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Guys Explain Girl Beauty Secrets

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Text Comments (1819)
im great (13 days ago)
1:17 that laugh though
Sin Rostro (16 days ago)
bro i still can’t do the hair towel thing
Misha Vesso (18 days ago)
Omg Zack and Eugene have changed so much but they're perfect both ways😍
Sara Aoutem (25 days ago)
Aaah, Eugene. Fast forward a few years later and here you are running in heels at the Streamys. Who would have known.
hiwahiwak _ (28 days ago)
Hannah Melissa (29 days ago)
Old buzzfeed... is the best. Such a good way to chill out 🤘💖
Weeple Loves Sheep (1 month ago)
i'm female and i dress and act like a girl but the only reason i know about all this stuff is cuz i have a friend who made me learn
Cadence Marie (2 months ago)
this was when zach had hair
xydoit (2 months ago)
I don't know the steps to put make up and i am a girl.
Zach looks so strange with those glasses I prefer the bigger ones
Iamhappy Jc (2 months ago)
What this video shows- Zach is secretly a girl
Galaxiaas (2 months ago)
I died laughing
Chris Jones (2 months ago)
I learned how to do the towel thing at a spa themed sleepover lol before that I was a mess with a towel
Lula Beth (3 months ago)
Lmao Eugene and Zach, just wait. Soon you’ll be wearing heels for a night out
Whitney Jaudian (3 months ago)
I'm a woman and I don't wear push-up bras, don't wear make up and don't walk in heels. And what are pasties? Yea, I'm living in a cave.
Sierra Tate Madison (3 months ago)
Charlotte Gow (3 months ago)
I don’t even remember learning the towel thing. It was just engraved in my brain haha
Nappi Nappi (3 months ago)
Wait, guys don't do the towel thing?
Bella Lee (3 months ago)
Zach says it doesn't hurt but hes wearing socks. I dare him to take them off
Erica Hunter (3 months ago)
Love that Zach nailed the towel draping!!! Lol
Sugar Nata Lie (3 months ago)
Hipster (try guy short) is a Joshua
Sugar Nata Lie (3 months ago)
Baseballjacketest Jeremy
Sugar Nata Lie (3 months ago)
Blue Levi’s
okur gurl bye (3 months ago)
Those straps do not make my a's into b's
Karin Allen (3 months ago)
Little did Zach and Eugene know...
Twenty (4 months ago)
Its Bebe (4 months ago)
That boi wearing the bra upside down lmao
Katie Ruwe (4 months ago)
Eugene!!! 😂 "Jesus tap dancing christ"
Potato Face (4 months ago)
I love how the guys don’t know what primer is
raindropkitty galaxy (4 months ago)
Pitsaren’tmean (4 months ago)
0:55 my hair is up in a towel right now and Zach did it perfectly.
Kai-Riin Kanarbik (4 months ago)
And how much Zach and Eugene will get to wear heels in the future. 😁
Annie Schaffer (5 months ago)
The guy in the blue shirt is genius and Ned has his moments
Akuma Hakai (5 months ago)
Do men not know how to do the hair towel thing?
Liz Smith (5 months ago)
im a girl and i know nothing about make up, we on the same page guys XD
Mia Maguire (5 months ago)
These guys know just as much as I do and I’m a girl 😄
Hoseok's Spilled Tae (5 months ago)
I legit had to sprint after my friend in 3 inch chunky heeled boots and they struggle to even stand. smh XD
jungkook's other half (5 months ago)
"I feel uh.. very tall"
PercephoneStark Frost (5 months ago)
THERE ARE SPECIFIC STEPS!!??? my life is a lie.
Usuaria86 (5 months ago)
Those guys are better at walking on high heels than I am
Jade Shard (6 months ago)
I really like that bra.... I want it
Hampster Jesus (6 months ago)
I'm a girl and all I know about makeup is first, foundation
Delicia Pascall (6 months ago)
I’m a girl and idek the steps to makeup
Buket Sıla Tuncer (6 months ago)
"How do you walk in high heels?" "By showing great strength and character." You're so right, my dude.
Yasmin Caliskan (6 months ago)
Omg the thumbnail!!😂😂like if u agree
Aira Adriana (7 months ago)
Zach leg😋😋😋
WhisperingFantasies (7 months ago)
"I feel like I'm walking on fire" accurate.
Carmen Keely (7 months ago)
Step 1: pRiMeR
Laura McKnight (7 months ago)
Apparently I am male, because I can only answer the bra question.
Mette Thomsen (7 months ago)
vrapcka (8 months ago)
Am I the only one that wants to do Zach
Ellie (8 months ago)
I’m not sure if anyone else is from the south west of the uk.. but when I saw pasties written I got really hungry
matilda xx (8 months ago)
Gravity 😂🤣
Maggie O'Connell (8 months ago)
Zach is how I learned how to do the towel thing
Bob Boberton (8 months ago)
I wonder if this was before or after the try guys walk in heels
Ananya (8 months ago)
Zach knowing the towel trick is the death of me!!!
Just Me (8 months ago)
I am a girl and i have no idea how to do any of these things
Hannah Glavin (8 months ago)
The best part of this video is the fact that Eugene and Zach probably know how to answer most of these questions now! DO A REDO VIDEO WOTH THESE GUYS!!! I want an Update!!! 🤩
Tessa DAlton (9 months ago)
The dude with the bra upside down 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The XY (9 months ago)
Remember when BuzzFeed had very little budget but made great videos with settings like two bookstands and one chair? Now they buy expensive makeups and destroy them on camera to see how people react.
אביטל אדלמן (9 months ago)
Zack you have to go back to these glasses, they look better than the new ones on you 🙌🙌🙌
Cate Benschoter (9 months ago)
Step 1 is foundation primer Step 2 is the actual foundation Step 3 is concealer Step 4 is eyebrows Step 5 is eye primer Step 6 is mascara Step 7 is eyeshadow Step 8 is lips Step 9 is setting powder (which I don't use but I need)
Leyla Rustamova (9 months ago)
I wonder what the dude in the beginning would've said about his toes if he stood in pointe
Lol unknown (9 months ago)
That moment when they know more things than you, even though you are a girl...
jiji beauty (10 months ago)
Gravity?!! Lmfao 😂😂😂😂
Sruti C ranjith (10 months ago)
Well im a girl nd i only know the towel technique 😂😂 none of the others whose with me!😫
Kaalyn Daughrity (10 months ago)
I almost didn't recognized zach
jeffrey loomis (10 months ago)
Try guys have practically already did all of this
Minseo Joo (10 months ago)
Haha I’m a girl but even I dunno any of these questions.........😅
vanesa valdez (10 months ago)
Zach's smile make me feel like i had butterflies in my stomach
Hannah Melissa (10 months ago)
I remember seeing my mum do the towel thing for the first time and it blew my freaking mind. I wore it as a hairstyle for like 3 weeks after 😂
Allison Johnson (10 months ago)
High heels??? Gurl those are babies
sarah thedaisy (10 months ago)
Zach: step1: foundation step2: makeup Me: same
Nellie Sparks (11 months ago)
I’m actually sitting here with a towel in my hair and I’m dead, I thought everyone knew how to do that?? *😂*
Kshethra Mohan (11 months ago)
and three years from then eugene rocked silhouettes
Unicorn Power (11 months ago)
Steps to applying makeup to a man: 1: Foundation 2: The Makeup
Dotty Indigo (11 months ago)
Go on Ned!
Michaela Jo (11 months ago)
I didn’t know putting a towel on your head was a beauty secret
Jacilyn Biswell (11 months ago)
Zach:it’s not that hard Me:now that is incorrect
Volleyball Lover (11 months ago)
Little did Eugene know that he’d be wearing dagger high heals for a whole night with the try guys....
*step one "primer"*
Hannah Melissa (1 year ago)
Eugene now wears like 8 inch heels 😂❤️
F L O R A (1 year ago)
*sees the heels* Me: haha, cute
Iris Macaulay (1 year ago)
I love how everyone is so clueless except for Zack
I like Turtles (1 year ago)
Personally heels aren't difficult for me. How is it hard? Someone plz explain
I like Turtles (1 year ago)
I'm cracking up so hard. Only 20 seconds in. The towel part is hilarious.
meleth maethor (1 year ago)
Is Eugene wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt?
Tiptapricot Ice Cream (1 year ago)
I'm a girl and I have no clue how make up works. Also, I thought the towel thing was normal 😆
Kate & Bullet :D (1 year ago)
Steps of makeup can be different for different girls. When I did makeup (no longer wear any) my steps were extremely different then my friends. And theirs were different from others. I mean it just depends.
Jae Ray (1 year ago)
Idk even know how to do the towel wrap thing... *sings* "Somebody help me now. Won't somebody tell me what I've done wrong?"
Roses For Jong-Hyun (1 year ago)
ok but why does that one guy (not zach) look like james potter
Potato (1 year ago)
And Zach thought that would be the last time he wore heels, he thought wrong
Destwon (1 year ago)
My mom taught me by stepping by your heel then toe.
Alexis Deitrich (1 year ago)
"Gravity??" Lol poor Ned
Michaelah Thomas (1 year ago)
Wow in 2014 zach had a lot of hair or at least more than now ( I probs spelt zach wrong
bandsarelife1 (1 year ago)
zack put the bra on upside down at 0:17 and it kinda bothered me.
kylie bohach (1 year ago)
i'm a girl and i don't even know
Suyoung Choi (1 year ago)
i'm a girl and i don't think i know the answers
Lilly Ruth (1 year ago)
I don't know what the steps to makeup are and I'm a girl
BLACKPINK_happy_virus (1 year ago)
):41 Awww Eugine love Game of Thrones!

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