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A résumé expert reveals what a perfect résumé looks like

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There are plenty of ways to make a mistake when drafting a résumé. Take advice from Amanda Augustine, career-advice expert for TopResume, in order to ensure that you're representing yourself in a way that will impress recruiters. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1oS68Zs Follow BI Video On Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1bkB8qg Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.
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Text Comments (708)
Cathy SJ9211W (1 day ago)
My friend's brother had a 5 page cv straight out of uni and landed a £100k salary.
Resumes San Antonio (3 days ago)
I've trying to figure out how to get my website: www.writingexpressed.com for resumes and website design key word traffic to work. I'm so competitive with pricing within American standards. Now, Pakistan and others, maybe not so much but within native English speaking Americans, I have great pricing and I could work full time from home if I could just figure out this process! #ugh!
Thusitha Thennakoon (5 days ago)
I suggest resume mansion or top resume. They both worked for me. https://www.resumemansion.com https://www.topresume.com
Tam D (12 days ago)
Just gonna live on the street and beg
Leftfield Larrikin (1 month ago)
Great advice straight to the point , thanks wish me luck
The Mask of Nobody (1 month ago)
BULL.............SHIT!!!! I've been working in corporate offices for 20+ years and I can tell you THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE PERFECT RESUME! ALL companies are self-absorbed to the point that EACH company out there wants something specifically geared for THEM! They don't want "generic" resumes, they don't want "standard" resumes, they don't want anything anybody else has or expects. THEY want what THEY want, when they want it! And that differs from day to day, week to week! Today company ABC wants plain white paper resumes with Tahoma 10 font, with bullets for everything you did in previous jobs. Tomorrow, they want only e-resumes with a one paragraph bio, and short, one sentence descriptions of your jobs. Next week, company ABC will change their "minds" once again, and want something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! No two companies will EVER want the same style resume! Don't let these liars tell you any different! The REAL world is far, far different than these hacks will lead you to believe! Your best bet, is to contact the HR department the day you plan to submit your resume to that company and ASK THEM what type, kind, and version of resume they want.
BSD Gaming (1 month ago)
Wow she hardly blinks chill out
Jrbrichie :/ (1 month ago)
so the vid just ends like that?
Totoro 420 (2 months ago)
Just go to europass
Svintys Svinykov (2 months ago)
When I send out my resume. It literally feels like I am sending it into a gigantic Black hole.
Jonathan Wheat (2 months ago)
As a vocational manager I can tell you this: Your objective when applying online is to get your resume past the screening software of the employer. Try to put as many keywords from the job description into your resume and create a different resume for every job you apply for. Do not use borders or a lot of fancy fonts on your resume because the screening software might not be able to read your resume at all. Remember, your objective is to get your resume past the screening software.
tedlovejesus (2 months ago)
Comment session is full of losers... some not even tried? Not sorry your not entertained the HR is hired to entertain the company not you
Data Addict (2 months ago)
Whatever you do, *DON"T USE TOPRESUME*. They take your money and provide you with a high school level resume written by an unqualified person throwing in fluff word that don't make any sense. Poor experience, bad customer service, no refund and no job leads from the trash they pass off. Run Away!!!
Lisa Reed (2 months ago)
Uptalk and vocal fry.
Obiel DeNook (3 months ago)
This is a big help. Thanks so much.
mattyvomg (3 months ago)
No such thing. Roll credits
Jonathan Daniels (3 months ago)
As a professional Recruiter, I agree with everything except for the paragraphs for each job. I only scan for key words in paragraphs but I read every bullet.
Melissa Dupuis (3 months ago)
Not sure what’s with all the griping and nay-sayers on here....I loved this video. Short, sweet, and had some helpful tips for organizing a resume. I liked the idea of using a few sentences to describe your role, and bullet points for results/accomplishments. I just had to update my resume for a job and given that it would be a promotion from my current position I needed to highlight not just what I do but what I’ve done. This format worked really well. :)
Tufail Mohammed (3 months ago)
This stigma should be rooted out.
Sandra Sandra (3 months ago)
So I have my masters degree. But no real work history that pertains to my degree. I was a military spouse, and just used my time to get school completed. I do have my Assisted living License and have worked as a CNA. So my goal is to be a director of an assisted living facility. The problem I run into is, “you have No work experience!” Any advice?
Aishah SB (3 months ago)
You'd be better off learning about networking with the right people rather than spending hours on a resume nobody even look at.
Sean O'Daniels (3 months ago)
Resumes suck becuase they only focus on your past not what you are capable of doing today.
JenJen Teflon (3 months ago)
Screw a resume. Sell yourself at interview.
s g (3 months ago)
Thank you. Super helpful. Clever lady. Bless
Kelly Mejia (3 months ago)
I’ve never heard of this 2 page nonsense
CITY OF THE CHAMPS (3 months ago)
Why we gotta do all that ? is you hiring or not
Shane McFamous (3 months ago)
ATS can’t read columns so yeah... fail immediately. Also resume submissions is a waste of time. You’ll get interviews by emailing and sending directly.
yu ouyang (4 months ago)
Focus on what you want to do and how you qualify for the job
Muhd Azree (4 months ago)
HR these days are such a demanding a-hole
John Kempter (4 months ago)
Great video, thanks!
kadyja brealey (4 months ago)
Do you offer service to write one
Michael Atkinson (4 months ago)
All this resume stuff is bullshit, I’ve had hiring managers say complete opposite of the things these so called experts say.
José Luis Sosa (4 months ago)
She seems so bitchy. Off-putting
Justin Hollowell (4 months ago)
Objective is a very specific word and says a lot, if you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be reading resumes
Pedro Lopez (4 months ago)
Employers use KSAs shitcanning about 90 percent of resumes before they even see human eyes. It's best to network and get a recommendation. Then you can send your resume when asked to an actual human being.
Tim R (4 months ago)
Yeah but how can you get that job you want without experience.
Tony Rome (4 months ago)
Ahmed Choudhary (5 months ago)
Resume writing is a writing forte which requires expert guidance and work. Creative Savants is place for experienced writers. You may contact them on 00971525441428. Comment#9
I came here because im not qualified earlier😐. Well that's according to the OM of SNY ahaha , but I got 5years of experience in the said industry, isn't enough or he want something more than my resume. He didn't even try to email my application to the employer in Malta. 😏😐
Joshua Fiu (5 months ago)
Click on this link to get some great resume tips you can use to land many more job interviews http://tinyurl.com/y4no54v6.
Gracias por subir este video.
Leah Shields (5 months ago)
Wow. That is the best explanation of creating a great Resume. thank you!
Harry Makongwa (5 months ago)
Build a life not a resume, there are good people out there and every employer has his/her own preferences on resume, if you ever rejected say thank you ...think out loud on something else which possibly give you freedom on earning income ..The World is full of fun and nice moments rather walking with khaki big envelope to get a job..
Matt Sezer (5 months ago)
Right, you do all this so it can just be torn apart and reformatted by an ATS system.
TIFFANY PERSAUD (5 months ago)
I found this helped me if I paused at the time stamps to examine both the format and the content as an example for a resume: 0:09 to 0:13 for overall look to help recruiters scan through the resume for information they need to determine if they will short-list you for an interview, 0:15 to 0:35 for how to use top third of page, 1:07 to 1:00 for core competencies, and 1:26 to 1:38 for outlining professional experience.
[Nathan] (5 months ago)
Too bad most places want a cover letter too. Resumes don’t get jobs
Guinea Pig Productions (5 months ago)
Great tips. Thanks
Blitz biker (5 months ago)
What makes someone a resume expert? I have a resume, so am I an expert?
Rabar (5 months ago)
I created the perfect CV in yr 10? That’s crazy....
Esme Wenona (5 months ago)
I've spent the last five months dropping resumes and applications and they all get declined all because I don't have enough experience, I'm fresh into the work industry in desperate need of a job any job even if it's terrible just to get bills covered....it's all about references and who you know.
Molatto Star (4 months ago)
Most jobs is Who you know. Very few are hired from online resume companies like Indeed, Monster. Also there is heavy age discrimination once you reach late 30s!
pqlasmdhryeiw8 (5 months ago)
Resumé and CV writing and layouting is all well and good but if the employer uses an applicant tracking system (ATS), it's the content that matters.
reakwon693 (5 months ago)
Is there a way to get the template of the resume in the video?
Connie Orozco (5 months ago)
It not the resume lady ??? It who you know... come on there is a reason why Jennifer Lopez made a movie fake it to you make it nobody put the true on there resume .. so no this video thumbs down 👎..
Connor Morgan (5 months ago)
Honestly I think a lot of employers end up missing out on the some of the best candidates because they don’t make it through the online shortlisting process where perhaps their application did not have the keywords that the computer has been designed to look for.
Alexandra Kennedy (5 months ago)
If you'd like a custom resume, we can help you at www.redesignedyou.com
Jack Sugden (5 months ago)
That’s a scruffy looking CV with too much information on it, by the time is browsed through, the person reading it would have fallen to sleep.
ilove2929 (6 months ago)
I dont have paragraphs in my resume, strictly bullet points. I learn that recuiters just scan for keywords, and then go through the rest during the interview. They are like salesman trying to learn about the product before they pitch it to client. I rarely find one who really reads, esp the paragraph.
sthom4bad (6 months ago)
On all these ideal resumes they always have tiny font to cram in all that fancy crap on one page. Then they tell you it should be in 12 point.
Thabrash Ahmed (6 months ago)
Can you share the format?
Alhussein Mohamed (6 months ago)
so i should'nt include my objective - C skills on my resume?
Doun Star (6 months ago)
Now it’s even worse the system screens your resume so if you don’t have a specific skill they are looking for your resume will not get a chance to be seen by a recruiter !!! Is that even fair???!!!!!
Josh Drake (6 months ago)
Wrong nothing is perfect
Greg Nixon (6 months ago)
Resumés are read by bots that search for key words.
Timothy Morris (6 months ago)
Had to stop watching this video because of her vocal fry...
amir shake (6 months ago)
Thanks, but CVs are for slaves. Lol
Nico (6 months ago)
I’m not sure why she has a job
satyam sinha (6 months ago)
Damn they will have to take me otherwise its their lose not mine they are losing talent not me if I have talent then I will never beg someone for job instead I will start my own startup.
Kirin 88 (6 months ago)
This is why I’m pursuing entrepreneurship. It’s ridiculous how hard you have to sell yourself so they can change their mind over another nonqualified more attractive individual. Resumes are bullshit.
Marlina Basir (6 months ago)
There is a better way to write the core competency.search for letthemtalktv
Robin Wilson-Sauls (7 months ago)
Best video/advice-no fluff/bragging! You made a video for novices-thank you.
ResumeRobin.com (7 months ago)
Keywords are important .. include as many keywords as possible relevant to your background and position you are seeking. Think about this - what keywords is the recruiter likely to search for if they are staffing for your intended position? Then put those keywords or combination of keywords into your resume, preferably at the top.
Jose E (7 months ago)
5 jobs 5 pages
Roland Coombes (7 months ago)
Everyone has their own opinion, but what really counts is whether you are being invited in for an interview to the jobs you should be considered for. It's surprising how many job seekers can't see past the mistakes on their CV/resume and blame everything but. As with many things in life, seeking professional help can make a difference. Also, please do not under estimate the importance of a cover letter. More tips here and examples on our site also: https://www.resume-solutions.com.au/
kesheena Washington (8 months ago)
Do you template for the resume in the video
Uvais Komath (8 months ago)
From my pov of software engineer, Everything here is accurate except the number of pages part, nobody prints them anymore. Entry level should be at least 2 pages, And you should have done something. Like open source projects, hackathons,blogs etc The more experienced would have about 4 pages where you include your work experience and roles and responsibilities. If you're heavily experienced your cv has maximum 3 pages. You have role, very short responsibility briefing and metrics of your accomplishments.
wunderfisch (8 months ago)
ironically, none of the people who ever employed me actually wanted my CV. all they cared about was the interview and how I could handle a test task, which really makes much more sense than anything you could write about yourself.
aurora (8 months ago)
i wish this more focused on a college resume than a job resume because it feels like a college resume is more looked at while a job one is skimmed over (unless it’s an important job)
Asip (8 months ago)
if me be the resume inspector.. show me less word.. put keypoint.. waste my time read word.. word.. word.. resume inspector differ from each other.. and fact.. there is no perfect resume.. it depend on the one who read it.. just present in interesting way.. make interviewer read..
John Daedalus (8 months ago)
Call me when ALL the "resume experts" agree on what the perfect resume looks like...and then make sure that call is placed for 10 years ago when hand typed resumes were actually looked at lol.
Miranda Cordova (8 months ago)
Who is this, and why do I feel so attacked right now?
Arshad Shaikh (9 months ago)
chris ., (9 months ago)
A resume is your advertisement appealing to the short attention span of a glancing reader.
Jerry 0 (9 months ago)
Thánk gód hé tóľd uś wháť á péŕfećt Ŕéśumè lóóks líké
doinksauce (9 months ago)
Act professional= getting a job. So if ur strugglin my bruda something u presented simply didn't fit their exact job description. Or unless they want someone to have on the job skill of formatting documents, I'm sure that ain't gonna make or break ur chances, focus on presenting ur job profilio imho cuz there's no right way to printing ur resume.
Mat C. (9 months ago)
As someone that read resumes for years, while this stuff may be great for extremely high level positions, the average person doesn't need all of this. There's nothing wrong with a basic resume/CV format. It's what we're used to seeing, so we know what to look for and where. There is nothing wrong with a classic, run of the mill resume, for your basic job.
Augusta Yarteh (9 months ago)
great information to know. I try hard to fixed my resume like that. I even took it to the career center. in our state here they said is good. This information has open my eyes now I am trying to work on it again to take it to the career center here I have leaned good ideas on how to format my resume
Piyapol Tientanyakit (9 months ago)
thank you so much
John Jetro Asprec (9 months ago)
Bethany Cameron (9 months ago)
sent it out done by polce
Bethany Cameron (9 months ago)
not you okay some one else send something
Bethany Cameron (9 months ago)
move along dur
Bethany Cameron (9 months ago)
who sends that how would you know been done by professional
Justin Tran (9 months ago)
Thank you!
peer aleemuddin (9 months ago)
Here in India the problem is no matter how good and innovative interested your resume may be most of the job goes to referred peoples only in case of higher positions
A C (3 months ago)
This happens in the U.S. too, but it’s probably not as prevalent.
Яonnie Levine (9 months ago)
My résumé gets overlooked just because some prig deems it below them.
Shawn Gunnison (9 months ago)
My resume doesn't fit this almost every guideline in this vid, yet I've secured four offers in two weeks. Weird how that works... I stopped paying attention to resume tips and such years ago, but this popped up in my queue for some reason.
John Frank (9 months ago)
There is no right or wrong way of resumes. Just write with job criteria key words included in skills & no spelling mistakes with reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest)
Xyluet Xy (9 months ago)
Still resume?
Handy woman Cart. (9 months ago)
You have impressive resume but you suck at your work so it’s doesn’t matter!
Jomz Velasco (9 months ago)
Im a businessman but I only need resumes to know their name and their past jobs nothing else. Most of it are useless.

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