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Red-Haired Lady Freaks Out!

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Red-Haired Lady Freaks Out! / Epic Trolling In Las Vegas (Part 6) / Las Vegas Pranks & Trolling. ► Social Media ◄ 2nd Channel: http://youtube.com/RubenSole Instagram: http://instagram.com/Ruben_Sole Facebook: http://facebook.com/EpicFiveTV Twitter: http://twitter.com/EpicFiveTV Snapchat: @Epic702
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Text Comments (1907)
Chevy sucks (1 month ago)
Black girls are always scared there guy going to leave them for a dude because most black guys are gay
HERIC210 Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I love your videos
camilo gonzalez (4 months ago)
He didn´t touch him tho. :)
YOUSOF KING (8 months ago)
Storm Fluent97 (1 year ago)
That ugly bitch with that nasty red shit on its head!!!
Gurpreet Singh (1 year ago)
So nice
dean smith (1 year ago)
John Wick (1 year ago)
Bruh funniest YouTuber I swear
BrownyBear (1 year ago)
Why do do you "Sometimes Blue the faces and some times not? "
Mind Your Business (1 year ago)
Always say no to gay people.
Natalia Becker (1 year ago)
1.22 perverts r around 😂lmao..braah who was saying touch the tip😂
Herbert the Pervert (1 year ago)
Homos are against the bible, therefore fuck homos........ but I'm a pervert so it's whatever ;)
mrFalloutFan95 (1 year ago)
Wow teaching kids to hate people because of who they are thats disgusting
SmokeyTrees TV (1 year ago)
Shes so defensive cause her husband already got caught once with a guy NO MORE OK?!
Js399 (1 year ago)
I swear his wife was making a bigger deal than he was. Fuck no woman should step between 2 men
Chance Steinberg (1 year ago)
Why are my ppl so homophobic? Its not that serious!
America is very sophisticated .. But as a society is obsolete .. Loss of ethics .. Loss of values ​​... When I see women naked in their clothes and lack of modesty and cheap goods in the eyes of the people of lusts I have certainty that God will draw you to the destruction in life and the Hereafter
SDSen (1 year ago)
you mean the destruction the Arabs are already facing.
3:22 Tonya from GTA V moved to Las Venturas apparently...
Carlos Nunez (1 year ago)
the black women at the end should have her titties ripped off
Darkstorm Lv3 (1 year ago)
Bro your the best
humelaja (1 year ago)
I fucking love the screaming, please do like a 24 hour montage of just screaming shit <3
Xbot4Life (1 year ago)
You know who wears the trousers in that relationship.
ItsSpaniard (1 year ago)
im drunk as fuck watching this lmaooooo
\ OldSchoolFreak / (1 year ago)
this is too much😂
TheCrazedButt Stabber (1 year ago)
there's a snake in my pants
Aaron Martinez (1 year ago)
That homophobic bitch at the end was stupid. She probably hates white people, too. Lol
Chuck (1 year ago)
You should've just yelled something at the top of your lungs to those cunts at the end
Baldev Singh (1 year ago)
Really is funny to see you gettting insulted man
Gabriel Betancourt (1 year ago)
that lady was a bitch
Dkkhjk Mhjhvj (1 year ago)
He should've done the awkward hand shake to the last family, I would've lost it
tamara hyatt (1 year ago)
i love when he screams in public like that the people go crazy😂😂
june Bug (1 year ago)
Dis Niqqa restarted
Michael Biddleman (1 year ago)
That Fucking Mom need to die.
Tyler Peavy (1 year ago)
bruh said facks
TRICK! ‍ (1 year ago)
Wth is a Faq? 😂😂
Do Bo (1 year ago)
Screaming loud right nex to people is not a prank. Everyone will react the same. ITs stupid.
Isiah Martinez (1 year ago)
odiamo tutti (1 year ago)
2:25 it's fucking funny when you scream at stuffs like that hahahaha
Click bait A (1 year ago)
this has me dead
damn this is funny. HEYYY lmfao
Julius Andrusaitis (1 year ago)
Black lady got jelous, maybe she dont even hate them gay people :D
jesusbar313 (1 year ago)
why is the lady at the end mad been the Guy offered to dance for him?? like tf 😂😂
BIGSEED23 (1 year ago)
calm the fuck down lady.
BIGSEED23 (1 year ago)
the yelling in is so fucking funny. he is the best very funny kevin campanirio from mass
Scott H (1 year ago)
Yeah, not a fan of these freak out videos....not nearly as funny as your other videos!
Tote King (1 year ago)
0:40 Ima do that in the mall one day 💯👌
Roshan Gurung (1 year ago)
i like to watch his videos when he screams its so funny
AfgOmar 619 (1 year ago)
heyyyyyyyyyy! 😂😂😂
anika reyes (1 year ago)
i like the way you sing fancy 0:40
Relevant Duke (1 year ago)
had me dying
John Smith (1 year ago)
Respect to the last guy
Derek Holiove (1 year ago)
how you dealt with that family at the end was inspiring
Nahom solomon (1 year ago)
Oh ruben u always make me laugh😂😂
firelord9000 (1 year ago)
her husband quiet like he liked it
Sarah love (1 year ago)
that last lady was rude as hell xD
Jason Jay (1 year ago)
Larry Drain (1 year ago)
Emrish Raj (1 year ago)
@0:39 😂😂
Fork Knife (1 year ago)
Jerry Casas (1 year ago)
That homophobe lady needs to check herself and her husband! Good on you for telling her and her kids!! Her husband shouldn't be acting a fool if he's gonna be doing shit like that! Kudos to you Ruben! Still wish you were gay though! ;-)
Jerry Casas (1 year ago)
man, the things I could do to you and that fine ass of yours!! Not to mention your TIP
Jerry Casas (1 year ago)
Damn boy you are fine as shit!! Nice ASS~~
Jordan Hubbard (1 year ago)
'do we look like chickens or something'
Beat Designers (1 year ago)
HEYYYYYYY!!!!! This one is a classic bro. Hahahaha!
Jonathan Esparza (1 year ago)
When I went to Paris no one speak English
I’m Huncho (1 year ago)
The farm one was the funniest
Salomon Karr (1 year ago)
WTF with the last women? Poor kids, so sad
Corey Walker (1 year ago)
damn bro a little warning that this is a screaming loud video lol , that shit was fucking hilarious though. I had my shit on full volume and about scared the shit outta everyone around me
whatido120 (1 year ago)
dam that the end. that family what scum bags. stupid twats ft
Simplyy. Jay (1 year ago)
I laughed so hard at 1:20 😂
GoldEagleEngineering (2 years ago)
That scream tho LOL
MoneyMakinMitch (2 years ago)
That last lady a bitch ass nigga I wanna slap the shit outta her fucking talking shit when they kids right there fuck wrong with her
6laderunner (2 years ago)
The I'm so fancy scream was hilarious
terrible mother
Rexczi (2 years ago)
Isani Mphephu (2 years ago)
Shit this was fucking funny
Jack Morris (2 years ago)
lol I think that last woman caught her husband doing gay shit, she too in denial lol
WhoCares (2 years ago)
Jack Morris Shes just mad because hes having a good time in Vegas and shes shitty
Elliot Nash (2 years ago)
0:13 dude from breaking bad is pissed, you're on his turf.
Brandon Farwell (2 years ago)
Lol how the old guy jumped when he screamed.
gavi deem (2 years ago)
I hate pink flowers loool...
Mr. Alcohol (2 years ago)
I can't stop watching 1:19HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Circle 25 (2 years ago)
Lol this guy just doesn't give a fuck
sickb2200 (2 years ago)
3:25 BT1000 is always the downfall of the family.
Supreme 21 (2 years ago)
bruh i love this dude
The Boss (2 years ago)
lol u need 2 do shit where u just walk and start singing out loud
Alif Rahman (2 years ago)
that intro was fuckin hilarious
Dan// (2 years ago)
Fly Guy (2 years ago)
The guy at the end was chill as fuck..😂😂
Dafoxxx (2 years ago)
And blacks wonder why their kids are so messed up, this broad is off the chain in front of her kids talking like that, hell why they even out there in the first place? SMH...
PoombaJaggaYo (2 years ago)
I like how he stands up for himself and keeps arguing, instead of running away like some Youtubers.
Dragon ghost (2 years ago)
this is funny as hell
X (2 years ago)
I like how the last guy acted cool about it but her wife had to come and ruin it 😒
Mya Hollandia (2 years ago)
Gevara Kr (2 years ago)
Tell girls u from Iraq marry me
jake doe (2 years ago)
What a parent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻☹️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Eric Oregel (2 years ago)
Dont put yo dick on somebody
Ahmed Hany (2 years ago)
Dude , you are fucking alot of girls because of these pranks , i believe you are lucky :)
Joffrey Baratheon (1 year ago)
How do u know he's getting laid off of this ? :D
Adnan Malik (1 year ago)
OfficerFriendly you gay You like Ahmed Hany
Esame Abicho (1 year ago)
OfficerFriendly (2 years ago)
+Frank Anthony I'm a dude and I ain't gay lmaooo and don't live in Vegas either sorry to disappoint bud
Frank Anthony (2 years ago)
+OfficerFriendly - You must be his girlfriend then since you called Ahmed an idiot. Awww are u jealous ? Lol
Jomar Sanji (2 years ago)
2:25 this is the best moment. Wahaha
AizenisLife (2 years ago)
You'd get yo ass bagged for this nigga XD
The World Reacts (2 years ago)
Them black lady's at the beginning 😂

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