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Reaction to John McCain's 'no' vote on Obamacare repeal

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After debating into early hours of the morning, Senator McCain shocked his colleagues by voting "no" on the "skinny repeal" of Obamacare. CNN's Brooke Baldwin points out the various reactions across the room.
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Clarity (8 days ago)
I have no love for McCain, due to his voting history. But whenever I remember him, this is the first image to pop into mind. I suppose in the end he is still a hero.
Robert Brown (17 days ago)
Bastard destroys all life as he is dying.
bremenfan29 (21 days ago)
John McCain was really sick that time and he had enough of all this rant. He was about to receive aggressive chemotherapy after his surgery.
LUCY LOVE (24 days ago)
Evil man Once a traitor always a traitor.
Hona Wikeepa (29 days ago)
IN hell with Bush and co.
garyseeseverything (30 days ago)
He was sick, he knew the value of healthcare. I love this man! RIP big guy. May every elder have the quality health care they need.
Boosted Billy (30 days ago)
Thank God that piece of shit is fucking gone
Andrea Adamo (1 month ago)
Love the play by play
Heorteji (1 month ago)
Rest in Peace Senator McCain
Ginger Lion (2 months ago)
This is honestly the only time politics made me cry, rip mcain
The Punisher (2 months ago)
Fucking idiot, what a traitor to his own principles and party.
sebatian (2 months ago)
imagine this back in the old days, drawn on a portrait.
Sass Squash (2 months ago)
That's what a hero does.
Bernie is a boss
Treeserviceo (2 months ago)
Can't say we miss you McCain. And I can't say rest in peace either.
MATHIS R. (2 months ago)
You'll hate politicians. But you will miss a maverick, especially when they are gone. "There is no need to make America great again. America is already great."~Megan McCain (in the words of John McCain) 🇺🇸___ As a Democrat, I still miss him. Rest in Peace, Senator McCain, you are a Free Eagle who will be missed by many.___🇺🇸___
hdawg lion (2 months ago)
Top ten anime plot twists
NinjaKED12 (2 months ago)
My history teacher showed this to the class and talks how dramatic Congress is 😆
Gabriel Wimmer (3 months ago)
Why is this Trap Sound Design? 😅
John Doe (3 months ago)
What would he have done about Kavanaugh?
theuglykwan (3 months ago)
McCain would later pass the tax cuts which kills the individual mandate of the ACA. That compels people to buy insurance and means the healthy and young subsize the rest. Without that the ACA will implode. McCain could have stayed home and the vote would have failed in this video. He came in as he wanted to leave a good name for himself as he knew his days were numbered and he didn't do much during those decades.
PrinceImA09 (3 months ago)
We need u mcCain touch ur friends with justice
Morro (3 months ago)
Crazy how it takes brain cancer to get a Republican to show empathy towards people who need health care.
GJSJapan (3 months ago)
Rubio is a bitch.
M Perkins (3 months ago)
That LITERAL traitor and seditionist is burning-in-Hell, after facing-justice at his military-tribunal. KNOW THAT.
Aleita Watson (4 months ago)
Thank you Senator McCain 💙
Joe_H111 (4 months ago)
Compare this to the commotion in the UK parliament when a right wing bill is against-the-odds defeated by the left and your senate is so damn quiet lmao: https://youtu.be/JZeeC1n0xGM
President Sadface (4 months ago)
mlrenriquez1 (4 months ago)
I love and respect this man! He is one of the few reasons why I believe America is still GREAT!
Nick Anderson (4 months ago)
It's not even about the bill that he voted on. He chose the right vote for others and not the majority vote to satisfy his party
Kadag S (4 months ago)
you can't help it I just love Bernie he was like waiting for some action.
Djroshi01 (4 months ago)
As an Arizonan, I have never been prouder of my senator. Rest easy Maverick.
fucken loser (4 months ago)
rare footage of a warmongering bastard trying to get into heaven
FUCKTHESYSTEM70 (4 months ago)
A fucking piece of shit till the end
E Me (4 months ago)
He did it again! Why be surprised! Traitors do what they do best. They just don’t care about anything, any cause, any country, or anyone. Their (the traitors) solo motivation is SELF. They are self centered, evil, and they are not controlled by morals. Kerry, Bill and his partner in corruption Crooked Hillary, Kenyan Muslin Obama, Nancy “Nut” Pelosi, Chuck “Shameful” Schumer, Bush, Paul Ryan and the rest of the swamp. The DemonRats were filled with joy, just as were the Vietnamese Generals (few decades ago) in Hanoi. He did it again, just to prove, he is McCain!
See my channel. And BTW Obama was a gun smuggler and war criminal.
Steil Stoil (4 months ago)
Let me REMIND you libertards about your cnn.... https://youtu.be/isMtxbPdvzg
Benny Kwok (4 months ago)
Bernie be like “ohh shits going down...”
Carlos. (4 months ago)
Glad he was my senator.
E. Godgift (4 months ago)
The OG ya'll! so much respect for this man.
Narek V (4 months ago)
C Robinson (4 months ago)
Now who are the real villains in all this.
LESTI FISA (4 months ago)
What a drama queen , this baldass grandpa watched too much gladiator
clipobserver (4 months ago)
Suck it Bitch McConnell.
Jim Ewart (4 months ago)
Glad he is dead
Tara Morris (4 months ago)
That was a Boss Ass move!!! Fly high Senator McCain RIP Maverick!!!
uchenna omereope (4 months ago)
TRAITOR...He is one saying repeal and replace obamacare.
Chey Ottoson (4 months ago)
A gentleman's way of giving our President the finger.
jademm (4 months ago)
I will never get tired of watching this.
S Rutherford (4 months ago)
The decades long battle over equal access to/universal healthcare in America is truly greed vs sick people. This wasn't a Democrats vs Republicans moment. It was big insurance banking on the Republicans. McCain took a stand for all Americans here, and took a beating by his own party for it. It was a statesman moment. Thats why people instinctively clapped. Obamacare is far from Single Payer like most of the world has.... but its still better than nothing and poor people would have died.
usernamedefault0000 (4 months ago)
the ultimate traitor. it must have been in his blood.
Marlon David (4 months ago)
Obviously, the senator hated Trump so much.
Alfi Carpio (4 months ago)
Burn in hell you child murdering piece of shit
crazedmartinez (4 months ago)
Like a boss
SIBERIAN NIGERIAN (4 months ago)
Patriot Liz (4 months ago)
McCain is such a pig.
danda hensley (4 months ago)
Thanks for leaving the working class with the bill for “affordable” healthcare for all. Many thanks from those of us who work a job and receive no entitlements but pay half our earnings for healthcare now.
Esma M (4 months ago)
The republicans thought Senator McCain would vote yes.. they were happy for a moment lol 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 love it..
Mushfica Zerin (4 months ago)
He was one of a kind.
LeeAPRN (4 months ago)
I could watch this over and over. So many people don't know what that thumbs down meant to health care in our country. Especially for our children, disabled and elderly. We are a country that takes care of her own. And although all of us have come together at some point in history to make our home here by doing that we become "our own". I love this guy.
RoadKillzine (4 months ago)
That's called doing the right thing by your standards, not towing party line like a little bitch. Props to that man
tuco james (4 months ago)
theres vids here of the 2x presidential loser making endless speeches wanting to repeal Obamacare .. guess some one paid him off :D
Kit 1982 (4 months ago)
When you vote by conscience.
wackedout13 (4 months ago)
John McCain gave a big fuck you to trump lol. I wonder if trump would have treated him different McCain would of gave a thumb up?
Camden Garrett (4 months ago)
ii ii (4 months ago)
He was a Republican and at the same time, a Real man. In this age, so many immoral, disgusting men with no College Education, proudly call themselves Trump Supporters. The GOP has been infested by these racist hillbillies but that doesn’t mean the Republican Party has no good in it
Sabre Iglesias (4 months ago)
John McCain truly did go out like a boss.
Anthony Dennis (4 months ago)
Watch this and you will see the real McCain who sold out the country to get back at Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9MTLS1QxYg
Electro_Yellow (4 months ago)
He’s a hero
Remy LaBeau (4 months ago)
Very Admirable. Not many ole'school politicians like this.
Vinitoes Bannanos (4 months ago)
Ugh this guy has always been a true person and a real role model, it's a shame he had to die for people to actually see it...
William Edwards (4 months ago)
Remember, this the same scumbag who wanted to get rid of Obama care? Just shows, he has been part of the swamp for along time. He's gone now.😆
Xavier Saavedra (4 months ago)
William Edwards Of course fighting and getting captured to serve two nations automatically makes you a scum bag. Douche
Ntr Htp (4 months ago)
*One of the BEST and PROUDEST moments in the US History; when Good Triumphed over Deviltry :))*
Izrha Dobrev (4 months ago)
This is how I'm going to remember Senator John McCain. God bless you sir ! RIP
Jay C (4 months ago)
That was basically saying to trump “ fuck You” with that thumbs down
Samuel Mason (4 months ago)
Remember when all those officials resigned when Trump was elected? Not McCain. He stood fast for what he believed in, and worked to make it happen. A true goddamn American. Rest in peace John McCain.
Jim Dandy (4 months ago)
John Mccain is unworthy of the adulation he is receiving, he was the quinquennial political hack. I do not believe he ever met a television camera that he didn't like.
guen why (4 months ago)
wish he would've kicked the bucket before he did this.
Xavier Saavedra (4 months ago)
guen why Nope, Americans live longer now
Little Rascals (4 months ago)
Traitor MC Stain POS! Fake new CNN POS!!
Xavier Saavedra (4 months ago)
Buck Wheat I bet you’d whine like a bitch when you go through torture like him. Oh wait you already are
Pee Dee (4 months ago)
God bless ur soul sir God curse the GOP scums n Evangelicals bitches n Satan in White House all a scourge to Jesus
guen why (4 months ago)
Trump was sent by god to help America.
Dwight K. Schrute (4 months ago)
Thug life be like.
Manuel G Chapa Jr (4 months ago)
If he had voted yes the liberals would be celebrating his death...
guen why (4 months ago)
100%. They hated him until he was anti-trump. He's a massive war monger who supports the US taking control of every 3rd world country. Good riddance. Human garbage.
Dwight K. Schrute (4 months ago)
No, we're not like deplorables. Which site had to block their comment section again?
What an arrogant fuck McCain was! His attitude here showed his true colors. This "maverick" who pretended to be morally superior to everyone else. No wonder Trump hated him.
Dwight K. Schrute (4 months ago)
Trump hates anyone who doesn't swear allegiance to his fat, orange ass
Cookie Tee (4 months ago)
Epic! RIP John McCain. A moment in history that will never be forgotten.💯
Swift Frost (4 months ago)
It’s awful that he passed, but it is quite clear that this was because of Trumps disrespect which was totally uncalled for, unfortunately this made me realize how small of a man McCain was. He had been fighting ever since Obama Care to repeal and replace and when the opportunity came he decided he would stoop low as well. But nevertheless may he Rest In Peace.
Swift Frost (4 months ago)
Dwight K. Schrute (4 months ago)
He later said that passing this bill would leave 600,000 + Arizonaians without coverage. He did right by his constituents.
David Bofinger (4 months ago)
Got to respect Bernie's intuition there. Seemed like he knew something was up before anyone.
D. Hanafin (4 months ago)
A historic moment, thank you Sen. McCain.
bass man (4 months ago)
Bee D (4 months ago)
We’re not happy. Personally, I think his brain tumor had something to do with his decision. Shameful.
Get Me Out of Here (4 months ago)
Senator McCain saved many lives with this single act of kindness. In that you demonstrated an act larger than yourself. May you Rest In Peace.
sassypants chisholm (4 months ago)
He betrayed those Americans who counted on him. He left people with no way to afford their health care . I wonder how many lives were lost because they couldn't get health care anymore. I know one and I know one who was left to mourn . Everything they worked for gone, that is the American dream for Americans.
Sick Game Squad (4 months ago)
When John McStain passed Trump was like "Bye Felicia".
The Big T (4 months ago)
To him we shall return
Ra Thesungod (4 months ago)
Rio Da Fire Guy (4 months ago)
I'm not a supporter of neither party, but I've always respect McCain, no matter what anybody says.
michelle thomas (4 months ago)
rolando blontes (4 months ago)
McCain you where a maverick sir in behave of all 11million people who where able to keep there health plan THANK YOU McCAIN IS AND ALWAYS BE A TRUE AMERICAN HERO THANK YOU SIR👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Justin Jones (4 months ago)
Stealth Democrat was John McCain
flaco paco (4 months ago)
The Maverick
kayland payne (4 months ago)
Cool guys dont look at explosions.

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