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SEE YOU AGAIN featuring Kali Uchis

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From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* -------- DIR: Wolf Haley DP: Luis Panch Perez PRO:Happy Place
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713gerald (11 hours ago)
There needs to be a collaborative song with Kali, Jhene, and Lilly Allen......wishful thinking...
Pk Slap (12 hours ago)
Tyler has some weird ass videos sometimes but i love them.
Jay Te (12 hours ago)
Everytime I see this video on my suggestions I think it's Lil Yatchy cause of the thumbnail. 🤭🤭🤭
RandomDeadGuy (13 hours ago)
Tyler has the best rap game clout
Why does he point to his eye, when the lyrics in context clearly indicate he's meaning "I".
Karan 09 (21 hours ago)
I tried to like this twice , like on purpose lol
Aidan Allen (1 day ago)
I've been listening to this for ages and only just stumbled on the music video
please stop (1 day ago)
Restart buttons here: 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
datonegameryt (1 day ago)
I know it doesn't matter but is he gay?
Redeyes Eclipse (1 day ago)
Nigga you gay
MidriffMustache (1 day ago)
6. Bastard 5. Cherry Bomb 4. Goblin 3. Wolf 2. Flower Boy 1. HIS NEXT ALBUM CAUSE TYLER ALWAYS GETTIN BETTER BOISS
Johann Sebastian V (1 day ago)
Frank part was amaaaaaaaazing
Sydney Hall (1 day ago)
I just noticed that ASAP rocky is in the video
DeuD (1 day ago)
this is magical
realrealmf2 (1 day ago)
XxMangel-_- RockxX (2 days ago)
'Y de repente un comentario en español jejejexd saludos desde Venezuela lml
Richard Cibi (2 days ago)
Omg Tyler is just amazing
OxygenRBX (2 days ago)
Category: Education Mr. Okonma has come to teach you a lesson about love ya’ll
Abrey Liggins (2 days ago)
I connected.
Gio Mieres (2 days ago)
why is grinch a banger
x chase (2 days ago)
So dis song was meant for jayden ?
x chase no ...
Richard Lugardo (2 days ago)
1:04 dude looked up to check if it was time to jump off the boat yet
Karen Richards (2 days ago)
Frank 😍
Churinduh (2 days ago)
Why am i just now realizing that A$ap Rocky is in this video....
Marconi Sales (2 days ago)
Eu amo essa música, Kali é muito linda! ♥
TV Black (2 days ago)
Old Chingu (3 days ago)
Love love love
Lee Young (3 days ago)
This song us my guilty pleasure
myke thyson (3 days ago)
I think he did the sailor bit as a reference to his lifestyle..
Dain, son of Nain (3 days ago)
myke thyson 🤔 hmm maybe
did ur mom last night (3 days ago)
Anyone else saw asap rocky to the right at 0:10
Klassic Shaw (10 hours ago)
its hard not to miss him
Michelle Hinojosa (3 days ago)
I loved this song with my soul yet here I am obligated to dislike it because otherwise youtube won't stop playing it RIP
sehern01 (3 days ago)
Venom (3 days ago)
Gay ?
mike (4 days ago)
So when are you just going to make a movie
123 123 (4 days ago)
Olivia Auguste (1 day ago)
123 123 and what about it
Joey Tarnopolski (4 days ago)
To bad he wrote this with Jaiden Smith in mind....😑 not my nigga Tyler! Flower boy?! Wtf
Maria Cecilia (3 days ago)
so what dude? r u mad tho?
N·J Media (4 days ago)
Is he a sailor because he might be gay?
Savannah (4 days ago)
Caught you
AllysonBegay (4 days ago)
eye love this video too much
angelina (4 days ago)
never disappoints
angelina (4 days ago)
Krytic Gaming (4 days ago)
Dir: Wolf Haley
nini ! (4 days ago)
Who notices Travis?
Dain, son of Nain (3 days ago)
nini ! That’s asap rocky you uncultured swine
Dari Fax (4 days ago)
This is why I wear a flower backpack to school
London Knox (4 days ago)
2:17 - 3:16 speed 0.5 or 0.75 😱
shawnte Mcclellan (4 days ago)
Is the end a second song?
Devan Rai (4 days ago)
Yup, it's called Where This Flower Blooms. I don't know why he wouldn't keep the original outro of the track though, it's absolutely mesmerizing.
Vince (4 days ago)
Is this song about jaden smith
proleter (4 days ago)
i thought the thumbnail persons were roblox character
Its actually so groovy I love it.
Youngest boy (5 days ago)
Is he really dating Jaden Smith
CreepyKetchup (5 days ago)
Does anybody else see we what happens when he says eye?
Dylan Adams (5 days ago)
Director: Tyler, how do you want the video? Tyler:Yes
Doe Door (5 days ago)
Tyler,the creator the first gay rapper in history 😂
Dain, son of Nain (3 days ago)
Doe Door not at all
Shio yu (5 days ago)
dude! who feels that strongness at 1:30 1:29 omg I cant get that outta my mind?1 damn h sure can create a song!
exzisd (5 days ago)
Got instant The Life Aquatic vibes from this. I see the Director was Tyler/Wolf Haley. Wonder if he was inspired by Wes Anderson. Great song and visual.
Ish Child (6 days ago)
oh he got so big my boy. I remember I knew he's gonna get so huge, too creative
alice finbar (6 days ago)
this makes me think so fondly of my ex who cheated someone stoppp meeee why do i feel this way i shldnt!!!
Mia Berlen (5 days ago)
don't worry kiddo I feel the same🚮
김망고 (6 days ago)
Nice voice:3
Hanmy Mcoeterson (6 days ago)
this shit so fkn beautiful
Mia Berlen (5 days ago)
Javelin186 Richard (6 days ago)
Where do I get these clothes cause holy damn Tyler has got the perfect fits always
Dain, son of Nain (3 days ago)
Javelin186 Richard he’s got a brand called “golf”. Google it
Emma Marceau (6 days ago)
i like artists who make art.
Side Shooter (6 days ago)
Hits da feelz
Dylan Mounsey (6 days ago)
Gabriel Oliveira (6 days ago)
Diretamente do Brasil - Whatsaap 75981140137
Queen Queef (6 days ago)
97060949034034934983 (6 days ago)
Got this on repeat
ProfessorPepper (6 days ago)
idk how i feel about the 2006 era green screen use
ines hdr (6 days ago)
Shichao Wang (6 days ago)
true talent
Alaaddintimez (6 days ago)
My sister is rn in line at camp flog gnaw. But im still at home 😫
Giselle Vazquez (6 days ago)
Sugar Honey Ice Tea is an abbreviation
Sam Letnik (6 days ago)
I can't wait til Tyler makes his first movie
dabigdikdangler (7 days ago)
Mediocre, the video doesn't live up to the song, it started off so good too
MooBerry2009 (7 days ago)
This makes me wanna go to a time I've never been to and im not ever going to get back
Olivia Auguste (7 days ago)
He’s so creative
OxygenRBX (7 days ago)
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok dookie dookie dookie dookie koopie koopie koopie koopie koopa koopa koopa loopa loopa loopa moopa moopa mario mario tyler okonma = mario
H is forever (7 days ago)
What is the song at the end because its not on the Song whem I bought it
Mia Berlen (7 days ago)
where this flower blooms
Batchimeg Ky (8 days ago)
is someone here to know the guy 0:09 ?
Random Goons (8 days ago)
Give it a listen please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb1GarUUNs4 :)
cokandbull (8 days ago)
the music video is a masterpiece! especially the last 30 seconds. Having the last villain in a bed sheet like Michael myers and then turning into bees which is candy man is perfect symbolism. It shows how America has slowly changed its concern as the villain from white male to black male and hasn't changed. unfortunately black males are compromised in our society
Peach Tea (8 days ago)
Yo I love this song so much 💖💖💖
Dominique Smith (8 days ago)
Rest In Peace XXXTentacion I only see you ok my dreams 😢😫😞
valêncio (8 days ago)
Malu ❤
Franklin tapia (8 days ago)
[Intro: Tyler, The Creator] Okay, okay, okay, okay Okay, okay, oh [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] You live in my dream state Relocate my fantasy I stay in reality You live in my dream state Anytime I count sheep That's the only time we make up, make up You exist behind my eyelids, my eyelids Now I don't wanna wake up [Pre-Chorus: Tyler, The Creator] 20/20, 20/20 vision Cupid hit me, Cupid hit me with precision, I Wonder if you look both ways When you cross my mind, I said, I said I'm sick of, sick of, sick of, sick of chasing You're the one that's always running through my day dreams, I I can only see your face when I close my eyes [Chorus: Kali Uchis & Tyler, The Creator] Can I get a kiss? And can you make it last forever? I said I'm 'bout to go to war And I don't know if I'ma see you again Can I get a kiss? (Can I?) And can you make it last forever? (Can you?) I said I'm 'bout to go to war (I'm 'bout to) And I don't know if I'ma see you again (Uh, switch it up) [Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator] I said, okay, okay, okay, okie dokie, my infatuation Is translatin' to another form of what you call it? (Love) Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, I ain't met you I've been looking, stop the waiting 'fore I stop the chasing, like a alcoholic You don't understand me, what the fuck do you mean? It's them rose tinted cheeks, yeah it's them dirt-colored eyes Sugar honey iced tea, bumblebee on the scene Yeah I'd give up my bakery to have a piece of your pie Yeugh! [Pre-Chorus: Tyler, The Creator] 20/20, 20/20 vision Cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision, I Wonder if you look both ways When you cross my mind, I said, I said I'm sick of, sick of, sick of, sick of chasing You're the one that's always running through my day dreams, I I can only see your face when I close my eyes (So) [Chorus: Kali Uchis] Can I get a kiss? (Can I get a kiss?) And can you make it last forever? (Make it last forever) I said I'm 'bout to go to war ('Bout to go to war) I don't know if I'ma see you again (See you again) Can I get a kiss? (Can I?) And can you make it last forever? (Can you?) I said I'm 'bout to go to war ('Bout to) And I don't know if I'ma see you again
RedRidingHood (8 days ago)
Save The (Bumble)Bees 🐝
FE4R AN4RCHY (8 days ago)
Why does this nigga still make music? Hes ass
JoveM MAkA (9 days ago)
God !!
NASTY sk/cz (9 days ago)
We NEED this on soundcloud
lauren rose (9 days ago)
ugh sooo good
Vianna Sanchez (9 days ago)
When he step on dood head🤣
Carter Welland (9 days ago)
Okay okay bit at 1.5x
Oli Cee (9 days ago)
erwin rahmawan (10 days ago)
i dont know that alaba can rap
Elanore Semin (10 days ago)
Motherfuckin art
DREAM SOFT (10 days ago)
i really like tyler
April Wolves (10 days ago)
blew it outta the fucking water
xuan ao chan (10 days ago)
rocky is everywhere
Everytime I saw Rocky I was dyin bruh
Daniel Appleton (10 days ago)
Kinda surreal. I like it. BTW his cover of The Grinch brought me here.
Ulysses (10 days ago)
This is HIPHOP

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