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2018 Audi A8 - intelligent Drive

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Pro Sense Side 00:00 Dynamic All-Wheel Steering 00:35 Rim Protection 01:05 Remote Garage Pilot 01:59 Remote Parking Pilot 03:03 Manoeuvre Assist 04:15 Cross Traffic Assist 05:42 Active Suspension Activated 06:06 Active Suspension Deactivated 06:29 Elevated Entry and Exit 06:39 All-Wheel Steering Activated 07:16 All-Wheel Steering Deactivated 07:35 Full Control Although the A8’s new chassis is good—there’s ample body control and isolation with the car’s standard air springs and adjustable dampers—the active-suspension models we drove weren’t yet fully baked. The optional Audi Intelligence (AI) active suspension, one component of a suite of intelligent features, includes an electric motor at each corner capable of raising or lowering that wheel via a torsion bar linked to the suspension. In effect, there are two springs on each wheel of A8s equipped with the active suspension: an air spring and a torsion bar coupling the wheel carrier to the electric motor. The motors and torsion bars eliminate the need for traditional anti-roll bars by enabling roll control as well as managing pitch and dive. The active setup’s most promising feature, however, is the ability to float the A8’s body over road irregularities. The AI system scans the road ahead with a forward-looking camera (Audi calls the function Preview) and turns that data into wheel motions that follow the road’s shape. Before the front wheels encounter an elevated bump, the body is raised to provide the additional suspension travel needed to absorb the imperfection. Then, as the car passes over, the suspension is extended to trace the road’s topography. Dips and single-wheel events are handled similarly, with the wheels following the terrain while the body remains isolated. The system provides 2.0 inches of lift and 2.4 inches of drop at each wheel, enough to make speed bumps and manhole covers virtually irrelevant. Closed-course demonstrations of the Preview technology were convincing, but we didn’t get to experience it on the open road. Even though the active suspension was fitted to two test cars and performed as promised to limit roll, pitch, and dive, the Preview function wasn’t enabled on those cars. Audi’s Drive Select system is standard and offers three driving modes (Auto, Comfort, and Dynamic) and also integrates control of the AI suspension on cars so equipped. The standard suspension is no slouch itself when it comes to comfort and control. Wheel sizes will start at 19 inches, with options up to 21 inches available. We didn’t sample the optional torque-vectoring Sport rear differential, which no doubt would have improved the handling. Still, we weaved the A8 up a road more appropriate for a Mazda Miata and were impressed with the big Audi’s grip and manners, although no one is pretending a car this large has any business attacking roads that tight. Steering feel, despite efforts to improve its feedback, remains as it is in most other Audis: laser-sight precise, but mostly numb. If Audi could elevate its steering system’s feedback to match its accuracy, it would possess the magic bullet sought by energetic pilots of every executive sedan. The company has figured out that a sedan this long benefits from a tighter turning radius and so offers dynamic all-wheel steering as an option. The system operates over a wide latitude depending on vehicle speed and other factors, behaving as if the steering ratio varies between 9.5:1 and 17.0:1. It’s the inclusion of the rear wheels in the business of turning that makes the real difference. Below 37 mph, the rear wheels turn out of phase with the fronts at an angle of up to 5 degrees, making the A8’s wheelbase feel shorter and shrinking its turning circle by 3.3 feet relative to cars without the system. Above that speed, rear-wheel steering angle is in phase with the fronts and reduced to a maximum of 2 degrees. A cone-smashing parking-lot demonstration proved that you’ll either opt for the four-wheel steering or you’ll do a lot more sawing at the wheel in tight spaces. Hit the Lot Mercifully, the A8 is as well suited to parking-lot duty as Kylie Jenner is to Instagram. The remainder of its AI features are designed to enable low-speed maneuvers in tight spots as well as parking in lots, on the street, or in a garage. Parking Pilot and Remote Parking Pilot enable autonomous parallel or perpendicular parking, although this system, too, wasn’t quite ready for prime time during our demos. During one parallel-parking attempt, we stopped the car manually before it executed autonomous removal of its driver’s-side mirror on a concrete abutment. It was then unable (or unwilling) to extract itself from the parking spot into which it had wedged itself—the automotive equivalent of a toddler’s sit-down protest. Read More https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2019-audi-a8-sedan-first-drive-review "interior 2017 Test Drive in depth Review Driver Assistance Systems" "SUBSCRIBE NOW"
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Text Comments (1272)
Anu JG (9 days ago)
Imagine a truck is coming from the side and is about to crash you . The car lifts that side . It means that the impact is more
fernando azur (9 days ago)
Darek Szpak (11 days ago)
in the final sequence the driver sucks - you do not cross you hands while turning
Pipota Mare (20 days ago)
Baaa nu l distruge ma ratatule
Pipota Mare (20 days ago)
SUGI pula
jp gamer pedro (1 month ago)
Dennis (1 month ago)
you are the worst driver on the planet if you manage to get a scratch on that car
Kardos Ádám (1 month ago)
Steven Chou (1 month ago)
Beautiful car💪👍
Player (1 month ago)
Inteligent car ♥
re-type thousand (2 months ago)
Shouldn't it have at least a fast reaction? I mean after the impact you can see the window goes up slowly
Oof (3 months ago)
Well, German Engineering. Can’t go wrong
WizardDick69 (3 months ago)
Shit for lazy rich people. 1999 b5 facelifted sedan a4 <3
Ammad Mushtaq (3 months ago)
That suspension can cause the car to b upside down... And what is the point of window being closed after getting hit... 🤔
star status (3 months ago)
I have Audi Q7
Phu Nguyen (3 months ago)
Sakarai Raja (3 months ago)
World most technology car .this car will smash up every car truthfully but this is for only year the car a8l will come 2020
How much it cost ???
The one most loved (3 months ago)
Very high !!!
Karis Tiavaasue (4 months ago)
Pro Sense Side... Wouldn’t it be easier to flip the car when it lifts🤔
Tudor Florentin (4 months ago)
Audi A8: -luc -new care -fast -beautiful i love you, i hear
ayman aa (4 months ago)
Now bad drivers and good drivers are equal
lionel messi (4 months ago)
In a couple of years I expect a compilation of bad parking
Это она итого сейчас будет страшиться?
Kahve Rengi (4 months ago)
Bizim buralarda böyle bişey görünce tepki şudur Yooooğğğ amk
Yankit Sharma (4 months ago)
In case of a sideways collision may this feature adds the chances of rollover
Prophet Zarquon (1 month ago)
Reduces it, actually. Fully active suspension gives extreme stability.
Irdi Ibtissam (4 months ago)
C0LiDe (4 months ago)
Hat die S Klasse auch ein Manoeuvre Assist ? Ich meine sieht ja sehr gut aus z.B im Parkhaus oder so könnte man dies wirklich gebrauchen.
Drmcx (5 months ago)
The only useful feature of this car is that side collision system. The rest is garbage that no one needs, like that stupid cross traffic braking system. Looking out of a car is not difficult, and any oncoming traffic or pedestrians must (by logic and good old common sense) always use caution around any moving vehicle. Just use the damn camera system that allowed the driver to see what happened to the sides, like the cars had in 2010 instead. All these systems do is contribute to the further destruction of common sense.
Dev Rao (5 months ago)
Really Man, This here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is my first sedan choice! :D
John Wall (6 months ago)
More things to go wrong. I'll take 2 though
Krisztián Horváth (6 months ago)
I need for this
Andre O.E (6 months ago)
Let’s say that someone hits the side and then the car lifts up..wouldn’t that be a safety hazard because there will be more possibilities of a rollover accident?
Danny Kross (3 months ago)
and it would still be less dangereous for the passenger if the energy of the impacted is shifted elsewhere, the goal isn't to keep the car safe, buf the passanger safe and make sure he/she takes thel east damage possible
Gurprem Singh (7 months ago)
I love you audi my favourite car log car beutifull 😙😚😙😗😙😚😗😙😚😗😙😚😗😙😚😗😙😙😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘💚💚💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💚💙💚💖💗💖💗💖💗💝💗💞💖💗💞💝💖💗💜💛💚💙💙💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💚💚💙💟💟❣💟❣💝💝💝💝💝💝 love you audi
Superb Gaming (7 months ago)
I will sell my mother-in-law to get this car...but wait. WHO WILL BUY HER?!?!?!??
Fantasy Land (7 months ago)
LOA Send me one!
heat seeker (7 months ago)
The tech and the interior is incredible. The exterior styling not so much.
boraboy4ever (8 months ago)
so the windows roll up after the side impact? will they make it up intime?
Italy T (8 months ago)
can the s560 do all this
guitarMartial (9 months ago)
No need for the transporter anymore.
Sam Loun (9 months ago)
Car from the future at least 20 years later
MNA GP (9 months ago)
German's lowrider
Manveer Singh (9 months ago)
KOBASICAA (10 months ago)
a sta da radim gad vozim golfa 2
greg ooch (10 months ago)
Where does it end? Are humans obsolete?
Cavid Azizov (10 months ago)
this car going to future . sorry bmw
DO YOU KNOW DA WAE (10 months ago)
Why does the thumbnail look like a high quality game? Edit: sry my English is bad Edit: cuz I’m dumb
Eduard Benson (10 months ago)
Where is the crash test of the f segment cars? Or they dont even crash test them and just hope for the best?
Pawel Mechanic (10 months ago)
Not in the standard car. Rear steering wheel first use in Honda and Nissan skyline gtr
rebrox (11 months ago)
Adamlar nelqr yapıyorsun ya
Alberto González-Burgos (11 months ago)
gdamn! was this car designed by skynet????
SpringtrapTR Gaming (11 months ago)
Obey Tailgater
김우곤 (11 months ago)
서스펜션 죽인다
Karim Jadli (11 months ago)
I don't like it There isn't the enjoynement to drive the car if it does all only.. (Excuse me for the orrible english but i'am italian and i can't speak it good)
DirtyEagle Carlos (11 months ago)
I think I just feel in love, by force I'm getting rich
Fabio Marzo (11 months ago)
Dopo l impatto i vetri vanno su..... Non a senso booio!!!
Sultan Mohiuddin (11 months ago)
I love this video
Jack (11 months ago)
Dream car <3
mohammed ْ (11 months ago)
والحين يجي شخص يكول الكوري احسن.😞
fenix23 (11 months ago)
That crossing hands on the steering wheel makes me angry
Patrick Weir (11 months ago)
@@@@ I followed the new A8 yesterday evening and it's ghastly new rear light assembly. It looked like a cheap Taiwanese Christmas tree with fuses blown. Tacky as hell. Welcome to chav central.
feet sexy sexy (11 months ago)
tre luglio (11 months ago)
Not a suitable car for my job as a getaway driver.
Comment (11 months ago)
The car is great. I had it for testing for one and a half day and i KINDA liked it. The thing is that if you would compare this Audi to an 5 year old BMW at the suspensions, horse power, the BMW would win. If you have problems like while driving and you look at your phone you feel sick, well, it's your unlucky day. The car has a lot of great features like video calls if you're in the back seat, TV mode, again, if you're in the back seat, and those cool LED lights with over 300 programable colours. The car seats have massage mode, and believe me, it feels so good. While i was driving and activated the massage mode it made me feel sleepy. Another thing is that the steering wheel is very thin. It doesn't support Apple's CarPlay. ( or it didn't work for me ). All the screens have LCD displayes, but the touchscreen controller has an OLED screen. The auto pilot is separately bought and if you live in countries where the auto pilot is illegal or isn't supported than say good bye. One more thing, the driver seet screen supports force touch
BLANK (11 months ago)
Can’t hackers hack the AI am worried
yo, c'est flo! (11 months ago)
Now i know that that i'm not a boss with m'y dad's Audi A4
SuperRegal79 (11 months ago)
There isn't one 'MuriKKKan car that can ever touch this level of sophistication and intelligence. Fuck Trump! Fuck "MuriKKKa!
spanish kat (11 months ago)
Wow!!! Audi is incredible!!!
Joel Magana (1 year ago)
won't that side function make the car flip over if it was actually hit?
ROMAN KARASEV (1 year ago)
dimitris B Karhan (1 year ago)
i love my VOLVO :)
marekmaxpabianice (1 year ago)
great but on another channel I saw voice recognition was horrible. Struggled to recognize a street name... my nokia phone is better than A8 in that area
K Qwer (1 year ago)
Heated seats can lead to infertility, through overheating of the testicles
Haussman Faladji (1 year ago)
La voiture de ceux qui ne savent  pas conduire. Le plaisir de conduire n ‘est pas la.
Piotr n (1 year ago)
Super pojast
niceguy60 (1 year ago)
Night rider is here !!!
Mario Gjoni (1 year ago)
@Mario Gjoni ahhaha
Mario Gjoni (1 year ago)
hawkeye0248 (1 year ago)
Hello Kitt
Luca Montrone (1 year ago)
Amazing... But it costs Like a house
MMAxMT (1 year ago)
Front of this Audi is so ugly, back from the BMW 7, technik from tesla
S1baar (1 year ago)
Why would it raise the car away from the impact? That would cause a rollover.
MIN JEGAL (1 year ago)
many function good but, exterior bad
ElectricGamer (1 year ago)
Mans is hawt
ElectricGamer (1 year ago)
The beeps are smooth and satisfying
Alan YT (1 year ago)
Eso que...? A mí bochito le puedo pegar con todo y no le pasa Nada! Y cuesta 322 veces menos que este audi! 😎🤞🏻💢
Mihajlo Djordjevic (1 year ago)
Domin (1 year ago)
Lord kruszwil by sie nie powstydzil
Serhat Tekin (1 year ago)
arabayla teknolojinin birleştiği kusursuz konfor
Chukyka (1 year ago)
A8 rc car :)
Fariza Rachman (1 year ago)
Looks like driving a jet plane
yide büyüsün (1 year ago)
Almanya bizi kıskanıyor 😂😂😂😂
Sifei Liu (1 year ago)
I'm driving a vw and I'm loving it, but this is my real dream car!!!
abdelaziz ferroudj (1 year ago)
my love 😰😥😞
TAKO (1 year ago)
jean-yves heurlin (1 year ago)
belle voiture
SaVage (1 year ago)
this is pure pornography but i dont like that new designations for engine power maybe with time i will understand them who knows
Corvo (1 year ago)
Se vabbè i vetri si chiudono quando sei già all'obitorio
ventende (1 year ago)
Is this one of'em cars that can handle heavy ammo?
ventende (1 year ago)
But can it boil me an egg?

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