may help you live somewhere a little longer.
Jack Fletcher (1 month ago)
How long can you survive, spouting the same old shite.
Soraya (1 month ago)
0:38 LMAO "you would vaporize"
Black Hole (1 month ago)
Saturn's rings are rocks That are spinning EXTREMELY INCREDIBELY Fast that you can't even see it spinning
God_Laughs _At_Atheists (2 months ago)
As things stand right now, I doubt any human being would survive a trip to our nearest planet.
Javi 4122004 (2 months ago)
Say here on Earth XD
H8redd (2 months ago)
On mercury and mars, you blood would boil immediately due to low atmospheric pressure (mercury has no atmosphere at all, while mars is 1/1000th of earth atmospheric pressure).
Sharan Chandrasekaran (2 months ago)
Thank you sir for the simple explanation....
alvin ma (2 months ago)
I swear Neil gets high
Arbaaz Patwari (2 months ago)
this is good
Nate Choe (2 months ago)
Mark Watney: am I a joke to you?
Raflamar (2 months ago)
Earth is the most dangerous planet for humans as it has a 100% death rate
Ivan M (2 months ago)
Missed Pluto there bud
Gamer Rant (2 months ago)
Should have added some moons from the gas giants.
rush1er (2 months ago)
Since childhood I've been told I was EXTREMELY BRIGHT... that's why my Dad calls me son... ah? ah? ... SON.. BRIGHT... 😃(crickets chirp amid silence)
Slaxep (2 months ago)
“If you run too fast you go into orbit” Why did that make me laugh for like a solid minute lmfao
Andrew Everoski (2 months ago)
You left out Pluto....😓😞
Jonathan Pruch (2 months ago)
“Venus has about the same gravity as earth so you’d be very familiar with walking around...until you vaporize” DEAD
Egoponte (2 months ago)
No long.
You can live on Sun for 12 hours if you come at night.
Hari Kishore (2 months ago)
Pluto made 604 fake accounts and dislikes the video.
Huh. You know I honestly thought Uranus and Neptune where ligquids for some reason not gas
somecallmeelvis (2 months ago)
You forgot Pluto I don't care rather is a planet or not
Nix Fatal (2 months ago)
i forgot his name so I call him black guy that’s good at science 🤗
sir_oinks alot (2 months ago)
What about pluto
TallCoolDrink (2 months ago)
Damn. There goes my plan to relocate to Uranus.
Jaffo (2 months ago)
I have a D ring
Thot Patrol (2 months ago)
How dare you call him Neil Degrasse Tyson! Its 'Black Science Man' Uneducated buffoon
Daniel aleks (2 months ago)
Watch the video of Isaac Newton against Bill Nay and you will understand.
expert autodetail (2 months ago)
i guess it is official now, pluto is not a planet
drwheelusa (2 months ago)
I love this guy.
Humza Ali Javed (2 months ago)
How about the *E*arring
Martin Ducharme (2 months ago)
Hey Neil, would you really feel the same walking on Venus? Yes you have the same gravity, but isn't there huge atmospheric pressure on Venus?
EmpEcropEco (2 months ago)
Ahh that's hot
Cynthia Ayers (2 months ago)
Why is it that we think we must live on a planet? Why not just live between planets in something like the dynasphere. Then all the planets in the universe are all playgrounds to go and visit and learn not live upon. In a sense their all national parks.
Daniel aleks (2 months ago)
*Astrophysic black guy!*
arthur g (2 months ago)
What about Pluto?
BoxedMilk (2 months ago)
that’s hot
George Kim (2 months ago)
Wait the sun is a planet?
shaquaya porter (2 months ago)
There are no such thing as planets they're just light bouncing off the waters above
#Russian4647 《 (2 months ago)
It's rewind time! 1:16
2 minutes the 2nd highest, 80 years the highest, big ass difference
Maline ! (2 months ago)
Blurry Taxicab (2 months ago)
"80 years" Haha.. not in my case.. haaa...
Kasbaoui Ilias (2 months ago)
I wish this could be more detailed from him.. I want a 10min+ long episode of that thing .....
moneymike0816 (2 months ago)
People still take this moron serious?
Abdalla Khalifa (2 months ago)
Julian Ochoa Gavilano (2 months ago)
Martians: Riiight. Beltalowda: For once we agree with an inner planet
Rippy 888 (2 months ago)
So many people so ignorant so sad. NDT is so awesome.
Hugo Brock (2 months ago)
What about on Roadster Planet ?
truth seeker (2 months ago)
Of all these planets we are living in the one that is perfect for LIFE. Coincidence? Atheists:Yes Theists: No
TacoHammer (2 months ago)
I can't tell are you religious? Or are you just one of those people that overuse that really dumb and unfunny joke
Tim Brown (2 months ago)
Oh yeah. Btw weve never heen to any of these places so we dont know shxx about them but its fun to fantasize and use our imagination
Brody Joesph (2 months ago)
Haha d ring
Rishi Phadnis (2 months ago)
The way he said vaporize was funny
Harsh Raj Always free (2 months ago)
100 years at optimum performance
Eleeth Tahgra (2 months ago)
What about pluto?
Rory Snow (2 months ago)
A spot near Mercury’s poles would be just the right temperature for a rover to operate safely or to support a human colony.
TAVO (2 months ago)
tell me more things like, whats in the bottom of the ocean. then ill believe u whats millions of miles away.!!
KaiserSoldat (2 months ago)
Saturn must be very lonely. All those rings, not one of them a wedding ring.
Jacob Mull (2 months ago)
Lol. D ring
Josh S (2 months ago)
Buisness insider is always telling me shit I didnt think I needed to know
That Guy (2 months ago)
IDK about the earth one... Seems to be the most dangerous since most humans seem to die there.
Jeff Ray (2 months ago)
As long ad bill cosbys dates on drugs.neil needs to get a goog lawyer
ShadowOfLabel (2 months ago)
This is wrong. I was on Pluto just a second ago and I was fine.
Ethan Ferguson (2 months ago)
So at night will it turn off or not work till the morning?
David Henriksson (2 months ago)
Gravity contributed to killing all humans!
Harold Baker (2 months ago)
We are going to need some tips on how to survive on Earth if this climate change gets much worse.
Aaron Coelho-Irani (2 months ago)
Neil lasted 2:55 minutes on YouTube
Chode Henson (2 months ago)
Don't let the mustache fool you...
ModernDH (2 months ago)
Can live on darkside of moon
Kolt Garber (2 months ago)
Ever since Neil degrasse Tyson tried saying that genetic modification is the same as hybridization I haven’t listened to anything he says.
LogRoll (2 months ago)
Kolt Garber So now you just go around to videos with him speaking and comment your complaints without actually watching the video?
Gabriel (2 months ago)
Sun: one second Mercury: 2 minutes Earth: until someone shoots you
Ricky Bobby (2 months ago)
So fairly quick if ur black and live in murica?
Agam Singh (2 months ago)
I'd rather say 'stay down to earth' 😂
Omar Velázquez (2 months ago)
what about the moons of these planets?
Letz Talk (2 months ago)
So you include the Sun but not the Moon!? *THE SUN ISN'T EVEN A PLANET!*
Daniel Woods (2 months ago)
And what about Pluto
Travis Negrete (2 months ago)
Please, tell me more about this "d" ring.
Justyn Justyński (2 months ago)
When cosmos 2??? :((
Bleed Green (2 months ago)
And than he raped some girls. Nice going Neil
Ricky Bobby (2 months ago)
Trump probably raped even more women
Bleed Green (2 months ago)
Google it. Multiple women coming forward. Damn shame
** (2 months ago)
Nah there's no way this goon did any that. This mf prolly Jack's off to pictures on the universe
João Calhandro (2 months ago)
Fahrenheit? Wait, what?

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