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HOLLYWOOD Action Full Length Movies - LATEST Action ADVENTURE Movie

5860 ratings | 3566356 views
A four-men Delta Force team is trying, with a help of a female scientist, to stop a mad terrorist who wants to detonate nukes in order to cause a massive earthquake.
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Peter Moeller (1 day ago)
The action scenes and the action are not exactly fantastic, but the story made me cringe. And yes, in the end, there is a bomb and he has to cut the red wire, less than 10 seconds before it explodes... Cliche after dumb cliche... This is not the worst movie ever made, some of the characters are quite likeable, but overall a painful to watch movie.
Queen Mab (3 days ago)
Usual military mish mash of "Copy that sergeant !" and "He spent 6 years, navy seal, black opps and won 687 medals for saving the universe!" "God bless America". The special opps chicks in these films look like they would struggle with 2 bags of shopping.
ephraim omudaki (3 days ago)
movie poa
rian al farizi (7 days ago)
Lenny D. (8 days ago)
10 million less bullets then maybe the plot would have been better.
uun kurniasih (9 days ago)
lynda renaud (10 days ago)
They could have least tried when it was being hoisted by the helicopter! A lucky shot might have severed the cable but, guess these were mediocre marksman. Yes! I know it's a movie and fiction!
lynda renaud (10 days ago)
Good guys in white tuques! Like old westerns...dark hats for bad guys and light..white for the hero!
Helen Manuel (12 days ago)
I hate the ending
Michael Nunez (13 days ago)
These movies are awesome Kool beans
yousef majhol (13 days ago)
فلم جميل
yousef majhol (13 days ago)
فلم جميل
Mercy mwilima (14 days ago)
not that bad
Huawei Y5hali (18 days ago)
Some how
Ted Tarkwon (25 days ago)
You download movies based on what you see of posters but when playback the movie it is completely different and also all the descriptions are all best action movies why don't you just show titles and names of actors. This really sucks
محترف بوبجي (28 days ago)
العربي يحط لايك
Harish Grg (1 month ago)
Crow Craven (1 month ago)
Hnd naman to Skull Island tulad ng nasa Cover,loko loko tong uploader
ROSHAN KUMAR_rfz (1 month ago)
Eric Nay (1 month ago)
Here's a question...Since when did "OUR" Special Forces start using AK - 47's?
Shinja Okinawa (1 month ago)
When did the Serbians become the bad guys? They rescued American Pilots and hid them from the Nazis during WW2.
Poran Pakhi (1 month ago)
Reading the cmnt 1st before watch the movie ☺️
Hatifa Hatifa (1 month ago)
Ngawadul ai poto alus ai filmna beda ejeng poto na tai
barbara knight (2 months ago)
Shark films
Carlos Vázquez (2 months ago)
Aqui nadie habla espanol
Randy Necesito (2 months ago)
I love it amazing!!!
Cisel Entac (2 months ago)
Wow nice movie makatawa kos iLang facfac kaubas pako😃😃😄😄cute ni guy ako naka oy😄😄
KUTOKA 14:14. (2 months ago)
Kill them all
granda abanag (2 months ago)
granda abanag (2 months ago)
Efrain Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Not bad for a free movie. Thanks You Tube.
five Hot (2 months ago)
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ChillindoO ParyonO (2 months ago)
Anybody know where I can find the movie from the picture? Skull island. Please send link
Narayan khatri (2 months ago)
Subhash Bhagat (2 months ago)
Best hollywood movie name pls tell
rob welch (2 months ago)
Thanks. Enjoyed the film.
Rebecca Geiser (3 months ago)
Now this is Action . . . .
Mark Cronin (3 months ago)
Good stunts good props not very good acting
reinhard kirsch (3 months ago)
Connie Chang (3 months ago)
buena pelicula pero debieran de configurar para traducir al castellano
COOL MACHO (3 months ago)
John La Marca (3 months ago)
fiction I know, but the counter stopping doesn't mean the bomb is disarmed. That could mean that ONLY the counter circuit was stopped and the bomb is still armed and will detonate with or without the counter. Only the display circuit was stopped, and the bomb will still detonate.
Zul 5325flie (3 months ago)
Very nice story
Terell Allen (3 months ago)
Gwyno Hill (3 months ago)
Man!!! the first punch missed by a mile
PedroVision (3 months ago)
What a piece of _________ (fill in the blank)...movin' on...
Bun ga (3 months ago)
Malay movie
Bun ga (3 months ago)
Malay movie
Mahatab Alam (3 months ago)
Marcos Moreno (3 months ago)
Not bad
Simon Ross (3 months ago)
At 53:54 , it’s like the container has no mass and the ropes are loose 🤣🤣🤣
Charline Castor (3 months ago)
action movies.
rani Wulandari (3 months ago)
Leonard Kisingile (3 months ago)
Great movie
William Lockard (3 months ago)
Nice movie Action
bart roberts (4 months ago)
China is getting better at movies,cheap socks but the words almost stay up with the mouth!Assssssoooooooo!!!
just Me (4 months ago)
its really a very good movie...i love it!!!! from the beginning up to the end. .I cried on the last part because its very touching...I LOVE THIS MOVIE...I RECOMMENDED THIS TO EVERYONE...
Ging galvez (4 months ago)
Nice movie but sad .thanks for sharing "LUISLIFON". More power
VSGotNM (4 months ago)
"special forces" yea id say real special closes his eyes as he shoots and runs lmfao gotta love movies like this always a good laugh
brian turnbull (4 months ago)
A 4-man Delta Force team and a female scientist are trying to stop a mad American President terrorist who wants to detonate nukes. So, a factual movie then.
Melody Norris (4 months ago)
Wow!! That was amazing! Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't there supposed to be a real Zeus government thing going on? It sounds so familiar. Like I had seen it in the news or something. What is eerie is the fear of that volcano out west that could take out a lot of the west. It is real life but not man made and it is very similar to the movie in the way that that one explosion could take out half the country. Creepy!
Asmelash Miki (4 months ago)
Guys i have been reading about 10 comments & now i decided to look the movie...hope u guys have right judged this movie iam being surprise
paul mckarns (4 months ago)
Giang Organ (4 months ago)
Mike Armstrong (4 months ago)
Cavalry, not Calvary. Just sayin.
Ştefan Spanu (4 months ago)
===DA=== \\\\\\\\\\\\\
ozwhistles (4 months ago)
Screw this. Yanks did a genocide in the Balkans. One Russian is worth a million yanks. And Yanks know it.
Catheryn Herao (4 months ago)
Very nice and very interesting movie..I loved it
Jit Kumar (3 months ago)
Catheryn Herao I love you
Maricel Maaranen (4 months ago)
title of this movie please?thanks
Lelibeth Abaday (1 month ago)
Robert Dougherty (2 months ago)
“Deep Fault” is it’s name. It’s one of the Delta Force movies.
hedda hopper (3 months ago)
I wondered the same! I rewound twice and still didn't see it.
Jit Kumar (3 months ago)
Mari Dela Torre I love you
Bikash Kumar (3 months ago)
Mari Dela Torre Where r you from
Boyet Pablo (5 months ago)
Title of this movie is Deep Throat. Youre welcome.
mrraspoetin (5 months ago)
bad movie, so much mistakes it's a big joke
John gabriel Pua Pangga (5 months ago)
Hhyharry Callahan movies starring clint Eastwood two sister reped then with vengeance
Mahadev Kumbhar (5 months ago)
birenkumar nayak (5 months ago)
YT JPS (5 months ago)
Schwarbu Eastwood Kamara (5 months ago)
que bta (5 months ago)
Good movie but sad
Farooq Hingoro (5 months ago)
Bob Darie (5 months ago)
qh nooo
Kelvin Macharia (5 months ago)
Manuel Meraz (5 months ago)
I'm going to watch the Simpson's
Joerey Ina (5 months ago)
Fuckng movie bad ending
Innocent Mashiri (5 months ago)
Like it
Romane Brown (1 month ago)
Jen Cruz (5 months ago)
Nice warrior movie
Rolando Cadungog (5 months ago)
Very bad..movie
sargon asuravi (5 months ago)
As usual Americans shoot and always hit target and nobody else can shoot a machine gun. What a bunch of stinky crap, pure shit and indoctrination movie, lol,. 5 min of pure crap and it's time to flip to another clip.
Loren Dunn (6 months ago)
This is not Hollywood
Justice Brown (6 months ago)
Before i wacth any action movie i most read comment before watching from the comments shows that it will interesting movie💪
Muhammad Hasan (1 month ago)
Just like me.
Justice Brown (5 months ago)
Shayrra Kalama Funny you ooh😂
Shayrra Kalama (5 months ago)
Justice Brown shikamoo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justice Brown (5 months ago)
Shayrra Kalama 😂😂 Before nko i love action movie also
Shie Opena (6 months ago)
Great movie love it..
lorenzo magazzeni (6 months ago)
Poor Yugoslavia. Attacked and torn apart.
BlueJayRobin (6 months ago)
Sometimes war don't hurt like it should Bosnia Hurtsogoodnia.
Brandon Gibbs (6 months ago)
Has a thumbnail from Kong skull island I flagged it as spam
A Recamara Marissa (6 months ago)
action is an action is so nice thanks for sharing
لؤي لؤي (6 months ago)
İt is very nice
أحبك يا ربي (6 months ago)
Niazmeenا Shah (6 months ago)
Mi bi Hindi dubing
Niazmeenا Shah (6 months ago)
Aaron Singh (6 months ago)
Fair budget. Good storyline. The downside is the combat fight scenes...its abit of ridiculous.
Abong' Maurice (6 months ago)
This is fantastic
1caramarie (6 months ago)
Yep, the Americans present such a 'great' image, protecting the planet. And the bad guys can't shoot worth a dang. Sure.

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