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♡♡ LIKE this video if you want more giveaways !♡♡ Makeup Tutorial for the look I am wearing in this video herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-cI7dd3zrg JustFab http://bit.ly/OsloWR My sisters channel: http://www.youtube.com/ccpinks02 __________________________ For BUSINESS ONLY inquires please contact me via email [email protected] My public Mailing address: SCCASTANEDA POBOX 1103 Glendora Ca 91740 .......................................... Everything and Anything me: My blog - http://www.sccastaneda.com Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/soniaccastaneda INSTAGRAM - sccastaneda Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonia-Castaneda/425807130768038 FTC - Not sponsored
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Text Comments (63)
Mike_Morales (6 years ago)
make more giveaways i hope i win soon
candy yumyum (6 years ago)
Val A (6 years ago)
dislike that for a week straight i focus on posting up comments on the video and I didn't win I guess i'll try harder next time
MzKimboSlice (6 years ago)
Your nails are always sooo awesome:)
sweetanngel369 (6 years ago)
you look so fresh faced! always beautiful and fun to watch ur vids:)
ramahio1 (6 years ago)
Thanks so much Sonia!!! My students will be sooo excited, I can't believe I won!!!
summerluv888 (6 years ago)
Congrats to all the winners.! Can't wait for the new videos.!
Emily A (6 years ago)
Your such a helpful person :')
ElegantandMauvelous (6 years ago)
The lighting looks good
taywwei (6 years ago)
i like this set up!
Felipe Sosa (6 years ago)
cute girl
Maali Nouf (6 years ago)
Aridai Riley (6 years ago)
Ur awesome!
stev9079 (6 years ago)
Yeah I know. I was thinking more of younger kids in middle and high school.
xbrendax82 (6 years ago)
Congrats to the winners! Hey Sonia I think the white backdrop would be great for like makeup tutorials or special announcements but other stuff like hauls would be ok anywhere in your house. I'm not picky haha either way the lighting is fine how it is.
Alba Chillida (6 years ago)
Wow! I love ur eyebrows!!!
CarolineMaquillage (6 years ago)
I love your makeup in this video, it looks really natural! Could you do a tutorial please? :)
TropicPrincess14 (6 years ago)
Congratulations to the winners :)
Jessica Hobbs (6 years ago)
You have such a big heart! Thank you for all you do! :)
BONAFIDE & BEAUTIFUL (6 years ago)
Congrats 2 the winners
ilovearizona (6 years ago)
It's "Summer Nights" by Florrie in case any one else is interested.
ilovearizona (6 years ago)
Love the song @ the end, does anyone know what it is?
nina allegra (6 years ago)
please don't put up a white background, I love to see your beautiful house in the background of your videos!
amandalorian1 (6 years ago)
thanks for being awesome! congrats winners!
LadyEMC2TV (6 years ago)
Congrats to all the winners!
Iman Malik (6 years ago)
I think your lighting looks great right now and I'm looking forward to your upcoming videos! :)
118AJB (6 years ago)
Winners are listed at 2:33
Good4UrSeoul (6 years ago)
I think your lighting looks fine and the background....
Anni Tlm GR (6 years ago)
what's the song at the end? :P
AlyBabe87 (6 years ago)
Congrats to the winners
Mrs. Jones (6 years ago)
You should do like..a fashion contest or like an outfit contest o:
Elizabeth Cortez (6 years ago)
I love you Sonia ! Youre so cute :3
misscathybee7 (6 years ago)
Love the look n hair!
Monica Till (6 years ago)
if u girls need clothes im having a giveaway RIGHT NOW on my channel i only have like 47 subscribers! 3 winners :)
beautyglitzglamour (6 years ago)
I have a giveaway going on if you are interested. $100 Giftcard to Sephora IS Up For Grabs. Come check out my channel for that one.. I'm new but just come on through. I'd appreciate it.
Gracie (6 years ago)
Love you ohh so much. I feel like we are bffs! Lol
Jasmine Lopez (6 years ago)
OMG our nails are exactly the same! ! ! ! ! !
mac77oasis (6 years ago)
More giveaways please :)
garcia4707 (6 years ago)
You look super cute, love the minimum make up. You're beautiful!
V laloca777 (6 years ago)
Your lighting is nice so is the background I find white backgrounds kinda boring but you can do whatever you'd like it's your channel and you are so gorgeous it doesn't matter what's behind you:)
Fatima. Ghaddar (6 years ago)
Miriam Aguilar (6 years ago)
This sux this give away would of been a lot of help for me.
nashvillegirl1 (6 years ago)
Ummm....and ummmm....and
stev9079 (6 years ago)
it makes me sad that people don't have money to buy school supplies :(
Michelle Zaragoza (6 years ago)
Just realized we're neighbors! How did i not know this?! Awesome!
itsSarahsmile (6 years ago)
u look tan as hell! get it, girl!!!!! :p
LifeBeautyStyle (6 years ago)
Personally I like the new lighting! :)
Jack Sanchez (6 years ago)
i don't remember if i entered this contest, but either way i didn't win lol
MsNailDoctor (6 years ago)
UMMMM ...ya know..umm.mmm,,, *high pitch * YEAH! ......ummmm sooo...ummmm mmmmmm ..BYE!!! haha XD
andAbbysays08 (6 years ago)
lol. bad habit. i do it too.
sidekickdumpling (6 years ago)
Aww I think its so sweet of you to give school supplies to those who really need it. That's super kind and altruistic and just wow haha ^__^
IWishOnAStar09 (6 years ago)
:( congrats to the whinners lol :)
Girlofpages (6 years ago)
I'm past school age but when I was young you could get school supplies from churches. And it's TI (as in Texas Instruments). I think it's really awesome that you're doing that! :D You're just amazing.
Yesenia Soltero (6 years ago)
I guess I have to use the things I had last year
lovemybabies321 (6 years ago)
congrats to winners
Liz - (6 years ago)
ive been looking for fall fashion videos.
iamSOL (6 years ago)
the constant "um"s are kinda annoying sonia.. ;|
Nidz Lou (6 years ago)
congrats to the winners... hope i win next time
jiawenwuwu (6 years ago)
Thank you and i like your necklace
Yosra Ryan (6 years ago)
thank uuuu even I'm not a winner !!
LaceRedRose (6 years ago)
thank you for doing this for your sub <3
Zoha Rahman (6 years ago)
first the worst second the best. yah buddy.
Brooke Vassar (6 years ago)

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