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Our Baby Moon At Four Seasons Vail

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Follow us on our luxurious Baby Moon in Vail, Colorado! We stay at the most glam ski resort in the world, Four Seasons Vail, and it is like something out of dream! This is one of our favorite travel vlogs that you have to experience! Hotel: https://www.fourseasons.com/vail Sunglasses: http://rstyle.me/n/cv6xmwbyr9p Grey Jacket: http://rstyle.me/n/cvq5cabyr9p Grateful Dead Shirt: http://rstyle.me/n/cwgq5fbyr9p (I’m wearing a Medium) Merlot Hat: http://rstyle.me/n/cwqfnxbyr9p @lindarichardsluxury tel:212-382-2257 Black Shirt: http://rstyle.me/n/cvu3nfbyr9p Black Leggings: http://rstyle.me/n/cwf6vbbyr9p Black Scarf: http://rstyle.me/n/cwf69sbyr9p Camo Coat: @lindarichardsluxury Green Jacket: http://rstyle.me/n/cwqfvcbyr9p More Affordable Faux Green Jacket: http://rstyle.me/n/cwqfwzbyr9p Black Boots: https://rstyle.me/n/cwshmzbyr9p Multi Fur Gloves: http://rstyle.me/~afZSF Multi Faux Fur Gloves: http://rstyle.me/n/cwqezpbyr9p Store: Formation Vail Pajamas: https://rstyle.me/n/cwshpvbyr9p Click this link to SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/h1HGR8
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Text Comments (180)
Samantha Macintire (1 month ago)
Can y'all do a must do/go while here
April Aragon (11 months ago)
I’m newly subscribed to your channel and wish I found you a lot earlier! Vail is my hometown 💚 I hope you loved it!
Gabrielle De Nigris (11 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your joy, it's so beautiful! xo
Camille Ritchings (11 months ago)
Your love for each other is everything!
Meredith Headtke (11 months ago)
loved the ice fishing, we do it all the time up here in Alaska!!
Brianna Babeon (11 months ago)
The lake you are on is my hometown. Where I was born and raised💛
Misty Schurman (11 months ago)
Yall are too cute!!
Nicole H (11 months ago)
Yay for baby moons!!!!
Yvonne Whitmer (11 months ago)
You too are just the cutest!
Daretta Black (11 months ago)
My husband and I went to Vail and Beaver Creek Colorado and it was the best time we ever 💑had,and its the most gorgeous place to be! I was wondering how you were breathing in that altitude being pregnant,because even normally it’s hard to breathe in that altitude. By the you looked beautiful ,and I just love your personality. 💞😊
Thrasher Family Vlogs (11 months ago)
As usual, inspiring and spreading JOY! I hope God blesses y’all to no end! And now I GOTTA go to Vail.
Hayley Paige Johnson (11 months ago)
Looks like you guys had so much fun!! Cutest preggers ever!
MoMovie & MoMusic (11 months ago)
Gucci on ice!!! Watching your videos makes me so happy! Hope you guys had a great time!
Sara Smith (11 months ago)
y’all make me laugh 😂😂☺️☺️
Monica Son (11 months ago)
What a wonderful baby moon 💜
Carolyn Tyler (11 months ago)
My fiancé and I want to go there for our honeymoon!
Jamie Love (11 months ago)
I go to vail every year I loveeee it ❣️
Julie H. (11 months ago)
Love this vlog! This looks like such an awesome babymoon!
The Riffel Life (11 months ago)
“I wanna go on a babymoon every time before a baby.” Kyles reaction 🤣. Vail is so beautiful.
Diane Lopez (11 months ago)
Mallory!!! You guys are the cutest!!! 😍 Happy babymoon!! I need to go to Vail!! My hubby & I need a vacation from our two Littles. 😄😂
Nicole Ann McGraw (11 months ago)
You two make me so happy!!!! I am LIVING for your s'more in the plushest robe! 💕💃🏻👌🏻
Chronic Beauty (1 year ago)
You guys are just adorable! I cannot wait to see just how cute this little babe is gonna be....just the cutest cherub cheeks and they will definitely be coming out laughing!....Love you both! Hope you enjoyed your baby-moon! xx
TheMexicanBeauty (1 year ago)
Your baby moon looks soooo incredible and relaxing 😍
Dina O'Dorisio (1 year ago)
But where's that coupon code for the Four Seasons!?!? Girl hook it up 😘
Ciliawillia (1 year ago)
What an amazing stay they treated you both so good, You both deserve it you look so beautiful Mallory 💕💖💕
Sabrina Lou (1 year ago)
Hahaha Kyle struggling to get in that candy box! And Mallory is like nope not helping! So cute
Nathalie De Oliveira (1 year ago)
This makes me want to go on babymoon and I’m not even expecting 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Hanna Shaw (1 year ago)
Y’all are so cute I can’t
Kelli Strong (1 year ago)
Mallory how do you do your hair in the loose waves! I love it:)
Veronica Garcia (1 year ago)
Y’all r too cute ❤️
holly schild (1 year ago)
OMG I was just in Vail ! Sad I missed you.
Cynthia Van Camp (1 year ago)
Looks stupendous 💗enjoy your time...I decided I want to go there 🧚‍♂️😍
Joanna Cerisano (1 year ago)
Yalls joy for life is the best!! I love that y’all are having the best time!! Seriously such a beautiful place! #vailglam 😂
Maddie Stone (1 year ago)
i just want to say how happy i am for you and kyle! i have been a subscriber since before y’all got married and i just love the connection you have and cannot wait to see that dang baby! i pray that God leads my boyfriend and i to a life of a happy marriage, beautiful family and exciting adventures like you and kyle. much love xoxo
Hannah Green (1 year ago)
Aw! Vail is my hometown and it is the most special place. When you live there you forget how amazing it is, thanks for reminding me!
Kristi Sobczak (11 months ago)
I can't figure out why your video's and vlog keep getting flagged!?! Maybe it's because they are too sweet and too kind🤦🏼‍♀️ Come on YouTube!!
Mara Rodriguez (1 year ago)
“And good thing he’s on the health insurance” 😂
Cheran Allsup (1 year ago)
Too stinking cute!! I love Vail! Living in CO is a blessing :) Happy Baby Moon
Wendy R Boothe (1 year ago)
I’m so glad that you got to go on your baby moon! Looks like y’all are having a blast! Loved your outfits, food looked amazing and so did the resort. 😍
Earls Family Vlogs (1 year ago)
Everything about this babymoon looks amazing!! So beautiful and relaxing!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Y’all would love it!!! You gotta bring your sweet family here!!!
Theresa Clark (1 year ago)
Wow! What a way to start off 2018. So tickled for you both enjoying your Babymoon. Enjoying your trip with you. Remember we love seeing everything you see there💋🤗
Heidi L (1 year ago)
Aww looks beautiful there wow!!!!! Awesome hotel!!❤️ y’all deserve a great baby moon!!!❤️🙌🏻😘
Alyssa Krievins (1 year ago)
You guys truly just make me smile, such great people! I laughed at so many random moments in this video, especially the last part when you said you want to go on a babymoon before every baby, and the Kyle’s expression haha! Love watching you 2 together, I think you guys will become very successful in the YouTube community because you are just both so genuine and real, and funny! Love y’all!
Kinya Coleman (1 year ago)
I love y'all. You really show the favor that the Lord has on your life. Life's not perfect for anyone, but your energy and positive attitude is contagious, you give us all hope for a brighter day. I love your humility, joy in Jesus, and energy.
Asia Madrid (1 year ago)
Nice!! It's important to escape when you can! 😉
Miche (1 year ago)
I just love your personality Mal! striving to be more like you :)
B L (1 year ago)
Omg I can’t walk on that ice not pregnant without breaking a hip. Good for you! 😂 #clumsiestpersonalive
modmomdiaries (1 year ago)
AAAAAA! That Pink Floyd shirt...I DIE! Hubs and I have got to get out there sometime. So gorgeous!
Kara O (1 year ago)
Love ❤️ from South Florida y’all! I love watching you two - Seems like an awesome baby Moon to me!
Jennifer Taylor (1 year ago)
Do you have a snapchat? I know you post a lot on ig story but just wondering! 💗
VelvetValentine (1 year ago)
Such a sweet video! So glad your lives are going so good, all the blessings for you 💗
Bea Puente (1 year ago)
Mallory you guys are always so happy! Glad you guys took some time for yourselves before baby comes enjoy fun fun!!
Tammy Macaluso (1 year ago)
Just love 💕 watching your channel!!!
Camille Tolentino (1 year ago)
“We’re lost in love” 😂😂😍 You guys are the cutest!!
Shalia Read (1 year ago)
How are you feeling with the altitude change?
Alli Hartman (1 year ago)
This is my neck of the woods! Colorado native but I️ now reside in Idaho.
Jasmine Poon (1 year ago)
Always love your videos!! Hope you are both are having a great time! You should do a video on your favorite/current jewelry and accessories! You always have the cutest stuff!
Regan Hollingsworth (1 year ago)
So glad we got some snow before you guys came to Vail!!! CO NATIVE here!
Kathy Ilich (1 year ago)
Love seeing you guys so happy! Life is good-isn’t it? God Bless you guys!!
Kendolyn OW (1 year ago)
Y'all are so cute and goofy with each other! Made me laugh :) Happy Babymoon!
Alexa K (1 year ago)
Omg you guys standing on the ice made me so nervous 😬😬
Coffee Chat Girl (1 year ago)
Y’all are so cute. BFF’s. How did you meet and what was your first date? Your kids are going to have so much fun with you. Have a great day!! Robyn
Denise Perez (1 year ago)
I love that you’re in love with Colorado. It’s truly a great state to live in ❤️ Vail is awesome except for the awful blizzards on the interstate that sometimes make you go around the mountain. Have so much fun on your baby moon!
Morgan Allen (1 year ago)
Wait is it a boy or a girl I can’t find out?
Alexandra R (1 year ago)
Looks so beautiful there. Hope to get to go there one day. Love watching your videos. You guys are so cute!
daciano martins (1 year ago)
Loved this vlog 💕👍
Melissa Sheehan (1 year ago)
Kyle's "ooo.." at the end 😂 Love you guys! Please please do a video on Nashville of your favorite spots to eat etc! I want to go back this year and recommendations from locals is always the best! 💕💕
Kristy Norwood (1 year ago)
99% of us can’t stay at the Four Seasons much less have a baby moon, but girl live it up and Thanks for taking us with you:) God is good❤️❤️❤️
Janet Roberson (1 year ago)
I love to see y'all so happy. Have the best time of your life sweetie. Love you 😘
Lilly and Things (1 year ago)
Watching your videos are an inspiration... You two are so adorable!
Kimberly Santos (1 year ago)
They’re so darn adorable❤️
Daisy E (1 year ago)
Y'all are so darn cute! Love watching your vlogs. Vail looks like such a dream! One day Lord, one day ❤️❤️❤️
Mrs. Mary Lamb (1 year ago)
So happy for you to get to go on a luxury vacation in Vail !!! Love watching you laugh and be so joyful !!! God is Good All The Time !!! Xoxo Mary in TX.
Miriam Foster (1 year ago)
Awww sweet... you guys are adorable 😊❤️
Kat De la Cruz (1 year ago)
I am so happy to have stumbled on your channel! The happiness and love ya'll share is nothing less than beautiful. I'll be going on my first trip to Colorado with my handsome man beginning of February and I'm even more excited after watching yall's video :) lots of love sent from Texas !
scrubs andblush (1 year ago)
Y'all are GOALS. So cute, I hope u enjoyed ur trip!!
SHaiLuVsTaCos (1 year ago)
I hate that I'm not getting updates when you post videos because I love your videos so much & I love y'all !!!
Megan Richardson (1 year ago)
Y'all are so cute! Love watching your vlogs! Hope you enjoy the baby moon!
Carrie Kay (1 year ago)
You two are the most ADORABLE couple! I love, love, love your videos! I could watch 10 in a row and be thoroughly entertained. One is not enough! You captured the best of Vail where you're at. I used to live in Colorado (hated it for 14 miserable years, but I'm a native Californian, so what the hey). HOWEVER, everything you guys do, you milk it for all it's worth!
Daniela Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I just adore your vlogs sooooo much !! I hope to meet you one day
Sabrina Atkinson (1 year ago)
Goals is an understatement
Aneira Salinas (1 year ago)
Omg I love y'all! Can you please make a video on your current everyday makeup routine??
Miriam Martin (1 year ago)
You guys are the cutest! I loved this video!!
JUICY2990 (1 year ago)
Four Seasons should be paying YOU to stay there! I think you've convinced every single one of us that we need to go to vail and stay at the four seasons ASAP! It looks soo beautiful!
Sarah Dugan (11 months ago)
I thought so too! Until I saw that it was $4,000 per night
Nods RS (1 year ago)
You two are the best... love your vlogs💗
Nina Manzo (1 year ago)
Omg love you guys! Can't wait for the baby! P.S I bought Gucci loafers and Golden Goose sneakers because of you! Therefore, thanks for always making me poor lol!
Karla Grajeda (1 year ago)
When I saw you guys went to Beau Jo’s at Idaho Springs I lost it!! That’s my favorite place ever!! Seriously the best pizza ever! That town is the cutest place ever!
Reb Ruc (1 year ago)
Let me look into my crystal ball, oh I see in your future, many more 👶moons..lol...this was fun to watch. Thx&see ya😁
Tonia Bambico (1 year ago)
❤️ cutest vlog!
Lindsey Siegfried (1 year ago)
Seriously love yall!
Tiara Sky (1 year ago)
Also love how genuine you are! You always reply to my comments and everyone’s. You are a great person!!!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Thank you! And of course! Y’all are the reason we get to do this
Tiara Sky (1 year ago)
Loved Kyle’s very last comment when you said “I want to go on a baby moon before every baby”!!! That was fantastic!!! 🤣🤣😅
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Unstoppable Morgan (1 year ago)
Awe Mallory it’s so good to see you guys happy and enjoying life. I smiled so big when you said Tou two looked at each other and said “Life is just great!” That’s awesome!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Thank you! ❤️
M J L 5 0 5 (1 year ago)
Y'all are literally the happiest couple..I love it!! I hope to find that one day😄
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
You will !!!
Adria (1 year ago)
Had to stop watching another video to watch urs. Zero regrets!! So worth it. 😍
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Hahaha I love it, thanks girl!!!!
disneygirlatheart (1 year ago)
Enjoy the babymoon, you two are so adorable and fun.
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!
Erin Brodeur (1 year ago)
You’re in my neck of the woods! 😊 enjoy Colorado!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
We absolutely love it!!!
Mairead Sloane (1 year ago)
You guys are the cutest 🍀😊
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Thanks Mairead!!!
Turnitblue x32 (1 year ago)
"Film this" lol jessssus i love it
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
So happy you liked it and it definitely is worth it!!! It’s a trip you will never forget!!!
Andrea Vigil (1 year ago)
I absolutely love how you called it a Babymoon! My husband and I had our little girl before we actually got married, so when we got married and we went on our honeymoon to the Virgin Islands and we made a promise to her when she gets older that we would go on our “Familymoon” there so she can experience all of the amazing stuff that we did! 💜
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
So sweet! I love a family moon!!!!!

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