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Runes of Magic: Meet the Mage

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The Mage. Good for people who like to light fires in Runes of Magic, and a good class for herding enemies into one spot so your guild can beat on them. If you ever wanted an introduction to the Mage class in Runes of Magic or you just want to see what you have to look forward to as a Mage, then be sure to check it out. Find out more about all the classes at... http://us.runesofmagic.com/us/classes.html Download Runes of Magic and play for free at http://us.runesofmagic.com/landingpage/
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Text Comments (38)
hoedi ajdid (5 years ago)
its free and its pay 2 win
Voytash (5 years ago)
I wanna see "Meet the" for other class than Mage and Knight too. :D
LeBronze James (6 years ago)
dude this is not guild wars
Christopher Brimage (6 years ago)
they make money off the adds and that there is a pay-to-play system
poopsniker (6 years ago)
i took on necropolis alone...
Rozq (6 years ago)
you cant... -.-
Antonio Scarola (6 years ago)
mage can't use sword -.-
Dany Blue (5 months ago)
Antonio Scarola Actually can, Hybrid class, u understand or You dont have never play at RoM?
Adante (6 years ago)
I guess i broke my grammar switch. That's rage quit for ya.
fabian willis (6 years ago)
@sequent you sound mad
Dr. Caesars Palace MD (6 years ago)
I hope they do a "Meet the Priest". I am rather interested in that class.
Corey Roper (6 years ago)
whats the staff at 1:07 ? i want that for my mage
xF3ARl355x (6 years ago)
@danbarnosu no.
Wisdom&Strength (6 years ago)
@xF3ARl355x does this game have private servers that don't make you pay for things
Peter Hobsen (7 years ago)
mages fail :S better take a warrior, 3x better damage!
OFCS (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if you're the 9,999 viewer :D!
2235whatever (7 years ago)
cry cry saying "its free but you still have to pay to be good"....... maybe you just suck at the game lol..
Yang Xiao Long (7 years ago)
@veminvested u use staves
Chirpe Eprihc (7 years ago)
o.0 Team Fortress is getting a--- oh. Never mind then. *Hits the back button*
xF3ARl355x (7 years ago)
@kamilosio100 wat are u talking about "farm or buy it in game" do u know how much people sell things from the item shop in this game for? it's better to just buy diamonds and call it a day and yes u have to spend a lot of time in this game if u want 67 on both classes even the third
Johny Johnson (7 years ago)
lotro is better
tv031007 (7 years ago)
Im lvl 67 knight 64 rouge and 53 mage ;)
tv031007 (7 years ago)
Im lvl 67 knight 64 rouge and 52 mage ;)
DragonlordWarlock (7 years ago)
I'm a mage/rogue/priest. The mage is my favorite class, and as for soloing Mirrors as mage, I've done it and even killed the two dragons at the end solo. Of course I am lvl 59 now, so they basically canon fodder for me. I don't like the personality they describe in this video for ppl who choose mage. People who choose mage, do not like engaging in long drawn out combat, we like the fast kill with as little contact as possible. That is what the mage is good at, fast without getting hands dirty.
xF3ARl355x (7 years ago)
yeah it's free but you have to buy things to get the best out of it
rocharox (7 years ago)
er.... that was lame...
Tomcat Black Ace (7 years ago)
....not bad, but I don't think they gave the Mage the same flair as they did for the Knight.
tahwyasaggin (7 years ago)
@TrueDemonsBane hopefully, hopefully... we need more stats and runes though. Don't you think it's unfair you need 4 bunker/castle stats while other classes only need 2 or even 1?
drizzlenumba1 (7 years ago)
@ThaMafiaMan Huh? No all we do isn't fireball -.- everyone sees us do it because: It take SOOOO little mana and yet it does massive damage. Oh and its cooloff is just about instant. Really I prefer to use my meteor shower and pheonix. Or maybe plasma arrow and Electric discharge to blow em up. Or even discharge to stun everyone around me so I pawn before they even have a chance to move. In short: No you're wrong. Mages can do a lot more -.- it's the combos everyone screws up on.
tahwyasaggin (7 years ago)
@MrHellfe That's how much Runes of Magic cares about Mages... So many noobs that weren't even endgame would trash talk on mages that they basically disappeared in Chapter III. They put so little effort, and content, into a Mage. Melee has so many runes, Rogues even got a Keeness Rune (Dex/Stam) rune in this Chapter IV. Crimson Stats, melee get 4 or 5 useful ones 4 their armor. Mage only has two good ones Int/Stam and Int/MAtk. Where's Int/HP or Stam/MAtk (although I wouldn't use this one).
tahwyasaggin (7 years ago)
@ThaMafiaMan Fireball has a 6 second cooldown, so no...
MrHellfe (7 years ago)
This didn't do it for me like Meet the knight did
Wolffangs100 (7 years ago)
I've got nothing against the Mage class, they're actually quite powerful and useful in a group... I just can't stand playing as one... Love my Scout/Warden-- Scout Druid :)
tahwyasaggin (7 years ago)
@TrueDemonsBane Don't matter, I'm a Mage too, you'll never be taken anywhere... Chapter III parties consisted of Knight, Priest (Druids sucked), Scoutx4. Then eventually it was Scoutx5 (one was Scout/Knight), and 1 Priest. Seriously if a Scout/Priest has Group Heal it would've been 6 Scouts. Now parties are made by Knight, Priest or Druid (they are not useless healers anymore), Roguex4. Eventually it will turn out the same Roguex5 (Rogue/Knightx1), Priest or Druid. Maybe Mages in Chapter V
XxQuakexX (7 years ago)
@Dronkenbier ya that and Warden need so much attention right now
Aaron Matheu (7 years ago)
Lol do priest next w00t! lol you already covered knight and im a knight priest so...lol anyway lets go ROM!
Flying Chainsaw (7 years ago)
Warrior! Warrior next! There's gotta be something good you can say about us? ^^ Also, your voice is kinda epic. :P
Thelost2041 (7 years ago)
let's have rogue next :3

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