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Animal Silhouette Moonlight Vector Illustration - Illustrator Tutorial

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SHAPE TOOLS AND PATHFINDER TRICKS TO GET THIS EFFECT! | Learn tricks of the scatter brush, layer styles, masking and more! Artist who's work inspired this tutorial: https://dribbble.com/shots/1850390-Wolf Stock Photo of Elk: https://unsplash.com/search/elk?photo=lQ0gPL_0Bt8 🎯 Subscribe for Daily Tutorials → https://goo.gl/DN4Nln 💰 Buy the Photoshop Course and Support the Channel → http://bit.ly/28NuwFy In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll cover all the steps required to create this silhouette moonlight illustration with sparkling stars. We’ll use a custom scatter brush to create several layers of clouds, blend them with some shadows and opacity adjustments, we’ll use offset path to create a moon with glowing vector rings, we’ll create a starry sky with randomized dots by scattering dots with the brush tool, we’ll mask everything as needed to blend the illustration into our background, and then we’ll drag a photo in a go over how to trace it with multiple shape tools and the Pen tool to create our silhouette. Check it out and I hope you love it! ⚡️ written tutorial here: http://bit.ly/2oAwwgD INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/tutvid TWITTER: http://twitter.com/tutvid FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tutvid SNAPCHAT: tutvid.com tutvid is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating the best Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Illustrator tutorials. My goal is to create the best, most informative, and entertaining tutorials on the web. If you enjoy my videos, the best way to support what I do here is to purchase my course linked above or simply subscribe to the YouTube channel by pressing the red button. ✉️ business inquiries: [email protected] – CREDITS: Social Icons in outro: http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/six-social-networking-icons-with-infographic-resources_982300.htm
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Text Comments (689)
Hamouda IA (1 year ago)
Damn i love this guy! He just explains every click he clicks unlike other tutorials on youtube! i hope he keeps doing that..
Nana Botelho (6 days ago)
This is how a tutorial should be!
Alexandra Preda (1 month ago)
Had a really great time following your tutorial, you're really great at explaining things. Just posted my version of it on my instagram, hope you'll like it :D
c.kritzelt (2 months ago)
Its good he does that, but I don't learn anything by doing it. He´s not explaning, WHY he does what he does. It's like getting a step by step guide for one single math task and if you get confronted with another one, you don't know what to do anymore. The tutorial would be much better if he explains the problems he has creating those things and offering a solution.
Marcus Barrett (3 months ago)
trust me that small instruction is a big help to newbie
Gustavo Fernández (2 days ago)
You are the best!
Nana Botelho (6 days ago)
What a great and detailed tutorial! Thanks for sharing This artwork is dope
Chace McLees (7 days ago)
I love this but the fact that the clouds are behind the moon makes me wanna throw something.
Sumith Shetty (9 days ago)
you also solved my issue of greyscale thanks man appreciate your work keep going !!1
THE HULK (12 days ago)
I'm having problems At Cloud Merge 7:40
THE HULK (10 days ago)
I got it
Женя Женя (14 days ago)
thx bro!!! Спасибо Братан!!!! from Ukraine ;)
James Lee (17 days ago)
Hey! Good job!
yasemin sen (24 days ago)
Wow super awesome tutorial. Thanks a lot
Littlekitty456 (24 days ago)
I love my graphic design teacher but i just learned more in the last 30 minutes than I did this entire last semester... Thank you :D
Péter Szabó-Tóth (25 days ago)
Guys, please help, I work in cc 2015 and when i merge my cloud instead of the circles i get rectangles. Anyone knows why is that?
Technical HandShake (29 days ago)
nice ❤️❤️
Yegane Moghaddam (1 month ago)
Wow! I'm impressed by all that energy and enthusiasm of yours. Such a smart mouth you are. Thanks a ton for this more than useful video you prepared ;)
Isaac Fausett (1 month ago)
Hey. Just wanted to leave a comment. I'm 17 years old and I've been designing for three years now. I've taken courses and watched youtube videos for years trying to learn how to get better. This video as well as a few other tutorials are amazing. I really feel I'm becoming a better designer. Thank you @tutvid it really does wonders what you do here. Definite subscribe and post notifications for sure!
Daniel PS (1 month ago)
Cara, muito obrigado! Graças ao seu tutorial aprendi fazer mascara no Illustrator!
•CrOoK-a-DoOk • (1 month ago)
Такое чувство, что можно было сделать это по-другому, более верно, стремительно и прекрасно. И задание, мне будто, не целый, а оборван на середине.
Anthony_ PAS (1 month ago)
Bluetail Team (1 month ago)
very detailed explained, cool tutorial, even I knew tools which you used, I could never use them as you. thanks, learned many tactics
Tejas (1 month ago)
So amazing . Wow
Brass Punk (2 months ago)
Really liked the way he deliver the tutorial 99/1 would recommend
tutvid (1 month ago)
Thanks, Brass!
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
It was a little too long... Don't u think.
Marina Bg (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tutorial , i love the way that you record the process, im really get everything and my illustration seem really cool . Please keep doing this , really helps ! :)
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
Are you a weight lifter Marina??
nipun shanilka (2 months ago)
please can you start chat with everyone and do it course
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
U mean live chat.
Mabel Xu (2 months ago)
I am really enjoying this video. and as a new student, I wanna know how to trace the elk. maybe you already showed before. thanks a lot!!
Mabel Xu (2 months ago)
+How to Graphic Design mabel is my first name, xu is my last name....
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
What does your name mean Makes Xu.
Linda Ruiz (2 months ago)
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
To u to.
Keith Kralik (2 months ago)
For a newbie you are fast but so thorough. I appreciate that man. The graphic turned out amazing and I learned heaps watching this.
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
He is a 🐌...
Peter Liang (2 months ago)
thanks very much for the work
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
Thanks for appreciating.
Sherpa Design Co. (2 months ago)
"We're gunna hit OK."
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
With the elk or the guy??
Doniz Elias (2 months ago)
Great tutorial! Thank you..💙
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
Where r u from Deniz??
chu vu (2 months ago)
great !
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
Chu Vu, meaning??
teeoris (2 months ago)
Very educating_thanks for the great work
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
Thanks for a great reply..
tutvid (2 months ago)
Thanks for the love!
Ben Stone (2 months ago)
dope video
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
So the video got u high!!
William burton (2 months ago)
my elk only has 3 legs poor guy >< I learned a lot doing this tho, thx.
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
Why?? What happened, did u roasted one of them?
Shake Chilli (2 months ago)
When I merge clouds. They change shape. What Wrong?
How to Graphic Design (2 months ago)
How do u merge them? Which tool do u use??
BAD WOLF (2 months ago)
Great tutorial ;)
pamela araya (3 months ago)
Great video!!!!
Marcus Barrett (3 months ago)
not bad! im starting to be a graphic artist wanna be lol :)
Jonathan Richey (3 months ago)
great tutorial, i've never worked with Illustrator before but now im inspired to try it. thx
Martin Baron (3 months ago)
Very good content and explanations, thank you very much for all of your work
Samin Mukit (3 months ago)
if i right click on the rectangle tool nothing happens. does anyone know why?
Hektor1020 (3 months ago)
Elvina Sulejmani (3 months ago)
Vasharal Blackbow (3 months ago)
I learned so much from you. Thank you for doing such a great job at creating this kind of tutorials.
Carley O'Rourke (3 months ago)
When I use the Pattern brush it doesnt show where the pattern falls until i let go. is there a way to fix this?
Ana João (4 months ago)
This is awesome! I learned so much with you! Love your channel and your tutorials! Thank you!
kate park (4 months ago)
Thank you! This is great tutorial
hisham elmtry (4 months ago)
Wow!! But stars are closer than clouds which will burn the animal😂
Rafael Molina (4 months ago)
Wonderful work, excelent tutorial and nice hat. Thankyou
Raxly. (4 months ago)
Wish you had shown how to cut out the elk. I'm now stuck there.
Robin James (4 months ago)
thank you..& seriously you have done a great job
tutvid (4 months ago)
Thanks so much, Robin!
imane ben (4 months ago)
when i merge the cloud shape, the circles turn into squares, wth??
THE HULK (10 days ago)
select the cloud > object_expand Appearance > merge
lewis7luiz (2 months ago)
had the same issue here, realized I was using Unite instead of Merge in Pathfinder's window
Rathernot Disclose (4 months ago)
Clouds further away than stars lol.. They are space clouds. Awesome tutorial tho, and awesome original art by that Stupic fellow.
tutvid (4 months ago)
Space clouds are the best clouds.
Azu.Kingyo (4 months ago)
I am legit binge watching all of these and these are all so helpful :)))
tutvid (4 months ago)
Haha, thanks! Hope you enjoyed them!
mba chintak (4 months ago)
hello sir i am beginner in illustrator can you guide me how to learn step by step thank you
tutvid (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Oliver Maglana (4 months ago)
Hey which is better for choosing colors? CMYK or RGB ?
Flaxy (4 months ago)
RGB more simple and easy to use
Mosta159 (4 months ago)
you are a great inspirational man thank you
Maryam Akram (4 months ago)
Thank you! Great video. Will tag you on Instagram later. :)
swati sood (4 months ago)
my pathfinder merge option isn't working the same as yours at 7:42 its removing the strokes out and only the ellipses are getting merged with one another please help
THE HULK (10 days ago)
Expand Appearance
THE HULK (10 days ago)
OYaJI Designer (2 months ago)
Maybe you Forget Choose Object > Expand appearance :)
Martin Sustak (4 months ago)
Hello, could you please give me your Adobe Illustrator Settings? Thanks.:D
BOO BOO (4 months ago)
i think the stars on the clouds are fail.
venom k (4 months ago)
grt wrk sir..!
Gabriel Damasr (4 months ago)
Kärolin Mikkal (5 months ago)
Love it! But im already havin trouble in the beginning. When i try to merge the first set out clouds some of the bubble dissapear. Im left with no cloud :(
THE HULK (12 days ago)
Same problem with me too..!!
Recess with Tur (3 months ago)
Im having the same problem.
Gh syr (5 months ago)
thank you very much for this tutorial man !
NIXEL Codeplex (5 months ago)
You are the man, 1 video and tonnes of features to Learn. Keep up the GOOD work man.
airstrike_plays (5 months ago)
At 19:50 isn't 6 % of 10 Pixels less then a pixel? Cause then it wouldn't make sense to set it lower then 10 % in your case
ali z (5 months ago)
You have great tutorials introductions ever . Thank u
Sophie Soleymani (5 months ago)
This tutorial is amazing! thank you
ALEXENDER241 (5 months ago)
Thank you ! I want to learn more about Ai, and the type of videos help me. :D
scanfian (5 months ago)
great video, subscribed.
Pavlusa Banik (5 months ago)
please, make more tutorials on vector art. your tutorial is very helpful
Design Theory (5 months ago)
cool video i have also tried some logos,night vector, and animation walk cycle please look and suggest me . Thank You we could challenge each other. please see my videos and say if i am capable to challange you
omg this illustrator thing is so cool, thanks for the amazing content
tutvid (5 months ago)
Glad to hear, Wasted Time! Thanks for the kind words.
Gabriel Acunha (5 months ago)
Momo Mon'amie (5 months ago)
Thank you for helping me navigate illustrator a little bit more today while making a beautiful art piece!! :DD
Atharva Kulkarni (5 months ago)
Took me 4 hours to do this and it looks amazing!!! Love this tutorial!!!
Rajasudhan Abraham (5 months ago)
smashed the sub boss !
Azzed Houston (6 months ago)
Thanks from France for this tutorial ! You help me so hard to come back in this illustrator game ! :)
FrizzleBANG (6 months ago)
brilliant video, really inspires me to get stuck into illustrator as a beginner
Julien Décarie (6 months ago)
can you plz talk less faster for next tutorial plz btw great vid
tutvid (6 months ago)
I'll try. Thanks for watching! :D
fema 106 (6 months ago)
This video was amazing, you make it look so easy and fun!
Susan Pratt (6 months ago)
Hi, I enjoyed this tutorial. It was helpful.
PearlCorax (6 months ago)
I just fished your tutorial! My piece is almost identical to yours but I used my dream car, Mazda CX-5 instead of elk :) I will post it on my Instagram and tag You, thanks for Yoyr Great help
Samy Shah (6 months ago)
i love the way you teach plzzzzzzzzzzzzz teach me by your tutorail how to make diamond intro plzzzzz replay
aruna gangadhar (6 months ago)
Hi there anybody plz help I am also having the same issue as he is having (6:29) like on clicking on any object it is going into isolation mode and the same with circle shape too like if I want to draw a circle i am getting two circles instead of one( he also got two circles ) and some times even weird things happens like when I drag the circle shape I am not able to drag to the desired size I want it stops (it happens with other tools also). Do you have any idea why is this happening. (I am using 2017). Plz help. Thanks in advance
박찬욱 (6 months ago)
John O'Brien (6 months ago)
Awesome tutorial! Subscribed, thank you!
Dominyka Romaneckytė (6 months ago)
That was amazing! Thank you so much!
tutvid (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching, Dominyka Romaneckytė
Jitpisut Noppasree (6 months ago)
Every single step lol I like it
tutvid (6 months ago)
Thank you so much, Jitpisut Noppasree!
Vector Guy (6 months ago)
I just placed your amazing work of art in my top 10! Would you mind checking it out? :D
ansh tiwari (6 months ago)
dude the final effect is so satisfying and deeply comforting thnks for the tutorial
Shenith Crey (6 months ago)
Looks dope !
Charlotte Aneriksson (6 months ago)
you are awesome man ! Thank u for a great turtorial :D I am new to designs but check my out my insta 'charlotteaneriksson' :D
tutvid (6 months ago)
I'll have to check you out!
blackbird163 (6 months ago)
Great tutorial! Thank you
tutvid (6 months ago)
Thank you so much, blackbird163!
Alwysing (6 months ago)
very helpful!
Henry Mmene (7 months ago)
Awesome tutorial
Best Graphic Design (7 months ago)
very helpful tutorial #BestGraphicDesign also I make a design in here https://youtu.be/7XGW71ynbrk
clinton lundberg (7 months ago)
when i make a triangle i don get those little dots to round the edges, i have to use stylise
как так (7 months ago)
thank you so much, you really help to me
RANDALL OLEARY (7 months ago)
you went to the gym at 1 am??

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