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How To Make Your Curly Hair Routine Last!

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty In this video, I show you all how you can extend/refresh your curly hair! In the past I used to style my hair every single day... but that's not necessary! Here are a few tips and tricks you can do in order to extend your curly hair routine and even make it last up to a week! Make sure to share your pictures with the hashtag #CurlBoss! -------------------------------------------------------- P R O D U C T S U S E D: Sephora Curly Hair Page- http://seph.me/2rk1ITC -Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash http://seph.me/2rjX1Jc -Bumble and bumble Curl Defining Crème http://seph.me/2sv4N2W -IGK Sold Out Priming Basecoat http://seph.me/2slunYp -Moroccanoil Curl Re-Energizing Spray http://seph.me/2sjzOGt -Vernon François DAZZ~LING SPRITZ Shine Spray http://seph.me/2rbWMfa -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- Florida Age- 21 -------------------------------------------------------- Sponsored by Sephora :) --------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (601)
Kylah Jeter (6 days ago)
What lipstick? :)
Thiago Stallhbaum (27 days ago)
Do you use a wide teeth comb to detangle hair?
Alysaaa Winchyywoo (28 days ago)
whenever I wear a silk bonnit it comes off lol
Lucy Kingston (1 month ago)
What if when I put my hair into a high ponytail my roots straighten out?!
Evie Muntu (2 months ago)
No matter HOW tight I tie my head scarf it always come off!! Any suggestions of good head/hair scarfs?
Annie Roberts (2 months ago)
You look so great in this vedio!! Your hair is amazing. I see your present ones now and you hair is so much thinner now. Your old videos are such an inspiration! Don’t get tired of looking at them. Thank you
Amarah b02 (2 months ago)
Where did she get that scarf?
bekky jadé (2 months ago)
where did you get that scrunching!? 😍
ines shilpa (3 months ago)
I'm half african and half indian.. This video helps me a lot thanks for sharing those sweets hacks, now i really love my curly hair 😍💟
Shaimy Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Can anyone recommend any cheap curly hair products besides Cantu?
snicky82 (3 months ago)
Where did you get the scrunci from?
SaD LieS (3 months ago)
I have a long long ass hair and I can't get curls I want to cut my hair but my mom don't want to so I can't 😔😩🙅
Roxanne Tauoa (4 months ago)
Well my hair when I wash it it gets curly. But when it gets dry it get puffy. So how do I make my hair stay curly? Any tips? Should I use hair spray?
Gomme Balloune (4 months ago)
All your products are full of parabens and silicones.
Vlog Queen (4 months ago)
My hair is exactly like yours but it needs to grow
Homosexuwhale (4 months ago)
Ok but my hair is too short to where it up. I have to wet it down and come through it in the morning
Kalarajoan (4 months ago)
When I was younger, I HATED my hair. Now it is my entire identity. Without my curls, no one would know me haha
Marie-Ketely Ndzie (4 months ago)
where did she buy her black Jumbo Silk Bonnet ????
Saliz (5 months ago)
Why does she always have the videos that I’m thinking about 😭
Pug 5488 (5 months ago)
When uou use a leave in conditioner the next day do you have to wash it out
naturalista nina (5 months ago)
Thanks For the tips beautiful🤗😘
HiThereLindsey (5 months ago)
Why do Americans like pronouncing it ECK-specially....? Why?
J A S M E E N (5 months ago)
HiThereLindsey how do you say it ?
XxJasylxX (5 months ago)
Where can I buy a Satin scarf??
J A S M E E N (5 months ago)
MissC 101 hair store
Erica G (6 months ago)
Ayla Radoncic (6 months ago)
I live for her curly hair videos I literally have all of these products and hope to see an updated one soon. love you!
ρhanice (6 months ago)
About the pineapple I’ve been doin they for like.. Forever is it won’t come down like urs I have a a similar curl pattern but I might be my 1st day products but please help
ρhanice (6 months ago)
Even he length is similar
ρhanice (6 months ago)
What’s ur hair type???
Sumiya Carter (6 months ago)
Thank you so very much for this video
Cyndi Kehrli (6 months ago)
I tried Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream and really liked how my hair looked. But, the super heavy perfume scent did not work for me. Had to wash it out. They don't make unscented products...If you are perfume sensitive, choose another line of products.
Christina _ Productions (7 months ago)
Were did u get spray bottle
L Chadwick (7 months ago)
I cant get my scarf to stay on plz someone help
HaruTrash •_• (7 months ago)
does anyone know where the bonnet is from ?
DD 2020 (7 months ago)
Katrina Brown (7 months ago)
Omg how did u get that color with out killing your hair... I want a blonde so bad but last time I did a bright red I broke it all off
Ninja3023 (7 months ago)
Where did you purchase that big black satin cap? I can only find regular size ones and there to tight for my head
Heavenly Porter (8 months ago)
If you only have to be confident with your curls and love your curls to be a curl boss, then I guess I’m one too! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗😆😆😆
Jooheons Manager (8 months ago)
i can’t put mine in a ponytail:/ too thick
Teddy 0715 (8 months ago)
Where did you get your bonnet from!!!
When I was younger and had no idea how to take care of my hair I would brush it and make it a huge frizzy mess. When I first got my hands on a flat iron when I was in 4th grade I was constantly straightening it to try and “tame” it. It wasn’t until the middle of 6th grade that I discovered your videos and finally started taking care of my hair . I still get comment about my hair about how “it looks much better straight” or “ why don’t you straighten it” (some coming from girls with naturally curly hair who just wear their hair up all the time) but I get way more compliments on how beautiful my hair is and I never let anyone depict the way I style my hair 💓
Yolanda Napo (8 months ago)
I want a nice and natural curly hair....! But i dont have it! I have straight hair but i love yours omg.
Yolanda Napo (8 months ago)
What cam do you use?
Happy Blessings (9 months ago)
Nice one
katia camargo (9 months ago)
i always get a crimp on my hair when i tie it up, also i was looking bumble curl creme on sephora and on the photos i only saw whites girls using it, so can anyone with 4c or 3c hair tell me if its worth it or not?
kee28 8 (9 months ago)
I have really thick curly hair but in order for it to look decent it for me to have it down I have to wet it a lot everyday and it's so annoying. I could never have 3 day old hair with it looking that nice the curls puff up and the roots of my hair don't stay by my hair anymore I look like a black mushroom😂. I've had my hair straightened treated and relaxed for years which I regret but I'm thinking of going natural however I just don't know how to get my hair roots more normal my hair is so dry ?
Okay Temp (9 months ago)
What do you use to edit with?
Chipmunk Tube (10 months ago)
So I’m one of those mixed girls I am black and Italian at least my cousins told me that we have Italian in us but I am mixed with black and something and if I were to put my hair up in a pony tail at night I usually use a hair tie so my hair stays into that position until I were to wet it again so I have it a little harder with my curly back so a lot of times I prefer to have my hair straight because then it’ll be way less damage to my hair because I think everybody knows this but when your hair is wet it is way more fragile and when I’m coming it out my ends are breaking off and when I went to go get my hair done after having it curly for a while by a professions I got the hugest trim ever
ρhanice (5 months ago)
Chipmunk Tube I understand sister
Bella Bella (10 months ago)
Do you ever put oil in your hair to seal moisture in? If so when do you do it and how often
Olivia Rose (10 months ago)
I hear so many Americans pronouncing especially “exspecially” whyyy??? There’s no ‘x’
Kristina Marie (11 months ago)
I love your curls
Essence Dock (11 months ago)
Luhhsetty be slayin
Riva S (11 months ago)
This is weird, but every time I sleep on a satin pillow case my hair ends up looking strange, I feel like it actually get frizzier and less defined. I'm confused, why is this happening?
Kamilla Gutierrez (11 months ago)
Where did u get the scarf and bonnet
saniya smiles (1 year ago)
Omg I just had to let you know that your beautiful
dgoldberg4 (1 year ago)
If I put my hair into a pony on top of my head , my hair stays up What to you do to make your so soft
Caress CH (1 year ago)
You are crazy gorgeous curlfriend!
Angely Paulino (1 year ago)
doesnt the b&b cream have silicone in it ?
Niaja Mitchell (1 year ago)
Love the vid!!!!!!
Dieuveille 243 (1 year ago)
Love you
Daron Netania (1 year ago)
Luhsetty your hair is so beautiful
Hi Lisette. You are my role model and I was wondering if you can do the banding method cause I'd be interested to watch. Alakia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Trinity David (1 year ago)
so , i have really thick curly hair , does the hair need to be comb out before applying these products ?
black girl poppin (1 year ago)
My hair is half straight and the curls & hair shape changed when i did this but i have the same type of hair as her 😕
Chazy Minoda (1 year ago)
Can you leave a link to purchase It online?
s (1 year ago)
Completely ruined my curls 😕😕
Don (1 year ago)
Mannn my hair aint long even to twist just tiny finger coil😭😭😭
f0reignmyaa (1 year ago)
When I put my hair in a pineapple at night it ends up being frizzy and flat
Lacrystal N Kidz (1 year ago)
This dont help..my hair not long enough for a pineapple😔😔
I am Trash (1 year ago)
Ok she say ecspecially
smileleyyy (1 year ago)
How do u get your hair curly if it's relaxed??
Antuanette Anderson (1 year ago)
you are such a beautiful and amazing person and your curls are on point
Cheyenne Madiou (1 year ago)
IdkWhy You Look Like My Ex Lmaooo
yazmeen (1 year ago)
Do we have to use a specific shampoo and/or moisturizer, conditioner for it to last?
Niqua Murray (1 year ago)
Where did you buy your satin scrunchy ?!
perry (1 year ago)
I just did a big chop and my hair is about 4 to 5 inches long more or less but I’m really happy about my decision
Sha-Niyah Ortiz (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where the satin scrunchie, scarf and bonnet are from?
A M (1 year ago)
Sooo 70 people thumbs down this video becccauusseee???💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
AlyssaChanel (1 year ago)
your curls look so good! and congrats to you on your natural hair journey because I remember when I used to watch your videos and just seeing how far you have come in accepting your curls is SO inspiring! xoxo
Brandy Barros (1 year ago)
Doriane (1 year ago)
What lipstick is that god
Gypsy Moon (1 year ago)
Your curly hair videos have changed my life
jordana winston (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh what is the lipstick you use its amazing!
Briana (1 year ago)
My hair is like 3b/3c and no matter how I sleep with my hair at night, it looks a mess the next day and kinda stiff and I end up having to spray my entire head with water. I️ tried putting my hair up in a pineapple , putting it in a bonnet and it just ends up staying in that shape! helpp
Lauryn Prieto-Sanchez (2 months ago)
Use multiple pineapples as if you were doing a mohawk. These other methods have never worked for me but the multiple pineapple method with the hair ties made out of fabric for my tighter curls and the satin scrunchie for my looser 3a curls.
Lil .curlly (3 months ago)
Kayla Noel what’s that?
Lil .curlly (3 months ago)
someone 123 I’m abt to try that thank you 😭❗️❗️❗️
someone 123 (7 months ago)
tie it much much loser in a low bun, and put a scarf on. that should help
Taeshawn Harris (1 year ago)
Healthoverlength (1 year ago)
Cute Kitty 🙂
Savvv .x (1 year ago)
Does the pineapple style before you put the bonnet on matter. Because I have curly hair but mine is long???
Moni Guy (1 year ago)
I don't even have to put a lot into my hair it is(was cause I recently cut it)always curly and I still don't feel confident with it
Jitza Miles (1 year ago)
She deserves way more subscribers💖 like if you agree
Nina Torres (1 year ago)
My hair went from lowkey wavy to like superman curls during puberty and good lord I hated it. It was the early 2000s so. I had my hair chemically straighten and i would BRUSH it (oh yea. I did.) to make it look straight. Except it went out to like my shoulders in width. Now my hair is one of my favorite features, I just wish it would behave
Will Smurf (1 year ago)
She's pretty
Imani Darby (1 year ago)
I have curly hair..but I’m really scared to wear to bc I have a lot of shrinkage...my hair is long when it’s straight but wen it’s in its natural state it’s so short...I’m also worried about if it dries up wht to do about it...I will use products but I’m scared it will dry and look a mess..wht should I do🤔
Turquoise Blue (1 year ago)
Love it
That Nifty Curl Mom (1 year ago)
@Luhhsetty where did you get that giant cap?! I need that!
Nia Mckenzie (1 year ago)
Where did you get your bonnet ??
NADA GAAFER (1 year ago)
which lipstick are you applying hunn ?!
Soma Life (1 year ago)
what lipstick is that😍😍😍😍😍
C'Lita Taitano (1 year ago)
Where did you get scarf and bonnet?
trendsgalore (1 year ago)
Your then is my now
Ki Glover (1 year ago)
Does anyone elses hair get smooshed at night? Ive tried banding, pineappling even what she did my curls still get smooshed and they look flat especially in the back !😩 if anyone has any solutions please lemme know! ❤
De’Janae (1 year ago)
This is the best curly hair routine.
zaries world (1 year ago)
Love this video.... Awesome and really helpful

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