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Grimes - Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream

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From the new album ‘Art Angels’ out November 6th and available for download here: http://smarturl.it/artangels?IQid=YTFWB Directed by Grimes https://www.grimesmusic.com https://twitter.com/Grimezsz https://www.actuallygrimes.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/actuallygrimes http://4ad.com/ Download ‘Art Angels’: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Art_Angels_i Amazon: http://smarturl.it/Art_Angels_a Google Play: http://smarturl.it/Art_Angels_g LP/CD: - http://smarturl.it/Art_Angels_LP Grimes at Spotify: http://smarturl.it/GrimesSpotify http://vevo.ly/XaYdvO
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Text Comments (9798)
Rose Knapp (1 hour ago)
Shiva's Chimera (1 day ago)
Nothing more beautiful than a white bird chewing on the scales of a dead corpse........💘 Dont forget to keep oil on those pretty feather's.
kennedyhjean (2 days ago)
Best movie I've watched in ten years
crabsign (2 days ago)
I listen to this over and over! I think Grimes and Musk make a fabulous couple!
Karishma S (4 days ago)
The tennis guy's moves are iconic.
Corey Hanson (5 days ago)
I think Clair and Hana, will prove to be unstoppable, these are my two favorite artists now, and I think, Grimes is my Favorite Film director, Do a Movie Ladies. I'll watch buy and promote it.
Sev Anderson (5 days ago)
love this song but sooohiptser tarted
bb gg (5 days ago)
2019 👑🙌
Emily789 (6 days ago)
Just like my last relationship
Jack (7 days ago)
Act 3?
Psychedelic Addict (8 days ago)
what's the intro song called? i need it!
susejal (8 days ago)
La canción es buena, pero el vídeo..... lo mejor es solo escuchar la canción.
Mummy Napkin (8 days ago)
1:32 this dude is fucking drain bro lmaooo
Thunderlips502 (9 days ago)
Thank you Grimes for managing to appeal to so many of my fetishes in one video.
Emerald Floyd (9 days ago)
My favorite Grimes song
Jeremiah Fox (10 days ago)
Great job 👍🏻
I'm new to Grimes [less than 15 minutes], and though I wasn't terribly impressed with the first two songs/videos I saw [from 2011], I am impressed by this video and song. She seemed to get a lot more fun and poppy lol
SIN! copyright (12 days ago)
Una de mis canciones favoritas de Grimes'!!!
Kevin Crosby (12 days ago)
I used to use the Magic: The Gathering Online forums for political pursuits like challenging the pretense to "google something" when they were otherwise banning references like that. Long story short: gamers are dorks who'd rather be rowdy than productive.
Michael Watson (13 days ago)
Still find her addictive
Tony Stark (14 days ago)
Я ахуел попросту, будто же это ахуенно
Nusa Coleman (14 days ago)
possibly the first redeemable song. it’s been a mission 😬
AntUTAU (14 days ago)
i want to make art too.
sexually aroused rat (15 days ago)
Ok but did anyone else find grimes through bring me the horizon
Ben (15 days ago)
Sympa, jeune et frais.
정재현 (15 days ago)
my favorite mv ever
This Is (16 days ago)
I think Elon and Grimes are using the pun Rococo's Basilisk in two different ways. Elon is using it to make fun of Roko, while Grimes is using it to make fun of Rococo.
Ramon Fuentes (17 days ago)
This earth is what likes to be treated like religion ....like its popular.
Devon James Erwin (18 days ago)
Tyler Thomas (18 days ago)
Dawson Reece (19 days ago)
This should deserve more mainstream recognition but I praise her for not selling her soul.
Kevin Donnelly (19 days ago)
This sounds like chvrches, who are also amazing
Ericka Creed (20 days ago)
February 2, 2019.
Eduardo Meza (20 days ago)
Name song of 0:00 - 0:06 6:12 - 6: 23 :(
Larissa Boriassi (20 days ago)
Warrior 500 (21 days ago)
this video is trash
Whipped-cream Head (20 days ago)
Just Me (22 days ago)
Everybody can be mad that Elon brought me to Grimes, but i have been obsessed with her for the past month... elon who? lol... idgaf if azealia banks brought you here. enjoy the damn music :P
Alejandro Avalos (22 days ago)
Just ignore all that Elon Musk drama..... uh uh uuh uuuuh
Meggo • (23 days ago)
Quaking because of the oversized shirt and hat look 😩
HIM (24 days ago)
I love this song!
J Lee (25 days ago)
Vlamir Marques (26 days ago)
This girl is super talented, and I don’t get impressed easily
Flesh without blood is probably my new favourite song
wakscoot 13 (26 days ago)
grimes says to subscribe to bbg
Kadie Esme (26 days ago)
This song makes me wish everyone left the house so I can sing without somebody telling me to stfu
stephopal opal (27 days ago)
Ruby..Bjork..Opal~ Allen J..NOLA
stephopal opal (27 days ago)
Allen J..my home videos..Miss you♡♡ StephopalOpal..New Orleans Louisiana ~ Orbs of OPAL
Coup de grace (28 days ago)
I don' t know any other artist with such a fantasy... Grimes is a creative Mulititalent, a true Artangel
CriticalThinker08 (28 days ago)
Outsider X (28 days ago)
💘💟💘💜 局外人
Youtuber One (29 days ago)
This is the best of ur videos)
Ice Princess (19 days ago)
Youtuber One No. The best one is Venus Fly.
Bar Barian (30 days ago)
I'm not here, cause of Elon, Suicide Squad, or anything else. I'm here, because I'm listening to her for 5-6 years and this song is in my mind. Not really because of those lyrics (which are powerful, if you've had someone toxic in your life...or you are toxic youself...don't know still), but because of this music video. She summed up everything, that I was trying to describe to everyone. These personalities are not mine, it's her. Mine are little bit different, but basics is the same. I need to say, that I admire her for everything, that she does. I hope she's happy.:)
axaxz 0 (1 month ago)
3019 anyone?
Benjamin Peacock (1 month ago)
That tennis court is the same one from Poppy's bubble bath shoot
Future Tropics (1 month ago)
I'm on a Grime trip... Listening to her for the first time. owo
Horror Fanatic (1 month ago)
She looks like the birth child of Billie Eilish and That Poppy holy crap
Vagner Fernandes (1 month ago)
Art Angels full lenght, masterpiece of decade
Tom Cremeens (1 month ago)
I love this Lil princess
ivan aguilar lopez (1 month ago)
I love it, she is one of my favorite Artists cause she’s an Artist
Taylor Scott (1 month ago)
Who the fuck can actually dislike this song, I hate every one of them this is an anthem
Dawson Reece (1 month ago)
This sure isn't that thrashy overrated mainstream pop. I just wish she was more well known and win grammys but she doesn't because her music is not in the top 40. That's bullshit and it just goes to to show indie pop and undergrounds acts are way more awesome than the other kind of bullshit.
Eve ill Anderson (1 month ago)
Sue the state for harassment, and tell them if they need help with their infrastructure they know who to ask nicely; charge pricey.
The/Nervous /Mechanic (1 month ago)
I dont she's on Elon's level.
Simulation Theory (1 month ago)
I don't get it.
Ice Princess (19 days ago)
Simulation Theory watch it a couple of times more
Joshua Powell (1 month ago)
realiti "the end"
Joshua Powell (1 month ago)
"tell you that people are good-------but why would i?"
Joshua Powell (1 month ago)
"has to be perfect"
Bee BzZ (1 month ago)
She looked like a boy at in this video (no hate)
Worlds ugliest boy (1 month ago)
I love her honeyed voice in this!!
helldeath360 (1 month ago)
I have never listened this genere, but her voice captured me.
Barbora (1 month ago)
i love her. she is super talented. and sexy, powerful woman
k0r0z1f (1 month ago)
Ah non! Ta belle robe! Toute tachée!!
Pedro Seguette (1 month ago)
Halsey chernobyl
Pedro Seguette (1 month ago)
De Taubaté
forest princess (1 month ago)
it's like the 90s meets some gothic psychedelics lol
David Blues (1 month ago)
The melody is amazing
Anime Alcoholic (1 month ago)
I feel captured by this song
YOUNGLEE (1 month ago)
am i the only one who discovered grimes through her AWESOME music???
jellyciouSs (1 month ago)
okay but why does she look like that one avatar from Knowledge is Power in that purple wig???
Pit Bullseye (1 month ago)
ich liebe es
TheDarkhounds (1 month ago)
She looks like helga
shabbir kazi (1 month ago)
Found her because of poppy and naw it turns out she dates Elon, what a mindfuck
Lost in the darkness (1 month ago)
Isn't our world so wierd? Pretty iconic tho
Gabriel LC (1 month ago)
Flesh without Blood gives me a feeling I can't describe with words and I just found out about it yesterday, It's as if a part of me that had died kinda came back to life while listening to this song... Beautiful ❤
Armée Us (1 month ago)
Elon Musk 👫
Siobhan Murray (1 month ago)
Pure Art
Julio Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Damn nice sound, and really fucking interesting characters. I still keep going back to this video, why? Because its unrelatable(and not in a bad way)
Rodrigo Passos (1 month ago)
My favorite song when I dance around, close my eyes and lose control
Sixteen Ant Cruz (1 month ago)
Me encantas Grimes eres muy hermosa 😍😍😘
Ana Darko (1 month ago)
Why is the track called Flesh without Blood?
J M (1 month ago)
Wtf, this is just noise. Elon Musk, I expected more from you.
Jenne Malou (1 month ago)
She is juat amazing
Teshome Workineh (1 month ago)
Derek LaRoux (1 month ago)
So beautiful. Thank you!
x.jess.x (1 month ago)
1:32 😎
FinTheHuman (1 month ago)
Anyone else from Before I Fall?
bionicbigfoot (1 month ago)
Transvision Vamp rides again
SUO TEC (1 month ago)
Wow this is amezen im in love only regrets is i wished i had learned about this artist few years earlyer but em very greatful to be able to hear now much love and respect im em a fan now
Yutubí Guacher (1 month ago)
Who’s the other girl?
BelowAverage (1 month ago)
Tyler sent me
Grunge206 (1 month ago)
Screw Elon Musk. I sent myself here three years ago and now I'm back!
M N (1 month ago)
Already crushin' it, all by yourself, 3 years ago. Future looks bright!
Code (1 month ago)
Unironically the best song of all time

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