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Fortnite Animation | Ninja Owns Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite Animation Ninja Owns Fortnite Battle Royale Ninja reveals a Fortnite secret: https://youtu.be/i4EKSWrwS8c Ninja Squad Fortnite animated cartoon (part 2): https://youtu.be/CaPmlzkEwOU - More Top 10 Trends Videos - Trending Now! ► https://goo.gl/6iOjv4 YouTuber Top 10s ► http://goo.gl/K1CSy3 Gaming Top 10s ► https://goo.gl/x5wC6g 10 Things You Won't Believe Exist! ► https://goo.gl/9W00nj Top 10 Trends is a Top 10 channel that produces informative, fascinating, and engaging educational entertainment list videos. Watch our viral, trending, creepy, crazy, funny, hilarious, and mysterious list videos. Top 10 Trends covers everything including Top 10s on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes, Sports, Money and more. Your #1 facts source for Top 5 / Top 10 content! Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/Top10Trendz
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Top 10 Trends (5 months ago)
Check out episode 2 of the fortnite animation series here! https://youtu.be/CaPmlzkEwOU
Logan Manzo (1 month ago)
Top 10 Trends j
Nature Life (2 months ago)
Top 10 Trends jj
Spazzy Gaming (2 months ago)
Top 10 Trends g
Saloume Stewart (2 months ago)
Christina Leaupepe-Frost (2 months ago)
Top 10 Trends ALlU19
If I get at least 1000 likes I will edit this comment and tell my location
sebastian Gaona (15 hours ago)
Pablo Muñoz (1 day ago)
Farid Jared (4 days ago)
1:12 ala se paso
ShadowEFX :/ :- (8 days ago)
The skull trooper is myth
HJ Morris (10 days ago)
2:19 so that's why my mom thought I was watching porn.
YouTubeMatic IMP (10 days ago)
Default girl looks fat Edit: EVERYONE looks fat
Mikael Gooding (11 days ago)
Plz bring back the tac smg
ChiliGun (16 days ago)
Old legends say that 🅱️efault is still getting 🅱️aths for dat scar 🅱️oi
ChiliGun (16 days ago)
1:59 cheap Chinese bang bang Make move strech
DatAsianKid 3000 (17 days ago)
If only someone can do 9999 damage to someone with a shotgun
Gavino 812 (18 days ago)
1:43 me at school against my friends lol
Craig Marsh (19 days ago)
coles world (22 days ago)
•Gacha Shadow• (24 days ago)
0:45 When my sis gets to the last pizza Slice before me
the shadow killer (26 days ago)
The animation is not good
Haiden Horsfall (26 days ago)
oleslaw 202 (26 days ago)
what is program to create animtions???
Haiden Horsfall (27 days ago)
2:45 When everyone is on youtube on your wifi
Pat Smith (27 days ago)
wtf is 0:43
E.C.G 24 (29 days ago)
Isaac Montalvo (1 month ago)
00:33 my mom thought I was watching porn 😂
Sans The skeleton (1 month ago)
0:30 ye come here boi
mynamedexter 18 (1 month ago)
Cheri Cuthbert (1 month ago)
sterminator 2005 (1 month ago)
Try don't beat your Meat challenge
Hussein Ibrahim (1 month ago)
XKingCJX (1 month ago)
My fav parts was 1:48 - 1:54
Stan King (1 month ago)
O altyazıyı yapan piç kim mal altyazıyı akfana göre yazmıycan polat alemdar ne amk
Ultra BOI (1 month ago)
Holden Turner (1 month ago)
“Knobslob99” 🤣🤣
Daniel GamesTvz (1 month ago)
Jayden Torres (1 month ago)
1:48 best part that Made me laugh hard RIP skull trooper
Alvin Wu (1 month ago)
That was defaults basically in Season 1 through 4.
a regular player (1 month ago)
0:29 Daequan 1:12 Ninja 1:40 Ninja and Drake 1:52 Myth
Yamcha 7776 (1 month ago)
You look very noob man, everyone knows that metal will not support this : 2:19
Alexis Sanjay (1 month ago)
Lol 1:49
Yupi production (1 month ago)
Ponpon Music ?
Kevin Avalos (1 month ago)
Do another one
The Nower (1 month ago)
2:04 Fucking Raper
The Nower (1 month ago)
0:30 Yeah, turn on the Capitons. If you're too lazy, I can tell you what it says "Yeah, come here girl".
Shabd Hundal (1 month ago)
1:12 Thank you for the 10 thousand...dollar.donatioooon
Cayden Bong (1 month ago)
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
When ninja started chugging that I started to chug my water gg
GamingWithPanda (1 month ago)
Ugly fucking characters
Aniyah Chavez (1 month ago)
RoyaL Fusion (1 month ago)
Fortnite sucks no matter what
X2Y Game (1 month ago)
3:04 i love raven ;)
solada vein (1 month ago)
Adrian Ramawijaya (1 month ago)
I love you !ninja!💖💖
Moch raja Syarif (1 month ago)
Now you of Die
Metal Sonic Mania (1 month ago)
Breanne Komuves (1 month ago)
The guy at the end is a noob like 🤮
Stan Lee (1 month ago)
The pon pon move is crappy
Joshua Young (1 month ago)
close ur eyes at 0:29
Greg And FriendsYT (1 month ago)
Streamer Gaming (1 month ago)
Da Quan xd
Cynthia Avalos (1 month ago)
RIP skulltrooper 2017-2018
UnPotatoble (1 month ago)
She *T H I C C*
Elijah Noel De Jesus (1 month ago)
this is not Fortnite anymore... ITS *FORTNUT!*
Elijah Noel De Jesus (1 month ago)
2:56 me when im such a fool in fortnite
Veronica Pinal Moreno (1 month ago)
😂 👕👉 👖 👞
x Draco (1 month ago)
1:48 when you hear your mom getting the belt and she runnin after you XD
Redister (1 month ago)
Fortnite jest darmowy
Joe King (1 month ago)
1:42 What is that edit that you used it's really funny and cool at the same time
So much porn noises
Ador Kuol (1 month ago)
I am the bringer on destruction 0:50
Splat Tim (1 month ago)
FFL j (1 month ago)
1:13-1:24 best parts
TDT Games (1 month ago)
Lie. Tfue is better
calember 09 (1 month ago)
Igor Ratuszny (1 month ago)
What is this song? 1:40
Smokey Films & More (1 month ago)
Noah Z (1 month ago)
Rosario Reyes (1 month ago)
0:54 Expectations vs 0:48 Reality
Wave1109 (1 month ago)
0:52 I am the bringer of destruction
Black shadow (2 months ago)
Kenji - VLogs Hughley 2 (2 months ago)
I love how the rocket from the gun is drake
Lyd (2 months ago)
*Put Ninja In The Title.* Here Comes The Money!
i01190 Gamer (2 months ago)
1:41 is a World Record for Guided Missile not blowing up
The Retro GBA Kid (2 months ago)
Cuddles sounds like Harley Quinn from DC Superhero Girls
upriseHD (2 months ago)
This is probaly the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.
Adan Contreras (2 months ago)
Why the character always moaning like damn my mom thought I was watching porn.
DarkRevenge7 - Fortnite (2 months ago)
These comments though. It makes me want to kill myself.
Itz 0scar (2 months ago)
1:12 Ninja kills Ceeday
x Draco (1 month ago)
Rip Ceedy
Blake Tessin (2 months ago)
Ninja is like Tony from scareface
Am Happy :D (2 months ago)
Used to call me on my cell phone now you’re going to die alone
OpenCheeseMouth5 (2 months ago)
Dah females are thick af tho😂😂😂
Cath Chaney (2 months ago)
Jordan Michael (2 months ago)
This is not the official video it is a ripoff.
Stacie Szpara (2 months ago)
Fortnite in a nutshell.
Coffee010408 war (2 months ago)
yonel A (2 months ago)
This is leo he is 0 years old 😁 👕 👖 🧦1 like=1 year old
Nothin Matters (2 months ago)
1 damage then 9999 Not bad
1 like=50th place next game 10 likes=30th place next game 100 likes=10th place next game 250 likes=5th place next game 500 likes=2nd place next game Sub to me=#1 VICTORY ROYALE!
C P (2 months ago)
Pause and hit 3:04 Is this a heavy sniper? Looks very similar..... 🤔
Agente 8 (2 months ago)
1:40 lol ninja
Fox Ron (2 months ago)
Tsm Lon Demiri (2 months ago)

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