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New US Military Budget Targets China | Uighurs in Trouble | China News Headlines

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The #Pentagon's new massive budget proposal is all about #China. #Uighurs are in trouble in Xinjiang. Trouble for the Chinese economy. And Chinese goths are stepping out! That and more on this week's China news headlines. YouTube demonetizes our channels! We need your support!! https://www.patreon.com/ChinaUncensored Make sure to share this video with your friends! __ Subscribe for updates: https://www.youtube.com/ChinaUncensored?sub_confirmation=1 __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChinaUncensored Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChinaUncensored Instagram: http://instagram.com/ChinaUncensored or check out the China Unscripted Podcast! http://chinaunscripted.libsyn.com/ __ © All Rights Reserved.
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Text Comments (1493)
China Uncensored (3 months ago)
Do you think a $700 billion + budget is worth it?
Klaus Pallesen (6 days ago)
Put it up to a 1000 billion$, the CCP must be ended at all costs, forever!!!
SEBASTION HAWK (2 months ago)
we cannot spend enough for as many A10, striker vehicles, new ultra-body armor, strikers, f-18s, f35s, c-130 flying fortress, A1 tanks, and, new generation of helicopters and destroyers with rail gun tech...we cannot have enough, as, China AND Russia are collectively the neo-mongols...the west, and, the east mongolic powers...and, they have Iran and Syria in their back pockets...collectively, they are a ponderous force of Ghengis wanna-bes...
SEBASTION HAWK (2 months ago)
I attempted to forward this to my twitter account, but, it would not allow process...CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dannydaw59 (3 months ago)
The $700 billion is worth it. Just keep our technology away from the bad guys. Spend less on entitlements.
emjay macdee (3 months ago)
*USA*: _Wut what happened to those kebabs?_ -Russia- _China_ : come here stoopid westen imperielistu
Carl L (27 days ago)
Are you saying... raze the red lantern!??
When will the Chinese people wake up and get rid of the bad communist party?
MaroonMoonMan (1 month ago)
enchating china sucks and shen yun is better
Nike' Kruger (1 month ago)
War never change
claytonmachine12 (1 month ago)
FUN FACT: the reason the U.S. Defense budget is so high, isnt just what and how much we buy, but because it is ILLEGAL for the DOD to negotiate contracts. Not to be confused with bidding. So when we get bids for products to purchase for the military we have 2 options. Accept the terms and prices that the companies asks for, or we don't buy it. for reference. The HMMWV uses a 37x12.5 R16.5 Radial MT/R. Civilian side these tires cost about $800. The military pays almost 2 thousand dollars for them.
Marc Harrison (2 months ago)
You talk about China like you hate china. Every video has an interesting title but I can't talk tolerate your fucking casual jokes when your talking about serious topics.
Binary Ryuga (2 months ago)
I love the smell of new pentagon military budget in the morning
Prasad Bankar (2 months ago)
America buys a potato for 10 dollars China buys a potato for 10 cents. if america buys 10 potatoes they spend 100$ where as china spends 1$ Don't equate money to strength
Faceofthesun (2 months ago)
Xi Jinping National Communist National Socialist = Trouble, Hitler National Socialist = Trouble.
What best and worst can happen if China's debt bubble burst.... Anyone
Ernest Imken (2 months ago)
PLA: If you can't beat 'em, steal their technology.
Timothy Bryan (2 months ago)
And just were do you think China is getting the money? From people that buy from them DUH!!!!!
Alex Leigh (2 months ago)
his beard dude its growing
Lucifer Deathdig (2 months ago)
I bet if Chris enters China prob gonna get arrested by the authorities.
Diamond Castle (2 months ago)
Let's nuke China China China~ 😊
Tommy Brunstad (2 months ago)
We are all at war with Islamist
Gizmo (2 months ago)
Man, these times we live in.... Kinda make me wish for a YELLOWSTONE eruption... BOOM game over
7john7able (2 months ago)
This is the kind of thing that shows why the internet must never be censored. I am not Chinese but I have known and worked with a few Chinese people over the years. The Chinese people are great and they should be free they deserve better that the communist party. China is great despite the communist party not because of it. Keep up the great video's.
O Neil O Callaghan (2 months ago)
KJV and their was war in heaven. The dragon ( China?) prevailed not. Chinese culture is said to have come dragon king's from heaven.
Caroline Kuo (2 months ago)
It’s better than killing them or making them terrorists by paying them little and training them with guns and weapons.
Mohd Hassan (2 months ago)
The Uighurs are not uighurs anymore . They are now the robotic chinese the same with tibetans.
SEBASTION HAWK (2 months ago)
I attempted to forward this to my twitter account, but, it would not allow process...CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
symun buuntw (2 months ago)
All da Chinaman was fishing at America & Australia whalf&polutted
Elise Gaming (2 months ago)
Just nuke the whole China then boom! Problem solve a simple as that
Alfred Yap (3 months ago)
I wonder if China will pull her plug on the credits to the US... hmmm
ABC DEF (3 months ago)
China should be broken down like Russia.
CVC60Y (3 months ago)
USA all the way baby! USA! USA! USA!
Gusti Chokorde (3 months ago)
this junk jerks hoax broadcasting "anti CPC propaganda" are funded by 800billion US defense budget.
Will Cross (3 months ago)
"Please don't purge me" 😂 legend
eaglesclaws8 (3 months ago)
Evidence, smh, fake news
Gen-hong Liu (3 months ago)
So wasteful these dirty Communists.
Enrique Atentar (3 months ago)
joyjoyjoyjoyjoy (3 months ago)
Russia and China listen . Both of your countries must work 24 hours a day , 7 days a week and 365 days to produce Nuclear bombs . The more the merrier . Remember all the missiles aim at the 50 states in America , their Satellites and their overseas military bases.
joyjoyjoyjoyjoy (3 months ago)
China and Russia just drop 1 nuclear bomb in the centre of Pentagon . China and Russia to build Hexagon , Octagon and Nonagon to shame America .
daniel childofgod (3 months ago)
I always Sade the Chinese might look like human beings but they're not actually human. Genetically they are unable to feel empathy or compassion. Even animals feel that. there's something genetically wrong with them That is the reason I don't associate with Chinese. We should not buy Chinese products because it comes from slave labor. And immigration must check all the massage parlors nail shops that are here because those women are slaves and they're not here legally. Most of them are forced into prostitution Filthy filthy people that's what I think And they never use their real name It's always like Jenny ho or Peter Wang For some reason the Chinese think they're the only ones with an immunity so us note to use their real name The Koreans use their real name Japanese use their real name Vietnamese use their real name But Chinese have a special immunity so us not to use their real name Patrick Lee give me a break
Diosdado Sagun (3 months ago)
China must die.
star grow (3 months ago)
Usa can only follow. Usa cannot fight with fair. But with propaganda. Bull shit news. Especially with china unsensored made in america
US DVT (3 months ago)
Chris Chapell, you belong to the ET universe😄
Elvin Bert Corvera (3 months ago)
"Since the ancient times" this is actually starting to be a meme. Lol
Elvin Bert Corvera (3 months ago)
If only foxxcon consider building up there manufacturing business in South East Asia, they would never have this kind of problem.
capitan latino (3 months ago)
no hay canal mas mierdoso y propagandistico que este.... de los gringos... pure sh*t!!!
Marcus w (3 months ago)
Biju Thiruvananthapuram (3 months ago)
First you check your ass.After you bomb where you will go .Their ICBM's wont sleep .Now hypersonic missiles are ready .So better not to go for trouble and respect others.
hocyrus truong (3 months ago)
In SECOND millennium is cooperationism. If USA target China in second millennium, USA only targets herself (commit suicide)
Lenity Pious (3 months ago)
Hey I found out that I missed almost all your last month videos my notification Bell is on but Am not getting any notifications when u drop a new video.
Andrew Gonzalez (3 months ago)
No country should be allowed into space if they have nuclear weapons. Abandon your nukes and you are allowed into the space frontier...🔺🔺🔺
Insyaf lah (3 months ago)
Yes ! It's a good thing ! There will be more and more homeless.people in America ! Congraturation America !. MACA !. ( Make America Crash Again !.)
mk74tom (3 months ago)
when it comes to percentage of are GDP we are actually 5th. One reason the $ amount is so high is a large economy and we have to protect about 1/4 the world who doesn't spend crap on their military
America and China is the best war.
hackman669 (3 months ago)
Market war will determine the winner not trade war. Leaders of both nations are too smart to end the world.
Lng Kfan (3 months ago)
Internal affairs are not to be interfered.
JcBmSteAleR GameinG (3 months ago)
$700billion for PUBG UC=RICH🤑
Victor Ferrera (3 months ago)
let's hope there is action!!!!! i hope this is true......
Just don't let any so called students from mainland chinese attending our universities, or hire any mainland Chinese or Russian overseas this is where technology being stolen from
Brandon Walters (3 months ago)
Nobody ever looks at what percentage of a country’s GDP is spent on Military. It changes the picture when you do.
Anime Foxgirl (3 months ago)
When China got more hate than North Korea leader
abcd all (3 months ago)
China and Pakistan might be printing fake dollars
Karna Ramjali (3 months ago)
But china russia kickout to any bloody mafia
Shasta Graff (3 months ago)
Gotta get that Megazord
Si Ming (3 months ago)
US citizens pay for it
Mark Hozana (3 months ago)
All the country is always a treat to the USA mad people everywhere
Nbn Lana (3 months ago)
American Jules
EndofUSA (3 months ago)
Hey Chris I am sure that you are not only not welcome in China but your are wanted in China!!!
。騎車 (3 months ago)
prak syxre (3 months ago)
PRC also funds islamic terrorism.
prak syxre (3 months ago)
Instead doing good, China is picking all the wrong things previously done by other countries and implementing those things again. PRC needs to be cornered and destroyed.
Begzodbek Urinboev (3 months ago)
PLEASE dont call the chinese cummunist party as an athiest, they have their own religion that is called fucking chinese propaganda religion, athiest dont follow stupid leader, athiest do what he or she thinks is good, but in china many people believe in lies that their party says, that is kind of religion i think, isnt it???
Mon Montes (3 months ago)
i hope us smash chaina
nyyotam (3 months ago)
Too late. We've already lost. If you don't understand it, watch?v=tAVkoIq0PeQ . I, for one, welcome our new sexyCyborg overlords.
Drej Trovski (3 months ago)
Let me see if I got this video and channel right? USA is killing civilians around the world, overthrowing governments, torture(Guatanamo and others), steals from poor giving to the rich, healthcare is non existing, police kill black people like crazy, suporting terorists and Saudis bombing of Yemen, Suports Israeli stealing of teritories..... and the USA is a good guy????? Right? Well in my book thats a terorist country! So fuck USA and love for Russia wnd China??
Madematician (3 months ago)
We will fuck the Chinese Communist Party up and liberate its Chinese slaves.
Cao Lao Wai (3 months ago)
Xinjiang is a shit hole . My mom was locked in the camp .they feed her poo water .
Kolton Jones (3 months ago)
don't purge me lol
froilan anthony (3 months ago)
US must also have its own silk road belt, invest and give loans to small countries to counteract china, not war. China gives loans and business not war, their style in colonizing is business. why cant the US do that , do business instead. trump is business much better in dealing with north korea and other countries. US must shift into business give loans to small countries not weapons for war.
Balwinder Ghuman (3 months ago)
Yes, the Chinese Communist Party would like you to please stop and report to a re-edumacation centre near you... “Immediately”!!!!!!!
Sami Altıntaş (3 months ago)
''Kurt Kışı Geçirir Ama Yediği Ayazı Unutmaz'' Turks Can't Be Easily Destroyed How happy is the one who says I am a Turk
Muhammad Usman Ghani (3 months ago)
K So (3 months ago)
What would the world look like if USA does not exist since ww2.
tay sezginer (3 months ago)
This is the time for the whole Free world and the Allie's get together to attack the suppressed world of the communists! once and for all! Once the suppression is gone! It will be a so much,much,much, better world!
FUR (3 months ago)
wait...so Chinese doesn't allow Dalai Lama to want to be reincarnated in India? lmao what the actual fuck
borax92 (3 months ago)
America should import muslims from China.You worry anout them,help them.
MrHoppers002 (3 months ago)
list of the us military budget post WW2 1946 $556.90 billion, 7.228 trillion (2019 dollars) 1956 $356.20 billion, 3.326 trillion (2019 dollars) 1966 $356.20 billion, 2.789 trillion (2019 dollars) 1976 $283.80 billion, 1.265 trillion (2019 dollars) 1989 $427.70 billion, 872.51 billion (2019 dollars) 1999 $298.79 billion, 454.16 billion (2019 dollars) 2009 $668.57 billion, 788.91 billion (2019 dollars) 2019 $686 billion if the us is really treating china as the current cold war enemy we're not spending enough. As you can see what we spent against the USSR from 1946- 1989 the US was spending some mad money just to combat the soviet threat. Now for china we should spend somewhere in the ballpark of 1.3-3 trillion . As china's military gets better we have to just keep pace.
Acc 1 (3 months ago)
Haha pentagon cant do shit.
Demonsdown (3 months ago)
Ha jokes on you they still make Power Rangers. If it isn't cool now it wasn't cool then.
Buffy the Libtard Slayer (3 months ago)
we're coming for ya!
Knot Gord (3 months ago)
ROFL US bombs Muslim countries indiscriminately pointing their finger at China because of the Uighur terrorists.
Tom Winchel (3 months ago)
We can destroy China and Russia. 35 nations against 4 poorly funded inexperienced piece of shit that has absolutely no combat experience.
brian curran (3 months ago)
china could have been nuked 20 years ago and we wouldnt have this problem. wal mart has made china rich
한국비열하다 (3 months ago)
Close your anus and don't lie
ICU GotJunk (3 months ago)
Tim Sauder (3 months ago)
I can't believe how you support the Muslim nut jobs anywhere. Islam is an evil religion which is also political. Have you read any of the stupid Quran? The earth is flat and the sun sets in a muddy pool at night. Don't forget that the example for all mankind, Mo was a pedophile, robbing, raping murderer. Over 500,000 young girls have had their clit cut off just in the USA. Over 21 million Muslim slaves in the world and many according to Surah 4 of the fake Quran document allows men to rape slaves freely. You should speak highly of China trying to do something about these evil people. No one else will. Get informed please. I teach History. I am a university professor, Canadian, in Outer Mongolia. At least the Buddhist are peaceful.
Jompa Bompa (3 months ago)
No sympathy for muslims. What they get is karma.
isreal is not our friend (3 months ago)
Chris , would you accept a donation with Google Pay...
MR Dragon buster (3 months ago)
it's bad when china does it and when America does it that;'s ok
psrandz (3 months ago)
Switch to subscribe star or at least do both so ppl have an option
Durendal Arcas (3 months ago)
Guys, make no mistake China and Russia want to create a world where democracy, freedom, and truth mean nothing. An Orwellian nightmare of a world where blind loyalty and worship of the state is the order of the world.
Michael Cai (3 months ago)
sounds like you prefer Isis over camps. I'm not saying all Muslims are bad.but look at New Zealand.they do have some issues
Shafer Hart (3 months ago)
10:12 you become a patreon and use your q&a perk to ask this garbage. What a waste!
Galatea (3 months ago)
China is one of the most evils countries in the world, and yet everyone wants to keep doing trade with them.
666thebeast (3 months ago)
"loyal 50-cent army" is a classic use of Chinese propaganda tactics.

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