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everclear - white men in black suits

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classic song from my childhood. maybe from yours? lemme know if you want more songs from everclear.
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Brian Freeman (13 hours ago)
Three headed monster! Oh, nope. Just Everclear album Cover...
karl victory (1 month ago)
Miss those old good old days
degan Soliz (3 months ago)
I'll always love these guys! I'll never be ashamed to strip to their songs or having cover bands of them
psycher7 (5 months ago)
All I wanna do is lose myself in your room
Rachel (7 months ago)
🙏🏻 This song! Everclear deserves so much more recognition.
Jonas Marshall (11 months ago)
One of my fav bands of all time. Got to meet them 10 years ago, love their tunes, their songs will always mean a great deal to me.
Alvin Agustina (1 year ago)
Classic favorite
Scott Bogue (1 year ago)
Jack Daniels bottles ciggs beer every day life
Anthony K (1 year ago)
I am a loser geek crazy with and evil streak, yup sounds about right.
Brian Freeman (13 hours ago)
It's both. That's the idea. So you're both correct and there's a connective truth. Don't fight with yourself (s) ...
Ben Smith (5 months ago)
Anthony K My mom gave me this album when it came out and I've spent all these years thinking the lyrics were "crazy with the needle streak". Thanks for making me look at the actual lyrics.
pluckyduck11y (1 year ago)
Art is such an underrated songwriter and there's such palpable pain in his lyrics. This album is really outstanding.
notyoursavior78 (1 year ago)
Everclear! This song is pretty sexy, and I don't like throwing that word around for everything. I love their early raw grunge stuff the best.
Story of my life.
Beth Finn (1 year ago)
Yes, I do believe there is a violent thing inside of me.
Nason Wheeler (2 years ago)
flash back for real hahaha nerf b ball days
junior carreon (2 years ago)
mid 20's shit was wired fucked up. im 45 now. hearing this brings back all that shit,, i survived. bro
Amy Lucero (2 years ago)
I really hope they go away!
mr. dad (2 years ago)
one of my favorite everclear songs and the first one I could ever cover on vocals, im trying to figure it out on piano too
Luc EH (2 years ago)
pre panama papers oops lil bit stoney rn........... THE PHAROAH
Luc EH (2 years ago)
so Donald Trump and Panama mentioned in the same sentence.......... I thought you got message the first time.......... see I am the same PHAROAH who may have said something about a financial attack on wallstreet when I called the tipline post PANAMAPAPERS....... heads up.....yours truly,THE PHAROAH P.S.the & sign looks like a man sitting down on his laptop likely a Chinese logo
David Hay (2 years ago)
best everclear song ever!!
Emilie Rose (2 years ago)
all i want to do is slow fuck in the afternoon..
Patrick (1 year ago)
Emilie Rose I got you
Joe Denehy (3 years ago)
haha i loved this album when i was a kid too, and you have an aphex twin icon and your name is an ariel pink song... shouts out to kindred spirits
contactkeithstack (3 years ago)
Aphex Twin and everclear-man me and you got to be in some minority?  What other bands are/were you into?
B A S E D SBG SOLDIER (10 months ago)
I know this is 2 years old but this is my old account haha i cant log into it anymore. I love everything man. Janes Addiction to Squarepusher to Drum and Bass to NYC Garage house to Black metal.
nick semenoff (3 years ago)
Great song
glentwonk (3 years ago)
Slow fuck in the afternoon, I miss those days
TK Billington (4 years ago)
es una de las canciones mas faboritas de mi ninez. 
Kathy Clepper (4 years ago)
"All the words they give her make her feel so soft and pretty. She wears them, but they never seem to fit. " this is how I feel all the time when guys compliment me, ha. Always appreciated but never believed its me.
Amanda Puggle (9 months ago)
My favorite line in this song:)
Michael Knight (1 year ago)
there is always truth in any good lie.
Brandon Cox (5 years ago)
Dancing with the devil's inside the world's eye
Eder E. Rangel (5 years ago)
All I want is just a slow fuck with the replay button....
Gilbert Rogus (5 years ago)
My peers think dubstep is the best. But everclear still great to me.
Smoked Robot Pâté (5 years ago)
Love suits, why all the hate?
Lee420Boss (5 years ago)
I love ever clear I've been listening to them since I stole my dads cassette when I was a kid and they still are my favorite band!
Psycho1nsane (5 years ago)
I can't agree more, this album/band/Learning How To Smile have helped me through soooo much...even meeting Art Elexakis at an acoustic show in NYC a long time ago. ^_^
Norman Perez (5 years ago)
This album, Sublime, Aenima nd The Colour and the Shape defined an awesome period of life for me. Still great stuff.
Amor Maxwell (5 years ago)
plaur1a (5 years ago)
Definitely one of their best. Whole albums awesome tho.
Leaf (6 years ago)
This is has always been my favorite song, for 15 years now.
LuckyV 305 (6 years ago)
bruh this album was my life fuel !! - seriously, and im a black inner city youth, i listen to everything, but i saw "father of mine" on mtv one day and order the cd- u know 10 cd's for 99 cents lmao back in the day , they came in magazines, i listen to this album EVERYDAY, and still to this day is one of my favorite alumbs of all time, if not thee favorite, along with jay z reasonable doubt, trick daddy thug.com etc- just stating this album and banded crossed over more then people know.
Stoic Club (6 years ago)
Me, too. All of the above. Especially Amphetamine. :) Stranger, I see you as my friend.
Philip Thompson (6 years ago)
I miss their music. I've done a lot of 'soul searching' while listening to them.
dembirdscanfly (6 years ago)
I was 12 when this album released, and I loved it. I shouldn't even have been allowed to listen to it! haha
alfredo (6 years ago)
I feel the exact way, I was in 9th grade if not mistaken and the whole album had a special meaning and this song was definitely one of my favorites and the fact it didnt get overplayed on the radio was a plus. . .but again, i feel the same way everclear help me through my teenage years in some strange way.
Saruhh.Anne (6 years ago)
first cd I ever purchased with my own money. could not have made a better decision at the time and at my age. spoke to me on a different level and still does
Wrealization Reality (8 months ago)
Saruhh.Anne you too huh?
jackjolli (6 years ago)
i traded this cd to a friend in highschool for a week for a nerf herder cd..he read the lyrics b4 going home and laughed at the 'slow fuck in the afternoon'..nerf herder was good, and he liked this cd...we each bought the respective cds' -the end
ReinaDeRock (6 years ago)
More songs please? If you add more please message me.
Steven John Robson (6 years ago)
I'd love it if you could put the lyrics in the description.
Kaycee Wilson (6 years ago)
My favorite song of all time.
Mr.Clem (6 years ago)
This was one of my favorite tracks off the CD.
BranchDavidianStyle (6 years ago)
@dmjeffress I'm white and own a lot of black suits. I still love this song though. Every once in a while, you just have to let loose and go all anti-establishment...even if you're a business man and are fully immersed in the Black Suit culture.
Katrina Barnett (7 years ago)
dmjeffress (7 years ago)
One person is white and owns a lot of black suits
ParasiticCyst1988 (7 years ago)
Great drink, decent band...
Nadia A (8 years ago)
"All the words they give her make her feel so soft and pretty but they never ever seem to fit." Something about that just makes me think
Sit DamnYou (8 years ago)
@mezzuzushii haha you bet I used to listen to this song BEFORE and AFTER WORK! :)
Sit DamnYou (8 years ago)
yeah this is My Favorite song from this Album!!!!!!!
Formerxphile (8 years ago)
Agreed. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours. I think its the drums that do it for me.
Débora Goya (9 years ago)
Fucking awsome, I really love this song!!! The best from the 'So Much For The Afterglow' album!!! =D
Débora Goya (9 years ago)
Fucking awsome!!!! I really love this song!!! =D

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