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How to make 99 lives in Super Mario World - Vanilla Secret 2

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This is how yo can, in 2 attempts, make 99 lives in Super Mario World. If you're fast you can do it in one attempt, but i'm not that fast. This s a video response. if you know any other trick, pease share :D thanks ___________ así es como se hacen, en 2 intentos, 99 vidas en super mario world. -Si corres lo suficientemente rapido, puedes lograrlo en 1 intento, pero yono soy tan rapido. Si conoces otro truco, por favor compartelo :D gracias
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SilverSnake (11 months ago)
The point of a love trick is to get is as soon as possible to beat the game
David Haffner (1 year ago)
JamalTheTitan (1 year ago)
The star in the forest is the easiest way to get 99 lives
gunstar 1 (1 year ago)
Man i forgot all about this game...thank you
Drew Dalton (1 year ago)
When I was a kid I got 99 lives on this level just by bouncing on the flying koopas back and forth without touching the ground as much as I could until I reached 99.
Arcade Assassin (1 year ago)
drew williams *paratroopas. Just kidding I love you.
emo (1 year ago)
or if you have gotten tk the forest of illusion just do the star thing and you end up getting 20 extra lives in one level. it takes up less time
MadOverGames (1 year ago)
How do I make it to that world
adrenalinex4 (4 months ago)
you take a left
sebastien parent (1 year ago)
i know it has been a long time since you wrote but here is how you get there, when you beat the second castle you enter the grey world, the first lvl is vanilla dome 1 and you need to get the secret exite to go to the left , in that lvl about mid way you will find pink block that you can activate buy doind the pink switch lvl in the same '' world'' got up the pink block and hit the turning block '' yellow one and a vine will go up follow it and ou get the exit. the next stage will be vanilla secret 1. vanilla secret 1 there is 2 exit, every lvl that is red dot has 2 exit by the way.fist you go has high as possible and you will find a spring jump on it and you shall see 2 row of red flying koopa, line up btw them and you will get to a n exit. you can get a cape to fly, in the first section of the same lvl to the left at the top before the red flying koopa there is a pipe take it to get to the other exit, do both since i dont remember witch one is the good one. after vanilla secret one you will go up to a pipe and you will get to the lvl you see in the video. ps:to do the pink switch you need to find the secret exit in vanilla dome 2. when you go to the left at one time you will cross a serie of brown block and you can go below them but for that you need to go get the p switch to the right of the lvl and go back on you way with it. kind of rough explaination but its the best i can do loll. hope it help.
Sirinterweb (2 years ago)
another way to do this is less convenient but can be done with only one level completed. Go to the yellow switch palace and just keep getting those coins. if on the snes, let the timer run out, if on GBA, just quit the level
AlexieHunk (2 years ago)
If you go down the pipe (0:50min in the video) after getting the first 50 lives, you can get the "P" again and get the 99 lives withing the same game. You don't need to finish the level and start from the beginning.
palegreenstars (1 year ago)
AlexieHunk or die after crossing the halfway marK. that way you can avoid the first half of the platform.
I remember looking this up this same video a few years ago when I was stuck playing through SMW, but I must have forgot the trick since then. You've saved me much frustration twice now, thanks friend!
adrenalinex4 (4 months ago)
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 wtf u got stuck playing this game?? u must really suck at video games lol
R A V E N (3 years ago)
Wow Thats Very very nice :D
Raymond Becraft (3 years ago)
bsmalls17 (3 years ago)
Greatest advice ever !!!!!!!! Thanks a lot :)
Really appreciated many thanks!
Bob Zanveghana (3 years ago)
Beat the level. Then hit the midpoint, and pause out, then do it, and never finish the level again... That way, all you need to do from then on out, is this trick twice, when you start, for a full 99 lives. It takes about 90 seconds from start to finish for 99 lives once you get efficient at it.
Mega Soft (5 years ago)
thanks man it works and its so simply
Fomelogo (6 years ago)
@BeNiShMcFly Good for you... ¬¬
KikiGames1 (6 years ago)
How to make 99 coins! ;)
ldchappell1 (6 years ago)
There's an easier way to get 99 lives in this game. I haven't played this game in about 15 years, but I remember there being an easier way. The first Mario 8-bit has an easy way to rack up lives quickly.
rodrigo biasuz (6 years ago)
@Shallaidah 4 months before I have done a video with the same trick and one more... check my videos
Fomelogo (7 years ago)
juamps dominguez (7 years ago)
Yeiii thanksss
Fomelogo (7 years ago)
@jjhrogers I was going to reply something yo tou, but no...
jjhrogers (7 years ago)
erm i would believe that is how to make 94 lives, you start with 5 so its making 94 not 99 xD
Fomelogo (7 years ago)
@1018peter Try myself what
Fomelogo (7 years ago)
@1018peter i don't see a video about that... do I?
tylakween (8 years ago)
Worked like a charm! It took me only two times. Plus, make sure to get the save mark so then after you gain all the lives in one run, you can start and select to leave the level and it's saved in that spot for whenever you may need to restock. It's not much, but you won't have to completely go through the level.
Chris Hill (8 years ago)
@213shadesofgrey or you could beat the level once, then go through to the half-way point, and simply "Start-select" and you will start at the halfway point every time, saving you 1 life by not killing yourself :P
Boba Fett (8 years ago)
If you hit the mid piont, then kill yourself after the trick, iti makes the whole process easier, cause you can start at the midpoint. It will stay that way the whole game if you never pass the level... also if don't use yoshi, and drop the p-block on the top of the slope just to the left of the pipes, you can easily get 5 or six more of the coins, for 15 or more additional extra lives.
Fomelogo (8 years ago)
@Kevinskie555 Yeah I know... however if you do that, you can just get the resting sprites as silver coins, but it won't start making 1-ups when hitting the second silver P-switch, you would start again counting, so maybe you'll get another 9 ups or 12 ups... i've tryed believe me =)
Kevinskie (8 years ago)
And now clone the silver P-switch with the yoshi glitch so you can use it again! :D
Fomelogo (8 years ago)
@DJevilstereo believe it or not, that wasn't planned hahaha i just happened... i actually was wondering why it stopped at 98 lives i thought i would have to record another video, but then the last coin hahaha but thanks
Don Masakoni (8 years ago)
hab mario world als kind sicher 1000 stunden gespielt x]
Fomelogo (9 years ago)
bien por ti
Neil Pandya (9 years ago)
i see. i godduh remember to try that later. thanks
Fomelogo (9 years ago)
you gotta hold down and the direction you want to go. In this case i did hold down and left. You have to be on yoshi to do that, and it won't kill any enemies on the slope though
Neil Pandya (9 years ago)
how did you slide upwards like that in 3:13 thru 3:19
Fomelogo (9 years ago)
i dunno... i just flew.
QuantumCrayons (9 years ago)
Jorge Yánez (9 years ago)
you don´t need get out of vanilla stage for get all ups, you need eat (with yoshi) quickly the pow before that dissapared.
Fomelogo (9 years ago)
what do u mean??? i guess the answer is Snes9X or Znes... thanks 4 watching
Zabatsue (9 years ago)
what system is it for???
adrenalinex4 (4 months ago)
Zabatsue sega genesis

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