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Cannibal: One Man's Meat (Cannibalism Documentary) - Real Stories

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Our knowledge of cannibalism generally begins with Hannibal Lecter and ends with the survivors of the 1972 Andes air crash – and we are uncomfortable even contemplating that it goes any further than this. Cannibal is a three-part journey of discovery revealing that the ultimate taboo is not confined to aberrant freaks and those escaping death by starvation and hypothermia. Take a chilling look at four of the most infamous cannibal killers of recent times, the eating habits of our Iron Age ancestors, and finally, devastating situations where the choice is between dying and eating human flesh. A shocking and unsettling look at the people who eat people. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by 3BM Television
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Text Comments (7281)
Melinda French (6 days ago)
I guess I never really thought about certain cultures not seeing themselves as made in Gods image.if someone doesn't know that,it would impact how they valued a life and could take a life without guilt for lack of a better word
Melinda French (6 days ago)
So what constitutes "fetal essence"??
Sky Alive (10 days ago)
I like to live near the mountains when I am not traveling. Especially in the pacific northwest of the US. It doesn't usually snow in the winter, but rather just rains a lot. You could easily live off the land if you know a bit of botany and had edible plant identification skills, and if not, there are plethora of books on it. If famine happens, just gtfo of the city and into the woods. Then you might survive. Or die if you're too dumb to leave the concrete jungle. Your precious cell phones, credit cards, and closets full of clothes won't save when shtf, but knowledge, skill, and experience will. Arm yourselves - read some books.
elija. (16 days ago)
only 24 years for killing someone and selling their meat ................. ok
Say My Name (16 days ago)
BOTH of these cultures have communism.
Say My Name (16 days ago)
This is perhaps because of their region and the duration of winter and the inability to cultivate. I’m from the Andean mountains and we can cultivate year round... we have apple trees, pear tress, nuts... I mean even we didn’t have any meat we can still have plenty of fruits, veggies and grains .
Yorkshee Gaming (17 days ago)
Ateast the doggo is ok.
Nish (17 days ago)
When was this that they’re resulting to this????
A. v. K. (17 days ago)
Never heard of Mad Cow disease (Bovine spongiforme Enzephalopathie)? It is assumed that it happens because the animals are fed meat products (flour made from bones and meat waste) - proteins to speed up muscle growth. Scientists found out that a similar disease can be caused in human brains when people have eaten repeatedly human flesh as observed in Papua New Guinea. So, culture or not, hungry or not, it is not a good idea to eat your own kind.
Jaynnon Pelone (17 days ago)
Just pray
JACOB .S. OLANREWAJU (17 days ago)
A city that is full of modern technology, automobile, telephone, electricity, etc. How come they chooses to be cannibals puzzled me, there is a lot behind this documentary, maybe something to do with spiritual, they keeps animals as pets, if it is abject starvation that made do so, why can't they turn to kill their pets?
Jennifer Davis (17 days ago)
Omg I can't watch it! It's disgusting, repulsive..I have to get off the site 😱😱😱
Spongebob Squarepants (18 days ago)
Is eating pu$$y a cannibalism?
Eileen85 (18 days ago)
Watching all of these animals being held captive and killed is heartbreaking too, omg. 💔
darky B (18 days ago)
Jesus please help the people in world
Shalonda Brantley (18 days ago)
EATING HUMAN SKIN AND FLESH IS DEADLY IN ITSELF AND AN ABOMINATION... I'd honest to GOD would just starve to death...or try to find grass or berries etc.
Passionette Smith (17 days ago)
Shalonda Brantley same here. There plants we can eat and bugs too.
billy hunt (18 days ago)
They love white fellas in Papua New guinea they call us white pig because we apparently taste like pork
Ozy Mandias (19 days ago)
in my country (Indonesian) have to the cannibalism. this guy named SUMANTO, he belive eat the dead body people for the black magic.. but this story long time ago..
Noor Kansi (17 days ago)
So sad because of hunger.
No name (19 days ago)
Yummy human 🥩
Omnia Kadorah (19 days ago)
All of you talking about not doing this .. just pray you are never forced to make this choice and thank god for every blessing
Jana Porras (19 days ago)
Don't watch this hungry
Iris Pedro (19 days ago)
Lord give me the spiritual strength to do your will, and only your will! With that said, I can't watch this no more.
Anna Rios (19 days ago)
Thank god we live around ranchs.and i got chickens freash.eggs grow.out Veggie.potoes beans chilie.
Robyn Leigh Smith (19 days ago)
As a vegetarian, once the human is dead, meat is meat
Daytona Says What?! (19 days ago)
"As a..." blah blah blah
yolo yolo (20 days ago)
I have a list of enemies I will eat when I m hungry.heck,I probably eat them even when I m full
Explorer Jenette (20 days ago)
there are no money to buy food and they have long winter in russia and they'd bieng currapted 😖😖😖
Honest Opinion (20 days ago)
So far the cockroach gave me freaks the most 😰
Esther Bucio (20 days ago)
Don't forget the bottle of Chianti wine.
James Nichols (20 days ago)
That time you killed your friend , then chopped him up and fed him to people. Charles was a good man , and with garlic and some rosemary, he was a masterpiece.
RedThings ThatiLike (20 days ago)
I will choose to die im okay if they eat my meat. Killing myself is easy than killing someone.
Abraham Habtu (20 days ago)
Is this really true?
Decent Human (20 days ago)
I want to let you all in on a little secret. Cannibals are everywhere today in every country. I'm in the USA and years ago the homeless started to vanish off the streets. They are still vanishing today. Look for the signs in the people of Cannibal traits of a disease you will 100% get if you eat humans. When people go to these countries some don't make it back and that is the same for cruise ships. If you think pan handling or aka begging for money is a billion dollar business and don't know about the black market for organs and human meat trade billion dollar business you really need to wake up .
EGstill85 (20 days ago)
It’s probably not normal that I’m watching this thinking to myself that I’d be really flattered if a pretty girl chose my corpse to eat out of all the other dead guys bodies in her famine plagued village...
E. B. (21 days ago)
If we were literally starving to death, I would eat the dead in order to live. They’re already dead. There are tribes who eat the the dead of their families as a ritual- they pay their respects by incorporating parts of their relatives into themselves. Your mother’s body creates you as a baby, you’re basically incorporating her into yourself. This would be the reverse of that, like a recycle. The living are more precious than the dead. Then the dead wouldn’t have died in vain, if their bodies would be able to save lives. Like organ donation. ....or at least I’d try to tell myself that 😝
Fatima Nait Raiss (18 days ago)
You will die from kuru desease
Emily Savage (21 days ago)
I ate meatloaf while watching this.. yuuuuummmmmmmmm
Cipher (21 days ago)
You are what you eat they said. You are a human they said.
Sunshine Komaransky (21 days ago)
Could have prayed for sometime better to have
Ryan Aney (22 days ago)
Jeffrey damer opened his own pizza chain! Do you know what he named it? Damer "nose"pizza! Baaahaaahaaaa
mack freeman (23 days ago)
Disgusting and sick 😷
TMNTObsession (24 days ago)
This documentation is sponsered by psychiatry
no one (26 days ago)
vegans gon' be mad
nexxy nene (27 days ago)
24 years really is nothing
Real life TV (29 days ago)
If you eat man it will cause thrash and mouth sores and disease from human meat not consumable.
Denise Lorenc (29 days ago)
First, find a 600 pound human that can't loose weight. This will feed a very large family when cooked up. Stock up on veggies. Wrap up leftovers.
406 lbs (29 days ago)
wanna eat human? order it from afriica and eat jigaboo
candelazul (1 month ago)
Curious, there are no more immigrants left working at Trump restaurants? Nobody knows where they are...
Glory (1 month ago)
Hey guys if u eat McDonald’s u already eating humans 🤷🏻‍♀️🤭
Vladimir Tchekovy (1 month ago)
Cannibalism is not vegan
Slappy (1 month ago)
*I eat live oysters.*
jamila dean (1 month ago)
counterfeit cas (1 month ago)
24:30 Princess meow sean
counterfeit cas (1 month ago)
14 million died. Wow. I'd eat some dead people too if I was there. It was that or die.
Melly-Melinda Live (1 month ago)
How did I get here 😐2019
Zanne Abby (1 month ago)
Y am i even watching this...
Ron B (1 month ago)
I don’t believe in the concept of a “soul”, but the Chinese are definitely lacking something human.
Megan Elizabeth (1 month ago)
This is how you get CJD, Aka “kuru”.
v m (1 month ago)
OK. ..I want to become a vegetarian now...
Ursula. M (1 month ago)
Its horrible and disgusting but I can't judge. The urge to survive has no limits.
Andries Maila (1 month ago)
Wait. How does a human end up being a meal? U volunteer or u r kidnapped or maybe dead bodies at the morgu?
Rhonda Dsvidson (1 month ago)
This is part of the reason why I don't eat Chinese food!! Never seen chicken shaped like the "chicken" they serve before!
Dyed Bliss (1 month ago)
I was eaten yesterday. Learned I'm rather tasty. 💁🏾‍♀️ Survived & still alive.
Velvet Love (1 month ago)
Real life hostel im shook omgggg
merge m8 (1 month ago)
People in Africa should do this, it could cure world hunger..
Carol Verde (1 month ago)
People do this when they are starving but the Chinese do it everyday because they think it’s exotic meat apart from rats cats dogs and all kinds of nasty things I would hate to live next to them if there was no more food in the world they would run out of dogs and cats quickly and when they eat everything in the sea they would turn to eating human flesh without a single thought !!! 😐 Very barbaric people Cruel and unsympathetic just like the Russians Serbians ,
Olga Benavides (1 month ago)
2 be honest i rather die without human flesh grosses 😢
United States (1 month ago)
I am eating while watching this. Lol.
Jasmine Rubiano (1 month ago)
Some countries eat insects for them to survive starvation. 😔
The fruits of Communism. It’s spreading in the WEST like a cancer
United States (1 month ago)
Please explain how...
Ismail Atan (1 month ago)
Fried green tomatoes...does that count.
Yori Yasuhiro (1 month ago)
I do rather starve to death.
Robert Gardea (1 month ago)
Makes you woner what goes on in a Chinese backroom kitchen . Buying dog at the back door kitchen.
Frequenz Pi (1 month ago)
American elite Drinks blood of children and kill them just vor fun, whats about that? Ouh i‘m Unterstand, this is again a Movie about the „bad“ russians. 👍
Duk kha (1 month ago)
😈 human are always hungry.
icey 786 (1 month ago)
Uhm do we have to eat meat? Uhm mmmm
serenading Bee (1 month ago)
34:12 48:11 Cannibalism aside, this is also horrifying.
Tungoe Renchio (1 month ago)
Ok YouTube. Ok...here I go.
F F (1 month ago)
And yet he continues to worship a god that he believes is all powerful and good. Religion poisons everything.
CHINA MAU ZE DONG and his supporters KILLED and ATE his enemies AGAINST different classes pure ANIMAL CANNIBALS.
CHINA every 2 BIRTHS IS 1 ABORTION! !!!!!!! WTF !!!!!! canada NO MORE BUSINESS WITH CHINA. we dont need china goods.
REMEMBER THE TRAITOROUS JEW is what Baba said many many times.
He kept it in a washing machine. THE KID IS FKN TRAUMATIZED. life prison sentence.
Nola Ogle (1 month ago)
Watching while eating my dinner.Really grateful that I’m a vegetarian 🌱
Neal Ryan Caballes (1 month ago)
I would just kill myself rather than consume nasty meat.
Marqus X (1 month ago)
Disgusting Russian pigs! I would eat grass everyday all day
Frank Cantley (1 month ago)
This 1 time at band camp....
Kelly Booth (1 month ago)
If ur starving you'll eat anything
p brain (1 month ago)
I'm related to the Donner party no joke
Cyla Hunter (1 month ago)
I can't be disgusted because I didn't live wht these people lived, we should be in their positions to talk. Nobody knows wht will happen to'm by tomorrow, wht s/he will live the coming times. God Bless us and keep us from these things .... Amiiin
Thomas Campbell (1 month ago)
Cyla Hunter you swallow
mndyal blog channel (1 month ago)
So yummy yuummmm
LITTLE HORN (1 month ago)
I wonder if ther is any cannibals in the comment section. if I was starving I would eat human meat I'd wait out side a gym and ask them if they have any roids for sale and if they said I don't do roids I'd follow them and eat them and sell the rest for $ only if it came down to it I'm not a syco you know
DeTella Brownstone (1 month ago)
Cringing but won't stop. I need help.
gaurav arya (1 month ago)
Lost my appetite 😫😫😫
Angel Blas (1 month ago)
Left her outside only for a little bit she was 2 you’re just a stupid parent
Stella Harris (1 month ago)
I read that one of the US Presidents was a cannibal.....AJ
wtftragedyy (1 month ago)
yo why am i watching this while eating ramen
Precious Odunayo (1 month ago)
After watching Hannibal I've been contemplating going vegan
NOSAJ WAHSTUC (1 month ago)
I canibalized my friend after an hour when he overdosed..I just wanted his flesh to squeeze out the drugs
get christie love (1 month ago)
Why YOUTUBE. Why is this recommended. Im a vegetarian. #RUDE
Louise Smith (1 month ago)
No matter what you think this is evil !

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